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Al Hamdulillah you have

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for Surrett was salam ala Mala Ana de abajo Amudha do follow

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on what do you miss Milagro Rahmani Raheem?

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Here you

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will follow official MC.

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Setup Allah will ask him my dear respected scholars, elders brothers.

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We begin by placing Almighty Allah ascending salutations upon our beloved Livia Karim Salah Hollywood Salam we are all aware we have always heard that Islam is a comprehensive religion and it provides guidance for the entire range of human activity

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and Islam further calls upon us to enter into Islam completely and wholeheartedly. So Allah Tala in the verse which I have recited says could follow facil Myka

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enter into Islam completely and wholeheartedly.

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Now to give you an example, many times examples are very important to understand something. So Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says what till can tell you another rebou had in us, we give you examples as a lesson for humanity. In fact, there were alumni and scholars when they didn't, you know, understand examples of the Quran. They used to get worried because Allah Allah says only those people will understand the examples who are on the moon, who are people who are knowledgeable. So sometimes Allah Allah gives us many examples in the Quran and Hadith. You know, lessons through examples, let me give you an example. And the example I'm gonna give you is have a beautiful

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building, no beautiful structure. And this particular example finds some resonance in the hadith of Nebia Kareem saw serum that maybe I can install serum on one occasion said

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that my example in the example of the previous Ambien was salat wa salam is like a beautiful building. And everyone comes past that building, and they say what a beautiful building. But for this one section that is incomplete.

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And maybe I can install some said, I am that complete section, which has completed and perfected that building, because I'm the last of the profits and I've come to complete profit. So prophethood has been completed and perfected with me. And after me the building is complete, there is no need for any other profit because the building of prophethood is completed and perfected. Now in a similar manner with regard to this, and that Allah if we were to build a snow start off a building, let us take this beautiful Masjid as an example, the first thing that you would have done if we ever had set up this building and you know, put up the structure, you would have seen that the

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foundations and the pillars of this building is strong, it has to be strong before you do anything. And you will find that there are people who are structural engineers, before you set up any building before you build up and you put up any you know aesthetics, they will see firstly, that the engineering and the foundation must be stable before you put up a building. Amongst, you know, in our history, they used to be called a cinema, a very important architect by the name of cinema, together with a mini Masjid that he had, you know, designed the blue Masjid in Istanbul did not the masjid selenia Masjid in Edina, he had also, you know architected in a been the architecture of very

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important bridges in Bulgaria, Bosnia, you know, Turkey, etc. So one of his great Forte's was to set up stable structures by insisting upon a stable foundation in a region that was known for his earthquakes. And we saw it recently. So on one occasion, he was he was given the contract, so to speak by the Sultan of the time to put up a building, he set up and he put the foundation and he went away for some time. And the people said that he want a wall and he came back, and decipiens Now the Sudan got angry with him. He said, Why did you take so long? He said, No, this particular building needed a solid structure, needed a solid foundation before you could put up anything with

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regard to it. When we talk about the comprehensive nature of Islam, my dear respected elders and brothers, the first thing that you do with regard to Islam is to see your pillars and your foundation is strong. And what is our pillars? What is our foundation will heal Islam

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Wanna Hudson? Allah has rested the entire teachings of Islam upon five pillars. Eman Surat had zakat. And so these are the five pillars. If you want to start off any building, you start off from the five pillars, the foundation in the policy and the structuring engineering being correct before you start off on any building. But if you want to start off with Islam, the first thing that you do is to see your Eman is intact. To see your theta is intact to see your salad zakat, Hutchins and so miss them correctly before you start off with anything. Many times there are people who have this particular feeling that no Islam is only about our clock and conduct and our character, not paying

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enough attention to our principles and our foundation does bear in mind a religious teaching that that does not deal with social conduct of monetary dealings is as erroneous as religious teachings that only looks at the apparent without looking at the foundation without looking at your principles without looking at your devotion. Without looking you're accurate about it. Ibaadat and our Eman is the first thing that you do in Islam. When we talk about the comprehensive nature of Islam. That's the first thing that you do. Just to give you an example of the importance of iman,

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Allah Tala in the Holy Quran has made mention of an incident of his or

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his or killed a young person. Right and mousseline salatu salam objected. And when he gave the reason what why he did things he said, What Amala gulaman for Cana Abba.

