There Is No Calamity If There Is Certainty

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The tuna knowledge resource presents an exclusive either at Hooda there is no calamity, if there is certainty by Shia Hamza Yusuf alomost linear analysis, you know what habima Mohammed Why on earth he will, he will send them to SEMA. What are Hodor? What are what are in the villa Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. This is a blessed day at como Barak, I wanted to talk a little bit about the aid. But before that, I just wanted to mention, every year we have a situation where some people fast on one day and then the next day, and then another group, either proceed or go after them. And that difference of opinion is a valid difference of opinion, it's really insoluble. It's not

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something that we're going to come to any definitive conclusions. As long as there's not a K live to tell everybody to fast on one day, people are making the HD had to the best of their ability. No group should find fault in the other group. So the people that did their ad yesterday, it was a perfectly valid opinion. And the people that do their day to day it's a valid opinion, it might be a Rama, from Allah that some people just out of their arrangements yesterday might have been more difficult than today. So they're both valid opinions. We're following local citing.

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But I really have no problem with a unified signing either. I my personal opinion is this is the stronger one until somebody can prove to me differently, but I really believe they're both valid. So I just wanted to put that out there.

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Today is a day in which we're celebrating Abraham and his son and this is our father, Abraham. Ibrahim is the uniter of the three great monotheistic traditions in the world. We have Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and all of them share our father Ibrahim. Ibrahim has also called Abraham in the in para sumeria, a valid peer of the Quran. So he is Avraham, Ibrahim, Abraham. All of these are the same individual and he is an extraordinary human being. He is after our prophets, Allah light is said and he is the most singular individual in human history. He has the bulk of humanity's population that actually attribute themselves to his tradition. Ibrahim Addison, so who is Ibrahim?

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And why are we here today celebrating him? Ibrahim, IA is Salaam is Cali Lola and the Lila Bala is the Beloved of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the reason that he has the mcom and there's only two prophets that have achieved the hula and that is the Prophet Mohammed Salah light Is that him who was also a de la la and Ibrahim and Instagram who is ideal Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Allah Taka who Allah Allah. He also took him as a Holly and his habibollah as a as a, an epithet that distinguishes him from Ibrahim's but they both have the macom of the highest level of love. And that love is the love and muhabba to Allah Tita Hello, fi just settle in sand. It is the love that

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permeates every cell of a person's existence. That is the love of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says woman and Nessie many woman dooney, lay and dad in your own home. Villa, Valentina amroha, Chateau de la from amongst humanity are those who take replacements for Allah, they take things beside Allah, and they love those things like the love of Allah and the people who who love Allah who believe in Allah love Allah more than they love their replacements for Allah. That's what Allah says. He describes the man of the people of Allah as being greater than the love of those who take replacements beside Allah subhana wa, it's Anna. Now one of the things that the ancients used to do

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is they would sacrifice their children like Moloch was a God in the area where Abraham was, and they used to sacrifice their children to that God. This is the the love that they had for their idols, for their replacements of Allah, they would even sacrifice their children to them. Now Allah Subhana Allah Allah, when Ibrahim alayhi wa sallam said in the day we need our visa, headin, I'm going to My Lord and my Lord will guide me out of the heavily men of Saudi hain. Oh Allah give as a gift to me. Allah is the hub the giver of gifts. Give us a gift to me a righteous son.

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For Bashar now we'll be vuillaume and haleem. We gave him glad tidings of a patient forbearing child. This was the child that Abraham was given. And there's a difference of opinion about who that child was. The majority of the later scholars say it was as smart as many of the early scholars said it was his half, it should not be a point of contention for the believers. That's not the point of the story. Both are valid opinions. Now, when Allah subhana wa Donna says Bella Bella was Satya when he reached his maturity. He is the son of Abraham, when he reaches maturity, the manifest you don't say about 13 years, when he came into puberty, he was helping his father do his things. Ibrahim says

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to him, yeah, when a pata young, when a young Indian are often men, me and me as battulga. I have seen in a vision when he said araw, which he didn't say, eight to araw. I'm seeing it.

