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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah May Allah be about Allah Mallanna v about metabo Amati Kitab Avada Tabby while ashlea Tabata Shariati amobarbital favela humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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alakina Minda curry

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with Jana come ashore hobo wakaba II Lolita in Chroma camino law he come in Allah Holly Sara colloquialism respected elders, brothers and sisters. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved Nivea creme de la AlLahi wa sallam.

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Throughout history, human beings have always grappled with hard humans on social classification and superiority. Who is better at Who? And On what basis is 1% better than another? It has always been a point of contention. You would recall is Allah tala reminds us in the Holy Quran. When Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded Iblees and Allah Allah commanded the angels, and he was part of the angels at that time because of his devotion.

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makes his day in front of our family Salatu was Salam.

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They the angels is is expected of them last una la Hama Hama, Rome says Allah in the Quran, they never go against the commands of Allah. They made sista and he believes refused. And what did he refuse and On what basis he said, Anna Hiraman I'm better than Adam Halekulani. minnaar wahala COVID-19 I have been created from fire and he has been only created for mud and sand. So shaytan use meta from what he was created as a basis of superiority in many ways, our own ama tell us that the first racist was shaytan nevertheless, then you have people who regard wealth as a means of superiority in the Quran, Allah tala in Surah Kahf, which we have been emphasize, to read on the day

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of Juma And may Allah Allah make us practice upon it.

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Allah tala has referred to an incident between one person who was wealthy and another person who was not wealthy. And the person who was wealthy told the person who was not wealthy, and UK thirimanne. Kamala well, as soon as I got more wealth than you, I've got more children than you, I've got more resources than you, I'm more honorable than you.

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And of course, it is something that is well known people who have wealth, they regard themselves as superior to those who do not have wealth. Sometimes people have used lineage from where they come from. My ancestry is better than your ancestry. My lineage is greater than you, I come from this village. I come from this tribe. And because I come from this tribe, I come from this village I come from this ancestry, I'm better than you. And Allah tala has refuted that by saying yeah, you are nurse enough Allah Kanaka Minda curry,

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which Allah comes Rubalcaba, elita, who are people I have created to indefinitely in different races and tribes, but for the sake of identification, not on the basis of superiority, perhaps

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one of the most shameful in this regard, is to regard the color of your skin as the basis of superiority. And this is something that has happened in our society moreso in South Africa, and in other parts of the world, and it has also been part of, even in pre Islamic Arabia, it was a sentiment and attitude that was well known, and people used to have in regard on the basis of the fairness of my skin, I am better than you, you are dark skin. And although racism works both ways, for several reasons for several social, economic and other reasons, normally, it is always or by and large directed towards the black people who are regarded to be inferior, and they are made the butt

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of a potted, and they are made the butt of racism. And so it was in the time of pre Islamic Arabia. There's a very famous incident of Abu Zubaydah louder and one of the eminent companions one day in a conversation, he told him to the m&m company

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And bill out of yellow, who son of a black slave and a black mother

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has a belagavi Allahu taala no way to go and complain to our beloved nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when he went to go and complain to our beloved Nivea cream sauce to them, maybe a cream sauce them rebuked abuser, and said, Oh boozer, you are a person in whom the remnants of ignorance still exists. Islam has not come for this. This is the remnants of ignorance, not about Islam. It is to the credit of Abu Zubaydah forever, viola Tran. He realized his Arab, he went to Bilal and said, I will not rest in peace until you forgive me. And then it was his greatness, that he asked for forgiveness. And together with asking for forgiveness, he made a complete change with regard to his

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views, that he was amongst those who call for the abolition of all types of discrimination, even class discrimination, and he was in the forefront of that. But it came out of a situation where I was there as a foreigner with the allow three he address has the level below the allowed son of a black woman.

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And so it was with after the conquest of Makkah, that nemea Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, after the conquest of Makkah told Bilal, because of the occasion, go and stand on top of the Kaaba and give the call for prayers will ever be allowed to run when it hasn't happened before or after that. People don't stand on top of the Kaaba and give us an up till today. But that occasion, there was a reason it was them that maybe a cream sauce then beat it. And it was very difficult for the people of MCI in whom racial prejudice still burned very fiercely. They could not take it. And they were coops. And they were statements from the people of Makkah, not all of them who are Muslim. In

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fact, they were not Muslims. And they said, We are happy that our father passed away before this day that he didn't have to see this. We are black, Abba, Simeon and a black slave, had to climb on top of the Kaaba and give the call farzan and prayers. And this it was how Islam came into a society in which racial prejudice and racism was so rife, and that was the attitude and the statements that were uttered at a time. Islam came and created a revolution in this particular regard. Islam taught us as Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Surah to room amin iottie. Hello, Sam, our tea will our Castilla for Al cinetic Manuel wanna come amongst us signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala, he created

