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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The "harassing aunts" sign is used during goddamn interviews, but should not be considered a reference. The importance of making decisions based on the Sharia is emphasized, and consulting with representatives and avoiding double counting is emphasized. The use of "harassing aunts" is also discussed, along with the need for a decision on the spot and consulting with representatives. The use of cream sauce and finding a way to reach decisions is also emphasized.
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Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah YAHWAH was salat wa salam ala Milan

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I'm Alanna B about the hula Matoba Amati wala Kitab Avada Kitabi what actually are the others?

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Amara do for Villa he may not share it on your watch he will Bismillah your Walkman or he was Shall we room fill camera for either as an interpreter what color and Allah set up Allah with

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my dear respected elders and brothers many times you and I are faced with situations in our life

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where we are uncertain what must we do?

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We sometimes have a situation must I go in this journey or not? Must I get married to this woman or this woman to a man or not?

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What am I supposed to do? So when we are faced with situations when we are not sure what to do? The Sharia has given us guidelines on what to do. One of the options Allah Tala has given us when we are unsure what to do is to make istikhara is the Haram is to seek ALLAH ganas counsel to seek the help and assistance of Allah to seek ALLAH Tala as guidance on a matter. Now what is the word what is the meaning of istikhara just look at the word is the Hara is the hara in the world is to Herod comes. A root word which is known as fair. Fair is an umbrella word that represents all that which is good is the Haram means to seek the good from Allah subhanho wa Taala that is a meaning of his taharah

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external card amendments in the agreement as 100 cars I'm not gonna per tire just mean how many Botania kiya Jaye Shatner was gonna put Halper data was missing aka is the Huracan fair appname Mohammed atmospher Montez

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gala gala says fair that up Karna. Now, we all know that there is a method with regard to St. Hara, what is the method the method is to read through records of syrup and then to read a DUA, the Dwyer is also well known which is made mention of in the Hadith, but first, you see, we have to read to record Sarah. Now, unlike the first salad in which there is a specific time in the Salah Turkana Marina Kitab Mahkota for us cinemas, there is a time for it is a time you have to read for us Namaaz on its appointed time, you can read for Jana Mazor time etc. So, we have to read pajanimals on his times or Namaaz on his time in his taharah there is no specific time. Normally we have this set

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before you sleep you must read istikhara better Hades better is not compulsory, you can read istikhara after Muslim also you can read istikhara after czar also and you make that DUA and then you ask Allah Tala for assistance and bear in mind that istikhara we make only on things that are not clear cut in the Sharia

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istikhara we only make on things that are not clear cut, you can make this the hara whether I must read numbers or not. Whether I must go for Hajj or not. Whether I must keep Rosa or not that you can make history Hara is the hara all you want those things where the meta is not clear cut from the Sharia there isn't a clear cut method. So Allah Tala tells you to make Nikka now you can go Mr. cutter to make because you have to make Nikka insulin, but who must make nichetto who must I make nichetto? Should I make NECA if I'm for example, in advanced age, or there are circumstances or these few girls that I've got now, which was I choose? I don't know if people got that options

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nowadays. So, you know, I want to see a girl should I get married to her or not? I have to go on a journey should I go on this journey or not? Should I go this week should I go next week. So these are aspects that we have to make this the hara upon. So this is very important. That is the harassing aunties. omekata Hey, Joe Sharia with has Afghani Chinggis is the Sheraton Candia to smell Minister Farrakhan Nicki Qui Gon Jewish name uniqa Setec Atlanta Namaaz Purina calm

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So in these types of things, there is no risk ACARA is Tahara is only on things where we are not sure. And there is many, many benefits of istikhara one amazing Hadith. In in Jami at Tirmidhi Nebia Kareem saw Selim it said mean sad at the end Adam Khasra to istikhara Allah He Tada what he loves Allahu Allahu Allah who, one of the one of the signs of happiness and prosperity and the success of a believer is for him to make his Tahara and then be happy with a decree of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala while I'm in Chicago with even the Adam Tanaka who is still hard at Allah, and one of the signs of misfortune is not to make his Tiara now can you imagine Allah Allah in the Hadith telling