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I have seen this, and this is because he saw it consistently. And this is what this is very important. Because what happened to Ibrahim is the first night that he saw the vision. The next morning he woke and he didn't know if it was a him if it was a dream from chiffon, or a root. Yeah, a revelation from Allah and the revelation of prophets. Comes in dreams as well. So what did Ibrahim do? He waited and this is yoma tarbiyah. This is the eighth day. He waited on that day thought Oh, wow. That's what yoma Talia is the day of waiting. He waited to make sure and this is very important in the nature of certainty. That certainty should not be assumed at the beginning. Somebody has to

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wait until certainty comes into their heart. And so if Rahim waited he saw the next night and he knew his room a lot. This is your Moustafa. When he realized that it was from Allah subhana wa tada and then he told his son, and what did his son say? He said Thunder mother, Tara, tell me what you think. What do you think about this? He said, Yeah, I bet he is on top model such as you do any insha Allah minnow slobbing, oh my father, do as you have been commanded to do. In other words, sacrifice me.

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And you will find me inshallah, from among those who are patient, this was a test for Ibrahim to achieve them apom of belovedness the matam of hula to Allah subhana wa tada to become hamilo law. And this is something that the pagans in his area did for their idols, Allah subhana wa tada tested his love was his love greater than those who take idols beside Allah subhana wa Tada. And when Ibrahim came for them as Lama, when they both entered into a state of submission, and this is a proof that submission is not a religion, it's a station. submission is a station because they were already believers. They were Muslim own. But here they submitted to the affair of Allah. And that is

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why Islam is a constant thing. It's not something that you just come into are born into. It's something we do every day. If you look at something Hold on, you're not in a state of submission, you're in a state of rebellion. If you are taking something that is hot, um, you're not in a state of submission, you're in a state of rebellion. You have the name of Muslim, but you don't have the reality of Muslim. And so Ibrahim had the reality of Muslim, his son had the reality of Muslim Fatima sama. When they entered into this state of submission, then what happens with that? No, hulan jabeen he put him down to sacrifice him. This is y'all now, the day of not because on the third day,

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he went out, to take his son to sacrifice his son what his son say. His son said, turn my face away from you. So no mercy comes into your heart. In other words, his face he didn't want to look at his face because he began to weep.

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And then he said give my mother son I'm so these are people in a complete state of submission. Allah subhanho wa Taala then says, When are they now who we called him? Ebrahim? We called him Oh, Ibrahim, God so Dr. ruja you believed in this revelation? Okay, that again, that's in my sin, and like that, we reward the people who do good. The doing good was not the sacrificing the sun it was oh bang, Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is why in Allahu Allah, Allah Allah when this was a test, this was only a test. We were testing the level of your commitment to submission to Allah subhana wa Tada. And so while that day, no be the man alvim we replaced it with a great

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And this is why those who enter into a state of submission, what appears to be difficult about it is replaced with sweetness. This is why the mountain that believers climb and Acaba is different from the mountains of dunya. The mountains that believers climb in their pursuit to Allah, they don't get more tired as they go up, it gets lighter, it gets easier. It's at the base of the mountain when the journey begins, that it's difficult, but as the climb towards this heights of submission to Allah is drawn near. The believer finds ease, finds peace finds ability. Now this is certainty. And this is the secret of Ibrahim. He was a man in a state of certitude with his Lord Allah subhana wa tada

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says, Don min home aim attain Yeah, don't be a Medina, lemma sabato, what can Oh VIII Tina up noon. And we made amongst them leaders, leaders. Why? Because they had patients such as you dooney insha Allah minnow sobbing, you will find me patience. And they had yet been

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what's up Dr. Raja toes deep is from European it's certainty, you believe out of certainty. And this certainty is the certainty of the believer. Now the difference between this certainty and the certainty of fools and fanatics is that fanatics have a certainty about themselves.

