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5 Steps to Recovering from a Sin

Saad Tasleem


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The five step program to recovering from a sin. You're watching hashtag sad asleep.

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Have you ever been in that position where you've committed a sin and you just don't know how to move past it, you don't know how to move on. You don't know what to do. So here's the five step program to move past that sin. First. Step number one, never belittle that sin. Never look at your sin and say to yourself, it's too small. Who cares? Why even bother? Number two, don't let the sin continue. immediately stop the sin that you're doing. Don't let this one sin lead you to further sins. Don't let this one sin make you commit even more since step number three positive regret. Yes, it is a good thing. To feel regret is a good thing to be regretful but we say positive regret, because the

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positive regret is a type of regret that leads you to repentance and to forgiveness. And that's part of this step that when you feel regret, you seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. And you ask Allah to forgive you and you repent. One of the ways that you can do that is to pray to the cause of prayer. Just go make will do purify yourself, pray to the cause of prayer and ask Allah to forgive you for this sin. Number four, be thankful. And I know you may think to yourself, why would I be thankful in a time where I've just committed a sin be thankful that Allah Subhana Allah gave you the chance to seek forgiveness from this sin last palitana could have taken your life before you ever

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had a chance to repent before you ever had a chance to seek forgiveness. And that's something to be thankful for that you were able to seek forgiveness for this sin. Lastly, fifth and final and very important step is to never lose hope in the mercy and forgiveness of Allah. No matter how many times you've committed this sin before. Never tell yourself that Allah won't forgive you. Never tell yourself what's the point I'm just gonna come back to the sin again. Never lose hope in the mercy and forgiveness of Allah. Until next time in sha Allah, Allah said I'm on a cul de la he will but I got to