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AbdelRahman Murphy
AI: Summary © The concept of trusting in Allah is discussed, including the importance of not just knowing the "," and the difficulty of achieving divorce. The importance of patient and effective communication is emphasized, along with the need for a new skill called Cluley Sah Heights. The challenges of mental health and patience are also discussed, along with the importance of learning to handle one's life and finding one's way through hard times.
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah De Anza Allah Allah Allah Masha Allah

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what hamdulillah Allah de la amulet? Well I'm you lead with me Hakuna Hoku phone I had one hamdulillah Muhammad who understood you know when I stepped foot on SD when there was a villa Himanshu Rudy unforseen our women say at Dr. Molina may yet the love of Allah mandala Are you use it in fact I had the Aloha shirt when La ilaha illallah wa who will actually get my shadow under Mohamed and ARB the Hora sudo. So what Allah He was around, when are they better? Why follow along to other 50 Debbie Mubin bow the Billa human shade on the regime. We will zoom in Hazelwood, eriacta said while Mayor DeLuca Allah Allah for Hua Hospital, in Allah Valley, or emery he Paja Allah, Allah

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Holika Alicia in Calderon, about

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one of the concepts in our faith that is so important. On a daily level, you know, there are some things that you have to go over once a month, once a year, you know, once every so often, but there are some concepts and some elements of Islam, that it feels like you almost have to be reminded of them daily. One of them is to liquid, this idea of relying upon Allah subhanaw taala and trusting in Him and the reason why to lequel is so present. It's like the air that we breathe, is because we are constantly reminded of our limitations as human beings we're always being put to different tests Allah Tada says that He created us law called the Halacha in Santa Fe Cabot, He created us in a

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very, very difficult state that requires a lot of exertion and effort and sometimes in the midst of that, a person starts to lose hope, lose faith, and ultimately lose trust in the plant of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So you see constantly in the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, this reminder about trusting and Allah and not just trusting in him as an element of trust, but trusting in him totally. That nobody else no other person or group of people is ever going to be able to offer assistance or to harm if they are operating outside of the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala in that way. It is an important virtue. It brings people Sakina it grants us perspective. It allows us

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to be able to process and move through very difficult times. And it enables us to face life and every challenge that we have with a sense of contentment, with a sense of gratitude.

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In the verse that I quoted in the beginning of May,

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Allah subhanaw taala mentions in Surah, a Talaq which is the chapter titled divorce. And again, a lot of perspective here the idea that divorce is not something that is easy. No one wakes up wanting to get a divorce after they've been married. Right. It's a realization. It's a point that a person comes to divorce is from necessity. It's not a luxury. It's not a preference.

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It is something very challenging upon people who go through it. May Allah make it easy for them in the process and after, I mean, and so in the chapter that talks about divorce, and that highlights elements of divorce, it's titled divorce Allah subhanaw taala, in the very beginning brings up this content, this idea of trusting in Him. He says, We'll resume in high school, yeah, test him, Allah, Allah will provide for people who are mindful of him, who remember him constantly, he will provide for them in ways that they never imagined from avenues they never could have conceptualized

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and he says, and whoever relies upon Allah will Mejia to look at Allah Allah, for who will hospital whoever is able to get to that point in life where they can place their trust in Allah, they will find that as a result of that placement Allah will be enough for them because the question that everybody asks when they're told, remember Allah trust in Allah is okay and then what? Okay, but what else but okay, but really practically, like, how am I going to solve this? And the person being told is being reminded by Allah that if you are able to put trust in Allah, you wouldn't even have those questions. You would do your part you would place trust in Him and then you would go about

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your way knowing that whatever it is that Allah subhanaw taala was going to destined for you will not miss you.

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And then he says that Allah subhana wa Tada will accomplish his purpose.

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In Allaha, Belial Emery, no one can ever make Allah miss. No circumstance or situation can ever change. What Allah subhanaw taala wants, you know, you and I, we run into delays, people can change plans, things can move around, we strategize and we re strategize. In fact, one of the things that we praise people for is their ability to adapt isn't that amazing? We praise people for the ability to adapt because change is so part of our life. But with Allah there is no need to adapt because no one can bump Allah subhanaw taala as plan off course, in Allahabad, little Emery he called jalahalli cliche and Katara. Allah to Allah has given everything its do measurement, it's do decree. So this

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concept of tweco is one that is very simple to conceptually understand, by ask anybody what does it mean to trust in Allah? Then we could all answer with our words, but it's very difficult sometimes to actualize the concept. We understand these things in theory, but they're not always easy to do, especially when a person is being tested. Everything is so easy in theory, and abstract, but when you're going through the moment, right, when you see someone who is sick or injured, you tell them I'll make dua for you be patient, but then when you're sick when you're injured, then you start to have those thoughts creep in. Someone gets laid off from their job, you say, Don't worry, Allah will