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They have a certainty about themselves. And that is not the certainty of prophets. The prophets actually doubt themselves when the message first comes to them. This is what this is the reality of prophets. The prophets are in a state of uncertainty about themselves, until Allah establishes their heart and certainty in the self in the science of discernment in the pre Islamic Christians was a sign that it was from the devil to actually believe immediately that you have truth from God was a sign that it was from the devil. And this is the difference. the certainty of the believer is a certainty about the conditions in the world that they're from Allah subhana wa Adana, and we are

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being tested by these conditions. And I'll just say to all of you, there are those in this room that have had tribulation this year. But our tribulations are nothing compared to the tribulation of the people of Pakistan. They're nothing compared to the tribulations of the people that had to face that tsunami. They're nothing compared to the tribulations of the people that face Katrina. We are in blessing. And we have to be grateful for our blessings. We have to be grateful for our blessings. And this is the state this is the matam of the people of Ibrahim, there are people of gratitude, there are people of certitude sugar and europeen. They have sugar, gratitude that everything is from

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Allah and because they believe in Allah, everything is good. Everything is good. Everything from Allah is good. And so we should believe with certainty that Allah subhana wa, tada has a plan and a purpose. This is our belief, everything that's happening on the earth. Now. These are Signs for people to reflect. We're not people that think these are fortuitous that they come out of nothing. No, they're signs for us to reflect. I'm not going to say why Allah is doing these things because I don't speak like that. We can't speak as if we're speaking with the voice of God, but we can look at the Quran and see that the Koran reminds us that tribulations are from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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because of what people are doing. This is why one man was walking in Medina and he saw a beautiful woman and he started staring at her. And as he walked, he came there was a wall and he hit the wall and cut his nose. And he went immediately to the province allied his enemy said yada Salalah This is what I did. He said, That's from your sin.

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In other words, you got your your Koba you got your punishment for it in this world, which is a good thing. The province ally sent him said, endometrioma Tamara, Roma, my oma is our own mother has mercy upon it. Joy, that we're happy dunya ha, the punishment of this oma is in this world. And that's why and he said fits in with valaya. What was the Lazarus? Well, qatal it will be civil strife. It will be tribulations. It will be earthquakes, it will be killing. These are the this is the result of sins. And human beings are out of sync with nature. They're out of sync with their Lord.

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We're in a state of total disequilibrium. And so much of what's happening, these are Signs for us to think about. We have global warming, all of these things are very real, but we're people of hope.

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where people have believed, and Allah says that they assume in writing that never despair of the mercy of Allah, but ultimately and Optiva to limit our pain, we believe that the end result is for the believers. Moosa said to his people use a lot out of the who, the manga shaman evadne. He is an orderly manga Chairman Abadi. He said Allah gives this earth to whomever he pleases among his servants, the righteous, or the irreligious, the irreecha. He gave it to Pharaoh, Pharaoh, the people of Allah were the people of Moses. But Allah gave Dominion to Pharaoh, he gave him power, but he told moo, moo Silas and the end result is where the people of taqwa and so the people of Pharaoh

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perished, as all oppressors will perish. But so will the believers in this world, they will perish. And in the end, it's about the Day of Judgment. And that's what Hajj is, it's a preparation for the Day of Judgment. This is what we need to be doing, preparing for the day of judgment in our lives really seriously. So this year may have been difficult for you, you may have lost your job, you may have lost your business. Maybe your stocks all collapsed, if they didn't collapse from before.

