Understanding the Mercy of Allah

Mufti Menk


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Many people want to turn to Allah, they know that they're in a bad place or far away. But I promise you my brother's, you have to build the hope. You have to know that the Most Merciful is Allah. Without understanding the mercy of Allah, you're not going to be able to help yourself. Do you know that when you don't have water, Allah tells you, you can do Tam. Tam means I'm just, I'm not going to clean myself with water because I don't have it, or I cannot use it. So Allah is basically telling you, I don't need you to use the water. If there's a reason why you don't, you cannot use it. So Allah is telling you, you can still pray, and you don't even have that we do according to the

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proper way that supposed to be, doesn't that show you the mercy of Allah. I had someone who had severe OCD. And I told them, Allah is not really going to punish you, if you've made a mistake or two in your will do with this condition that you're in right now. And they were like, no way. I have to add this will do. It takes me eight hours to make. What? What did you just say how many hours you set yourself? Three minutes, whatever you've done in the interim, you've done it. And Allah will forgive you What? Now obviously, this is an extreme case, but we were starting, we were trying to start you know, to help them out of it. And then I said, Look, Allah doesn't even punish those who

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don't make will do if there's a reason why they cannot do it. And I was referring here to Tom, but they were like, I don't think that's right. I said, I know what I'm talking about. So going back to what I'm saying, if you're, if you don't understand the mercy of Allah, you're never gonna come out of your mess. Allah loves you and Allah will continue loving you and allow me to do and Allah knows about you and he knows your struggle. He knows where you've been and he knows where you want to be. And he knows that you might be moving very slowly and he also knows that your graph might dip now and again on its way up.

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But let's not become like cryptocurrency You know, it can't be it went up it gave everybody hope. And suddenly it started coming down, you know, and now it's just looking so gloomy. Am I right?

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I didn't hear so many yeses because the guy's already so gloomy. But inshallah we need to have the hope in the mercy of Allah.