Yasir Qadhi – Salat ul Shukr, Salat al Tauba, Buying or Leasing a Car Q&A #11

Yasir Qadhi
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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was amazed Marina Mubarak. Two questions today the first of them. Can you tell us the rulings regarding salatu Shakur, salatu Shakur, or he wrote the Arusha Quran and amaz or Salah to Shakur, and also is there such a thing as repentance, prayer, or repeat prayer for Toba? So this is the first question is there something called Salah to Shaka or as we call it in our culture? Shalonda Animas?

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The answer to this question firstly, it is definitely an authentically reported from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that anytime some good news came to him, he would prostrate immediately. And this is something that is reported in many narrations of them the famous hadith of Abu Bakr Radi Allahu unreported in all of the books of the Sunnah, that whenever a good news came to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, whenever he was told about any Bushra or Asaji, then Shakira Allah azza wa jal, he would fall down in Sajida, as a matter of thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala and in the Muslim ummah, that one of the Sahaba said I was there when the Prophet sallallahu sallam

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was informed that a certain expedition he had sent was victorious over the enemy, and his head was in the house of articial of the Allah one, and he stood up meaning enter the masjid and he fell down in South Florida, and he fell down in stage two. So there is definitely something called sedge, the two Shuker and we also know this as well from the hadith of Abdul Rahman now for the Allah one that Abdul Rahman said one day I went out with the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam to a certain land outside of Medina. And as we were walking, he just took a turn and face the fibula and fell down in Sajida and stayed there for a long time. So they're literally on the road, and he just falls into

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such them. Then the prophets have said to Abdul Rahman, when he stood up, God just came to me now and he told me that Allah has said to him to tell him that man Salah allah sallallahu alayhi whoever gives Salah to upon the prophets of Allah says Allah will give salah upon him, woman salam ala salaam to other whoever gives Salam to the prophets of Salaam, Allah will give salam to him. So I fell down in such the Shu Cara Lilla. So this all of these tell us that whenever good news comes to us, we should fall down in such the sadly this is something we have not done. We don't do this anymore. We need to revive the Sunnah. Anytime you hear any good news, that is good news. And you

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are blessed with a reason you were blessed with a child you found out that somebody relative of yours or your child of yours cured of some did any good news, you should fall down immediately in such depth and Gabin Malik, the famous three people who are held up in Tuborg remember the famous story that Allah revealed in the Quran. The famous narration goes that when Cabot Ben Malik heard the verses from Surah Toba, he said, I fell down in sedge The first thing I did in his own house, even before he came back to the prophets, Allah Allah who I sent him, he fell down in such though, so all of this is authentically reported Abu Bakr so they probably Allah one, when he heard of the

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death of Messiah the liar in the words of the reader when he heard the death of mu Salem and he was in the masjid of the Prophet SAW sent him when the person who came said we one will say them as dead so in front of everybody he fell down in South Florida and I live in Harlem in the famous battle with the Howard edge when he killed the 30 year the famous incident he also fell down in such the in between the corpses he fell down in such that now they were talking about the surge of sugar right now right the sizes that have sugar now there is an empty laugh about the surge of sugar that must you meet all of the conditions of Salah when you fall into Sajida ie what are the conditions of

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Salah number one we'll do number two face the cable the number three

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the good isn't it haram good number four. What else you're going to do if we do this?

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Saturday our right Saturday our right What if Danny just get what if you're in your pajamas, shorts and the phone call comes that oh, your relative has been covered? What not okay, what should you do in that state? So, the default position of most of the Ulama listen to this search that a shocker is a partial Salah. So it takes the rulings of Salah. So the majority would say that you should stand up, go to will do face to tabler make sure your outro is covered say Allahu Akbar.

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fall down in such the then get up and say salam. Is that clear. This is the default position of the majority of the OMA and it is a very good position. counter to this we have many of the ruler Ma, including autobody Ibn hasm Ibn Taymiyyah Ibaka em Ashoka and the sun any and all of these if you know anything about them, they're all kinds of sort of the independent guys are there are the people that are thinking outside of the box, typically, all of them they said no, such that Ashoka is not salah. And in all of these narrations, and we have like a dozen of them or whatever, never is it narrated that the Prophet system or the Sahaba did what stand up and go to will do