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You might have had to borrow. You might have had to beg, I don't know what your conditions are. But whatever your conditions are, you should know that Allah subhana wa Tada. Promises for the patient. He promises to be with them. In Nola. masaba, in this is the difference. Where people of principle, where people have ethics, where people have certainty about our Lord, no matter what happens in this dunya if you have certainty about Allah subhana wa Tada, then nothing can disrupt you. Nothing can destroy your equilibrium with Allah. And this is why Ibrahim and our Prophet, Allah He must set up. Never, never. Do they despair from the mercy of Allah. Never do we see them unhinged by the matters

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of dunya. Never do we see them disrupted by anything. And that's how we should be as believers, we should be people out Ibrahim, we should be people of Mohammed Salah lie, they were out he was selling them. This is the truth of our religion. So no matter what's happening to you,

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you have to unite as a community support your mom's support your institutions in this community, this community should be doing much better than it's doing. But we have too many chiefs and not enough Indians. We have too many people that want to lead and not enough people that want to get down in the trenches and do that hard work. That's the backbone of a community. That's the backbone of a society.

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And that's what we should be doing as a community. Each one of you should be asking what can I do for this community? What can I do? Go to your mom and say, What can I do I want to do something. Because if you're sitting around behind some computer terminal, or behind a cash register selling gasoline or whatever you're doing, I don't know what you're doing. Or or a stethoscope to the heart of somebody.

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If you're not doing something for Allah subhanho wa Taala you're wasting time.

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And time is the most precious thing that you have after faith will also be in that insanity. hoser by time man is in loss, you're losing. We're losing every day, as time is moving away. We're getting closer to our death. Allah says lol Edina Amador wimereux sorry you had except those who believe and do righteous deeds. That's the difference. We're all facing death. We're all facing death. And I'll tell you something, if you have any intelligence at all, you should be looking forward to it. You should be looking forward to it. Man. I have really thought a lot about Lolita. Oh, it's not something that you should be running out to find. It's it'll find you soon enough. But it's

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something that you should be looking forward to because it's a relief.

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It's a relief from the miseries of this world. Fill Moti elf raha in death is 1000 repurposes, from the tribulations of dunya. And if you don't have any tribulations, I don't know what planet you're on. If you don't have any tribulations, I don't know what planet you're on. But if you don't, then you're really in trouble. Because those people, the gender of the people of this world, they don't get gender in the next world. So if you're really comfortable, my advice is get down in the trenches with the people that are bleeding and start helping bandage them up. Really, we need some changes in our community. This is a day of change. This is a day of turning. This is a day of Toba. This is the

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day of Vicar of law. This is a day of eating, drinking and also rejoicing. It's a day of making up sillman Manuka back what I sent in a man aside ache, the province said, join with those you've severed, do good to those who've done

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Evil to you. That's what this Deen is about. And that's a difficult thing to do. But if you do it, Allah will acen come x and allow you to do good just as Allah has done good to you, Allah will do good to you. May Allah give us certainty in our hearts may strengthen our European about this faith about where we're going about our meeting with Allah. May He give us love of the province allies in our hearts may make us servants of this Deen and of our prophets Allah ladies to them in servitude to him. And may He bless our women may protect all you women, all you will women, they're wearing hijab. May Allah protect all of you and the women that aren't wearing Hijab May Allah protect you as

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well. May Allah protect all of you and protect your children in this land, increase you give you more faith, give you certitude give you the faith of Abraham, I know you sent me give you the faith, of seeing with certainty that nothing in this world is a calamity when you have certainty, and our Prophet made in his day.

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He said, Well hold on Elena, woman and the theme to how we know be he Masai, but dunya and give us certainty that makes all calamities in this world, insignificant, insignificant. That's the certainty that you need to have every single person in here we have people that are they're barely walking in our community, but they have faith and that faith keeps them walking. So May Allah give you certainty that makes all the calamities of this dunya appear insignificant in your eyes,

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insignificant in your eyes, because that's what Ibrahim had. And that's why even sacrificing his son with his certitude became insignificant because he knew that Allah subhana wa Taala would not tell him to do something that was not in his best interest. And because he did that Allah subhana wa tada will say they now will be live and alvine we replaced it with a great Ram

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Ram May Allah replace all your hardships with a great ram just knock him lock head on was said on Monday come.

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