Navaid Aziz – 02 The Importance Of Knowing Shirk Its Categories

Navaid Aziz
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of affirming the category of heat, which is based on actions and not physical actions. They stress the importance of avoiding misunderstandings of the category, and discuss the categorization of heat in various countries. The speakers emphasize the importance of denying certain rights and denying oneself as the creator, and end with a discussion of denying certain creators and affirming their claim.
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So, we ended off our last session with the dangers of sip right. Now, in this next session, we would like to know, what is the importance of knowing sick, and what are some of the categories of sick

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leave. So

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some data horrible alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi arginine.

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So the importance of knowing

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lies in understanding a very fundamental principle. And that is that in order to appreciate any science, or any knowledge, you have to see the fruit and the benefits that it gives.

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So that you see that the most respected sciences in our time are the likes of becoming a doctor, becoming an engineer, and the likes of such

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scientists. And this is due to the fact that the many foods that they have, like in being a doctor, you're able to, you know, Grant cure to people or to prescribe medicine for them. And likewise, in being an engineer, you have the ability to build houses and shelters and buildings. So you see that the fruits from these sciences are very great. Now, if you look at the signs of noise or hate annoyances, what are the foods that they give the signs also is the size of the heat and sick. The food that they give is that they allow people to enter gender. It allows people to feel tranquility in this dunya and *, right? And it prevents a person from the house where you learn how to save

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yourself from the Hellfire by learning about the hidden ship to see that the science of telehealth and ship has the greatest of fruit when compared to any other science. Whether it be a Dini science, or a junior science, that he didn't have the greatest the food or the knowledge has the greatest uproots just based upon the fact that they are directly linked with gender and gender.

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So we see in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says, In surah Anam, which is Surah number six Ayah number 65.

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So number six, number 65. Allah subhanaw taala says, work as it can offer, it will be limited in that almost Allah says in this ayah and this is how we clarify the signs, so that the past so that the sinners upon so that the path of the cynic becomes clear. So I know what Allah says, and is explaining over here, that the reason that Allah is always talking about the mushrikeen and the moon, so Cain and fall in the Quran is so that the path may become clear. so that we may know what the methodology is always is all about. Now, unless I know it, and it doesn't explain us this methodology and this path that the thread for the sake of just knowing it, but why there is it is so

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that we may avoid it. And this is seen in the famous Hadith for a karate Allahu taala No, like, he said that the Sahaba the Allahu taala known as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the good and I used to ask him about the evil for fear of falling into it. So, the reason that this habit to be allowed and when asked about the evil was not so that they would try to that pass over just have some knowledge that, you know, they would keep in the back of their head, but rather it was thought so that they may stay away from all this evil. So when I was kinda was out of talks about the machine, and when so clean, and

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it is so that as Muslims, the believers can stay away from their methodologies and their actions and any other things or characteristics which are specific to them. And this is why we see the famous verses of poetry that one of the older poets he said, he said, out of the server, lol is everyone Well, I can meet aqui, woman IRF Allah Hi, Ronnie, sorry, your coffee.

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That he said, I learned Evo, not for the sake of doing evil, but rather from staying away from it, but rather to stay away from him. For he who did not know good from evil, is bound to fall into it. panela Hillary, this poet he said that I learned evil, not for the sake of knowing it that I didn't learn it just for no purpose or reason at all. But whether I learnt it for the sake of avoiding it. For he who does not distinguish between good and evil is bound to fall into it. Meaning that the person who doesn't

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Know what is good. And he puts in who doesn't know what is bad, he will eventually fall into bad and he won't even realize it. So this is why we learn about shit. So that Allah subhana wa Taala may protect us from it. And we may protect ourselves from it, and we can distance ourselves from it. So this is one of the main reasons or if not the main reason that we're learning about Czech, so that we may stay away from it. So this is the importance of staying away from

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now, one quick and last point, we're going to take the two before philosophy.

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And that is the categories of ships.

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To quickly summarize the categories of ships within the next 1010 minutes with ally Tara, we mentioned that the heat and sick or exact opposite, right, so the categories that existence of heat, likewise will exist instead. So quickly, who can tell me what are the categories of sahid? Anyone?

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Now we're talking about so what are the categories of sahid versus the categories of

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antennae anything that you like?