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or do anything else they right then and there without even Takbeer they just fell down and says no, if you say Allahu Akbar as you're going down, no problem, but to say Allahu Akbar, and then go down and they said, Don't worry, they would say where's the evidence for this? There is no evidence in fact, their argument they've been to me and others they say, the purpose of says that a shocker is to thank Allah Phil has means right then and there. When your emotions are bursting up. At that point you humble yourself in front of Allah say hamdulillah ALLAH blessed me with this for you to calm down. Wait, I don't have odo Let me wait what's going to happen that emotion will be gone so

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the counter argument is that there is no evidence that says that a shocker needs any requirements and even without will do because it's not Salah just like you can say subhanallah without will do you can say Allahu Akbar without will do you can switch to Parliament Allah without will do right you can do many things you can read the Quran without will do by Iijima you can recite Fatiha and you Surah sitting here without will do so why can't you just do such that because it's not set up? It doesn't does not take the ruling of Salah and no doubt I personally sympathize with this position whoever wishes to follow any the medina or in this regard because the default really of all four is

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that they do say that stage that takes the ruling of Salah and that's good no problem but the counter argument is very weighty and there are greater an amount that have said this jade This is such that the chakra went into a tangent for our benefit. The question was not not about sushi at the shocker. It was about Shokran Animas, right, chakra animus, the sedge that of chakra or the salah tissue could excuse me now. And the reason why this brother asked, I didn't mention the whole, the whole thing he basically said, somebody told me that this is better to do.

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Salah to shocker, right? And

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this is obviously I have to be gentle here. I don't want to be too harsh, but there's no doubt we've seen in the last 20 years or so a trend that really has been very, very harsh on generic good deeds. And they've said things like search that the sugar or solid solid sugar becomes a bitter right? Why they say because the profit system did not command us to pray two rakaat so the difference of course between surgery and sugar and Assata Shakur is what Sasha is you just go up and down and Salah means you will pray to God you will do will do face to table or cover your outer you will pray to God properly as a matter of thanks to Allah for something good that has happened. So, one group of aroma

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say modern tech from primarily almost all of them are modern, they say this is a bitter, you should not do it. And it is something that is wrong to do. And we respond in two ways. Firstly by saying that, even if there is no explicit evidence for Tura after a specific blessing, the general texts of the Quran and Sunnah tell us that when something good happens, we thank Allah in any way. Whether it is through vicar, whether it is through Quran, whether it is through sadaqa whether it is through Psalm, or whether it is through Salah. So we flip it around the generalities of the Quran and Sunnah is enough for us to say that it is completely permissible to pray two rakaat if you get a good news

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now, somebody says but the process of did not specifically tell us to do that. And we respond to this by saying that this is a more technical issue what defines be adept at what defines something going against the Sunnah? It is true if somebody were to say that it is sunnah to pray to the gods, we will say what is your evidence? But to say it is better to pray to the QA? That is also we say what is your evidence? The general text of the Quran and Sunnah say, when something good happens you thank Allah and if somebody feels like fasting is good news, he got a very good score on the MCAT so you know what, I'm gonna fast tomorrow, did it or somebody didn't say this wrong. Somebody's got a

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good essay. I'm gonna give $500 Southern California time are we

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Gotta say stop for Allah don't give because the process did not say give $500 to the team when a good news happens, you need there is a level of common sense that we have to be cognizant of. So generally speaking, any good deed in response to a good news is a good deed no problem. However, interestingly enough, specifically when it comes to to salata, Shaka, we do have narrations about this, but there is some controversy over their authenticity. It is reported in the Sunnah of Ibn Majah had been marked as one of the six books as you know, true, it is the last of the six but it is one of the six books and even Marja has a title in his book Kuttabul Salah has the title the chapter

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regarding Salah to Shakur and such the two Schuco that is a title in his book regarding Salah to Shaka and says that a shocker. Then he brings forth a narration by Abdullah amnio be opha that when the Prophet system was told of the death of Abuja, Hill, Abuja Hill died Abuja Hill died

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around the Battle of butter and the prophecies and when he was told of the death of Abuja Hill, he prayed to raka to Allah subhanho wa taala. Okay, this hadith is reported where it'd been much a very good Ibn Majah now the only issue comes one person in this chain. He is not known. No, nobody knows anything about it just he's the narrator of the from the tabby and he's just a person who we know his name. We don't know anything about him. And some ruler ma Ibn Hajr. Included they found other narrations and they said this hadith is Hassan, authentic, and other Allama including the modern Alberni. They said this hadith is very slightly weak, not very weak, slightly weak, just a little

