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The importance of learning to apply knowledge without religious bias is emphasized, along with the need for parents to be mindful of their religion. The speaker also discusses the use of hellfire as a tool for protecting against evil, with a focus on the success of Jesus Mary's message. The speaker concludes by discussing the narcissistic nature of some leaders and the use of hellfire as a tool for protecting against evil.

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spill out from the villa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam

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la magazine I found I've emailed them tonight was nightmare which I never ended up in a city I want to call it to go with

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you Lahoma in Nellis a Luca Hira her the Leila

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well here on Murphy Hill and older can we show you how the later to show the mafia

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well that

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this last weekend, we had an amazing mashallah weekend full of activities and programs. And one of the

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I think one of the most amazing events was the annulment of class.

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Phil Cook food by Shahar had Rouge.

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And I attended a small portion of it. And it was my shallow well designed course.

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And I wish more people attended, I wish more adults and more

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youth attended.

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I asked my students, my high school students to sign up for it and attend. And a good number of them did attend. And today we had a conversation about the course.

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And the first question I asked him was, is Chick fil A salad?

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And it was

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it was amazing that they said Well, it depends who you ask. And there are differences of opinions and they started basically, they wanted to give me a break down off the whole, you know, discussion around it.

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And that sounds like

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a scholarly academic discussion.

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And I was so

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thrilled to hear high schoolers, teenagers, 11th graders

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discuss an issue or religious matter

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in that fashion.

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And I wanted to say something before, before we proceed, I wanted to say that we have to make a distinction between knowledge

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and religiosity.

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There are many people who are just

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inclined towards their religion, their their religious, meaning whatever they know or whatever, whatever they believe, of the religion.

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They're committed to practice

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and they have serious desire to apply that

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But they may not have enough knowledge, they may not have knowledge of the basics.

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So really your city without knowledge, today you'll be doing it.

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But also fill in.

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But you are the electrical that it could lead to issues.

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People become oversell it, overzealous people become narrow minded or closed minded. Right? Start seeing things as black and white, it can lead to problems.

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Likewise, knowledge without religiosity, meaning to have the information you have some people they're very sophistic, you have people with with

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higher degrees and Islamic studies or religious studies, but they're not religious.

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They're a secular, they, they're not practicing. They have the information, but they don't believe in it, they don't apply it.

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Well had I known if I had any fap and this is hypocrisy.

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Right? Well, you want to you have you want to have both

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right. And if there if you can do it in a proportionate way, meaning someone's religiosity and commitment to the religion and and moral and ethical commitment to it is increases right and at the same time, their knowledge also increases. And when a religious person seeks knowledge, proper, now knowledge, they become even more religious, and they become refined and they become better. And that is why in Nehemiah Allah Hammond

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the true that you know that those who fear Allah azza wa jal in its truest and purest form, are those who know Allah azza wa jal the best

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So we should we should encourage this. We should encourage seeking knowledge, traditional knowledge

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All right. And I want I want us to know as parents, you know, our old ways of telling them, you know, this is this is right, this is wrong. This is how this is haram.

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This is a this is inappropriate, we don't do this, you shouldn't do this Muslims do do. That's not enough.

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That's not enough.

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Right? However, a methodical way of teaching Islam, showing them the evidence, the Hadith, the differences of opinions amongst the scholars, the flexibility that we have within a religion, how broad the whole scope is, right, that will immunize them.

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That will, will give them that will give them, you know, enough ammunition to actually

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fight back, fight back for their faith, fight back for their hearts, fight back for their, you know, that will give also their image their faith in Islam a fighting chance.

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And little crises, or, you know, issues or whatever they get exposed to is not going to shake their the foundation of their faith. I can't tell you how many times today today I was on the phone with, you know.

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And Pete, how people say, well, that shook my email.

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That's because that that fragility is coming from a place of right, lack of strong foundation,

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and knowledge, but someone who has eaten solid, hell, as of one of the scholars said, recently said, when when people go to college, and they're exposed to different ideologies, and different philosophies, and different school of thoughts, and different, you know, beliefs and all of that,

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if the person has a strong foundation, and Islam, and in fact, and an opinion,

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he said, these things will not find a place because I'll mahalo Masha, who

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he said the heart and the mind is already preoccupied.

