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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The importance of history and negative emotions is discussed, as it results in negative consequences. The use of positive emotions is crucial to bringing people closer to Allah's vision. The importance of learning and studying the past to avoid mistakes is emphasized, along with the use of warning tactics and patient learning. The use of words like "fit on" and "fit on" is also emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding arrogance and not wanting to get into the "immature."
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh the sooner human or human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine about Welcome to another segment of Karim Allah. Inshallah, today what I want to do is that I just want to quickly go through some of the important events that took place in the title Musa alayhis salam, from the time that when he went to fit around, and for the time he faced the magicians, and from the time that you have a man who is a person who has secretly kept his Iman, he is confronting fit own because for the own wants to kill Musa alayhis salam, and from that point onward all the way to the time of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala saving but he saw it. And not only that, but Allah subhanaw taala destroying fear to own and his entire army. Now many of us a lot of times we're not aware of the stories that took place. And what happens is that, you know, because we don't have an understanding of exactly what happened in this time, many of us are not able to reflect upon the important lessons that are learned from these stories. Of course, there's so much about Mussolini ism even after like the story about Musa and how the the most of the story about Musa and the and the cow and so forth, and samedi and so forth. All this happens after Allah subhanho wa Taala he destroys fit on and he saves Musa

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and bunnies saw Eid, and Inshallah, what I want to do is that today I just want to just briefly mentioned some of the important points that took place between this time and from to the time that Allah destroy fit on and then it's all going forward. I don't want to necessarily get into all the ayat of the Quran that talks about Musala exam. So what we'll do going forward inshallah for the next few weeks is just pinpoint and highlight some of the key stories about Musa alayhis salam and the key lessons that we can take from those stories. Now coming back to the story about what color Rajon McMenamin L if and only yet to Imana, who attack Fortuna Raja. This is a man who as the

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Allamah they mentioned that he was someone from the family of fit own the Quran says he was from the family, a family of your own. And not only that, but this person was a person who believed in Allah subhanho wa taala. And he did not expose his Iman. Now when Phil town says he wants to kill Musa alayhis salam he's simply telling him to how can you kill a person just simply because he says that Allah is my Rob, is that your logic? Is that your reason that you want to kill him because of this. So what this person does is that he goes into a lot of details and he's trying to really talk and communicate with Phil Brown and his people and he's trying to bring them closer to Allah subhanho wa

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Taala now the Quran tells us that when all this is happening, and this is where we had left off from last week, this person is basically telling them you're calling me Allah C'mon, we'll call you Yamaha Halina, Phil Audi for Manian tsunami vassula In Jana, that what will happen to you, if Allah decides to send a wrath upon you, he decided send his punishment upon you, what's going to happen to you. And at that time for you to own See, once again, it was just arrogant phenom was trying to justify every wrong that he wanted to do. And this is where he says, he says all of it, I want him out when he come in my IRA, when I had he come in less than me to Russia, he's basically saying that

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the fact that I want to kill Mussolini, some is going to solve all this. So he's not listening to what this person is saying. And the fact that it only is saying that might already come in Lama era, I show you only that which I see correct doing and that is taking the life of Musa alayhis salam. And I'm calling you to this path, which is that this is the right thing to do. Now, when this person sees when this person from the Federal federal agencies, that talking to him nicely and trying to, you know, be logical with him does not work. Then he says, You know what, I need to go to the next step. And we see from this point onward, that he talks about history. He talks about history, he

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talks about the past. And the second thing that we learn also is that he began to warn them about the Ark era. And from this, what we learned from $1 perspective, is that at times, you may need to even talk about the ACA, you may need to sometimes even bring up that what are the punishments of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And there's nothing wrong in doing that. See, once again, Allah subhanho wa Taala even when we talk about or Sua Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah says, Yeah, you had an

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Be you in Santa Monica Shah, he then when Mobis she run when of the Iran, ALLAH SubhanA is telling the Prophet It is Sunday, we sent you as a person who is giving glad tidings. But at times, you will have to also warn them. Because as human beings, we're driven by consequences. This is just the way we are. Some of us are driven by motivation. We're driven by positive things. And some of us are driven by consequences. So this is why he thought that you know what, when I try to explain to them, and they're not understanding, let me give them some warnings about the hereafter, the worst possible things can happen to them in the Hereafter. And so as I said earlier, that there's nothing