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bit weak. The point though, is that, even if the hadith is slightly weak, number one, Ibn Marja believes this to be salatu Shakur, and he quotes from it and he has the title number two, the generalities of the Quran and Sunnah tell us when a good deed happens. You do a good deed in return. And in fact, this is something that we find in other scholars as well. of them is the famous scholar of the self themselves. One of the great scholars of the cell of Muhammad Abdul Nasir al Moto Z, and moto was he said, As for Salah, and such the when a blessing comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala then this is Sunnah and of the evidences for this he says this is a murderer was El Mirage. el mar was he

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died in the third century a very long time ago. He said, of the evidences when ALLAH blessed the Prophet system with the conquest of Makkah, he did also and he prayed a Draka heart chakra Lilla now this is a famous narration in Bukhari and Muslim that when the Prophet system conquered Makkah, he prayed eight records because well known

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el mar was he says, this is salata. shakur

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ate like he did it a lot to very thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala he is thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Ibn hedger, the famous scholar of Hadith, he says in this eight raka in this is the evidence for Salah to Shaka, this is even harder says this, that the concept of praying to God or for a god or 10 raka Arthur 20 Ricard just to pray to Allah when a good deed happens, not a good deed when a good news happens to pray to Allah. What's wrong with that? It's good. Go ahead and pray. Why would you want to stop somebody from praying in the field raka when a good deed happens to them, right? And again, this is why sometimes these people that edit we know there's zealousness is

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positive because they want to protect the Sunnah. But sometimes in your zealousness, you lose track of reality. Yanni What is wrong with a Muslim man or woman praying to the cat to Allah azza wa jal they're not saying this is something wajib nobody says this wajib buts What's wrong Torah gonna fill when a good deed happens? You love Bismillah pray what's the big deal we have great aroma Almora was even harder than others and in fact even imitate me even I'll pay him ironically this group looks up to them so much but they rarely read their books in detail Ibn Taymiyyah he says that the scholars they they

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recommended that generals when they conquer villages they too should pray eight records like the Prophet system prayed eight regard as a shocker to Allah. Now this is not quite salata chakra for anything but the concept even Taymiyah saying what a magnificent good thing happens like the conquest of a city, then the people who are responsible in the general and whatnot, they should pray Schuko to Allah ATRA, God ignore claim as well as the same thing that this is, he called it salatu will fight hate, the salah of victory that you should pray to God when a victory happens and the concept is over there. So inshallah with this we say there is definitely it is sunnah to do such

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that a shocker there is no question about it. It is so nice to do says that a shocker. As for Salah to Shaka the law

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yes that can be said it is not VEDA. And if somebody wants to pray hamdulillah and if somebody believes the Hadith to be not authentic, well then do something else give some sort of and charity No, no, no problem with that. As for salata Toba, as for Salah Toba, there is no controversy that this is something that is authentic and from the Sunnah because there's authentic hadith about this, of them the hadith of a widow Narrated by Abu Bakr so there are workers at the outset that I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, No Muslim commits a sin, and then does will do and does it well, and stands up to pray to the gods, and then asks Allah subhanho wa Taala is still far,

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except that ALLAH forgives the sin that he has done.

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Then Abu Bakar recited the verse in the Quran, while ladina EGFR Alpha Hachette and over them will unfold the home that God Allah festal photo Rouladen obey Him. This is the generalities of praying to Allah, at times of happiness at times of grief at times of sin, you turn to Allah. Those are the people who when they commit a sin, or they wronged themselves, they remember ALLAH and they ask Allah's forgiveness and who else forgives except for Allah subhanho wa Taala so solid A Toba is Sunnah and it is a proper Salah you need to do well do you need to face the Qibla everything once again. As for says that to Shakur. It is Sunnah, but it is not a Salah, which means as I've been

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Tamia said you can do it without will do it is just such that you're supposed to do it when your heart is happy, and you just fall down and such, and whatever state you are in. So this was our first question. The second and final question is,

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can I lease a car knowing that the company deals with interest? Now this is how the question was phrased to me, I think that the brother meant something else. Because leasing a car because the company has interest. No scholar would say that it is haram, that you deal with the company that is doing doing interest, because if you did that, then everything you buy at every shop would be haram. If the company is dealing with interest, every company in North America pretty much has interest in it. You cannot go to Kroger's or Walgreens or Walmart or anything you cannot do anything if you're going to go. So I think the the question was phrased wrong, I think what he's asking is, if there's

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interest in the lease, I think that's what he's asking about. As for the company dealing with interest is not our business. Is your transaction halal. You don't have to worry about what the company is doing to other people, you and the person. That's what the Sharia is looking at right. So,

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let us look at a number of scenarios when purchasing a car obviously, outright cash. Obviously, that is completely a HELOC. You come in you purchase a used car or $5,000 a brand new car or whatever $15,000 $25,000 You pay your check and you get a cash

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check or whatever and it is your car. Obviously that is HELOC. The second scenario, leasing the car for a fixed timeframe. So this is a straight up lease, okay, which means who is the owner of the car?

