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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The superstitions of the 13th floor being the best luck number for the Western world are discussed, including the belief that superstitions cause the American economy to be loss-making and the success of the Islam- ignore culture. The speakers also discuss the history of Islam, including the importance of human trustworthiness and the use of "slime" in various culture. The loss of the power of the Roman Empire and the faith of Muslims protecting their lives due to the pandemic are also discussed. The transcript uses a comparison to Omar Khadija's struggles during a plague outbreak in Syria and the US, where he was killed by the US.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana piaba Houma la mata vadoma de la kita Baba kitabi Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati

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a mavado favela humanoid shape on rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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wasabia Kunal una Mina al muhajir Marina valance or Valentina taba whom

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are currently we use Allahu alayhi wa sallam, liquidly Amata Amin. Well, I mean who has the hill oma Abu Zubaydah, a villager, ah, the Allahu taala on Coca Cola sakalava nazeem

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mighty respected elders and brothers. The intention today is to speak about the Sahabi

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and that's the hobbies of obey diagne Jarrah and take lessons from his Mubarak life.

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However, before we go that route, today from the Gregorian calendars point of view, is Friday the 13th.

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Anyone who does reading on Western thought and Western civilization

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knows that they regard 13 is an unlucky number. They regard 13 is an unlucky number. There is why in many hotels and offices and buildings in the Western world, you find that there is no 13th floor 12th and then the 14th.

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And if that 13 falls on a Friday, they regarded to be very, very big luck.

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One of the reasons, amongst other reasons is that they say that they were 13 disciples in the Last Supper. So the word 13 cookie Salli salat wa salam, we do not believe necessarily believe in that. And according to them, it was a Friday. So the Friday the 13th is regarded to be a very bad luck number.

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And to this extent, that in a survey that was done in the 1990s in America, they say that this particular belief caused the American economy, billion dollars in losses. Because people don't go out for work. People don't travel, because it is something regarded to be bad luck.

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Now, one would have thought that as we go into a new civilization, post modern age, an age of enlightenment, in such superstitions should not exist. The Encyclopedia Britannica makes mentioned, superstitions should recede, in the face and before education. And when you have education, you shouldn't have superstitions. But yet in the Western world today, it is despite the claim towards enlightenment and education, it's a very pagan ish type of culture. And in there, there is a lot of superstition. That is why you see the flourishing of astrologist these not a major newspaper that doesn't have astrology. These palm readers, fortune tellers, fortune tellers, tarot card readers,

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they are in proliferation in western world and even today you will find in South Africa also. And this the superstition is a direct result of lack of belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala we as Muslims don't believe in us although the pagan Arab

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society was a very very superstitious society and even some our Indians taking from aspects of Hinduism also sometimes if unnecessary superstition up till now, you will hear our old woman saying that don't get married in suffer. It is an unlucky month. got nothing to do with Islam, but based on superstition. Islam does not believe in such superstitions. We've got to keep in mind I just thought that Friday the 13th before I make mention of the real reason what I'm going to speak on let me just make mention of it because it's a Friday the 13th and they have this particular belief

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you know there is this hadith of nebia cream sauce from man attacca hidden are often for sadaqa who be Maja cool for coffee Ravi mahones Allah Allah Muhammad Oh kumbhakarna alayhi salat wa salam, whoever goes to a fortune teller or region astrology and he believes in that. Then he has denied a line is a resource that allows

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joka him Carpathia. Joe Hart

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Yo yo apnea hardcore decocker aka botania Vallejo got a wonky pass via Oregon kita sneaky Tawana, Allah Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam kita

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we have a ghost to a fortune teller, and he accepts what he says he has denied a line is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is another superstition that happens happens that in a western world they see touchwood to gain Good luck, or cross your fingers to ward off evil or to ward of bad luck. optimality is there when a person is in cricketing terms that is under an 11? The Nelson does it cross your fingers so it doesn't get out and under 11 You and I, when we want to have good luck, we read wazifa who say inshallah, when we went to ward off evil, we leave our home reading ayatul kursi insane Bismillah hit our call to Allah. Allah wa quwata illa Allah, that is how we would have evil.

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We don't want to have evil when we don't get good luck by knocking wood or crossing our fingers. So this superstition stems from lack of belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala and I thought I will make mention of that before we go on to the main aspect of the talk which was I would like to speak about a Booba evening Jara roseola. Toronto.