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Ashina Yoda HICO Mata Jana were COFRA for retina Yukina humara was a turtle work

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that this particular child I killed was

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very beloved child of a very pious and good people. But because of the love of this child, he was designed to become a Kafir. And because of that I killed him because he could have become a temptation for the amount of his parents because he could have become a means of the temptation of the Eman and faith of his parents. His or took his life before he became a temptation for the man of his parents. This is the importance of Imam so my dear respective brothers our Salah must not take it for likely Allah Tala in the Holy Quran, and in the Hadith has spoken about the importance of Salat, and our foundations. So that first becomes the first thing that you do when you when you want

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to reform yourself spiritually want to become more serious about Islam. The first thing is you see to it that your policy, your pillars are correct. However, after seeing that, you know, when you put up the pillars the foundation and you only leave a building as a foundation and Phyllis, everyone will see the building is incomplete. What have you done with this building the foundation is very strong, the pillars are very strong, but is incomplete you can complete the building only by putting the foundation in the palace. My dear respected elders and brothers This is the same thing with regard to our deen you cannot only have Deen by looking after the pillars. That is an incomplete

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picture of our team because our deal is unlike other deals there is no dichotomy in our deal between the spiritual and the mundane, between the world and the hereafter. Everything is part of the this is something that we have to keep men is both a material and spiritual being. The solution does not lie in denying our material needs, but denying the claim to privacy and superiority over our spiritual needs. They are part of our being, but not the reason or the goal or the objective of our existence. Allah so beautifully in the Holy Quran says in Ghana.

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If your children and your family members and your wealth and your businesses and the beautiful homes that you loving, Allah didn't say he's not beloved to you, a half Pele come it is more beloved than alive business sooner and more beloved indeed. And thriving in the path of Deen than wait for the commands of Allah Tala wait for the punishment of Almighty Allah.

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Islam didn't look upon our religion that is only to do with a masjid and outside the Masjid. We do not take into account with regard to the teachings and this sometimes creates such a dichotomy that many times people complain. They say a man raising five times daily, but when you look at his dealings, it is incomplete. It is dishonest. That's not the entire true picture of him. Let me give an example of the harmony that exists through the means of the Quranic ayat, Allah Tala in the Holy Quran tells our beloved and we saw Salam and by extension us for either for the fun sub, where Isla Rebecca Farah, Oprah for mighty Allah when you have completed your task and remember that tasks are

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not necessarily well the task, but the task with regard to Naboo

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What funds tire yourself in remembering Allah tire yourself in making the budget that's on one side of the equation and look at the other side of the equation. There is a Sahabi by the name of Iraq Ben Malik when he used to read Juma Salah tell him you know, appropriate that we are in Joomla salad when he used to come out of Joomla salad, he used to stand on the threshold of the machine and he used to say, Ya Allah in naked eject Tada, what was so late to Farinata

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we have heard your call that read Zuma is a New Delhi Suratthani Yeoman Giamatti. First I will as a Karina go and remember Allah when Allah when the Muslim gives a call for Juma we have done so Jana, when a sherpani Come on Mercury now after this. We are going out in the world as you have commanded. After tomorrow, we're going to seek ALLAH

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just look at this beautiful harmony between the material and the spiritual. When you finish your wallet us tire yourself in remembering Allah when you have finished your Joomla when a chef Danica ma martini, go out in the world and go and seek Hello, this is a beautiful example with regard to this. You know between two Sahaba you know one day maybe a cream sauce limpid Salmaan FRC ready Allah hooter Anwen Buddha, so Salmaan FRC went to the house of a Buddha and he saw the house was neglected. And he asked me Delta What is this you the house is neglected the house is not clean. Look at your situation look at your husband situation. No, no, you know normal type of things that

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you would see in a house. And Amanda said, Your brother that is not in need of me and not in need of this worldly matters Cemani first he made a mental note about it. after Isha, I will be allowed to know said I'm going to make some money fast. He says no, don't make your budget now go and sleep and rest. Go and sleep and rest. And he forced him to sleep forced him to be with his wife, you know and forced him to be and spend some time split force him to rest. And then when you always want to get up snows Salman said not now not now only allow him to wake up in the late latter portions of the night. And the next morning they went to our beloved Navy Academy saw Salam Abu Delta presented his