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The company not you, when you lease the car, you are not the owner. It is a temporary lease, and you lease it for three years or five years at a fixed rate per month. This too, is clearly halal. It is like an extended rental car. And from your perspective, you're renting a car and paying a fee every month. This is the essence of rent in anything renting a house renting anything, this is also completely valid. The second scenario, the third scenario, which is I think what he was trying to ask, and that is you purchasing a car, but it has a fixed APR at the selling point. And you have the option to pay it off in two years, or three years or four years or five years. And the longer you

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the more you're gonna pay. Okay, it's fixed APR, and it's up to you, however long you take, the more you have to pay penalty. So theoretically, I'm just giving numbers hypotheticals, who understand if you walked out of the showroom, and you walked right back in, and you said here, here is the price, how much is it? He would say it's 10,000. You say, here we go. And if you paid over two years, you might end up paying 12,000 If you paid over five years, you might end up paying 14,000 I'm just giving examples, right, same car. But you walked out into the showroom, if you walked back in 10,000. And if you do it one year 12 You get the point, right, so it's a fixed APR, and the longer

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you delay, the more the debt and the more the payment. This is the essence of Riba and it would not be allowed by and large because there is no pressing need. I mean, generally speaking, there are so many options of buying a car that the argument of Baroda or necessity really does not

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I'd carry water over here, when it comes to the house we will talk about and I've been bombarded with questions for the last three months about mortgages. And it requires a detailed lecture and I will give it insha Allah to Allah, that's a separate lecture. And who says it's halal, why they say is halal, who says why this is not we will go over all of these evidences. As for cars, the issue with cars is that the market is so vast, and the options are so many. And the prices are so varied, that it is very difficult to imagine that a person is in a dire necessity that the only option they have is fixed APR. And that is why the argument really does not carry much weight. And we say the

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default is that a fixed APR loan from the corporation from the car, you know, company is the essence of riba that is forbidden upon Muslims to engage in that would not be allowed. Okay. Is that clear? Now we get to the controversial issue. You guys all on the same way. Thanks for paying attention. This is the big one. This is the difficult one. Bear with me. Okay.

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What if

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it is a purchase of the car, but you walk in and there's a big sign there. Okay, big sign.

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$10,000 for this?

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What car should I use?

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Toyota, Toyota, huh? All Toyota, the default is Toyota. You're not a proper one of us. Unless you drive a Toyota I tripped over to the for a good portion of my life. Okay. I had a crusader once upon a time as well, like the default they don't do that anymore. Right? They have no more is gone. That was the mother of all cars, you could last that for 20 years. Okay. So you see the Toyota for 10,000 Cash

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12,000 installments, does the big sign up there. If you want to buy cash 10,000 And you want to pay in installments 12,000.

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This is the issue where we will now spend the next five minutes then we're done for today. That's the controversy, the big controversy. And this is called in Arabic Bayer toxicity illogical, that deferred installment payments and at a higher premium and price. Okay. This is the area where there's some controversy now, you will be pleasantly surprised. And you will be surprised, pleasantly to hear that the default position of all four major hubs is it is Hello.

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This is the default and the majority position explicitly narrated from the tab your own and it is the standard position of all four of our legal schools. And the reason for this is because even though this exact scenario is not mentioned in the Hadith, a number of similar scenarios are mentioned that are so similar. Our scholars said okay, that's exactly the same thing. And so they allowed it and it would with conditions so don't leave in the middle there. Also we're going to just go and buy the car tomorrow. You have to get to the conditions don't don't purchase the car immediately. Let me finish and then celebrate tomorrow by purchasing the car. What are the

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conditions? Our issue said that when we freed buddy era, the freeing ability was a very famous incident one day we will talk about it when we freed buddy era. Her family agreed with me because she was the one who proverbially wrote the check and metaphorically she's the one who paid the money to free buddy era. When we fried buddy era. Her owners agreed with me to get her price. Nine oak a year of silver Opia was the unit of silver nine op of silver every year I would pay one Okay, yeah. Okay, so this is an installment plan where I should have the law who is going to pay nine, okay, years of silver over nine years, one year for every one Okay, year for nine years. Okay. Now, the