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wrong in using these kinds of warnings, but at the same time, at the same time, what we need to understand is that when we want to bring someone closer to Allah subhanho wa taala, it is still very important that we use more glad tidings say, a lot of times we say that, yeah, you know, that we have to use good tidings and how to use warnings. But what we tend to do in most cases, especially when it comes to our family members, and it comes to some certain other people, is that we tend to use more warnings than glad tidings, and this is where we go wrong. And this is where we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he even himself, he used warnings also, that he would always

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use glad tidings. First, there were always more glad tidings that he had to offer to the people he was talking to, rather than consequences and warnings. So this is something very important that we all need to learn is that when we want to bring someone closer to Allah, use more glad tidings that officer Allahu Allah, He was someone he says, Yes, you will want to acetal that make things simple, simple for people, it did not make it difficult for them, bless you to want to not feel to give more glad tidings and do not say something that will turn them away from Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is a very important thing that we learned from this. The second thing that we learn also from these

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ayat is that he brings up the story of use of Adi Islam, this man who's talking to the people who to the people of fit own, he's talking to the people in the palace of fit on and so forth. He brings up the story of use of he brings up the story of the people of the past. And subhanAllah one thing that we learned from this is that is so important for us to always learn from our past. You also highlight even the fact that today we as a Muslim Ummah, today 2020 We are going through so much, you know, challenges as a Muslim Ummah, we see what is happening to all Muslims, all over the world. And especially nowadays, we see what's happening to our brothers and sisters in France, and how they

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have become a victims of violence and abuse and injustice, and oppression and so forth. And you know, hatred and we see everything that's going on, and May Allah help our brothers sisters all over the world, wherever they may be, and they are especially when they are oppressed. But the point I'm trying to make is that it is so important for us to learn our history and to learn that history repeats itself over and over again. Even the fact that we're we are going through today as the Muslim ummah without going into a lot of details. If you study Germany, the history of Germany, and the rise of Nazism, and how Hitler came into power and the things that they did, against the Jewish

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community and so forth, we today as a Muslim Ummah, we are walking and we're going down that same path as it is the the things that took place against the Jewish community, we see some similarities that are taking place against the Muslim community. And this is why it is so important to study our history. You know, one thing that I will say here, which is very important is that even part of our history is a seeder of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi, wa salam, and Wallahi if you study the Sierra, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will learn so much. See, one thing I have to say about the Sierra the province of Salam is that there are some books that simply just highlight some key

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pieces of information. When did the Prophet migrate? How many people did this and which person do this and which person did that? And to be honest, this is never the objective, the key objective of the Sierra, the province of Salem, the key objective of the seat of the province of Salem is what to learn lessons from it. That's the key thing. So if we're not learning from our past, then history is going to repeat itself. And this is why this man from the family of fit own, he's bringing up the past he's saying that remember the time when use of it Sam came and remember the time when Allah subhanaw taala made him a prophet Willapa accom you use of an incomparable bayonet? For magazines

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Don Fisher Kimmy magia can be hotter either holida quantum lainnya Barcia Lombardi rasuna This is a man who's saying that when use of force their use of was in your mitts mean that in your in your grandfather's and so forth, he was in their myths, and he was a prophet and his father is a prophet and they all were living here in Egypt, and yet they were not appreciated, yet. They you know, they were

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They became, you know, victims of such you know, heinous words such as you know, these are people who are foreigners and why are foreigners in our land and so forth. And you did not appreciate him that when you said was gone, when you said was gone, what did you say? laying your bath along by de la Sula, you thought that Allah will never send another prophet. Yet here we see Allah has sent another prophet Allah has sent Musa Allah you some to you, Allah has sent her on Alayhi Salam to you now you are repeating your mistakes again, like don't you learn from your past? Haven't you learned from your history? So this is why it is so important, especially today as a Muslim Ummah. We need to

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learn our history, we need to learn we need to learn and to ensure that history does not repeat itself because if history does repeat itself, and we do not learn from our past, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Now of course after this, the story goes along and I want to keep it short going forward. Is that at this time for you to own once again, arrogant, so arrogant. Instead of listening and trying to understand you know what he says? He says, we'll call it fate. Oh no. Yeah, ha man only sir halali

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Create a staircase for me. I want you to construct a building so that Attali Oh, Eli Eli he Musa, we're in Nila oven who Kariba I'm going to go and I'm going to pay a visit to Allah subhanho wa taala. And you know, subhanAllah one thing that we learned also from this is there are two is sort of often about, you know, him telling her man construct a building for me. And then after that it did did Harmar construct the building did fit on go or not, none of that is mentioned in the Quran. And you know what, there's a very powerful lesson in that too. You know, what's a powerful lesson and that the lesson is that you know, when it comes to ignorant people do not pay attention to their