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give you something better. But then when you have that test, you wonder will Allah give me something better. And so these moments are moments that have to be practiced and built up to So in today's hook by wanting to climb this mountain with you to work with, because from faraway mountains always looks smaller, right? But when you get up close, you realize that this is gonna be a lot of work. This is going to require a lot of work. So Imam Al Ghazali, Rahim Allah, He gives a beautiful perspective and equation on how a person can think of to liquid and how a person can build to what the first step he says actually, is that a person has to sharpen and perfect something called

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A person has to become very good at the skill of patience, and I say skill because I want us all to understand that a skill is something that a person has to develop, they have to work on it. Some people may have been given, you know, intuitively some better level of patience. But in all aspects, everyone in this room can become a more patient person, a better patient practitioner. And the Prophet SAW Selim he teaches us this there's a narration from Sol de la Haoran. That's in Bukhari and Muslim where the Prophet SAW Saddam Maduro Nabi SallAllahu, Salama be Amara attend Tab key on the covering the prophet Isaiah to salaam, one time he was passing by, and there was a woman who was

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weeping near a grave she was grieving.

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And some other narrations detail that it was one of her family members, one of her relatives that she was crying about. So it was clearly something very difficult for her. So the prophets, Allah I said to him, of course, he's the most intelligent human being on the history in the history of the world, most emotionally intelligent person, he doesn't try to make a scene but as he's passing by, he pauses and his words are worth more than their weight in gold. So he pauses and he gently says,

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with his beautiful voice, that oh dear sister, Allah is with you.

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He says it took the LAO Luz will remember that Allah is with you. And he says, What's VT? Just bear with this patiently?

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Almost as if to say again, because he's so good with few words, right? Join me. Join me on Kellem. He's so good with few words. He's not going to give a thesis statement. Let me explain to you patients and then goes through. He says, It took an hour, Smitty. Allah will be with you just I know. You can't see it now. But you're hearing it from me. And her response is actually astounding. Call it a Laker Annie. Without looking, she says Get away from me. Like she's speaking to the voiceless talking to her. And then she says for in Nikka lamb to sub BMO. See, Betty, this is one of the most amazing lines, because you've never experienced what I've experienced. You've never been

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tested like me.

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Besides the fact that it's not responding to the advice of the Prophet saw someone gave. She's actually not right here. She's an accurate because is it not the case that the Prophet ISIS was Saddam himself that he experienced a lot of loss in his life?

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Is it not the case that he never saw Marcela met his father? Is it not the case that his mother passed away? Suddenly, when he was very young? Is it not the case that his grandfather passed away? His uncle passed away? Is it not the case that his wife passed away? Because these are the Allahu anha? Is it not the case that he lost his family? Do you think he's ever experienced loss? Do you think he knows what it's like to cry over a grave? Of course he does. And so sometimes, when we don't have patience, we say things that are actually quite foolish. And that's why the best thing a person can do men samatha Naja, just be quiet. Because you might say something in your moment of

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impatience that you regret. And that is wrong. And in this case is actually pretty disrespectful. Now. Who is she speaking to? She's also speaking to Rahmatullah Alameen.

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So she's not speaking to you and me because if it's you and me, we just say, you know, Allahumma lightning bolt and it's done. You don't talk to me like that in public. Right? Because then we start thinking about power. Oh, people are gonna think that I'm weak and there's no the prophets all sudden, again, emotionally intelligent, most emotionally intelligent, he walks away. He walks away. Someone comes up to her 50 law in the who and Nabhi you just said that to the prophets Allah Allah I'm laughing again because of awkwardness. I'm not laughing because it's funny.

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And so she goes to the Prophet SAW Selim for at at Babin Nabi SallAllahu sallam.

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She went to the door of the Prophet SAW Selim falam, tigit, or in the hooba ouabain that she saw that there was no one that was kind of, you know, no, no, no security, no guards that were guarding the door, suck all that she spoke to the prophets, I'll send them through the door, lamp or escape aerosol.

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She didn't know what to say, I just didn't know it was you. I'm sorry. The prophet is awesome. He smiles and he says to her in NAMA, Cebu, or in the submeter, Lulu

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patients, my dear sister

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is not when you realize that you have to be patient.