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Toronto Toronto is an amazing hobby. as a hobby about whom maybe aquariums are Allahu alayhi wa sallam had given bled tidings of gender. And he had many many great qualities. He accepted Islam in the very beginning stages of Islam. In all the major trials that people face in the beginning stages of Islam, Abu Zubaydah, Gerardo Pilato, faced all those trials. And he came through that test with flying colors. In the beginning stages of Islam one of the aspects was Sometimes a person handyman. His own family members don't have human. So obey diagne jiras father was not a Muslim. In the Battle of brother. His father came looking for his son to confirm the son. So while I will be there, I was

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trying to lead and stay away from him. The father was pursuing him until he came in front of a movie Dabney Jarrah, who had no alternative but to confront his father, Bob baytech, either mantle virtually, he man Cooper or Alibaba, or Bob data catalog, Catalonia. Taka Botanica Islam says

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that when he confronted his father in the Battle of Abu Zubaydah, ijarah killed his father, to show that Islam is the greatest relationship.

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Yes, we have relationship that we are supposed to, to respect that is our relatives, our community. But the greatest rishta the greatest relationship is on the basis of human in a line is a source of aloneness. lethargy ruco me, you may know Nabila, he will Yamuna here. You were doing a man ha de la hora, Sula. Wanaka Oh, no, oh, you're whining Oh Sheila don't, you will not find people who believe in a lion is a soul. They would love the word here is wood and extreme form of relationship and love, they will not love. Those who despise the line is Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Even if such people are their own family members, and their own mothers and their own fathers and their own

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children. So there's one remarkable aspect that we learn from the life of obey Dave ijarah. When that when the time came, he killed his own father to make mention of this relationship of Islam in the Muslim community. In the Battle of war had an amazing thing happened. nemea Kareem saw cillum got wounded. So two shields or two discs from the arm of Nivea cream sauce penetrated the cheeks of nebia cream sauce

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and I will try to remove those cheeks so there isn't cause more harm to Nivea cream sauce. He uses hand It couldn't come right. So he used his teeth to take out those discs. And in the process two of his front teeth broke off in taking out the desk from the Mubarak cheeks of Nivea cream sauce. And so voila, you would have thought that someone who's two front teeth have been taken away. It would have an impact upon his beauty his appearance is attractiveness. Sahaba say that far from it. In fact, after this Abu Zubaydah look even more handsome.

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Now via cream sauce, he door holiday cruzar Mubarak megusta Padma tone conical nicaean Abu Zubaydah Aveda Geraldo door dan gergan dan Gary Janice a Cherokee bush new my my first agenda.

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lekan k hoosen mc k j is alpha

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or beta one. So this was a movie genre in the forefront of many aspects with regard to in a time of nebbia Crimson Muslim, the co founder of Magellan, the essay of nature and the Christian of natural head,

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a difficulty amongst themselves they had an argument and dispute so they sent me a cream sauce him a letter saying that he sent someone to mediate in our disputes. So now we occur himself some sin Abu Zubaydah ijarah, saying, The Coolio Mateen amin, each and every woman he has a trustee, a person known for his trustworthiness in the person in this room but is obeyed every Java I will make mention of this incident and also this hadith next day also, as we go along. What is amazing is that in the past, because of the Muslims, honesty and integrity, people used to come to resolve the disputes by Muslims. And today Muslims go to someone else to go resolve their disputes. How

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that in the past, then the the east side of Nigeria and the Christians of Niger ran, wrote in a bakery was awesome to send someone to resolve a dispute. Today we go to the courts who resolve our disputes. How said bellezza mana milk upledger Chakra k su sudanic la Orozco Sujata Kenya sulochana Kalia moussaka, passatti whereas musalman Pharaoh capacity

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so this was a movie I

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said, Nicola Mateen amin, amin, how the Roma Aveda era, the via cream sauce from sending to Bahrain once and maybe saw slim 10am to Bahrain and he came back with a lot of wealth from Bahrain. So when Aveda came back, the next day many people from the outskirts of Medina came to Madrid and because they heard

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a model of wealth,

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Jocelyn said, I see today in future there are more people than usual. It seems that the news that I will be driving ijarah has come back has reached you. In the vehicle himself himself an amazing thing. He said, I don't fear poverty for this moment.

