Naming of Quranic Chapters #08 The Chapter of the Heights

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Ramallah Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was so heavy on

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a loss of Hannah to Allah mentioned in the Quran a few times the people have except the Saturday or

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the Sabbath. And that is in relation to what Allah subhanaw taala had placed on the Jews as a kind of

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a kind of observance that they had to observe on the Saturday on the Sabbath,

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which starts from the the night preceding it and then extend, so it's from sunset to sunset. Now

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they were prohibited from doing any acts and doing any actions. And that story is mentioned in summary, in Surat, Al are off, which is what we're talking about today, I want to last fantana mentioned this story, he mentioned that basically, some people try to try to go around in

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sort of trying to

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play around with the rulings. So what they did is they placed the nets to catch the fish, they placed it before the Sabbath, they left the nets in the sea in the water, so the fish would come it would be caught on the Sabbath, but they weren't actually doing the catching because the nets were just there, then they would come the following day and collect the nets which would be full of fish. And Alas, pantalla even made this kind of test for them because on the Saturday that's when the fish would come out on the other days, it was not going to come out. So as a result, they were breaking the laws of what Allah had asked them to observe. Now I just want you to focus here because this is

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important in order to are off because Allah are off is essentially the highest something which is something which is high, it's the peak of something. So at are off are the the heights, the mountains, if you like or the hills, which Allah subhana wa tada will erect on the Day of Judgment, and they will be those heights which will effectively be in the middle between agenda and the fire. I know the agenda fire not on the same level, but it's like and it's a lot of dimensions which we cannot understand. But anyway, the people on the earth will see that people are agenda, they will see the people of the fire, but they will be there on those mountains on those hills looking down,

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because they were people who had essentially mixed good deeds with bad deeds. And so there has an ad word equal to their say, it's a very difficult equation. But that's the kind of scenario that they're in they just level has an answer yet. They're not they don't have more has an answer, they'll go to agenda, they don't have more say as they go to the fire. So they basically literally held this junction where they are is waiting to see what will happen to them because essentially, they didn't either invest their time wisely to do good deeds and more good deeds and just try to accumulate the house and and or they stood on the fence metaphorically in the dunya and how now

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literally, they are standing on the fence in the afternoon because they didn't make a firm decision. Now sort of the law starts with a very important reality which Allah says, Well, what do you even have, that on that day, the scales will be placed to whoever's has an add to that. Now as you know, their scales will be heavy, then obviously the other people who succeed succeed, those who are weights are, are light, they are the ones who are lost. So already the scale of massanutten cF are important. Unlike what some religions try to say that you know, it's not important, what kind of deeds you do, what is more important is just have the man have the belief in No, no, you have to

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have the email, we have to have the good deeds as well. You have to have the righteous acts, you have to do the good, acts as much as possible, because that will count. So a loss of handle establishes this. And it's all like sorted out off incidents, which show us where people didn't fully make their observance correctly. They stood on the fence and as a result, that's the scenario that there are there. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Quran tells us that the people these people were essentially three categories, the people of the Sabbath, they were the people who broke the Sabbath, ie those people who didn't observe they went against the law.

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Secondly, there were people who went and forbade them. They said, What are you doing, you're messing about, you're going against the Dean of a law, you're going against the observation. So they were the second category.

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And the third category were people who basically were on the fence, people who said, you know, why are you advising these people, there's no need to tell them because end of the day was was the benefit of telling them this or that. So as a result, a loss of habitat.

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It's almost like those are the people who didn't want to, they weren't engaged in the heroin, they didn't break the Sabbath. But they didn't also inform the others. They didn't forbid them from their wrongness. So they stood on the fence. So it's like an example of the are off on how the people will stand out off. Now when we look a little bit more detailed into that. Some people will say actually, the vast or loss of the the people who will be on or off are people who are mainly disobedient to their parents, if you like that sort of like a big category of those people. And why would you say that is the case because sometimes you'll find people who are observing the deen in the sense that

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they are praying, they're doing the right thing, but they don't have good morals and behavior, especially towards their parents. And so those people, they've they've mixed those things and the way they're trying to observe the rights of a law, but they're for falling short in the rights of their parents, and those are the kind of people that will be on the Iraq war. Obviously, it can be any type of category of people who have not quite done the extra act that they should do. So now in Ramadan while we have this opportunity, we're still alive Alhamdulillah we have the opportunity to have every moment counts in Ramadan and after Ramadan, but let's make this opportunity now to try

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and harvest as many of the goodies as possible with the will of Allah zekrom Allaha