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wa salatu salam ala Mulana Viva La Mulana be about the hula matava Alma de la vida kitabi will actually a Tabata Shariati a mavado for the villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Well he Berto Manila de una hora de una

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sakalava Zim respected listeners. We have started of this series on abajo ramen.

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The favorite in the special servants and slaves of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is in Surah Surah Furqan. In the 63rd verse of SoTL farrakhan in the 19 Jews of the Holy Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala then goes on to define them. In our last two programs on huberdeau ramen. The first one we spoke about the honor of being an A bad ramen, the honor of being a distinctive and a special slave of Allah, which indeed is a great honor. The second thing is, that was a first quality being a slave of Almighty Allah which means submitting to the will of Allah. Many of the allama have regarded that to be the first

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quality of a battle Rahman. The second quality is unless is Iam Shona Allah or the honan, those who walk on the earth with humility. In this we said that there are two qualities one is to walk with humility, which we had explained in our program yesterday. And then the aspect of humility itself. Yesterday, very briefly, we spoke about that humility is the opposite of pride. Pride means conceitedness, someone who has a very highly exaggerated opinion about himself, maybe a creme de la while he was celebrated three qualities. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not like one of them, he is conceitedness when a person thinks very highly about himself, I am also someone maybe coach home,

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there is something that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not like and then that conceitedness leads to pride, in the sense that from that, you started you start regarding yourself as superior to others. This is not like in the law, you have woman kurama

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and let us not love those who are proud and arrogant. The opposite of that is humility. And we said that humility comes from the Latin word which means ground, which one's who is humble to one who is modest, one who is not proud and arrogant, who adopts humility in his demeanor, his attitude in every aspect of his life. In the Quran, and Hadith, there are many examples with regard to the virtue of humility. nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, humility is the quality of the people of Jannah Allah hero Kamiya Liliana let me a cream sauce Some said Should I not tell you what is the quality of the people of Jenna? Yes, jasola tell us sir, our beloved nebbia creme de la la wa

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sallam was asked and he said look colita even those who are weak and humble, you know those are the people who will be in general humanity is the quality of the people of Jannah. Secondly, humanity raises the rank of people. So our beloved nebia cream sauce limited mantova Allah Rafa hula, he who humbles himself before mighty Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala raises him in rank. So Allah tala brings down a proud and arrogant person but a person who has humanity. Allah subhanho wa Taala raises him. Although we don't we don't adopt humanity for the sake of being raised in stature. This is something that comes naturally and a person who adopts humanity, Allah subhanho wa Taala raises

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him in rank. Thirdly, our allama have told us with regard to the virtue of humility is that humility is the correct gap to appear before mighty Allah subhanho wa Taala to appear on this earth. We are the servants of Allah is servants of Allah, it is the correct God for us to appear in humanity and be humble. Because greatness and pride does not suit us. It suits Allah subhanho wa Taala nebbia cream sauce Lama said in a hadith he could see, I'll Kibriya or a DA he will as moto hazari that Allah tala says that greatness is my garment. Pride is my sheet. And whoever competes with me with regard to greatness and pride, I will destroy him. greatness and pride suits Allah does not suit us

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as human beings. So this is another aspect with regard to adopting humanity. And then humility. It hurts us from all pretenses

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You know Allah Allah in the Holy Quran in surah to nudge you know has said it is one of my favorite is in the Holy Quran, where Allah mobicom is and shall communal

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unto Medina phoebo Tony, Mahatma, Allah knows you are a human being before your conception before the elements that made up your existence law says, you know, while that was in a process, I knew you. I knew you when you were conceived. I knew you when you were in the wombs of your mother. For that was a coup and fossa come don't praise yourself. I know says Allah who is pious. I know who has taqwa. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us with regard to this aspect that Allah knows who is pious, don't praise yourself. It removes us from for all false pretenses. Then humility is also a sign of achievement. And to give you the example of Allah have given this example of a tree. If a tree

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doesn't have any fruit, its branches will be going up to the horizon. But if a tree has fruit, you will find it that the branches of the tree are lowered, they are inclined towards the ground, they are bent because they have fruits. If a person has any quality, he will be humble. If he has no quality, he has no achievements, he has no attributes he will be proud, like a branch going up towards the horizon because it has no fruits. So in this particular way, Allah tala has told us about the virtue of humility and our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum. This was the way of our beloved Nivea cream saucer. When our beloved Nivea creme de la la wa sallam entered into Makkah

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triumphantly. He was an occasion maybe occurring so solemn could have told the people of Makkah, you forced me out of Makkah. You had done tremendous unspeakable injustice and oppression against me. I am now coming in

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triumphant mode into Makkah. Libya, Kareem Salim could have shown that particular aspect, but what the Sahaba say, maybe Kareem saw Selim was his neck was bent on his camera, and he was in adopting humanity and he was making this dua al hamdu lillahi WA, Vanessa, Rob, da,

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da da, da da da da. Please be only to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who has helped his bondsman who has fulfilled his promises, and who has defeated the enemy alone? And he has helped his bondsman. So it was with Abu Bakar he allowed to know when he assume he laughed. He told the people I'm not better amongst you helped me in fulfilling this responsibility. So it was with hazard O'Meara the Allahu anhu that one day he was saying something on the member when an old woman corrected him and he got of the members in Kowloon us as a woman, Omar, Elijah is everyone knows more than Homer. Even an old woman knows more than Homer. And on his deathbed, he had his

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head on the lap of his son to live in Omaha. He said, Oh, Abdullah put my head on the ground. And he said Oh, you would be destroyed if Allah tala does not forgiving way to look it up. This is the way of the people in the bedroom Ramana those

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are the hona they walk on the grass with humility, and they adopt humility. May Allah give us the topic of being amongst them and having this attribute to that one unreliable element.