Ebrahim Bham – Kindness – Temperament Of Our Nabi SAW

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of unity and being the means of unity in dealing with challenges, especially in difficult situations. They also discuss the need for people to give comfort and opportunities to participate in projects, as it is a core values of Islam. The speakers stress the importance of compassion and Kindness in bringing people together, and acknowledge the need for people to give opportunities to participate in projects.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Mati. Wanaka, Tabata kitabi one ashlea Bhattacharya Shariati ahmadu folder. We live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for the Mara Mata min Allah healing calm. Welcome to first

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villain for Roman holy settler colonialism, respected elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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It is now a year since the lockdown that happened in South Africa and other parts of the world, away from the rights and wrongs with regard to the wrong lock down, away from what were the actual reasons and how did this pandemic come upon the world? And how did it come? The reality is we had to contend with it. And it had a major impact upon individuals, upon families, upon community upon society, upon countries, upon the economics of countries, upon many situations with regard to people who have to face the challenges in different ways. It was uncharted territory, and people are taken in many ways, how do they deal with it, people have taken different approaches. However, at the end

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of the entire year, we still make dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah tala bring goodness and I'm gonna remove this pandemic and Allah remove the difficulties upon humanity. And Allah tala brickfair upon the oma and upon humanity, it would have been so nice that if, for example, we would have been able to deal with the challenges that came our way with a collective approach was an approach in which we would have had unity. Unfortunately, we have to say that perhaps the way we could have dealt with it, we did not deal with it. We were confronted and riddled with great amount of disputes, arguments, disunity, and that also at a time, when we needed unity the most. When

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people faced challenges, people lost near and dear ones, people's near and dear ones became sick. At a time when we needed unity the most. That's a time when we did not have that type of unity. It is something that we should perhaps look into in terms of the future, that whenever we are faced with a difficulty, whenever we are faced with a challenge, that we should have been able to be in the forefront of being united and dealing with it in a collective manner. When we look at many other parts of the world, they had a greater degree of collectiveness and a greater degree of unity in dealing with this challenge than what we had. And that does not underestimate the power of unity. It

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is something that has been greatly emphasized in our teachings. nebia Kareem Salah when he was celebrated, he had Allah he added

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the hand of

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the blessings and assistance of Allah is upon a united longed for in Melbourne.

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Blessings upon a united blot as a part of our use of South Africa to

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the son of Alana, India's refer to one of our great scholars used to emphasize this aspect of saying that a nurse assistant is what the United lot by saying that if the time of the vehicle was stolen, if there were 10,000 people in Medina, then every every Amati had the support of 9999 people. No one missed him hearing, no one wanted to bring him down. He said going on to say he said until you do not come to that stage where you are united, even if you have great amount of divided and as a systems won't come upon you and NASA systems won't come upon you if you are united, not united. Now, many times people say that, you know, they undermine the importance of this by saying we are united

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or we need to be held with a certain group and category of people. Unity is not to have unity with people who have from your same

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opinion or people who have the same view of you who are in any way you know, that becomes like a unity of a boy scouts or people who are like you know the same type of tech

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Make the same type of people, same type of opinion, same type of friends, that is not unity. Unity means you go the extra mile to be able to accommodate and be united with people across the spectrum across the different different views that are there. Now, I'm not saying about views that are not acceptable in our Sharia, we all know that there is a line that we draw, but Allah subhana wa Taala in the Holy Quran is made mentioned that Allah has created people with different manner and those people are different temperaments. Amin iottie, kala pasta ma T, what was the laugh? Well, I will say that the,

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amongst the creative sides of Allah, He created the heavens and earth, He created human beings who have different colors, different languages. Part of that political power is people have different temperaments. People have different attitudes, people have different thoughts, people have different opinions, difference of opinion, contrary to what you and I feel that sometimes difference of opinion is something that is bad difference of opinion is not necessarily bad. It happened in the time of our beloved Kareem salsa, how we need to manage it is important, maybe occurring somehow

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there was difference of opinion Sahaba difference of opinion Sahaba were going

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to the Sahaba after one better let me tell you so now listen, I'm saying go and read as fast as

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it was after the Battle of the trends go and read started many pureza Sahaba went when they went some people realized that we are not going to get there in time. So some people read this Sonata some people said occurring so Saddam's command was we must read a survey we are going to read even if you get late, when we actually saw slim getting to know it was two opinions they used, they they use the intellect they use the discretion in trying to come to what can we enter in Sauce Labs purport was the via trim system director guys anyone Okay, the vehicle himself gave both of them blessings. So, this was the aspect with regard to the difference of opinion many times through the

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means of difference of opinion, what happens is different solutions come to the table, different aspects come to the table, which would not have been there if there was only one opinion as Mark innopolis. He is

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the very famous halifa used to say it does not give me happiness, just remember what I'm saying. It does not give me happiness, when I can come to know about an issue that there is no difference of opinion. Because if there is no difference of opinion, then

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we are confined, we are constrained we do not have that particular type of more accommodation to be able to deal with the issue.