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Because that's easy, right? Like, if you come to the point where you realize you have to be patient, you missed the train of patients, it's already left the station. People who are really good at patients are able to be patient, immediately when something hits them. And the better we get at this, the shorter the time it takes us to adjust. That moment, no one's perfect at this right. Someone gets bothered, someone gets hit with something and it takes us time to adjust it takes even your eyes when someone turns the lights on. In a dark room. It takes your eyes a little bit of time to adjust, right. It's part of who we are. But the more patient you become, the more telecoil you

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develop as a result of your patience. Then the quicker your turnaround time is for patients when you need it most.

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Now, patience has its own obstacles. One of them is perspective. It's hard to be patient if you're constantly thinking about yourself. The Prophet ISIS Wilson, I'm taught us that one of the things that will make you more patient is when you think about others, especially those people that are going through something similar. Imagine how patient she could have been had she seen it was the Prophet SAW sent him knowing that he lost people like she just lost someone. And then her statement wouldn't have been a Laker on me. It would have been Yes Will Allah give me advice helped me through this perspective would have helped her have that patience. The Prophet I sort of said I'm told

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companions that when they were going through difficult times, to think of the people that had less than them

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to think of those that were worse off than them.

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Because when you're going through something, all you see is how bad your life is. And then a

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Allah subhanaw taala shows you through His mercy and generosity, how good you really have it.

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How good you really have it. perspective the others uncertainty, because it's hard to be patient when you don't know when the test is going to end. It's hard to be patient when you're not sure if you'll ever be the same. It's hard to be patient during the battle, the benefit of the Prophet ISIL Saddam was very, very

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concerned. Right his his his Eman never wavered, of course. But the human part of the Prophet SAW Saddam

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in the mana, bash on on Miss LUCAM. Allah told him to tell I'm a human being just like you I have human emotions just like you. Part of his emotion that day on the day of Bethel was that he was concerned not for his own success or victory. But because he was genuinely worried. Well, the Muslims be able to make it through this.

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And so there's a very well known narration from Sahih Muslim in which the Prophet I sort of said I'm stood there, and he raised his hands to the sky, begging Allah crying to Allah. And it's narrated by Omar that he said that on the day of bed, that of the prophets all sudden, he looked at the Mushrikeen, and there were over 1000 of them. And then he looked behind him and he saw the 300 or so Muslim individuals with him, and he saw the way that the Mushrikeen were armed and prepared, and he saw the way that the Muslims were not as well prepared.

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And he called out to Allah and he said, Oh, Allah, grant me what you have promised.

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Oh, Allah, give me what you have promised me. Oh, Allah, give me what you've promised me. He repeated again and again. Oh Allah. He said, If this small group of believers, if this is it for them, if they perish, then no one will worship you on this earth.

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I don't know what else to say y'all Allah. That is my fear. That is my concern.

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And then Amato said that he kept crying out to Allah and his hands were outstretched to the sky until his shawl fell off of his shoulders. SallAllahu wasallam. And another narration it was narrated by Ali radula on the he says he says Matt can ifIm he says met one that fina Elana Iman on that night before bed that he says there was not a single person except that we were asleep we were resting it loud, awesome Allah. Except for the prophets all sudden, you know tossing and turning. We use that phrase a lot, right? When you're uncertain of what tomorrow looks like you toss and turn you can't sleep. So he says why not? afina Elana in Manila rasool Allah alayhi salatu salam tache.

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shedule Ratan you suddenly, were Yep, key hat to us.

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The whole night he was just in prayer weeping until the morning came because of this lack of certainty. So these are the two things that obstruct our ability to have patience. And that's why Allah Tada. He tells us where to zoom in HIFU layer to see,

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Allah will take care of you in ways you never thought. You don't have to worry about the certainty of it. That's not your job. Allah never told you to figure out exactly how things are going to work out. All he told you to do was what? Trust. That's it.

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And some of the scholars like emammal, Azadi and others they say that Allah will test people when they lack trust in Allah and He will take away all avenues of human resolution of their problem, so that they have no choice to trust and Allah, they are forced to trust that Allah and when they trust in Him, they reach a level and Allah removes the test so that they have this new skill called to liquid May Allah to Allah grant us patients and he may He grant us to what good

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another important element of trusting in Allah subhanaw taala

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is believing that he's there with you at all times. And this is something that the Prophet ISIL to Saddam he told us a bucket in the cave when they were making Hijra when they were being chased down a bucket was concerned that they were going to be caught and the Prophet SAW sudden them he said, Man Okay, yeah, bad luck. What do you think? Oh, father of bucket Oh, bucket. What do you think?

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It's named?

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To have two people sadly, who might Allah?

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Would you ever be worried? Would you ever be concerned? If you knew that Allah subhanaw taala was with you?

