Immodesty – The Problem and The Cure

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In terms of the light I want to start in order stuff you know when are all the military came in short all the unforeseen women say you had Dr. Molina you had the low philomel the letter Hama Yulin for Lucha de ella. Worship Allah ilaha illa Allah hola sharika who eyeshadow Anna Muhammad Abdul Allah solo sallallahu alayhi wa early he was suffering he was a limited Sleeman kathira Yeah, you are living in a multiple la haka, Ducati hola como una Illa. One Two Muslim moon, Uranus dacotah, Bakula? The Hala hakomi nuptse wahida. Mahalo amin has o Jehovah Semin humare Jalen Kathir Anisa ER doc en la levitas alone me He will not harm in LA LA Cana la cumbre de ba. Yeah, you're living in an

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AMA taco la kohonen sadita Stella coma coma. coma UT la hora solo for the first fosun our Lima amobarbital fineness takahe double litre either will head on head the head do Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Michel ohmori Matata Hakuna Matata timbira. We're collaborating bajo la barra Latin now

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in today's what we want to speak about a gate from the gate of disobedience, a gate from the gates in the traps of shape pond that tempts us towards disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala that is so widespread, so manifests so easily accessible, that it is a daily struggle for each and every single one of us to avoid and that sin that gate the door towards temptation and sin is the gate of immodesty. immodesty what is clicked in hon Hardy and Muslim in the hadith of Abu huraira rhodiola one our Prophet told the son Allah wa He will send them in Allah cutterbar alleghany Adam Ahava Amina Xena Dhaka Dhaka Dhaka vertical I'ma holla Allah Zilla Jen has written has prescribed has

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ordained upon every single child of Adam, their portion of immodesty, they will attain it and there is no doubt about it.

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Then he said Son Allahu Allah will sell him for Xena lion in another, the modesty of the eyes is to look was in a lesson in not and the modesty of the tongue is to speak. When next to Thurman now with a study and the soul desires, and it once will follow you you saw the article or you can label on the private parts either affirm it, or they reject it. This Hadeeth in our body, and Muslim has a number of benefits and a number of points that I want to share with you in the short time that we have before us. The first of them is that there are certain sins that are easier to avoid than others. This Hadith tells us that there are certain sins that are easier to avoid than others. For

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example, for us living in our community, it is easier to avoid eating pork than it is immodesty that doesn't take much time or effort from you to avoid eating pork. Because of the many other blessings that are large. zildjian has favored upon us. Doesn't take much time doesn't take much effort, don't have to expend much to stay away from that type of drama eating pork. But on the other hand, something like modesty is so widespread, so easily accessible, so prevalent. You walk down the street, you see a modesty some times and an advertising board on the road, you open your phone and you see in modesty, what's something you watch something you read something you listen to, even some

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times when you don't want to listen to it and are trying to avoid it. You open up YouTube and you want to listen to a lecture. You're trying to listen to some Koran, and they're playing adverts that have immodesty before you get to that lecture you listen to their recitation of the Quran, it is more difficult to avoid. And that is what the Prophet told us on Allah wa he will sell them certain things a large soldier has made it difficult to do. And that is why its reward from the benefits of this hadith is there is also great, the reward of preserving your chastity, your modesty, especially in a society when it becomes so easily attainable, so easily accessible. It is even glamorized and

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encouraged in some parts and in some places, when it's such a case, and it's so easy, then to avoid it and to have patience upon that avoidance is something which brings a great deal of reward. And that is why when Allah subhanaw taala when he gives us the command in the Koran, he commands us as believing men and women to lower our gaze to preserve our chastity and our modesty will only mean in a minute sorry, him. Follow, follow Jehovah. And Allah says will only mean it doesn't mean I'm sorry. hindawi frogner follow Joan, a direct command to men and women believing men and women that they should lower their gaze and preserve their chastity and their modesty and alaric xojo tells us

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that if you do so you have a great reward from Allah and His forgiveness and mercy will have you Lena Farrugia home will have a lot Allah says those who preserve their chastity and their modesty from the men and the women. Allah says are the Allahu Allahu macfie rotten or ultra narrow Lima. Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and he has prepared for them a great reward.

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It is one of the cornerstones of success, that you learn to control your desires that you learn to preserve your modesty and your chastity that you are mindful of what you're looking at and what you're seeing, while you're listening to and the manner in which you speak, and that you are modest in the way that you behave and act in front of a large xojo. Because primarily, when you act and you behave when you look, you see you hear you speak, it is a large soldier foremost that you act in front of. So if you have modesty and chastity before Allah subhanaw taala are mindful of Allah azza wa jal, Allah tells us it is one of the cornerstones of being a successful, successful believer.

