Riyadul Haqq – Wealth And The Corruption Of Character A Tafsir Of Surat l Humazah

The content of this surah describes the delusional and delirious effects of wealth. Islam has encouraged the acquisition of wealth when it is done with responsibility, charity, compassion and with the correct methodology, understanding and intention. When wealth possesses us rather than us possessing wealth, that is when it corrodes and influences our character and thinking process. This surah teaches us that to gather wealth incessantly, to count, enumerate and become obsessed with it results in committing the most hideous of crimes. This can lead to backbiting, slandering, defaming, rumour mongering, attacking anothers honour, character assassination and even physical abuse. The entire character of a person is then corrupted.

The most significant lesson we learn is that success does not lie in wealth rather it is in the remembrance of Allah. Wealth acquired and used without the consciousness of Allah becomes a burden rather than a blessing.

A detail discussion is made of the evil and damaging effects of backbiting, slandering and defaming. The consequences of indulging in such sins are also eloquently outlined.

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