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the heavens on earth. And he created people in different colors with different languages, the aspect of different languages and the aspect of people coming from different backgrounds, different races, different types, and Latella attributes it to his creative, wonder, his creative sign, I have created people from different backgrounds, different races, different tribes. This is my sign of my creative power. And I didn't look upon it as a means of superiority. He looked upon it as a means of his sign. And so it was that our beloved nebia Kareem saw Selim was perhaps openly the first person to declare in no uncertain terms, that there is no person who is superior or above another by virtue

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of race, color, and ethnicity. No one is superior to another on the basis of ethnicity, race and color. This was crystallized in his most beautiful sermon known as the farewell sermon on the plains of alpha. Then he said, Oh people, each and every one of you is equal in the sight of Allah, you all of you come from Adam, had a moment Rob, and Adam came from dust, all of you your origins, one, all of you came from one, one male and female from other men, however, you came from one, your origin is one, your background is one ludford, Lily Arabic, Allah hijabi. There is no superiority of the Arab over the non Arab or there is no superiority of the non Arab over the Arab. Each and every one of

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you is equal. In one hand, if the facade visa, each and every one is equal, there is no discrimination and there is no discrimination, and there is no inequality everyone and the only person who searches ahead, he searches ahead not on the basis of the color of his skin, or his race or his tribe. But he searches ahead on the basis of his taqwa, his piety, his righteousness, his good conduct.

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Factor four what is other aspects of his background? In this particular way, maybe a criminal law while he was silom stored this, the teachings of nebbia cream sauce on racial equality has inspired people to strive for racial equality and justice for all. Let me give amongst the many examples the example of Malcolm X, Haji Malik Shabazz Muhammad, he came from a deeply segregated society in the United States of America, where that segregation still exists, which has become apparent recently in the callous killing of George Freud. And the subsequent protests, however he is experienced in hajj was a remarkable experience. And in that particular experience, we changed his entire outlook hats

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for Malcolm represented a shift away from racism, towards racial equality in his life. And just to paraphrase in his autobiography, and he gives this particular example, he said, For the past, so many days, I have been completing and performing the rites of Hajj with people who come from Scandinavian countries who are the blonde who have hair who has the bronchus of brown hairs, who have the most pairs of skin. And people who have come from Africa, we have come we have dark skin, and they have come together to perform the same right, with the same equality, and a type of sincerity and brotherhood that I never thought, given my background that I have come from America

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could ever have existed. And that's why it is said that Hutch, represented a shift away from racism towards racial equality in the life of Haji Malik Shabazz Muhammad, also known as Malcolm X. And this is something that he went on, to go and proclaim after that inspired from the teachings of our beloved Nivea cream, that Allahu Allah wa sallam. Now via cream sauce lamb created an equal society, in which in one particular gathering in one day a person came up came from the Ubuntu from the village from the desert. And he saw in the gathering of nebbia cream sauce them there was beloved from Africa. And they were souhei from Rome, Rome, white skin, and there was a man who was a Persian

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and Asian, and they were all sitting in one gathering. And he said, I can I can understand, if the Olson has a Raj from Medina, they joined nebbia cream sauce. What is this that I'm seeing people from different backgrounds.

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So this particular way, it is something that nebia creams are Allahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, brought about, and he showed people, the beauty with regard to it, and he showed people to strive towards, you know, racial equality. In fact, I would say that nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam teachings was not only to strive for racial equality, but to strive to be anti racist, to be amongst those who are in the forefront of an anti racist racism looking down on a race and a people because of the color implies aliaga Billa that Allah subhanho wa Taala has made a mistake in his creature, to regard another particular group of people is inferior. You are saying that Aliyah will be learned

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via Cree Allah Allah has made a mistake in his creation. The root cause is pride and arrogance. And our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teachings teaches us to be anti racist, rather than only be non racist. And let us come back to a situation. We find that as I've said previously, that there is no doubt whatsoever that although racism exists both ways, given the fact that black people have been made and marginalize the slave trade, and many other socio economic reasons, they have always been the part of oppression, the butt of racism, and therefore, we have to be careful with regard to this. m be very introspective with regard to our situation, it will be very, very sad,

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that we look upon it in such a way that we look down upon people who come from who are dark skinned, you know, especially given how black people have served so honorably, and so greatly in shaping the history of Islam, let me very briefly give you belagavi allow that I know that was him, and the personal assistance of our beloved nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam whom a man who came from Africa, who was with nebbia cream sauce when her mother passed away, and will never be a cream sauce. Lim used to say that she is my mother. She was in a woman from Africa. Maharajah, the first believer martyred in the Battle of butter. Salim Ravi allowed Rondo who was so well equipped in

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terms of reciting Quran in early makup period that he would lead the Salat for the likes of Abu Bakr and Omar. Osama bin Zayed

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The son of zairian niharika and Amun who became known as the Beloved of nebia Kareem salsola. Julie babe Amata in the moment of his demise, that nebia cream sauce Lim declared I am from him, and he is from me, Barrera, also dark skin, who was a close friend of our Mother Mother Ayesha, and we can continue, you know, in the time of the Romanians here, they said, Only one person must give fatwa with regard to Hajj, he was a pioneer.

