Mufti Menk – Say Good or Keep Quiet

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing and inaccurate statement from the Virgin Mary Maria, who is supposedly a virgin and is being instructed not to speak. The Virgin Mary Maria is being accused of being a child by a powerful powerful angel, and the message is that everyone should be lawful and be lawful. The message is that if anyone is speaking, they will be punished.
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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy as mine. Now, if we go back to millennium, a day came when jabril alayhi salam came to her in that place of worship and, and he was in the form of a man she was very frightened because no one used to come in there that way. And she came in and he told her not to be frightened. And she made it to her to say, Oh Allah protect me, you know, if you intend to harm me, you know, may Allah subhanho wa Taala deal with us and so on. And so this jabril la setup says, No, I'm an angel. I'm actually I've come to you to inform you of a child. No man has touched me. How can I have a child? So the Virgin Mary Maria,

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Molly has Sanam she was a virgin. We also say the Virgin Mary. She was never married, she suddenly was expecting How was she giving birth? I mean, how was she expecting when no one touched her? So Allah subhanho wa Taala the instruction what was the word? The word was B. And it is miraculous. No father, no involvement. When she was expecting she obviously didn't know how to face her people. So the same angel says whenever a person comes to you, for a matter, I mean, especially I hadn't if you see any from humankind, for coolie, you should tell them in order to the Rahmani Solman, Fallon, oka. Lima Lima in Syria. Today, I have promised Allah that I'm not going to speak Subhana Allah

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Subhana Allah. So I'm not going to say a word to any human being. When when the child was born. Now obviously it's very difficult. Allah told her not to speak because by her speaking, who's going to believe her, by her speaking it might make matters worse, this is not the first time that Allah is saying to someone that remains silent. So Hanna, we are taught men can a man will be law, he will do me a favor. If a lawyer can hire an Alia Smith, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day say good or remain silent. Many people actually speak a whole load of nonsense. And that which they don't realize or may result in their downfall on the Day of Judgment, Allah is going to take account, we

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say things about people, we accuse people, we we haven't seen evidence against people and we accused them and we were ready to spread gossip and rumor and destroy people's lives. And we don't even mind and here Allah is telling someone who was right to say listen, keep quiet. Tell them I'm not speaking today. So Allah, Allah will take care of your problem and your matter through his own miracle, miraculous way.

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