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us that you have it's a sign of misfortune not to make history and how many times do we make his Tahara he is so sneaky Bata to another via cream sauce limnic sad cake mocha Yeah, Hiccup is the hara curry, or Allah gallonage professional scooper Rosalyn or Chicago Katie Jakob is

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one of the signs of misfortune is not to make history. So this is very important. And Sahaba say that nivia cream sauce taught as the dwelve is the hara the way he taught us, the ayat of the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Holy Quran, maybe a cream sauce from net Sahaba fermata hammer is the hierarchy dua SSE kya just a Khurana magicky ayat, Allah Nebia cream sauce to miss chi used to teach us the DUA is the hara, the way he taught us the ayat of the Holy Quran. So that dua is very famous, we can make mention of it, or we can make and teach the people but we have to learn it. And even if you can make the Arabic it's easy to make the Arabic afterwards. You take it while you read it, but

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you must know the meaning of it. Aloma India sta Heruka l Mika was the bureau kabhi Patrika for him Nakata, the word of the rota Allah when Allah Allah want Allahu Allah with my input the

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Amory Hallo li fi works.

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In the federal leaf he didn't even when he will have to go to Emory. In fact, they truly were silly. When he couldn't tell him when the harder I'm gonna shadow League. This is a dua that we read when we want to make his taharah what does it mean? Oh Allah, we asking you for your counsel, who Allah you know, we don't know

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how many hola you know, the SS aspects, we don't know the respect of Allah in this particular matter. If it is good for us, then allow us to reach and do it and make it easy for us. And if you know that it is bad for us, you're

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to turn us away from it. And turn that thing away from us to say do rock. So this is the duar, office taharah. Now after you make the DUA office taharah, the how do you get the answer? How do you get the answer? Sometimes people feel we're going to see a dream. And then also they feel feel we're going to see that dream in 3d. How can you imagine if you're going to see the dream whether you must get married to this woman or not? Are you going to see the 3d? Yes, Renee Can you see the thing in a dream itself is a fantasy that you feel that after I see a naked, I'm going to see a dream. And that dream is going to tell me no take this route and go here somewhere. That is not going to happen. Or

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very seldom it happens. It might happen to certain people. Normally it doesn't happen

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is not happening that you must see a tree and we must see it in 3d. No. It means that many times Allah will put in your heart what I must do, Allah will put in your heart that this is something that I should take this particular direction, I will stay away from this particular aspect. So Allah will put it in your heart, Allah will give you a certain degree of confidence in what you must do. And sometimes, that also doesn't happen. And it's not necessarily that you also sit in one day for Will a man Sahaba say, sometimes we make dua one day, sometimes three nights, sometimes 4567 Sometimes people have managed to have one month. So it's not necessarily that you seek immediately

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you make this the hara according to your situation until you feel a certain degree of confidence what I must do

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and sometimes many times you don't even find them that Allah has written that you take all matters into account and you look at all the pros and cons and doctrine occult btn so then you use your intellect after making all your necessary investigation. After making these taharah you choose a path because you have made this the hara inshallah Allah will put

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this is what Allah has made mentioned. So yeah kill stalker Nicobar.

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Babina Sariah but Christie Hasaka jawab Mutalisks Toora Tamil and

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that Allah deal middle the day. So this is one way. Now one other aspect sometimes we have to make a decision on the spot. Sometimes we have to make a decision on the spot can we cover so, give me a 40 torpor

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queen will Canada

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for a third parameter which Karnataka or whiskey Atlanta whoa we have to make a decision with regard to it immediately Husaberg gamcare Cara we don't know the time to make two records, we don't have the time to make you know wait for three days or five days fact we have to make a decision on the spot.

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So, then what must you do? What am I have written in the Sahaba used to do it is also made mentioned from the Sahaba you read one dua or here dua what is Korea so that when you need to make a decision on the moment sometimes you wait on the road and you say now you know we got two options which way was I wrote? Which way was I go was I take this route was I take this route, then read this dua? This twice easy to reach? I'll ask everyone to read it with me Allahumma he really was thoroughly Allahumma he really was totally Allahumma he really was utterly comical was 40 torpor.