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Right? It already has a very strong connection to the creed, and the fate and it's out of knowledge, not just emotional attachment, not because I love my family, and I love my tradition, and I love my culture, and I, you know, respect my parents there, you know, and I have this like, attachment, emotional technote it's based on phantom Anahola ilaha illallah, there is knowledge, the person knows, right? The person can argue can give give you, you know,

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you know why we believe in the existence of a deity of a god, why the universe must have a creator and who that creator is. Right? And why that creator cannot be anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala, the one that the Quran and the Injeel and the Torah talks about?

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That that creator can only be that, and how the the, you know, the only now source that we have that tells us about that Creator? The only pure authentic sources are the Quran and the prophetic tradition, sunnah, the Islamic sources? And why not just because Islam is the coolest religion, and we're Muslims, no, no, because of this is how the Quran was preserved.

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Right? This is, if a person by the time they finish high school, or they're going to college, they have that information

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that they're in a very strong place.

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Right? They know the ABCs. So it won't, it won't affect them as easily as it will affect someone who just just has just, you know, emotional attachment to the religion.

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So I urge you inshallah to either when we have programs of this kind, inshallah Tada that you call me encourage them, you bring them and you spread the word around. You share it with your friends, also these kinds of events or, or programs, weekly programs, I think we need better participation in it.

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And by the way, one thing that people should should know is that the speakers and the presenters feed off the energy of the audience.

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They feed off the energy of the audience, and the feedback

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and the attention and the questions and the comments

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and even the objections or the comments or the feedback that comes afterwards. All of these are very beneficial.

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But if we if people want to keep things very basic, then we've we feel compelled to keep it basic so that we don't bore

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people so that we don't you know, it doesn't go over their head or you know

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what Allah Allah Allah and Allah Subhana Allah knows best

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I don't believe so but inshallah we'll have more you know in different subjects of fit right

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we had filled with a cow we have filled her food inshallah we'll have Salah coming up soon inshallah Tada and a fasting where we're going to go into in depth with regards to the FIP of fasting this time is sha Allah before Ramadan right and of course for those who

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are going to be performing Umrah inshallah we'll also offer

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a webinar on Fifth of Ramadan

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in sha Allah

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file that's really what I wanted to share with you tonight in sha Allah azza wa jal next week we'll resume with our to the board

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program be related to Allah speaking starting with

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the description of hellfire as mentioned in Surah

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Al Mudassir and the story of the 19 Angels

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home Allah azza wa jal referred to as they had to sell to Asha, the Hellfire has 19

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Angels designated

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or assigned to hellfire these are the guards of hellfire.

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before before we conclude, you know the poverty, poverty measures or the authority of even Abdus and Qatada that Abuja Hill

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set to Quraysh.

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For Killick, calm Omaha to come.

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May your mother's lose you.

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Alright. He said.

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That was a

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they used to that's a nickname he had he used to call the prophets I send them with him and some of the chief sins of Quraysh marking the prophets, Allah Allah, they said, he said that you're beautiful, and the husband, atonality. Satta Asha, he's telling you he's referring to the Prophet sallallahu I didn't send him a baby who told me

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the guards or the angels

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of hellfire are only 19

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He said one to one to mme.

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One to mme you are a large tribe to their only 90

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If you're a jitsu Kulash ultimatum I have to show be Roger Lehmann has a Latina

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like 10 of you

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can 10 of you can take care of one

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all we need is what

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190 and 200 of us will take care of what

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of those who are guarding hellfire. Yeah, they're thinking what

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they're thinking that they're the angels guarding the Hellfire like regular human beings are very strong human beings, which shows the

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how the human soul fatten and alcohol. It shows the level of foolishness of the kuffaar in general, in Abu Jamal in particular.

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And this is specifically why the process Selim used to call him what

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Abuja not only the prophet, but also people from a place because as charismatic as a strong as he was, he wasn't a leader, he was a strong leader.