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He say I will give you the wealth. And maybe Allah will give you Baraka but I don't fear poverty. But I fear that Allah will give you a lot of wealth. And because of wealth you would become destroyed the way the people of the past were destroyed because of wealth. A greater fitna for the skooma then poverty is wealth. In the words of heavier cream sauce

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for querque, Bajaj Mulkey farahani nebia cream sauce, Natalia Johanna Omid Kalia zyada Sangin hills, you're a fitness advisor. What an amazing thing to be a Kareem Muslim said it is the same Aveda ijarah raviolo. Toronto, rafter nebia Kareem Sawsan and passed away when the answer in the mohabbatein gathered in certify benissa. And they were speaking about who must be the halifa often to be a cream sauce alum and when the answer said one halifa from us, one halifa from the Mahajan and Abu Zubaydah ijarah got up and he said no and I met him in Quraysh. Libya cream sauce and I said the leader must be from courage. And therefore, he he must be the front of him the courage. So when

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he said this, Omar got up and said, Abubakar got up and said who maybe saw some call you the trustee of the summit? I think you must become the halifa in Abu Zubaydah said no Abubakar in the time of nebbia cream sauce, Adam levy sauce, the major the Imam of the masjid, he made you the mom of Salat when Salah which is the most important thing in our Deen, he made you the Imam. So then it is more appropriate that you become our Imam in worldly affairs. And I will wait a minute euro was among the first people to pledge allegiance and accept the * out of Abu Bakar vilano said far reaching consequences for the future of the Muslims and who was the person who led this particular aspect.

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Once again Abu Zubaydah in Nigeria Hello Toronto. Aveda as I said, was known for this one quality of being trustworthy. The via cream sauce from Sara Nova repeat is

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equally omata amin, amin ohada, Hill, oma Abu Zubaydah enoggera. Each and every woman he has a trustee, someone who is known for his trustworthiness and in this room, but this person is obeyed. Ivan ijarah raskal Johanna. Amanda, Derek.

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We don't have trustworthiness via cream sauce. MC ns raphaela Tanaka de la habana. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam philomela call la imana Lima amatola. Very seldom that we saw someone gave us a talk in which he did not say there is no emotion in a person when he's not

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trustworthy skipass Amanda darina whoa whoa musalman Kanika Kayla Nikki Hakuna Hirata he is not worthy of being called a Muslim and he's not trustworthy and brothers a monetary is a very great quality. It is not only I gave you something when I asked you you must give it back to me yeah monetary ism is only one portion of a monetary our whole life is a monetary our whole life is trust. The wife is a trust in the hands of the husband, the children trust at the hands of the father who was supposed to give him good color and conduct and Dini knowledge. Our teen is a trust Allah gave Deen to us as a trust. Allah says in the Quran in Amanita Allah, Allah to Allah, Allah Jesus amanat

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to comply with the commands of Allah to the heavens and earth babina yummy la

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Coronavirus co anchor chiamata is his alma mater

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Kwanzaa Monnet, Allah tala kita to manage to Allah tala Anika haka

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Ashok Nabina Muhammad Allinson in samknows Kota is him in Sonny's Amana, Kota. Kim Allah tala kita vidare Messina.

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We will follow Allah subhana wa tada our whole life is addressed the students plus at the end of the homestead you know when we have any responsibility it's a thrust upon us to fulfill that responsibility. The employers have a trust towards the employee, the employee of a trust towards the employers. Our whole life is one of Amanda daddy and me a cream sauce from said cheese Kappa semana de de novo tanca manakamana Yeah, if a person is not trustworthy, he is he man is not completed, perfected. And who was the first person who was known for this quality of movie David injera, one amazing Hadith. What an amazing Hadith. Maybe a cream sauce lamb said if I wanted to, I could take

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out a fault in every Sahaba his character doesn't mean they were bad people. They were great people, but they were human beings who had normal shortcomings. So nobody saw some said if I wanted to. I could take out a fault in every service character, except the character of a movie genre. And look at his character I find no force. What a remarkable human being, to say something that even Abu Bakr and Omar was great and of course more greater than a movie rival Jarrah. But nobody is awesome said if I wanted to, I could have picked up one flaw in a character or a movie debut Jarrah in his in his character, I find no flaw. The time of tomorrow the lotto No, tomorrow the lottery. him the the

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governor of Sham made him the governor of Syria and he had his hands the Roman Empire fell.