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And he was a person who came from Africa. And so it was the author of the famous book of Hanafi Fiqh, you know, of nesbo, Riah Eman, z. z is from a senior, he came from Africa. Given this whole particular I'm just giving you a small except excerpts, and so much more how black people played such an honorable and great role in

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in the whole aspect with regard to, you know, serving the history of Islam, continuing in this particular way, we must always be careful with regard to how let us look at our situation. And when we look at our situation, we come to a situation and we say that we have a background of apartheid, and apartheid had its impact on the psyche of all our people and community, we find that this is a reality, whether we agree with it or not. It is something that has come upon us. We have and we have come from apartheid. And apartheid has made the situation in the South African scenario many years of apartheid has impacted negatively on our outlook as well. The same unjust tendencies and

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dehumanizing facets

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of this despicable system has left an impression in the minds of many Muslims. And some have gone along with accepting this false and shameless notion that a person who is dark skin is mentally inferior and incompetent. Because of years of servitude, victims of exploitation who have been perhaps brainwashed, that we have instinctively distance ourselves from indigenous people. Sometimes even our little children have such thoughts built into the subconscious mind that manifests itself in the language and statements. And therefore, we have to introspect tremendously with regard to this. Are we also guilty of this, which our beloved Nivea cream sauce lamb came to eradicate? And he

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was in the forefront with regard to eradicating this, we have to very, very strongly introspect. In this, the first thing that we have to do is to acknowledge that we need to first acknowledge that we may have racial tendencies that are inconsistent with our faith, faith and believe there has to be a personal acknowledgment of wrongdoing and a commitment to change the door to improvement, the door to rectitude, can only be opened with the key of confession can only be opened with the key of confession. This is one of the other aspect is we have to watch our tongue. We know we need to guard against making sweeping statements that smacks of arrogance, pride and racism. Sometimes also we

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generalize, something happens from a person from a particular race, we generalize and we say all of the people of that race are like that. We justifiably condemned those people who are who have Istanbul phobia. If one Muslim does something they generalize upon the entire Muslim community. We justifiably complain, and we justifiably say it is wrong. Why didn't we use the same attitude towards others? We need to therefore guard against making sweeping statement that smacks of arrogance, pride in racism, ethnic jokes, and certainly not an innocent form of humor. Ethnic and race pays jokes are not an innocent form of humor. They carry the virus of bigotry that eventually

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sowed the seeds of animosity, if you observe something wrong in some person's behavior, to not generalize, to not relate it to the ethnic or the race origins, attributed perhaps to a person's weakness his mistake, not to his race or nation nationality, challenge racism. If someone is guilty of racist conduct in your present Do not be a passive spectator. We are bound the way the Quran tells us to do our bill maher, often the

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common good and prevent evil. And if anyone speaks a language with regard to racism in front of you, or he degrades or regard other people of inferior, it is your duty to read

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Respectfully tell him with regard to it. And if you cannot succeed, walk away from that gathering to be able to make your point. learn the language of the masses. One of the greatest impediments to racial harmony is class distinction, perpetuated by language barrier. One of our great scholars, mana Hussain Ahmed Manorama, Talalay after independence, you know, when he told the Muslims and he advised the Muslims, he told both the Muslims and the Hindus learn one another's languages, so, that you can have greater harmony in the country. empathize, let me conclude with this, Have you visited a Sikh colleague or a neighbor of another ethnic group, good relations are built not only on the

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good times, but during during difficult and tragic moments as well. When we have the situation with regard to COVID What a beautiful way for us to be able to empathize and sympathize with people irrespective of the background. Let us remind ourselves that Allah subhanho wa Taala had said yeah, you are nice enough Allah Kanaka Minda Kwanzaa, we created you from one male and female, we made you into different races and tribes for the sake of identification. The most honorable amongst you are those who are atheists, irrespective of the background. We never ever make race and ethnicity, the basis of distinction, the basis of superiority and looking down upon people on that particular

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basis. May Allah give us a topic of making our way Afro, Dhawan Alhamdulillah