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point being that obviously, the price of Madeira was less than nine. But the owners were willing to take an extended time, but they wanted more money to get buddy Ross price done. Okay, so maybe if I shall had cash, which he did not have the Levana if she had cash, maybe I'm just guessing six, Orpheus would have been a price she doesn't know how to do it does not have six pieces of silver. So she says okay, I'll pay you in installments. Right? And so they say, Okay, fine, how much final barter price they agreed to nine, which is higher than what they would have paid by cash, but they're willing to compromise an Azure the law has compromising by paying one per year. So this is

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how we derive the other narration as well. Again, I should report it

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam purchased some food from your hoody to pay at a later date, and he left his armor as a mortgage item for the food item that he had taken. Right? So this is a famous Hadith and when the process and passed away, the armor was still with the hoody, so they had to pay the debt and then get the armor back right now what does this hadith say? Again, our commentators or scholars say that at that point in time the process of did not have cash Subhanallah look at Danny how he used to live in May Allah for Allah may Allah forgive us what can we say about Allah forgive us a stock for Allah did not have cash to pay food. So he says to this merchant, look,

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whenever the cash comes, you'll get it. Okay, fine, but I need a mortgage, I need some item just in case you don't remember the cash. So the process some said Here, take my armor until the money comes. Now, once again, the commentators say that the only time somebody is going to hand over the product and say hello us pay me in three, four or five weeks, generally speaking,

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and especially a person of another, you know, faith or whatnot, generally speaking, what would they do? They're not going to say if this price is five, pay me five zero. Okay, call us if you really wanted pay me seven done, then I'll give it to you after two weeks. Okay. Now the point is there's nothing explicit, but it's understood that when these types of transactions happen, why would anybody he's going to get cash right then and there? Why would he not take cash from another person, everybody needs food, the only reason he's willing to not take cash, I'll get a higher price if you pay me later on. Right. And the exact opposite scenario of selling for a lower price immediately is

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explicitly narrated and allowed in the Sunda the opposite scenario of pre selling specific items for a lower price is explicitly allowed in the Sharia with some conditions and the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. When the Prophet system came to Medina. He found that the people of Medina would sell the crops of the next season or two before the season came.

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Pause here this is a simple scenario but understand

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you have what's your name? Brother?

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Hamza. Hamza has a date farm right? And he can produce a ton of dates mashallah Tabata Cola, okay. And the next year he produces he plans to produce a ton the next year, two tonnes that's two tons of dates. I want to make sure I get those two tonnes from him for the next two years. So I go to Hamza now I say okay, Hamza, how much you're gonna sell a ton of dates for how much is a ton of dates?

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How much 2000 A mashallah, if it is his free $2,000 You get a ton of dates. Mashallah, right now by 10 tonnes from you, bro, if you have, if you can sell me a ton of dates for $2,000 Tell us he's very generous. He goes for $2,000 I can buy a ton of dates from him. I say here, here's $4,000 And you're going to sell me the next two years of dates. Okay, now, this is an advanced topic. Generally speaking, you cannot sell something that you don't have. But some exceptions are made, in particular for farmers for future produce. Why? Because Hamza is farm is deteriorating. Hamza needs to purchase. What do you need to purchase Hamza?

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A car.

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in installments, Hamza needs to purchase a tractor. He needs to put irrigation pipes, right. He needs to make sure that everything he doesn't have the money for that. And farmers need the money to protect the crops. So it's a vicious catch 22 Now I'm coming to Hamza, do you think Hamza will be able to sell me a ton of dates at market value right now, when he doesn't even have them?

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No, he's gonna have to sell them what?

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lower price because he doesn't have them. And I am risking a little bit and Hamza's sacrificing a little bit and we're both reaching a compromise. Our profit system came to Medina and they were doing this he said, whoever wants to do this transaction, then he must do so for you. sloughi Calum maloom and what was in my room and Elijah maloom everything has to be specific, how long? The exact quantity the exact price no uncertainties you must say $2,000 For one ton of dates for the next harvest season must be very clear. You cannot be ambiguous about this. Okay. And it is well known that the price I would pay is less than the market value next year when he harvest the dates, right.

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So, raising the price jacking the price up in installments is the exact opposite. This is called beta selam. Or better seller beta. Selim is the technical term. So based on class, they said

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To have a extended payments installments that is at a higher value than the cash is halal, but with some conditions, and the primary condition is the following.