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What decision can now tie or facelock an appetite to eat Whopper inshallah Allah Tala will give you a better cut in it. So one way with regard to finding what I must do in a situation where I'm confused is to make this the Hara. The second thing is Allah Tala has told you to make Mushara today we only think Matura is only to a degree with who am I? Who am I to have Musharaka that's the only thing that we know with regard to matura lickin here Mashallah. mizuna, Libya Kareem Salah when he was seven was told by Allah commanded by Allah Tala was Shall we roofing up Sahaba kizad matura today make consult with the Sahaba now can you imagine the importance with regard to him that Nebia

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crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam who used to receive way from Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. One would have thought that maybe a cream sauce Salam is not in need of matura because the reoccurring saw Selim is getting away from Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. But Allah Tala is telling the vehicle himself salam to make matura therefore Imam Hassan Bassam Talalay said Almighty Allah did not command His Prophet to consult his companions because he needed the opinions. But Allah Allah had given him this command to recognize the blessings in matura. Allah has given him that command was Shall we roofing because Allah Tala wanted to make it a sunnah. Allah wanted it that they must

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acquire this particular

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attribute that they must make Matura in a manifest they must consult people in their face. This is what maybe a crimson Allahu wa salam was told to make mashallah with the Sahaba although Nemea Karim saw Islam used to receive for him to do so retrica yet and matura Karim absent Allahu Allah was Salam o Allah Tala Anna who come from Maya que Sahaba Ikram say Bashara for my burger chain maybe a cream sauce Salam Bara era's Allah Tala we're here for Matera nebbia cream sauce number two Can we skip our Jude? Allah Tala and maybe a cream sauce for my okay matura cream, she said is Kia Mia pajama lumada. Now with regard to it, there are a few things with regard to it. One is to make

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Mushara on collective things. Sometimes it's a matter of a collective decision to do with a masjid with an organization with a metronome but then the importance of Matura is even more important because you cannot make a decision with regard to a collective matter all on your own. All the people who are involved in that matter, or the people who are going to be impacted by your decision on that matter. They need to be they need to be consulted. Or at least the representatives need to be called consulted in collective matters. No one has the right to do on his own whatever he wants. Maybe a cream sauce from the same thing seen or heard. Maybe a cream saucer made mashallah

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Joe is Timaya cheeser Huisman matura or zyada Miata hamilo Time MIT's Appa kala Johanna what is festa nacreous it's the mired committee and as I read the way you look it's the might or perhaps WhatsApp Musharaka maybe a cream sauce

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although maybe a cream sauce we used to see way in the Battle of what maybe a cream sauce were made matura should we should we the people of Makkah have come to attack Medina. Now Must we go out and beat them because they were in Wuhan, which was outside Medina the time almost we said stay in Medina Nebia dream systems own viewers. We stay in Medina. I'm your here Rector. Once again. I'm where Janek is Rodney Janek is with me.

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Nebby utterings awesome said we will stay here. We know the gullies, we know the pathways of Medina let them come when they come we will be able to repel them Sahaba Karim the no jawaan Sabaneta de jackhammering. It took us the locator Ah hum. You have eradicated chattering wa Tarun Samling we were gonna fight with them. They're the mediocre instead Allahu alayhi wa sallam although he was entitled to this, but when the media Kareem saw some saw their enthusiasm, the Viet Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam went out there maybe a cream sauce we went into the house to wear his armor, the Vietnamese awesome war two armors and then he came out then the younger Sahaba felt that we are

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we have made we have impressed upon Nebia cream sauce from whenever we are cream sauce from had something else in mind. And they came and said yeah Rasulullah you wanted to fight in Medina and we impressed upon you. We put you know in some way we put forward our view and this view has been accepted jasola Go back to your original view via cream sauce Lim said such an amazing thing. Now Matura is done. We can change the decision matura kebab Maturana you consulted for either Assumpta fatawa canola This is very important. Once you make matura and we have reached a decision then you rely upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala again oggetto PGM worker Matejko don't look at a bank.