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That roman empire that people failed that you will never fall it fell at the hand of obey Dabney Jarrah, just one or two quick walkers and let us conclude you know once he was the governor of hims and when it hims is in Syria presently Syria make dua that Allah Allah make things easy for the Muslims of Syria, Allah tala grandam refuge from persecution and oppression. Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for him for them inshallah.

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Nevertheless, when when in hymns, when Abu Zubaydah amnesia, Ravi lotano, vacated hymns, when he vacated hymns, because of some reason this Muslims wanted to get to another place. So at that particular time,

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nevertheless, when

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I left him and he told the Christians you had given us sticks because we can no more protect you. I'm giving you the text back. The Christians when the Muslims left Savonarola listen to this brothers, they stood on the street of hymns and they cried. And they told Aveda, please come back. Please come back. Although the Roman the Byzantines are supposed to be Christians like us, but you gave us more mercy, kindness and justice than our fellow co religionists. He said you are going and you gave you a text back when you please come back. And they made to offer the Muslims and Allah grant victory to the Muslims over the coronation. So one that was once upon a time, the power and

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the justice of the Muslims Mandela bring it back in Sharla. I've already died Majora remain the governor of Sham. And of course one time there was a there was a plague that hit the you know the in Sham and in Syria. So when Omar came to hear about it, Omar wrote Abu Zubaydah, but before that, when Omar went to Syria, Omar, Abu Zubaydah, Kuwait, I want to come see where you live because we were used to test his governance, are they not involved in corruption or something? So he went to his house, and then he saw the house of Abu Zubaydah evening genre, he saw there was nothing in there. Although they were fighting the Roman civilization, they gained victory allied granted a lot

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of wealth to the Muslims at that time and then

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Omar when he saw his simple way of living, Kumar said oh VEDA The world has changed many people besides you dunya Nam sepco Patel Yamaha COVID aneesa dounia change many people who are overweight I couldn't change you. So when the plague came, Kumar wrote a letter to Aveda who obeyed I need you for some work come immediately to Marina.

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When Aveda read the letter, he started crying. And he said Omar wants to keep a person alive who doesn't want to remain in this world. He knew why Omar wrote a letter. He said Omar wanted to protect me from this plague in this epidemic that is rich and has hit the city. So he said number one is almost immediately overweight and overweight. I said that Uber wants to keep a person alive who doesn't want to stay in this world. Then he wrote back to Omar and said, Omar I can leave my people. I'm the Amir. Today many times the Amir is the first person to run away to Tunisia you saw before everybody happens he runs away every way this happens. He was an example of leadership. He

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although the halifa called him he had a legitimate excuse to go and say Omar I can't believe this. So humor when you read the letter is not a crime. So Homer wrote him another letter. Oh boy, wait, I'm worried about the plague. What I advise you is that people are staying on on a surface on the ground. To avoid the plague go up on the mountains. The environment is more clean inshallah, you will protect yourself from the plague. So Abu Zubaydah caught this letter, when he already was involved in this play. He and his family were already involved in this plague. So he told and he told the people while reading this letter of tomorrow, the Latino people, the halifa had said that

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we must go on higher ground. Now today, the cover of hobo VEDA he passed away in the spring, the cover of Abu Zubaydah. He is in Jordan. And this particular place, we have many Muslims passed away some Sahaba. This after 20,000 Sahaba passed away. He's also on the border of Jordan in Israel. What is amazing is when you go to Jordan, they take you to one comparison and say this is the cover of Stan where most of the Sahaba but when you go to Israel, the guides they take you and say this is a place where most of the Sahaba who died in the plague are buried, because it may it is so neighbouring in that particular region 20,000 Sahaba nosilife and one of them was Abu Zubaydah, Avi

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Jarrah, such a remarkable person. The trust to this moment, when Omar was dying, someone said Omar nominator Khalifa after you. So what the remarkable thing he said. He said, If Aveda was alive, with confidence, I would have made a boo Bader my halifa. And even now would have asked me on the Day of Judgment humara Why did you appoint Abu Vader? I would have told him I would have told Allah. Oh, Allah, your Navy said, is a trustee of the Submit. He's a movie director. I had nominated him as my halifa. And he passed away before that. So what a remarkable human being. So let us take lessons from his life. And the one lesson that we can take my dear respected brothers is to bring Amana dari

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in our life, to bring trust within us in our life. It is so sad that when we have lessons of this nature, where we have people who are known for this remarkable attribute, whom we regard is people who are saviors who are leaders. Why can't we follow them, we are given a topic of understanding and making our way through

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