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Allah says in Surah to noon, in the surah that begins with Butterfly noon, Allah says they are the successful believers. And then Allah lists their traits in their attributes and from them he says, we'll live in only foraging half alone, those who preserve their chastity and their modesty in law Allah is watching over Melaka a man on except in ways that a large dogen has made halaal has ordained and legislated for them. That is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as mentioned the hadith of Abdullah bin Miss rhodiola one clicked in Sahih Muslim, one of the things that he would make the alpha and he would make it regularly is that he would ask Allah azza wa jal to give

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him modesty. He would say Allah Khomeini ascetical Buddha, what took our life if I will, Rena Allah, I asked you for guidance. And I asked you for piety and asked you for chastity. And I asked you for self sufficiency, you would make dua for this because he understood the importance of this issue. From the benefits that we also take from this hadith is that our understanding of modesty isn't just when it comes to intimacy, when it comes to those things of a sexual nature. But in modesty for us as Muslims is a much wider scope, there is a modesty of what you look at and what you see, there is a modesty of the tongue in the way that you speak. If you say things that are immodest, you joke

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about things that are immodest. You speak about things which are large social finds, unbecoming of a believer, that is part of the modesty. When you listen, your ears can have a modesty attached to them, your hands, your feet, the whole body, there are things that you do, which may be considered to be modest than the standing of us as Muslims of modesty is far greater than just one act than just one action. It is the way that we behave as Muslims because we know that Allah subhanaw taala is watching us the shyness that we have the humbleness that we feel the embarrassment that we should have when we stand before a line soldier knowing that he hears all in sees all and knows also Panama

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Tara and that is why the Prophet told us and Allah while he was telling me the hadith of Al Bukhari of Salomon Assad or the Allah one minute Manu Lima Bane Allah AlLahi muy bien originally he augmon olho Jana, Whosoever guarantees for me that they will preserve what is between their cheeks, meaning their tongue, and what is between their legs, meaning their private parts that I will guarantee for them, Jenna, and in the Hadith and Muslim the mammoth showing to you the wider, more general concept of modesty in our religion and chastity, the hadith of Robert massaman rhodiola, one in the Muslim Imam Muhammad, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam guarantee for me six things and I will

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guarantee for your agenda. When you speak that you are truthful. And when you make a promise you fulfill it. And when you're entrusted with something, you fulfill that trust and that you preserve your chastity you lower your gaze, and you will hold your hands from harming others. That is our religion. Now that encapsulates everything that we should be as Muslims and as believers in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. When we understand this concept of chastity and modesty, we see then how difficult it is in the society that we live in. We see how difficult it is to prevent from ourselves succumbing to this temptation and this door of sin. But Allah azza wa jal in this hadith we see also

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a solution that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us from the Quran and the Sunnah as Allah zildjian that he helps us to be from amongst those who preserve their chastity in their modesty, that Allah Subhana Allah makes us people who are chaste and that allows diligent mixes people who show the China's in front of Allah subhanaw taala that helps us to preserve ourselves barakallahu li walakum Ronnie was sooner when I found your yummy Murphy remember, it was a poco de la de welcome. What did you bring Muslim equilibrium It was takfeer Oh no. 104 right.

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We learn from the low salatu salam ala rasulillah and early he was talking to a woman who Allah was seldom at the Sleeman kathira a mbarara. In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala dedicates the portion of surah Yusuf in the story of the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salatu salam. To this issue of modesty and modesty, of how to preserve one person's chastity. The Prophet Yusuf Ali salatu salam, as we know in this surah is propositioned by a woman of

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Beauty of power of wealth and she attempts to seduce him and Allah azza wa jal tells us the way and the manner in which he refuses. And he mentions four things, four things that help us to preserve our modesty and our chastity. The first of them is that Musa value cinema is mindful of Allah subhana wa Tada. Just as with every sin, if you're conscious that Allah azza wa jal is watching, you're aware that Allah subhanaw taala is holding you to account. you're someone who has that fear of Allah azza wa jal in your heart. That is one of the greatest ways of refraining from any type of sin. When you suffer the slam his proposition, the first thing that enters his mind, the first thing

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that comes to his heart and then is manifested upon his tongue, as Allah mentions in his surah is that he says, My Allah, I seek refuge in Allah subhana wa Tada. He's called and invited towards sin, and his mind tends towards Allah azza wa jal, a door of a trap of shaytaan is open before him a door to sin is presented before him, but his mind because of his a man, and his heart, turns back and attaches itself to Allah subhana wa Tada. The second thing that he does is that he remembers the harm that sins often cause some of the things that we do a private of nature. They don't harm anyone except us. It is between us and a large soldier. But then there are other sins and often major sins

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that harm those around us as well. And from those sins is immodesty. He says in the horror of Dr. Smith, why, if I was to do this, I would go against my master, because he's a slave at the time, my master who has only shown good conduct towards him than the Prophet tell us on Allah what he was telling me the Hadith of the young man who came to him and saw permission to commit Zina. He said, Would you like it for your mother, for your sister, for your daughter, for your wife, he's telling him this because he wants him to understand that there are repercussions and consequences to the sin that he wants to commit. That's the second thing that we're told in the Quran. The third thing that

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Allah azzawajal mentions is the knowledge that Allah azza wa jal gave to him. Lola or Alberto Hannah Robbie. In neurobiol. Cinema to a large audiences well upon him might be, or him Maybe her Lola or Abraham Robbie, he would have succumbed to it, were he not that he saw the clear sign of his Lord, that knowledge of a large region, the knowledge that he will be held to account for his deeds, that knowledge that he will one day stand before a lot the attributes that he makes us from amongst those people, that he helps an assist when it comes to these issues, that Alonzo preserves us from the dangers that we see around us, that Allah subhanaw taala keeps us safe from the crops of shavon that

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Allah xojo blesses and showers and restores His mercy, his blessings and his forgiveness upon us. Somehow, not all because the phone was Salam Ala Moana serene en hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen