Abu Bakr Zoud – We are always in need of seeking Allahs forgivness

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing the upcoming events and their plans to use their weapons to wipe away their sins. They mention the mercy and blessing of theirrailing and the luxuries of their d union bill. They also mention a plan to replace their weapons with theirs.
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Miguel is still far in abundance stuff for Allah still for Allah Stouffer Allah Leanna Houma and as Ella Bella on Ellerbee them, there is no calamity that afflicts a person except because of a sin he committed. Now except my a sin, these calamities we're going through our because of our sins, which Allah social will wipe away with these calamities, so long as we behave, and we remain patient in the face of these calamities.

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So, if these calamities only come about because of our sins, and there's mercy that Allah azza wa jal is giving us an opportunity to wipe away our sins to purify us to elevate our ranks with him. That means we need to start making steel for a start for Allah a star for Allah a star for Allah to LA and he continuously make a list of all say you do Lister four in the morning and in the afternoon.

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Allah azza wa jal says the one who does that your city semma Ali comida Allah, he'll open up the heavens and he will send them upon you. doesn't only mean rain will come down at the bottom, it will come down from the heavens, that he said you will see a summer he did not say the water he said a summer Daniel Baraka Mina summer or Muhammad.

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The mercy and the blessing and the tranquility and the peace will descend from the heavens Aleykum mid the long run in abundance, it'll just show up on you.

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When you did come be aware,

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and he'll give you off or Belene and children wage unlocking your net and we will give you gardens one how to rivers. Yeah, and he'll give you a dunya he'll give you a dunya and the luxuries of this dunya bill is still fought with is still fought with his default it will come I told you Allah can replace it all here is still fought with guaranteed replacement beef Nilla Hidayatullah with whatever you've lost

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