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And this is an aspect that we have to keep in mind. And that is why they have been kicked out

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with regard to how do we deal with differences of opinion as an Obama

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just to give you an example with regard to how we are supposed to have respect, even if we have differences of opinion, Mr. Humble

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was on the view. And it is a view of the that if you bleed tinubu breaks. So one day someone asked him and said oh Baba, if you know about it, imagine

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that demand believes that if I believe my shoe does not break

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what you read Sadat behind them.

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So there's a possibility that he would have led and he might not have made was when he's reading Salah. Would you read Salah behind him? Would you read Salah behind him? Mr. Medina humbled

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me and he said are you telling me I must not read namaz and Salah behind him I'm married.

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I must not read Salah behind him are married, when he has the view that if a person pleases Buddha,

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he will enter he said are you telling me I was not rich.

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Even if he had a difference of opinion in

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another aspect with regard to not having our managing our differences of opinion by the respect of others, it leads towards this unity. And this unity is something that has been the bane not only of the oma today, it has been the bane of the history. Go and look at our history you will find that Muslims have been have been prejudiced, and therefore has been harmed more by this unity within their own ranks than even by being attacked by enemies. I have been to three times to Spain, I have seen the result of what has happened because of this. Muslims had a 900 year rule, which was the glory of civilization, but because they fought with

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one another, to such an extent that he used to have that the different states and different rulers in one country, it never took around.

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When he came to Spain, he said I never saw so many Amir Armenians in one place. Sounds familiar. I never saw so many rulers in one place. And then we saw so many authorities in one place, the way I saw in Spain, and what actually happened that because of this unity of the Muslims lost that whole particular land in which they had set up such remarkable aspects of glorious civilization, the via Karim sama, what he was set up with a lot

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of people do not turn against one another, or people do not hate one another or people do not be jealous of one another.

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And be amongst the people who are brothers into one another. I will talk to one another, look at the way we carry on our checks. Look at the way we tell you what when we pass judgment, and we are calling people names, we are giving people labels. And that is the Holy Quran says that do not want

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to not become disunited, Allah will make you weak, Allah will make you powered, Allah will take away your strength, what what we are seeing today is a manifestation of that Ayat of Allah subhana wa tada the first of all, Micah must have that, because of that, we have become weak, we are like, you know, twigs in a you know, in a torrent of a flood in a storm, no no influence because of this unit. Because that one I used to play by on was about unity in Delphi, and he made mentioned and many times people will say, we are like, you know, ordinary people, what are you telling us with regard to unity and unity, perhaps tell the people who are in authority, maybe there is some merit in that.

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But let us see that we do not become the means of creating further disunity, we must always be the means of unity. Why will we be the ones who will forward post they are that creates labor or creates disunity. What I used to say in the biographies, and as he mentioned, he said a lot of

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the love that they have for the person, he will have a great amount of abundance. And that's all once you go to Japan and you say you know why you putting me into Hana. He says the woman was in a sensitive stage. You said a statement that group the unity of

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a person will come in he will not have much good deeds. But a man will say go to

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have much footage, why are you sending me agenda. And Allah will tell him that Omar was at a sensitive stage. He said a statement to brought people together.

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They said

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he's not a liar, what brings people together, even if you have to say your things against what is apparent, Allah will give you the reward for bringing people together. Brothers, we have to we have to think about this. And you have to constantly look at how we have been dealing with us. And unfortunately, we don't present a very good example in this particular regard. If only we could have been that given the situation people are finding themselves in. We could have been in the forefront of being times sympathetic, helping people who are in difficulty or in challenges. It is a quality that is loved by Allah subhana wa tada was

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the tight end good two people. Allah loves those who are tired and what is timeless, timeless is a state of being kind, helpful, sympathetic, being empathetic to people being helped us to be out of people. today. Unfortunately, it is so important. Today, you and I, because of what goes around, we feel that if you want to be pious, you must be rigid. If you want to be pious, you must be harsh. If you want to be pious, then you must be bounded, is the criteria for piety.

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What a great injustice.

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What a great new justice.

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For me.

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It is Allah.

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Almighty Allah was kind upon people. When opening the first Senegalese, if he was harsh, if I were if he was vulgar, people would not have surrounded him with the love that they surrounded him because of his kindness and his mercy and His compassion.