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case the money policy presented his case. And he said I prevented him that he must fulfill his rights. He must sleep he must do whatever you're supposed to do. And it hasn't maybe a cream sauce celebratory, whoo hoo hoo delta in the register meccanica when he made italic with his OG garlic on his own garlic Oh, your your your body has the right upon you. Your your wife has a right upon you. Your family has a right upon you. Your neighborhood has a right upon you. And your wealth has a right upon you. This is the beauty of Islam My dear respected brothers and they such an important part with regard to monetary dealings and our Sharia. The longest it in the Holy Quran is to do with

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you know material things. It's true. Yeah, you will not in harmony without the Dalyan to be dated. When you give someone a loan, write it down and put two witnesses. The longest verse in the Holy Quran is to do with monetary dealings. And Imam Muhammad Rahmatullah one day was asked with regard to you know, deed, he said, Why don't you write a book on Taqwa Muhammad said I wrote a book on business dealings. And whoever follows that particular book and is honest in his bustling dealings, he will become Mottaki. He will become a pious person, and definitely occur himself Salam said, Mr. Lupo, I mean, a rifle. And honestly, businessman, we've been the company of Gambia, the Mozilla to

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Islam. Islam didn't make the dichotomy that a business person cannot become pious. He cannot achieve closeness to Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Among the 10 Sahaba who are guaranteed Jana, one of them is of great Manipur. Recently, there was a survey done in one of the Gulf magazines. That said the amount of wealth that he left behind was so much that made him seven times wealthier than the richest person in this world today. It is said that his wealth that he left behind was something like $606 billion,

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and they counted how much he had left behind. But yet Abdul Rahman killed Jana Abdul Rahman is in Jannah. But he realized near the beauty he realized the balance. So it is a very beautiful statement about a Buddha.

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When he said If

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Allah instead Allahu alayhi wa sallam did the rug for Suvarna. And to my to Magdalena Becerra for the Muslim, Allah Tala tested us with maybe a cream sauce with difficulty. We were going through difficulty but we remain steadfast upon a man. And now Allah Tala is testing us with ease and amount of luxury of luxury and wealth and we are seemingly failing in the test. So you see the balance that yes, there is this wealth, we are allowed therefore in the Holy Quran Allah Tala

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seas with regard to wealth uses the word Hale goodness.

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While while of hula T Jan Allahu Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has made the wealth, the means of goodness, Allah uses the word goodness for our wealth. So now the point is that these these are aspects that we have to bring Islamic teachings into this. Otherwise, we will not be able to fulfill the comprehensive nature of Islam. Another important aspect with regard to Islam is our o'clock and our conduct. You know, to give you an example, taking that example further, no one ever judges the beauty of a building by the Foundation and the pillars as important as it is, this beautiful building would collapse if there was not a strong foundation. This beautiful aesthetic that you see around you would collapse if

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there was no strong foundation and pillars. But no one ever judges the beauty of this building by the Foundation and palace. As important as it is. They will say what a beautiful building you've got what a beautiful Masjid look at a beautiful

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look at the beautiful chandelier Look at the beautiful lighting. So they will judge the beauty and the aesthetics of a building by the outward appearance. In a similar manner. My theory says the brand is as important as our EBA. That is as I made mention with regard to be the foundation and policy, generally, people are not going to judge Islam by your tattoo prayers. It is between you and Allah Tala as important as it is, they are going to judge Islam, by your contact with them and your monetary dealings with them. And that is why sometimes we played a very incomplete picture of Islam by not displaying the Islamic teachings, our monetary dealings and in our conduct and our character.

