The Story of Barseesah (a worshipper from Bani Israeel)

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There is a good lesson in history about a person that decided to isolate himself from good companionship and worship Allah a good story. And there is a reference to him in the Quran. Let's see what happened to him and why he fell in his problem, a lot of social at the end of fall of that, how shall he says, Come? SLE Shabbat Shivani is calling in Sonic for

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color in the bedroom in Kenya,

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in LA so she gives us a story about a chiffon, who said to an insane one human being

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this belief, then what happened? If I was to say to someone, or call, you will say to me get lost? No way. But what happened to this person?

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He disbelieved. How did he disbelieve? Who was this person. And

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he mentioned the story in history. And he says that this one person that disbelieved was born so you saw a bit

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of it. But obviously this time, who is sponsored by csr, is someone who worship Allah subhanaw taala was from among various Allah He, he worshiped Allah for 17 years, 17 years, and he did not disobey Allah, even a blink of an eye 70s in worship, he made a house of worship house for himself above the mountain, he isolated everyone, he believed that he can reach a lot alone, he went and he began to worship Allah by himself. 10 days fasting, he comes out for a break 10 days, he prays in his house that he comes out, take some fresh air and goes back in like this, for at least one or two. Danny wanted to deceive him. So at least didn't know how to deceive him.

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So he made a sitting a gathering, a meeting with the Shelton mother to share being the most evil and wretched of Shelby. And he said to them, What do you say, how are we going to deceive this person?

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They say a shape on one of the Sheldonian, whose name was an appeal. He said, leave him. I know how to deceive him. He said, he said leave Don't leave it upon me. And I'll deceive him. I'll do. So shavon albio.

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He dressed as a worshipper. And he went to offseason. And he built he constructed a worship house right next of all season. And he began to worship to shape all he did not construct the nightclub next season. He did not construct a liquor store shape and he's going to come to you through your Dean shavon is waiting for you at the door of the budget. You need to realize this, watch what he did. So consists of wood worship, and he would come out. And every time he'd come out, he'd see a shape or crying making the case affected a lot. What about who's this?

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Who's this friend of Allah that he's worshiping? time over time, months after months went by, eventually shavon came to boss. And he said to him, teach me from what Allah has taught you.

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susceptible until you're the one that's supposed to teach me teach me what Allah has taught you. Basically, let me teach you something. And he taught him a word of life, that if it was to be read on someone that is possessed, he will be cured. He taught him a word of life, mostly so took this word was such a fun went down to society. And he began to possess the people. Someone is unless and him to sharpen Caesar. He's got the name, he's got the cure, he's got the solution they take into Moses have been Caesar who would read this word of life, and would come out one person after another after another until shavon realized the processor is in his hand right now. So we say fine, went to

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the police. And he said to him,

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I have destroyed this man cause at least said how, but he's still praying. He's still fasting. He said to him house once he is on the slippery slide. At the end of it is he's going just down to his death and destruction. Until a shavon. He went and he possessed the most beautiful woman in society.

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Well, where are we gonna sit in this woman? Her take her to shut up. He's got the word. He's got the solution, a shuffle since I came down. He wrote, nothing happened. Nothing happened, a shape and he said to him, you have

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this woman is very bad and she's corrupt and sinful. This name is not going to work on her. Take her to your palace. Let her see from you and let her worship with you. And then eventually when she makes a Thoma you read the name he'll come out. Now, how can I do this?

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enter without chef, so you don't fall in the fitna. Anyway, he agreed. Her parents agreed. They took her to his house, and she remained there for a while, and from time to time, misshapen would possess her. And he would bring her into these modes of fits in where she would uncover herself overseas. So we'll see that until time after time, he felt and he did and he committed a Xena with her for the National

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capon came, and he said to me about seesaw, she's pregnant from a sinner, and the people are going to make a mockery out of you. And he said to him, Go kill her. And then the people will say,

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go back into worship, and in your prayer and in your fasting, neglect everyone Don't worry about him. So he did that he killed any berita pushup acceptable, so that if a family comes, say to them that, you know, she was possessed wish upon, took on

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a shape on went to a family, and he said to her family, that policies are committed Zina with her, he killed her, and he buried in such in such place. So they went and followed, and they saw where she was. And they came down, they all wanted to kill about suicide for what he did. So they grabbed him, and they choked him. And they took him to the king's palace. And the verdict was ruled down, handed down the death sentence on procedure, for now the entire village and communities around this man that worship Allah 470s.

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And they came, and they wanted to kill him worship on a piece in the form of a man before he saw and he said to me,

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no one can save you from this except me.

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Listen to me. He says to him what he said, Give me the solution. People are gonna kill me. He said he was strictly

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a suit for me. They showed for me I'll save you from all of this. He said how you told me.

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You told me to kill and I kill now makes you shoot for you. astutely

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likes to show the LTV out of this. So a shark

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fell into search the police and the people killed him. And he died upon shell Coco. When

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he mentioned they mentioned the Fergana

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under who Murphy Neri holiday Metallica cell volume in

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70 years of worship, that's how his last day on earth was. That's how his last day on earth was. He died says at peace he died upon conference ship and a lot of soldiers had said Takenaka Tahoma both of them ship auto Susa their punishment was a nomad fee now Harley they

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mean what does it mean my brothers? What does it mean that someone worships Allah for seven years and he dies upon Kufa? You know what destroyed his mother the entire story was totally destroyed him. You know what destroyed him.

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He fought he can reach a love alone. He isolated himself from his community. This is what destroyed him. This is why he fell into what he believed. I don't know what he believed he might have thought that the people are no good for him that he worships better than the people like some people will have today. Everyone is a careful, everyone is misguided. And

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they're all innovators. Let me go worship Allah my own. Let me open my own budget in the house. Eventually that's the same person that will become liable Cesar if he's not careful. Beware my brothers, that you're not inevitable says that he's leaving. Beware. understand the importance of brotherhood and companionship. In alpha have we read every day?

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Hakim, we don't see any guide me then unless you make up for your brother. In all of us. We only think we make that for each other. A lot of social when he speaks about the believers entering the paradise. He says what's he called Lavina toccoa boom. lol genetti Sumatra, the people of the paradise. They enter the paradise in groups Sumatra, meaning in groups, not for other not alone. Why not?

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Because they worship Allah in this life together. So they entered the paradise together. Don't ever think that you're not in need of righteous companionship that remind each other of Allah subhanho wa Taala that wake up each other for the night prayers that sit together after selecting Fisher until sunrise that encourage each other to seek knowledge. Go out together and calling to Allah subhanho wa Taala together. That is the simple secret of a man