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You have made matura we have reached a decision. Now you go forward that sometimes people see you dribble dribble and you can score

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how much are you going to dribble? So after a while, we have to come to some sort of conclusion and a mascara and a beard cream sauce and matura from everyone in the Battle of butter and cream sauce. You know kept at one place when he came to one place have we been in one decade? Ya Rasulullah Did you compare this place because Allah Allah commanded you? Or do you came here because it's your own discretion? You use your own discretion to Campea the via cream sauce and say No, Allah didn't command me. And what did the Sahaba had in mind? Oh well Orem never you have Allah if Allah commanded you. I'm not going to say anything. But if you use your own discretion, I will tell you

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don't can be a boy it can be that place, maybe a cream sauce and said no, I use my own discretion. Have you been wondering said Yarra Sula, Gwen came there to be a cream sauce and for

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maybe, himself sort of meant to that particular place. So this is the the aspect of matura. Now, these many benefits of Mushara matura and the port Toronto, one of the benefits is, you take the view and you take the the experience of people and the intellect and their wisdom, you get it for free.

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Now all of a sudden you're making matura with someone who's got experience in a matter you got you taking experience for someone who knows about momentum. So you taking his intellect and his wisdom into consideration you make a decision. The second thing is many times you look into a thing only from one angle. Now when you make matura people bring other aspects or two into the matter, other angles and consequences of a meta brought forward it makes it easier for you to make a decision taking into account all angles and through mature app one minimizes the risk of harmful and destructive mistakes. He will seek advice from other set our beloved himself, he will be saved from

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mistakes, so you must go hotsy 200 which is a door Musharaka Nikki Beaufighter Hoskinson says yada John Bucha logo theory rider yeah after then, lo matura say I'm Allah ke Herpin Luca Jaya, later Luke Sansa Krishna ecosystem. So these are some of the benefits with regard to it. Now, there are certain guidelines, I will keep it very brief time is going out for a person who takes matura and the person who gives matura. So one off a person who gives who takes matura he must only go and consult people who are wealthy, knowledgeable, and who have experience in that matter. Now, if you got for example, a medical method to go make matura about you don't go and ask an alum. And if you

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make one to make matura with regard to a DD matter, you don't even ask a doctor or even ask an engineer. This is the big problem in today's day. You need a religious guidance. You can ask the engineer for Matura you need a medical matura you go to an ask the doctor whom you trust him. If there is an engineering matter in your building, how much how much am I do piling etc. You can ask a neurosurgeon.

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This is something that we have to keep in mind. When asked people who are experienced don't go and ask pools go and ask people who have intellect. Otherwise, you're going to get yourself in the difficulty. Three people were standing in an island as a humorous incident. Don't ask me the deal for this. They were stranded on an island. So it is a joke that you know, a genie came and said, right? What do you want? What is your desire? What is your wish? One person said I want to go back to my environment. I want to go back to my business she need to keep I said go

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then the other my other friend said, What do you want? I want to go back to my family and missing my wife and children, no judiciary go back. The third particular person was there. He wasn't a bit foolish. What is your wish? What do you want? I'm missing my friends bringing it back.

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So this is we're going to ask someone who is a food this is what's going to happen. So as people who are wealthy knowledgeable who are pious and get matura from people who are experienced in the field, maybe a criminal law what he was selling was also made mentioned. And lastly, then the person who gives matura he must give Mushara with Amana de, he must give Mushara in a proper manner someone comes to consult you imagine

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we are I octopus? Matura Hassenfeld Nicaea upon mashallah, someone come and ask you permission or give him counsel. Mr. Shah,

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the person who gives matura was Aminata.

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He is someone who is trusted. Now you have to he has to see to it that the trust is not violated. He fulfills a trust mandate Martha was diabetic the tsunami tag waqia Marana Scheffer. Itami RAM jewelry worry, at the time of partition, someone came to ask him matura maths, I sell my lane or not. Sumana Tommy RAM Talalay said you know, although my family wanted to purchase that lane watermelon trolleys, family was wealthy. So they want to purchase that land. But when the person came to ask him for Matura must say seldom

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said in these times of uncertainty don't say

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this is a monetary and one important thing that a person who people come in US matura from he must keep the meta secret. He wasn't going to tell the whole world at Medallia. So Bill Amana will look to another Musharaka

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he took piano so these are some of the aspects that we can take into account how to reach a decision. So we started off by saying that sometimes we are faced with situations in the world we don't know what to do. So how do we go about it? One is to and I made mention with regard to is the harvest economies seeking goodness from Almighty Allah subhanaw taala the method with regard to the short method and the second way with regard to finding a way to reach a proper decision is to make matura which I have given certain guidelines and the importance of it. Give us a topic of making that one

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