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And o'clock and funding plays a very important role in our Sharia. Amongst our alma mater, Tamra McCullough used to play special emphasis upon this, he used to say, a person cannot become a good Muslim until he is completed his conduct and his monetary dealings and in being a human being. Otherwise, he's not completing his conduct and he's not completing Islam. And he has made mentioned what is a flag a set of behavior that defines what you are in a short small definition with regard to it. And it is important that we bring this aspect in our life sometimes you and I we don't regard this has been but yet look at that, oh, beloved, maybe accounting software that said

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in the middle, and Youth Recovery hosting the whole of the hit me lady was a half a person reaches to the means of good conduct, the same reward that he gets in reading tahajud whole night and making Nuffield rosary every day in which is permissible to make an appeal nosa I asked you this question Who ever regards good god good conduct as rewarding as reading dude all night when a person reached out dude and read namaz properly with a poor nature. But when a person is good in his conduct, will see is a good person, no one will call him pious. But yet in the words of the Hadith, he gets the same reward as reading tattooed all night, maybe a cream saucer method, the enascar shaving the most

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with your sins to be weighed on the scale of a person's good deeds on the day of Tiamat

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would be good conduct. We saw slim in this hadith do not make mention of Salah to be the weightiest thing to be weighed on the scale of your Buddha conduct. He said your good conduct in one Hadith Nebia Corinthos them said the people who will be closest to me on the day of judgment.

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And who wouldn't want to be close to our beloved maybe

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who wouldn't want to be close to maybe a cream sauce and on the Day of Judgment, maybe a cream sauce for them said it will be the one whose conduct and his character is good.

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Subhanallah and yet we don't show importance with regard to our conduct. You know, sometimes it is so good until it's only through the means of conduct that we can display the beauty of Islam and there are people who have accepted Islam by the conduct of people. You know, recently there was a person who came to our office and he was someone who was attached to Montana who sent me the great scholar and he made mention of a hadith he said that I said Mamata Rahmatullah Lee was imprisoned, imprisoned many times for being against the British colonialists and fighting for freedom. So on occasion, while he was imprisoned, there used to be few induce us to come many times to him in his

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gathering while they were sitting in the prison. And after a while, they stopped coming. So more or less sent a message to them and said, Why are you not coming to my gathering? We used to sit and we used to discuss and the reply was

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we are afraid that when we come go to your gathering, we're going to become Muslims.

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We are going to become Muslims. If we are going to stay more in your company, because your conduct and your concern and your kindness and your compassion is over.

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My dear respected brothers, this is what makes a building complete the foundation, the pillars. And then of course, the aesthetics. This is what makes our Islam complete. Our foundation is strong, our Eman is strong. Our salon is on his place our five pillars on his face. But our clock is also good. Our our monetary dealings is also according to the Sharia. And let me just conclude with these few words My dear respect to others we are living in a time, which is very sad to say tragic to say, we seem to have made Islam into a type of religion, where the person who is most vulgar, the person who is rude, the person who does not display conduct, or someone who is in that particular regard

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serious or vulgar, he is the most pious, that is not what we hear. And this is not what we read. And this is not what we have studied with regard to our beloved to be a cream sauce. So have you said since I became a Muslim, whenever I met him to be a credible source, he was always smiling. What was the defining characteristic of our beloved let me So assuming people met with him, it was his kindness is compassion. Has it actually Allah says whenever whenever your cream sauce slim was presented with any option whenever he was presented with any option, he chose the most easiest option for the sake of the matter as long as it was not wrong as long as he was not any act of gonna

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and simply

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look at how the people accepted Islam. People who were you know, someone did omega here appointed someone to go and assassinate maybe a Kareem salsa commerically. What happens when the Crimson conquered Makkah who made it new webcams to record himself Solomon said, Ya Rasulullah give Safwan protection.

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I want him to see your conduct the way I saw your conduct. I came to assassinate you because of someone I came to assess in a few. When I saw your conduct, I became a Muslim, Yara Sula, give him protection that he can also come see your conduct maybe a cream sauce and said go I've given him protection. So Omar said yes, you know who's going to believe that you gave him protection? He sent me to assassinate you sent me a cream sauce and took out his turban. And he said Omar go and give it to him and said, If anyone doubt this is my turn but I have given him protection, giving protection to an arch enemy of Islam. Someone who send someone to assassinate maybe sauce to them, what can you

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do after they become a Muslim?

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And there are so many examples with regard with my dear respected elders and brothers if we want to be into Islam completely as Allah Tala has commanded us then we have to bring all aspects of the employment life may Allah give us a topic. Welcome.