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You decide at the time of purchase, whether it's going to be a cash or installments, you do not leave it uncertain. Because then you have an element of riba there, you the person can advertise to prices, no problem. But you need to decide and the person has to agree before you walk out of the showroom, that whether is going to be the 10,000 cash or is going to be the 12,000 in installments, and once that is decided, then holla that is the price. Now, there is one big problem that happens in this part of the world. And that is the late penalty fee, which is definitely problematic. And we say, technically, this is not allowed. But just like with credit cards,

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the concept is halal, this one condition is not allowed. So we do not make the contract invalid because of one of the finer prints in there. And we say whoever is going to do a lease to own because that's what it is lease to own, whoever is going to do a lease to own then they must have a fixed final price, not an APR. It must be fixed, the price is $14,000. That's it, it's not going to vary from time to time. And they must be deciding when they signed the contract right then in there 10,000 Cash 14,000 installments that can be advertised, you'd need to choose which one and sign the contract based upon either and then it is an agreed upon between the both of you. So what this means

00:31:47 --> 00:31:48

that with this, I conclude.

00:31:49 --> 00:32:22

And by the way, there's a really good book that's in very accessible Arabic not in English, unfortunately, it is called Beirut toxic by one of the great economic items of our times. Dr. Mohammed, Dr. Redfield al Masri, a very famous alum of Islamic economics. He's worked with Islamic Bank, World Bank and whatnot. He's he's written dozens of books and he is one of his most best selling books is they are a bit toxic. It's a small little booklet, and it goes over all the evidences and the quality of the classical aroma and the modern aroma. And this is the default position of the merge metaphorically in Makkah. By the way, all of you should know the largest

00:32:22 --> 00:33:02

Council of Scholars alive today. And the most respectable it is called Image Malfatti or the Yanni Council of Scholars of fit in Makkah, it meets a rear to it consists of scholars from around the globe, and they pass their resolutions by simple majority vote. And it is the closest we get to mainstream film of a modern nature where famous or Adama from all different mainstream Sunni schools come together, and they debate contemporary issues. Okay, this is called a measurement. I will firstly it's also follows the Robertson LM Islami. Oh, I see the famous Oh, I see Rahmatullah Adam Islami, it is any part of them. So they issued a fatwa many years ago, I think, two decades ago, one

00:33:02 --> 00:33:39

of their photos in the 80s when the first thought was that to have a higher price in installments is halal, as long as it is in the contract with the prices, and it is agreed, and technically, the late fee is not allowed. So if a Muslim writes the contract and sells it to there should not be a late fee. If you go to one of these corporations, there is a late fee your Nia must be that you will never ever delay the payment you have to pay the payment on time. And if you do so inshallah it is halal. With this. Let me conclude with one point. And this is no problem to do this, in my humble opinion. You walk into a car store, you're interested in a car, they don't have, they don't have

00:33:39 --> 00:34:17

installment plans. They say oh, we have a APR percentage. You go to the manager say look, my religion says I cannot have APR. And you people should know this by now don't be embarrassed tell people we cannot have interest in our contracts this should be known so that people start catering Money talks. And if they know that clientele will come to them. If they have a hotel contract, they will change it. I have done this myself. The last card that I purchased I did this myself went into the showroom. I said I don't want an APR, I don't want this I'm going to you go ahead go back to your room. Come back to me with a contract that has a fixed amount price at the end and put it in

00:34:17 --> 00:34:53

installments zero APR. I said I'm interested in this car but I'm not going to buy it on APR and guess what I mean money talks in the end of the day they came back they gave me a price I'm not lower is negotiated don't just take the first offer write the rule one days, you know be be a good Muslim, negotiate your price down. I was gonna say ethnicity. I said no. all ethnicities should do it. It is good to do this. So give me a lower price. So we negotiate down and guess what? I got my card hamdulillah zero APR. It was a fixed amount that this is how much we're going to do. We don't care how they calculated the fixed amount doesn't matter to us. In the end of the day. The contract

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

that is binding is this is the cost of the car and it is being paid over five years hamdulillah

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

Okay, no problem. Here's the down payment I'm going to pay every single month and automatic withdrawal from my bank account and 100 and I don't have to worry about delete anything is automatically going to that no problem there. And this is the photo of the vast majority of Roma frankly, I don't know of any council that actually doesn't allow

00:35:17 --> 00:35:34

higher price with with the installments as long as there's no as we said, APR and whatnot. So with that in sha Allah it is permissible to have a higher price with the storm is and Allah azza wa jal knows best and I will see you tomorrow for our class on the Botox and Amati combo which are liable to catch

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