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People who wouldn't have counted him, Abubakar man

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surrounded him, other people who are so devoted to him would not have surrounded him the way they surrounded him because of his kindness. Where do we feel that if we are harsh people around us and bring us

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where do we feel that if we have another way

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We wouldn't be able to bring about you know unity, kindness and compassion, it is compassion that bring them together. It is kindness that bring them together. And let me

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let ask anyone, as anyone who needs an iPhone, what is the overriding thing that you come to learn from the seat of the Vietnamese also, you will be told that it is kindness and compassion

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maybe acronyms or syllables as the other student

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look at what and what they have done in the Battle of Sahaba saw the reoccurring sauce in a bleeding wounded, they could have taken years to learn that now's the time that you can curse.

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The Bush Ricky look at what they have done to you look at what they have done to your companions. Sahaba say the veteran sauce lifted his hands

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they thought that now is the time the nebula

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and Allah will destroy them Allah will punish him and that will sit what what do we what do we use them is awesome. We strain our years What didn't kill him. So some said Allah

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on the moon or whatnot give it to my people.

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They are ignorant.

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That is the overriding personality of

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today if we take that personality we say we are weak. We are not biased. Let me a curry sauce. Ayesha Ayesha in

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a nice guy.

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He loves kindness.

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He gives for kindness when he doesn't give for harshness, maybe I can show some sediba.

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At the holiday.

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Do you want to know if your house is blessed? But Allah

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said he for now wants goodness in a house Allah brings kindness in the house. If the people of the house are speaking to one another with kindness, know Allah is happy when that household do we realize that this is a sign of another's happiness with us?

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in them

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poorly hated lady in the Caribbean. And that has made Jana maharam for a person who is tying compassion, compassion, compassion and sympathetic he helps people and how many opportunities we had to be able to be kind and sympathetic to people we don't yet is a hobby, because our our direction of deal and our direction and understanding of things sometimes we want we wonder, have we ever heard this idea?

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Whenever gives comfort to a bereaved person,

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whoever gives comfort to a believe person. And now the day of Tiamat will make him wear the clothes of honor. Allah our clothing with clothes of another day of gamut.

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Can you imagine you go and give how many opportunities we have? How many people have lost near and dear ones, sometimes all families have been affected. People have been sick. Yeah, we had an opportunity to be able to share our kindness to unhealthy people and comforted people who are believe we sitting and fighting about issues that are not fundamental to our Deen and each and every one is regarding himself to be super Muslims compared to the other person because of the view that he had adopted. Is this the time for that

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said If, however, you give comfort to a person who is in difficulty, whatever he would he is getting the same reward. Just when the leader in the hobby with regard to the reward of those people who are undergoing difficulty, you will give comfort to a person maybe a criminal law he was upset and that will give you the same reward by the respective weathers look at what what what we have an opportunity and how we have crossed it. Because of unnecessary disputes, arguments and disunity

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may be occurring socialism was known for his kindness. When

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we used to eat salad, he used to find people who were crying children were trying to you know, cut down. He started thinking short, out of tightness out of consideration.

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Despite his greatness, used to go and write letters to people who lost the idea once he wrote a letter to

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lost his son. He went to write a letter to him. The letter is well recorded in the history. There was a elderly woman who used to clean the material level when the reoccurring system told us that oh my Sahaba something happens to her. Please tell me I would like to be part of her funeral. She passed away after Isha and she passed away in the outskirts of Medina Sahaba were we able to give maybe a cream sauce from the cliff? We are going to inconvenience they buried her. The next day the accounting system came to know that'd be a creamy sauce almost angry said why

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You tell me he walked

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and he went

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he walked walked about anyway. The people who give people dread tidings bashira Sera, Sera Sera give people great tidings don't make people turn away from teeth. Make them love the deal. Don't make them hate the team. That's before good. Just to give you an example, how are we getting used to give glad tidings, you know, bring people together, motivate them inspire, as I showed.

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The last point I will make mention that I shouldn't be allowed to know what they ask me if

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you're a Sorolla, since I know that would get in the car is going to ask us questions on the day of karma. And since I've heard from your Hadith, that the cover will be pressed upon the people when the cover I am very, very apprehensive. I'm very worried. I cannot sleep at night. You're still not what is going to happen to us. that he'll he's going to ask us questions. And maybe someone has to study will make them even more frightened.

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And this has

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been mentioned I've been shocked at what he said oh Ayesha

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moon Kiran appears question. If needed, Phil I will be as reassuring for the believers like Suma you put in your eyes.

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At the time, she had a concern. He didn't you know, rubbish or concern? He said who I shall. And now that won't get unlucky. This question will be like it so my you put in your eyes? No, I shall. The coming together of the cupboard upon the believers is like a mother

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whose child is sick. And she out of extreme love and compassion. she hugs the child and she she presses the child and she hates it tightly, or I shall the pressing and tabbing together will be in such a vein for the believers. Fathers that is what we were supposed to have done. We were supposed to be the ones who are supposed to be kind, compassionate, having sympathy giving people, those who are believe helping them assisting them, and giving people lead tidings. We still have that opportunity. May Allah give us a trophy.

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