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He was a fool. He was foolish. That foolishness stems from

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the narcissism

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in him.

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And this is one of the most destructive qualities that a lot of people in leadership position have their narcissistic and they come up with the most foolish arguments or statements.

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Right. And I don't want to give you examples from modern day leaders, but there are plenty you can think of. I'm sure that there are a lot the stupidest arguments or statements

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that would make that so Allah azza wa jal responded to that by

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Say, imagine us having a nutty dilemma like that those the companions or the guards of hellfire are actually angels.

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And the angels are Mighty beings.

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Right? The entire planet can be destroyed by one angel.

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The entire planet can be destroyed by one angel, the prophets have said Gibreel

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was so massive he had for 700 wings, he actually blocked the horizon.

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So the energy, the force, the energy, the power, whatever you want to call it, the energy that angels possess

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is massive. Now, not not all angels are of the same level of strength. But generally speaking, this Gibreel is one of the mightiest angels.

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So, imagine what the angels guarding Hellfire would be like Allah Subhana Allah says add a hammer that equals one or 11 She that

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there are so stern they're so strong, right?

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They cannot be overcome.

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So So in sha Allah will will will talk about that

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the data pool has a facility the pool in the inside I had acquired that just due to ill and Jaya healing the hamaca Oh Catherine was says this statement can only be uttered by an ignorant fool or

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a disbeliever who is mocking or making fun of the revelation. Right? And that is why Allah azza wa jal in the Quran response mocking them, right? They make fun of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah says, Allah who says it will be him and Allah azza wa jal Moxham as well in the Quran. And, you know, eventually they will, they will face the consequences of their mockery. And in the case of Abuja, those who are with him, we know that they actually did face their doom in this life, and how a lot was done humiliated them, they actually saw their humiliation, you know,

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they saw it before their eyes, it was Yeah, had actually experienced it. They did not cross their mind, they had no doubt that they're going to wipe out or annihilate the 300 companions around the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and capture the process. They had no doubt.

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They were their army was much more equipped. It was three times the size of that army. Right? They came ready for war. The provinces haven't his competitors were not they thought they were gonna it's gonna be just a piece of cake.

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But then they saw the angels come and fight and they they saw the Sahaba fight back. And Allah subhanaw taala gave the believers decisive victory. And as Regina was dying, he said,

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He said he was he was shocked. He did not actually die. He didn't leave this world until he knew that the Prophet saw them was victorious.

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So Allah subhanaw taala kept him alive. And Abdullah Abdullah and Massoud gave him the the report. He came, He found him alive. He said, Who's winning? He said, Allah who are pseudo. Allah and His Prophet, his messenger and the believers

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said, Aren't you the shepherd?

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I'm the shepherd. And he stepped on his just finished him off.

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And when the prophets have said them saw

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the head of Abuja, he said, Allah Akbar Farsan was so humbled, he was sure he wasn't like, you know, laughing He said, Allahu Akbar ha ha ha the loom. This is the pharaoh of this Oma.

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And when he saw the rest of them, the rest of the these work, The Untouchables of Christ the process I said,

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I was trying to save you from this.

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And he started talking to them. Right in the budget to my our attorney, Robbie, Hakka, I found what my lord prompts me to be true for how do I get to know him? How did you find what what the Lord has been wanting you to be true? I want to I want to say I want to know what it came to the process and they said, O Messenger of Allah is speaking to dead people.

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And the prophets have said to Mr. Anwar, they can hear me better than you, or they can hear me as much as you can hear me.

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so hamdulillah had an amethyst, Praise be to Allah subhanaw taala for guiding us to slab. May Allah Subhana Allah keep you and I firm on it. Allah

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Medina if you want to date well I've seen a few and I hate whatever the nephew mentor later vertikalen A few hours later, you're not showing up late, Robert Allah to kuruva and I've added a date and I'll have an enemy the new Kurama in the cattle hub Subhanak along with him definition, learned the stone futile Connor to believe Salam aleikum wa