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ignorance, you keep on doing your job and see Allah subhanaw taala and sort of off it. What he did was that he completely ignored, like he gave no more attention to fit around, and his ignorance. Allah subhanho wa Taala went back to the story of the man who was giving them advice, and he tells him about the hereafter. He says in near half Aleykum Mr. Yama, he's giving them you know, telling them something about the hereafter. So in this what we learn another powerful lesson for all of us is, we will always come across ignorant people in our life. And if we try to sometimes reason with them, if you tried to engage with them, engage in at a certain level. But when you understand that

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there is no point in getting into this, then you're simply wasting your time. Do not because ignorant people are always going to try to bring people onto their level. And you don't ever want to come down to their level. You simply just want to move on and do the work. Always remember when you're doing something good. Whenever you're doing something good, righteous and noble. There's always going to be people who are coming object, ignore them and keep on moving forward. Ignore them and focus on the good that you're doing. This is where we see Allah subhanaw taala This is his style. Can you believe it? This is his style. Allah subhanaw taala is not giving any attention to

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fit on his ignorance. The only thing that could answers is that he told her man to do this and that is it. So always keep that in mind. Now further on of course we do find that for many years Musa lived in Egypt, Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned in suits are often you can go into sort of are off I believe is number 125 going forward that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada he told me Masada he set up Musa is somebody turning the people but he saw it. The look below patient in sha Allah, Allah will give you land Allah will give you the earth. Allah will make you you know Allah will give you this land and Allah will give you what you want, but you have to be patient. And after this there were

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signs after science for also not able to find well Gerrard well Amara Walford, the our dharma is Mufasa Allah subhanaw taala sin sign after sign after sign up to find Well, Jura is sometimes a locus, what them is facade things will turn into blood, everything around him was blood, everything around him was was frogs. And every single time there was a situation they came running to Musa Musa make dua, we will learn our lesson and every single time Musa will make dua to Allah, Allah will remove the difficulty, they went back to their same old ways. They went back to the same old ways. And then eventually ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Enough is enough. Now the time has come that after

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giving him so many lessons, and see this is also something that we find that Allah subhanho wa Taala think about fit of own. And I want all of us to think about all those rulers today. All those people who have power today who are misusing their power. And we always say that when is the Wrath of Allah going to come? When is Allah's help going to going to come and think about Mussolini, some to Mussolini, someone's in that same position. But Allah subhanaw taala has a law. Allah has a principle because no one's can then come to Allah and the day judgment say you never gave me a chance. Allah gives you

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chances after chances after chances to those people think about the story of fit own chances after chances lesson after lesson and Phil own never took a lesson from it. And every single time he would turn against his word he came to Musa say, oh Musa make dua to Allah that Allah removes this, the storm, we ask Allah to remove these frogs, and with them, and these locust and the blood and all these things, ask Allah to remove them and every single time the Prophet Musa alayhis salam may do our Allah removed it and fit on again went back to the same old ways. And then eventually Allah says enough is enough. So this is also a lesson for all of us. That when we see today people doing wrong

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and we always say when is the help of Allah Subhan Allah is going to come, remember that the help of Allah will come, the help of Allah will come, but Allah also has a principle that he always gives chances, because after he gives chances and people do not take a lesson from it, then Allah's wrath will come eventually upon people who do wrong, it will stop here inshallah and we are now you know, I just covered a few things that that brings us all the way to the point that Allah subhanho wa Taala he destroys fit on now inshallah going forward, even going forward, we will not talk about Musa and you know how he was saved and so forth. That is a story that we know but now in shallow

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there are some other parts of the story after he was saved within his life that we will inshallah just focus on those stories and we will wrap up the series inshallah ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala to give all of us ability to understand from the stories to learn from them to implement the lessons and reflection from the stories in our lady lives. I mean, no, but I mean, does that como la Hey, Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want meaning Mina quantity now I looked on it that thing was slowed in pain I was balding Ponte was saw the Rena was slogging a lot the one before she you know before she

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was before she really know what to call she is the one downside BP now one downside downslide being faulty was all me I was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen, one half year warranty. Was that good enough?

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Oh, what's the guilt or I don't

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what Angela nauseam

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