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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de la la kita Baba kitabi la Sharia Tabata Shariati a mavado favela homina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim. wasabia

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Mahajan, avanzar Willa Dena

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Viola Juan humara Juan

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de la hora de

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Soto circle ozium.

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My dear respected elders and brothers.

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we as human beings, there is no doubt

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that together with

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kitabi and guidance from the Kitab

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the Quran, the column of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we as human beings also get inspired by great examples.

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This is a reality. There is what Allah subhanho wa Taala together with the Kitab calama Almighty Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent down inspirations for us the greatest inspiration, none other than our beloved Nivea Creme De La Hoya de wa sallam. Therefore natella says, la cara Cannella confy rasulillah he was what Asana verily in the prophet of Almighty Allah, you have the best example of how to lead your life.

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And then therefore Allah tala also in another place gives the most beautiful example of why Allah sin. The MBR Li Mo Salatu was salam to serve as an inspiration upon us. Omar Manasa you may know Elijah Humala Hooda illa makalu Abbas Allahu Bashara Rasul Allah. Many people in the past didn't accept the truth. They said, Did Allah sin a human being as a prophet? Allah sent a human being as a prophet. So what did Allah reply? Hello Karna Filardi mala una macmini lanessa la la mina sama Malacca Rasulullah did unto the people Oh prophet of Almighty Allah if the earth was inhabited by angels, I would have sent an angel is a prophet. The earth is inhabited by human beings. I sent a

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human being as a prophet that you can relate with your Navy, the Navy eats, you also need to eat the Navy will have desires and you also have those. So therefore I've sent the Navy as an example as an A Guide to you. Now together with the Alamo Surat wasallam. One source of inspiration for us, is the US hub of Libya, creme de la jolla wasallam, the companions of nebia cream sauce, and who makes mention of them as a source of inspiration. Allah Himself was Serbia una una manera muhajir. In our answer, one Levy, Natasha, whom yes and those who are in the Vanguards of the Mojave region and sub one Latina, those who follow them in guidance and righteousness to Sahaba cramco. Camila

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to follow them who made mention of it and

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therefore nebia creamy sauce limited as

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the Sahaba like stars whomsoever you follow, you will be rightly guided. So the Sahaba Ikram are the means of our inspiration also, after our beloved Nivea creme de la Hollywood cinema. One Sahabi. Today I want to make mention of his harlot and his condition, so that we can be inspired a person and as a hobby by the name of

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Viola Rondo, a remarkable Sahabi he was amongst the answer. He was from the bunny hustler.

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And amongst the 70 people who came to pledge at the hands of nebia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam, at that particular time,

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which was at that time when they came in pledge to nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam, that we will help your prophet of Almighty Allah. When you come to Medina come to Medina, we will help you and we will remain with you and we will give you all support. Now maybe you see when we talk about the Sahaba and we talk we only talk about the greatness we take lessons from their home several castle kata you see now the answer. These are very famous Maxim in next in management, sees the opportunity.

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seize the opportunity. If the time comes for you to do something good. Then take that opportunity along the way.

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give you that good look at the answer of Medina. The Jews of Medina who was a neighbor's yahoodi won't cook at catherina pica or hum Casa milker up Cooper Fatah hustle karenga we will join with him and we will defeat you. So when few of the answer came to for Hutch maybe a cream sauce alum invited them and said come in accept Islam because I'm the last prophet to answer started saying that the Jews are telling us that they are going to be with the last prophet and they will defeat us come before they accept Islam, let us bring him on upon.

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And they took that opportunity they seize the opportunity. Many times in life you will find Allah gives you the opportunity, that opportunity is there to do good. Don't lose that opportunity. And sir, took the opportunity. Well, he loves him they took the opportunity. Therefore Latin essays were unforeseen. They gave preference to others even when difficulty came upon them. And because they took the opportunity nowadays, I mean, it is a sign of a man till the day you have Tiamat Hooper I'm sorry man until you don't like the answer who do not have him and why they took the opportunity mama some cat Mickey they took the opportunity. So when they accepted them, one of them was among the 70

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was more than a gentleman

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by the Java was known for his knowledge. Don't give all the examples as some of the examples with regard to where we draw inspiration. And it is said that when mahogany Java used to remain silent, people used to see his dignity. And when he used to speak then volumes of knowledge used to emanate from his lips. And it he said Allah moon Bill halali was

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the one who know most about halal and haram. Among the Sahaba was one of them.

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In one Hadith, maybe aquariums Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said that more deeply Jamal raviolo Tran who will take the flag of the automa and lead them to

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the flag of the orama on the day of Tiamat will be held by Mojave Java, and he will lead the AMA towards Genet Subhan Allah He was known for knowledge now brothers the second lesson the importance of knowledge and letter in the Holy Quran tells us is that we live in a Allah Muna well Levine, Allah Allah moon, the one who has knowledge is not equal to the one who doesn't have knowledge in the eyes of Allah, the One who has knowledge, he is more superior than the one who doesn't have knowledge. You see this particular aspect of how we say ignorant Muslim is a misnomer. Jaya Hill, musalman

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commies, yam katatonia musulman gyla Licken, ignorant Muslim is not supposed to exist, because Nabi sallallahu wasallam it's a

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Muslim, the acquiring of knowledge is compulsory upon each and every Muslim How can you be jailed? How can you be threatened after that? But of course, it also tells us that the more a person gains knowledge, the more he is superior, obviously his ilam must also be accompanied by good deeds. That's a that's also another aspect. But there is no doubt that from here we learn the importance of knowledge and the importance of the alama why the importance of the Allah Allah will give them a specific mention. And specifically they will go under the flavor of modern legible to Jenna. Now there are two aspects when I speak about the respect of Allah mine.

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He said there's two things is a two way street. What does it mean? It means is this that Firstly, I don't regard myself as an alum, so I'm not speaking as anyone who is worthy of respect. I'm just giving you a general aspect that anyone a person who is supposed to be an alum will never get carried away if people respect him.

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An expert he will never get carried away when people respect him because people are not respecting him for his that and being there respecting the LM which they feel he possesses. So anyone who respects in alimony

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Is that correct? up on a camera up

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a wall cabinet as

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he walked

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up on a half Kilometre

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Array, they are respecting your knowledge. So a person never gets carried away that they are respecting me who are you if you didn't have that knowledge, who would have respected you? So the person who has knowledge

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Doesn't get carried away by that. On the other hand, it is a duty of the people to respect a person of knowledge. Via creme de la jolla wa sallam it said in a hadith appears in the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that only a monofin disregards three types of people, only a monastic. This regards three types of people, and a monastic will not show respect to an aged and elderly person, a monastic will not show respect to a just ruler, and a monastic will not show respect to an ally,

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either. So you see, it's two ways. On one hand, the alum doesn't get carried away came with a mutagen.

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So he doesn't get carried away. On the other end from the other side. You have to respect the LM because he's got a lamb and maybe Salalah Solomon said, Only amorphic will disregard three types of people and he will disregard an age person adjust ruler and he will disregard an argument. So as it was, the ultra will carry the flag of the anama and go into gender. