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The conversation covers the history and use of the concept of "forgiveness" in Islam, including its use to protect against sin and evil behavior and its importance in avoiding sinful actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of piano in avoiding sinful claims and avoiding silly claims, as well as the war of pleasure and the upcoming event, including a record deal and a social event with people gathered in rows and the deployment of chain chains. The segment ends with a call to Jana, a believer, to help her achieve happiness.

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We live in a shakedown rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam, ALA, Moana, saline, saline and Muhammad Anwar early he was a big man, my beloved brothers and sisters as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Have you all well, from the left, we start off by, we've been asked to make dua for ages ina Jaffe she was 97 years old. She's in a coma from Allah subhanaw taala. Granted, Shiva was primary grantor a long life and Allah Granta her strength to come back and make it easy on her family. I mean, I mean, what hamdulillah insha Allah before I started the lecture, a few questions came up. And usually by the the nature of the questions, you get a feeling of how people are following the series, and the questions that I receive a bit negative, not negative about the CDs, but but despondent. Yearning about piano hearing about other being naturally will make us feel sad, we make

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us worry make us anxious, make us want to do more good, but it should not paralyze us and make us almost feel hopeless. And so I need to talk a little bit about repentance, even if we, you know, spend the entire evening talking about forgiveness and repentance. It's important. And this weekend Subhan Allah is all about people searching for repentance and forgiveness. Our Christian friends and neighbors, they spend the Easter weekend, which is all about repentance and the concept of forgiveness. While we are obviously in our masajid and making our do are also seeking Allah's forgiveness. And so interesting just to note how repentance, it's good to understand how other

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religions view the Lord and view forgiveness and sin and how we view it in Islam. So from a Christian perspective,

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the Christian Christianity of course, and that's what Easter is all about. They believe in the concept of original sin. We now be Adam and Eve. We know they ate from the tree, and they come with it sin. And according to the Christian understanding, maybe Adam invented or Hawa invented sin by disobeying Allah. And when they did that, they became cursed. The souls became cursed. And no matter how much Toba and ECFR and Salah and charity they do, they will not be forgiven, they are destined to go to Ghana. And worse than that, when they gave birth, when the children came along, those children inherited the sin. It's hereditary. So like a disease and generation of the generation, we

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all be the same. And that's why you find this in the concept, that man is born into sin before you are even drew a single breath. You are a sinner and you are going to jahannam Nothing you do will save you from Jana. So what's the point of life then, if that's what's gonna happen? What is the point of living? So, the Christian theology says, The only way to save yourself from sin is someone who's paid the price. Someone must second be secular like a quarterback, they must be a quarterback that is made to level the sin. And the only one that can do that is Jesus. Nobody Isa, and that's why he was sent, why he was crucified on Friday, Good Friday. And after His crucifixion, all of

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mankind basically got atonement. When he was resurrected on Sunday, according to him, he was resurrected. And with that, if you accept His sacrifice, he's like the vaccine, then your sins are forgiven your actions and your life is really insignificant doesn't really matter what you do. So that is the concept of forgiveness and repentance and sin in the Christian religion. Where you know, Allah, Allah, and we, of course, disagree with that. As for Islam, as for Islam, so people mentioned they said, Yeah, you know, what happens if I committed many sins in my life? I may Tobin is the FAR is also going to punish me. Well, I still have a difficult time in the cupboard. Well, I still have

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liability of jahannam. Now what repentance means when Allah forgives, He forgives the mug FIRA mug Pharaoh means he protects you. A milkfat is a shield. He blocks you from your punishment. That is what Mothra literally means you committed the crime and you are destined to be punished for that crime, but his mafia intervenes and he protects you from the punishment. That's what mafia is. So if you attain Allah's mafia for a certain sin, and there is no punishment, and we'll talk more about this aeroponic system, Allah wants us to know that he loves to forgive, he says kuliah Iberia Lilina asafo Say to the ones who sinned against themselves say to the bad slaves, the evil ones, the one

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who committed all the sins Latok Motoman Rahmatullah don't become despondent in Allah's mercy in Allah here through the Luba Jamia, He forgives all sins big or small no matter the quantity in a hula hula Rahim is off forgiving, Most Merciful. And Allah Subhana Allah says, Woman mama Yeah, I'm an SU and oh yeah, funnily enough, sir. So whoever come into the sun, Allah says anybody will come up to the sun and he wronged himself. Remember sin, arms you sin you didn't

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Sin doesn't harm Allah. Now the punishment is upon the person who did the sin. Allah says whoever did that and they wronged themselves through Maya stone fear and then this is the ALLAH forgive me. Yes it Allah fool Rahima they will automatically immediately find Allah forgiving and merciful. It's a guaranteed a promise anybody who asks Allah forgive me, Allah says I promise you, you will get the forgiveness of Allah and yet in another one and this one Subhanallah these next few hours is especially for one who can with a lot of sense some people look back at their life. And they said yeah, Allah my youth, I've spent my youth in such bad places I've done so much haram. what hope is

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there for me, Allah says, What are the in the edit room am Allah Allahu Akbar s for those who come with a chick and they worship other than besides Allah and of course we know this is the worst substance. What at what are you called to Luna? Nuff said let the Haram Allahu Allah will Huck. So I was talking about the good people. The good people are the ones who don't come a chick and they don't murder and kill each other. What is known and they don't commit Zina. Woman EF Aladar Lika Yelapa. Osama but whoever does that we become a chick. Now these are the biggest of the week. They come with a cheat. They murdered now having to help no one is murderer. They commit Zina. They will

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get Allah says you'd offload or who Kiama Are you philosophy ha. Mohan and whoever it comes to Allah like that we should and murder and Xena then they will be punished severely and they will be eternally in Jana, in Amman tab but as for the one who did all those things, he's the worst of criminals even though we shriek but he asked Allah for forgiveness he repeats 11 tab what Amina and he believes in Allah He well I mean I'm not I'm sorry I need reforms himself he does good deeds for Allah Iike not only will you be forgiven listen to I Allah says for them you but did Allah who say it him has an Allah will transform those sins not only forgive it, make it good deeds. Allah will

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take the sin on your scale and make it Hassan a good deeds. What kind of love of food on Rahim Allah and Allah is Forgiving, most merciful than me. Susanna mentions that Allah loves it when a person commits a sin and then ask for his forgiveness. We almost feel shy to ask Allah's forgiveness in that very famous Hadith where the next one says that man who lost his camel in the middle of the desert, and he's about to die and he is even digging his cupboard but I'm gonna die he gave up all hope of life. He's digging up his cupboard and he's waiting for you to for death to come. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, he's Campbell comes up with all the water and the man jumps of you know,

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his life was saved. He's ecstatic, of joy. He grabs the camel and he says Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah, you are my servant and I am your Lord. You want to say I am your servant and you are my Lord. But because he was deliriously happy, he lost or concept. He made a mistake. Now how happy was that man? You know, finding his camel after three days lost in the desert, that Allah is happier than that man. When the slave raises he says yeah, Allah commanded Xena Forgive me Allah, Allah is happier than that Subhan Allah and the who says

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that the attack was the attack implemented zombie command La Bamba very simple Hadith who ever repaints for sins, there is no sin as if though the sin did not exist. It's gone. Doesn't happen. And that's the difference when we make the Allahumma in the car for winter hebbal aforethought for Anna. There is Mo Farah. And this will become more relevant now when we do pm monthly or is you did the crime. It's on the record is on the scrolls. You did this in. But Allah says for that sin. i There will be no punishment. You'll get off with a warning. That's basically Mark Farah. Fall is when you open the skull and you know Ya Allah, I did the sin. And you see, but it's not the I know

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on that day at that time I did that sin, but it's not on the record. That is awful. Allah didn't only forgive it, he made it disappear completely. So when we make the DUA Allahumma in NACA foon table off of that one, Oh Allah, you are the one that expunges removes the sins to Hipple alpha you love to do that. It's not something difficult. He loves to do it. So forgive my sincere Allah expunge my sins. That is what Allah subhanaw taala is offering especially in Ramadan and so in a quick if we do a quick summary How do I get rid of my How do I save myself from the punishment of of piano? How do I save myself from punishment recover first thing is to avoid the major sins will

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never avoid the minor sins we are human in sign will never escape sin. But we know that if we avoid if someone can live their life, never ever doing a major sin and major sins there's a specific list of them. The ones as you could think of Xena hammer harming anyone else taking anyone's rights. Anyone who can come to Allah no * no major sins. The Quran says they are guarantee Jana without punishment Subhanallah the about 70 things that are major sins of way that list and you go to Allah with no *, then you are guaranteed Jana without without punishment as Allah wishes. Then the second thing is avoid sins that involve people. It's a beautiful Hadith which I just heard today,

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you know, it's like finding gold's such a beautiful Hadith. I shout out the Alana mentioned the resources. There are three types of scrolls with Allah, three types of registers, the one, if you have that register, then you will never be forgiven. And that is the register of sin. ship, the person who dies actively committing sherek

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Then he's lost all hope if you come if a person comes to Allah with actively have committed cheating as he dies, then he will not be forgiven and eternally in Jannah. That's the first type of register, the second type of register. And the Hadith says we shouldn't take this lightly than a visa says, Allah is not concerned about it. What is that? It's about anyone who committed a sin between him and Allah. And the Hadith says he must have Salah even fast as he should have. So since between you and Allah, Allah is almost lenient with that, if you have sins just between you and Allah, then we hope Allah will forgive those sins, Allah is not going to be and we shouldn't take it lightly against

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Panama. But Allah is not going to be too heavy on those sins between him and us. But if they the third register, the one which Allah will go into detail, and audit in detail on Kiama is if you have any sin or Hawk of someone else, that Allah will not intervene, that must be settled on piano. And so number two, so the first one, avoid major sins. The second one, avoid the sins where people have claims against you. Avoid sensible claims against you. And then number three, obviously, we can never ever be sinless. So repent regularly, then resources, let your scrolls be fooled or mystified every day. Like we sit in Jumar, the pages of the Salah, Allah forgives hundreds of 1000s of senses

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by the produce of the Salah, you make another purchase before you go to sleep. Whatever does that as if though is since we're like the sea, Allah will forgive it. Simple things simple things, then good deeds remove bad details. Subhanallah another another. Another aspect we don't understood we don't realize when you make Salah and you fast, yes, Allah is giving you the award in sha Allah, but a consequence, like a byproduct of good deeds, he wipes away the sins, like the person who goes on Hajj she gets Jana, and all his sins are forgiven Ramadan, all your sins are forgiven, walking to the masjid every step you take one sin is being removed from your records. So good deeds

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automatically wipe away bad deeds. And another way of getting forgiveness, the patience and the discomfort of the hardships in the dunya. So if you're going through any difficulty in the dunya, sickness, poverty, any kind of sadness, boredom, work, stress, husbands trees, wife's mother in law's stress, whatever it might be, be patient with that, because in your mind, ALLAH is forgiving a sin of mine on my scope, my is removing a sin, and then Subhanallah the eyes of others for you. So maybe you died, but you could still make dua for you. And so then the sin is being removed. And then of course, if you have been the one that was harmed, someone took your hack, someone cheated you on

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the Day of karma, that sin of yours will be shifted to that person that Allah protect. And then of course, if there's any hardships that you experience after this, so if these other have been recovered for the believer, or there is some other one Qiyamah then that is all to prevent the other of Jana, it is actually a, in a way a mercy from Allah to avoid the real punishment of jahannam. But most of all, and as we're going to talk and Inshallah, in the series, what I really hope when we end off is to really understand the Mercy of Allah when it comes to punishment, the ultimate, the ultimate thing that we hope for is Allah's mercy, you will find that Subhan Allah on that FTM as we

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know that prostitutes behind Allah Now none of us have that kind of Cindy and make them a thing, Xena, causing mischief and facade, but out of her sincere concern for a dog that was dying, she gave it to water and Allah Who gave that whole lifetime of Xena, that murderer 99 people, and he made one act of sincere Toba to Allah and Allah forgave all the deaths that equals Subhan Allah Subhan Allah. So at the same time while these things have Kiama and the cover is severe, at the same time, Allah's mercy and Rama is bigger than that. So let's go back to piano. Let's go back to our series on piano. So remember we spoke about the stages of piano and in surah Al Hapa. Allah mentions a lot of this in

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powerful detail. Allah says for either Newfie coffee soon enough Hutton Wahida and when the trumpet is blown for another time a second time the last time and everyone is restricted. Well homiletical Urdu and the earth in the mountains will be lifted. For Dakota Dakota and wider and all of the mountains and remember pm will be a flatland there'll be no plate there will be no mountains or anything. It will be scattered like this for yolmer In that day work it will work yeah, that is the day of the event, the major event, one sharp cut this summer over here Yo Ma even while here and the sky will be torn open and it will become very brittle. While the mullah Iike Raja Yoga and the

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angels will become it will descending and they will come down on its side. Well, yeah, Camila via middle arm Shara Rebecca yo calm Yo Ma even Somalia and on that day eight angels we mentioned this yesterday will bring the Throne of Allah to the plane of the mm yo mama into Aruna Allah Allah to farm income Javier. So the next stage of keyamo to talk Inshallah, hopefully this evening, after the angels come Anisha is brought, then all of mankind will be lined up all them all of man and gene will be lined up in rows and they will be presented before Allah, Allah will observe so this is called the to our own. Allah will so yo my that day everyone will be presented before Allah subhanho

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wa Taala and nothing no secret will be eaten is a moment with this will

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The Absolute silence everyone will be standing before Allah. And there'll be no talking nothing just as Allah subhanaw taala is observing what is happening on the plane of piano. Then for a moment oto Kitab will be a meanie he for Yahoo ha omocha okey Tabea then your records will be handed out. And as for him whose record is given to him in his right hand, he will open it up and says how come and read my record in Neverland to unimolecular Serbia I knew that this is a believer I knew with certainty I'm going to reach my record will be given to me for whoever he shirting rather than for these for such a person. He's going to be promised that he will live an eternal life of happiness

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meaning Jana feet and nothing earlier in the Jana in the garden most Hi. Go to her Danny with fruits and everything within hands reach Kulu wash caribou we say to him eat and drink honey. joyfully. Eat and drink and be happy. Be ma sloughing Phil aim in Hollywood because of the difficulty you did in the previous life because of your sacrifice. Now enjoy yourself without limit. Well, I'm an OTA Akita who will be Shima Lee. As for the one who gets his record in his lift, and for your call, he will say yeah, later, Neelam. Bucha Ketopia please don't give me my book. Please don't give him well, I'm Audrey Mahi, Serbia, and I don't know what's gonna happen to me now. Because after the

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records are given when the judgment and the questioning is going to be given. So you almost imagine the fine is given out first, then you need to stand before the judge and now plead your case. So now the one who gets it in the right hand, it's a good sign inshallah I think I'm going to make it as for the one who gets it in his left hand, he will say please don't give me my book. Ma Dyneema hisab I don't know what's going to happen to me now. Yeah, later Nicklin gunathilaka idea of why can't I just die Allah please just in me Murni Animalia now all my money has not benefited me in the least halacha Anthony Suparna and my power and my authority has left me and it will be said to him who for

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who Allah will say grab him and be see a cesium and put chains on him to Malaysia Hey masala and throw him into Janome where you have to be law. So the iron continue but this evening we continue on. So after that the salah makes us the Shafaq remember, he's interceding under the harsh and Allah says stand up Muhammad Salah Salem, and then Kiana begins. So Kiama begins with the descent of the angels, all the angels in existence that says the heavens are clicking, you know, like, like when someone heavy is pressing down on a table or chi, it clicks. The heavens click with the amount of angels they are and all of them will be president. On the day of piano Allah says, Well, you owe me

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a coup Maru her well, Mala Iike the day when the raw meaning Gibreel when Gibreel and all the melodica come soften softer, they will stand in rows the angels are standing like soldiers law Yetta Qalamoun none of no one is going to speak on that day. Ilam and adenylyl Rahman who call us awaba No one days to speak on that day except if Allah gives you permission wotja Yo might even be Jahannam and a group of angels will drag Johanna Johanna Allah Allah how but they're going to it waits to ascribe it's almost like a an animal a creature

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what Yeah, I oh my eating be Johanna. Jana will be dragged out. Yo my eating into the Kuru in San Juan nella who the crow on that day man will remember and how will that remember now he will remember his life in a hadith and evidences Jana will be brought out with 70,000 chains. And on each chain there are 70,000 melodica so 70,000 times 70,000 Quickly, it's 4.9 billion 4.9 billion angels will drag and hold Jana because Johanna is raging. Allah says what either James So on that day Janna will be stoked it will be blazing with intense fury even the angel will struggle to keep Jahannam down what was delivered to Jana

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and Jana will also be brought closer that people can observe that is Jana to adorn liquidly a web in her feet and this is going to be the reward for every single person who was he took care of his life. And then SubhanAllah wotja or aboukir Woman Well medicals often suffer. And then when the Arusha is brought, the angels attend, Jana and Jana is present, but this is all on the plains of Chioma and all of mankind and jinn and the animals all present, when Allah himself would, would attend Allah wa Jaya or Buddha Allah will come to the place of piano, what I should do binuclear of Bihar and the skies will be filled with the light of Allah, what will the Al Kitab and then the

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books will be given without being the being and the Nabhi is the MBA we're sure that will be called forward Well could you have a known Bill hack and now the judgment will happen with truth well hula Utila moon and no one will be will be wronged. And so imagine this moment everything is standing in anticipation all of mankind is standing in rows, the angels surrounding us, the Jana and Johanna is brought close, the Irish is standing there and everyone is facing where Allah Subhana Allah in the direction of Allah. And Allah says we're already do allow because of every single one

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uncreation will stand before Allah in rose Lakota to Munna Kumar for lakanal. Oh well, Amara you are standing here like I created you the first time but other than Allah Naja hola como ADA but you thought that you would not have an appointment with with Yo Ma even yesterday on a de la jolla who that day everybody will assemble there'll be a quarter gathering all of mankind listen to this. Well hush yeah tell us what the ramen but let us know in the Hamsa and when everyone is gathered, everyone's totally hashed they will be complete silence. All you will hear is the shuffling of feet and the whimpers and the soft tones everyone I imagine these are hundreds of billions of angels

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hundreds of billions of people hundreds of billions of gem and you won't hear anything. They will just be this dead silence in the front of Allah subhanho wa Taala being presented as the records will be handed out and Kiama will begin Allah protect us and we continue tomorrow with Nila, with the series. Inshallah, in questions.

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Just an announcement that on Tuesday evening, the Nasrallah or Kia Malay will be from 10 o'clock in the masjid Inshallah, it will be eight o'clock as please, whichever we attend and we will ask Allah to grant us the best in the last 10 nights. The last the last 10 Nights begin on 21st Actually, but inshallah I think that's Wednesday. Last night's question, who is not one of those seven will be under the shade of Allah, the shade of the answer on the day of karma? Well, it didn't explicitly mention the man who performed statute it says the person who cries who is alone and he weeps, so the 100 Plus tears Inshallah, then you fall under that category. I mean, this this evening's question

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how many angels will drag Jana out on the plane of piano 70,000 Angels 4.9 billion angels eight angels with 70 million angels inshallah and then the prizes for

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very few

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very body

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of a yeah, this very, very, okay. Yes in Francis

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omashola yesterday again, and then just a special price when we get to

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Okay, so a special spot price Ronald's was to give giveaway prizes. Number. Lucky number 27 was number two. Look at the back of your card number 27.

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You got okay.

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27 Okay, a special price with a bazooka. Hey, you couldn't so much. Masala said no. Mohammed was actually someone saying hello to me. Said I want nothing for the ladies tonight.