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Okay, so the categories of Tahiti are either divided into two or three, we said there is a hater obeah, which is the Lordship of Allah, Allah and Allah subhanaw taala is one in his actions. And in Secondly, we have some heat Alola here, which is how I must I know what Allah is deserving of our of all of our worship? And certainly, is it a heat of Allah subhanaw taala as asthma was suicide, or the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if you categorize studies into two categories, and both of them are permissible, then you have not only 41 is that, which is the knowledge and affirmation, so there's no physical action pertaining to it. So this is when you

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combine sahid Odia with the fetal head of mouse effect. And this is called

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a now referred to as the knowing and affirmation. And then so he does Olivia, in this categorization is called the hidden costs the weapon of the heat of something that you desire, and seek, right, so it is referring to the action. So now, these are the categorizations of COVID. So for every category of sahid, you have the same category of silk. So you will have served in rubia, you have checked in Olivia, and you will have checked in a smell of seafood. Now let's take some of the ways that occurs in Saudi Arabia. So now the next several points I'm mentioning are how shift occurred in South Korea.

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So silicon alodia can take place by denial.

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Okay, and denial occurs in one of three ways. Okay, so, try to keep track of this. So put your camera via, then you put point number one, which is sick in denial. And then eight is one of the ways that denial occurs. So Chicken rubia, one eight, is that you deny that there is a creator. And you will see that this is what the atheists have done, that they followed the footsteps of around

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that winter, I was asked about Allah subhanaw taala always asked about Robert Allen, he goes vulnerable adenine, and what is horrible adenine or who is horrible adenine, you know, meaning that who can be other than myself. This is what he was referring to. So when the atheists say that there is no creator, they fall in the footsteps of Iran. So they're denying the existence of Allah tala and this is known as in denial. So, one D, would be denying the perfect existence of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And what this means is, that

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by denying all of us names and attributes, when actually denies our lordship, even if the person in doing so verbally, no acknowledges the existence of God. And what this means is that you will find in various groups, in our times and in the present and the past, that is denied the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala, meaning that he would say that almost hanos Allah is Allah man betony Rama, that He is the Most Merciful, but he possesses no mercy. And always You see, allegedly that makes no sense whatsoever. So they deny the existence of Allah subhanaw taala that they will say Allah subhanaw taala is a rough man, but he doesn't have the attribute of mercy. So

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this is just an example. So they exist they say that Allah subhanaw taala exists, but not in a perfect manner.

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And then

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a third way that he denied Allah subhanho wa Taala is that he denied the rights that he is entitled to by his profession. Right? So then you will find those groups

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and some of the leaders of the past the likes of him that already know how to be an alcoholic holiday, and it Mussina all these people claim a concept of what we would use. And what it is, is that the claim that Allah subhanho wa Taala is everything and everything is Allah nee that Allah is everywhere. So if you were to say is among the toilets, they would say, Yes, amaizing the toilet, Villa, that is not, you know, it's not befitting to say this about China, China. So they denied the rights that are entitled to Las panatela, which is a sanctity, like Allah subhanaw taala has a sanctity that you can't attribute anything evil or bad to him, right. So when you say that Allah

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subhanaw taala is in the toilet, and he likes to have that, then you are not granting a must Sanatana that rights to sanctity that he has. So now that was the, you know, second lluvia one, which was second denial, then we had a BMC under it. Now we're going to set in OBS, this is number two is called an affirmation.

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Now, we mentioned previously that check in OBS in terms of affirmation is something which is very, very rare, right. And what we mean by that is you will not find people who claim that there is another person who controls the earth, or another person who controls the rotation of the sun in the moon, or someone else who sent down the link other than Allah subhanaw taala whether it be Jewish or Christian, or anything else, they all affirm that there is one sole creator and sustainer everyone affirms this. Yet, you will find the oddities that will say, yes, there is someone else who sent them the ring, or there's someone else who controls good and evil. And from the examples of them, or

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the recipient. This racines claimed that there are

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two creators, the creator of God, and the creator of evil. Right. So this is a second rubia that they claimed that one of the gods, which was called a hairy man was the creator of God. And then the other guy that they had a Honda, Mazda was the creator of evil. So they separated Ruby efimova pinata, and they formed partners with Allah subhanaw taala.

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And it's with great sadness, that you will see that even some of the * that attributed themselves to Islam, the likes of the fear, and the extreme and heretical mysteries and aesthetics, they have fallen into this evil sin as well. And the way we fell into it is that we know of the famous group of the geezer because they believe in the 12 months. And they said that therefore, Imams, they have knowledge of the unseen or they have a version of the Quran which is complete, or that they are able to control life and death. So this is how he fell into sit in obeah.

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And same thing with those heretical mystics that they claimed that their leaders was from the idea of Allah, and they had knowledge of the unseen so this mic wife was sick in affirmation with Allah subhanho wa Taala and I thought we'd be able to finish the other two categories

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pertaining to sit in although he is now seated. Well, it seems that the time of sanata roster has come upon us. So we'll stop over here and inshallah after Salah will finish with the categorization of sick Allahu taala Adam was Allah lahoma wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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So after Salah we'll have food and then we'll continue so approximately around 730 vizilite Allah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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I hope you

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because otherwise, not even a smile

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