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And Allah Tada he memorialize this moment beautifully in the Quran for us. When he said, if you have Cluley Sahibi, he later has and in Allah hermana

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as soon as this moment was memorialized Allah Tada said that one of them one of the individuals Sani its name is HOMAG Filati. If you go to the Sahibi he when they were in the cave, one of them said to the other, Allah is leaving the names out here but we know from the Sierra what with what this was.

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was with us. Don't be afraid for Enza Allahu Sakina. To who are they?

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The moment that that realization hits them, and a lot of people in here are nodding right now because you know what that feeling feels like. Take the responsibility off of yourself and put it back where it belongs with Allah subhanaw taala. Do everything you can and leave the rest up to Allah. Now, once patience has been practiced, Imam Al Ghazali moves to the next stage which is gratitude. How does a person gain trust in Allah? Number one, work on being more patient, get perspective, realize that Allah is in control. The second is being more grateful to Allah for what you already have. Allah has already given all of us an amazing resume of his blessings. None of us

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can look forward and say, I have no idea what it's like to be to be given blessings by Allah, I have no idea what it's like to trust in Allah because if you look behind you on your life timeline, you'll see that you have countless examples. countless examples of how Allah subhanaw taala has blessed you.

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The prophet is also salam, one night was praying. And he was praying so much that his feet began to swell. And from the swelling of his feet, there were maybe the small cracks that started to develop on the heels of his feet on the low side of them.

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And his wife, Aisha Radi Allahu anha. She became concerned and she said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you exhibiting this level of a battle of worship? You've already been given everything in terms of the alpha, we all know where you're gonna go. We don't know where we're gonna go. Shouldn't it be us that are standing in the night praying and not you?

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And he responded by saying, Is it true is what you're saying true that Allah has solidified my position in the Africa as a prophet that I will be in? Jannah? Yes, of course. Then he says fly Hakuna Abdon shokudo.

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If that's the case, if what you're saying is true, and Allah has given me this station, then isn't it upon me that I should become a grateful person, a grateful servant to him. Gratitude is one of the locked doors, the keys to the locked doors have to acquit. Think about all the times in your life that you thought nothing was going to go the way you thought. And then you pass by it. Five days, five weeks, five months, five years, and Subhanallah everything is all good. Everything's just fine. You thought your life was ending. But in reality, that hamdulillah you're still here. This concept, Allah, our life is like hills and valleys. When we're in the easy parts. We forget about

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how to harvest those moments to remember them in the hard parts. But you have to have to harvest those memories so that when you're climbing that hill, and you never know if it's going to end you remember the last time you did the exact same thing. May Allah Tala give us that perspective.

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And that's why Allah subhana wa Donna tells us in the verse that I quoted and I want to conclude where we begin, Allah to Allah, he mentions in that verse

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whoever believes in Allah subhanaw taala. Whoever has taqwa in him, Well May, Allah insha Allah Who Maharajah

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that Allah to ANA will always be there for people who believe in Him and who fear Him and who remember him.

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And that's the, that's the result of all of this hard work this patience, this sugar this Tilak when is that now in any situation you find yourself who is the first one that comes to your mind? Is Allah. Allah wants me to bear patiently. Allah has given me so much. Let me rely on him. One main tip Allah insha Allah Maharaja, you reach now the state of God consciousness of Taqwa. And guess what your opening is about to come. Your exit your relief from this difficulty once you hit these three points, is about to come. And then Allah continues Wait, Zuko, Hooman hi today as I said, when we get to when we get to work with Allah Lofa Hua hospital and whoever whoever places their trust in

00:24:14 --> 00:24:31

Allah who will be enough for them and remember Allah will always provide for you from places you never thought possible May Allah Tada grant us this gift of silica May Allah Tada make us people who are patient who are grateful and who rely upon him alone. Cody ha That was stuck for Allah Hello, welcome. What do you say mostly mean almost the magical stuff in the Oval Office Rahim.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah look at my other early he was hard to hear it's rain in the Lahore Mala Kota, who you saloon Allah Nebia you Alladhina amanu Sallu Allah He was selling with us Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad came so later I love Rahim or early Ibrahim for Allah

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mean in NECA Hamid and Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed came about after all Ebrahim or either a liberal him for Alameen in academia machine in the law who got motivated to do what your son what you did the quarterback when Khalifa che with mancha you will love it you're either coming to Allah come to the Quran okay masala

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lava but Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. A shadow Allah hang on wash.

00:25:37 --> 00:25:47

Love law. A shadow number her mother Rasulullah Shetland number, her mother's will the law. Triana. Sulla Briella sola, hurry,

00:25:48 --> 00:25:59

hurry ll fella pecan with the seller to put karma this Allah Allah hood but Allah Allah Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allah

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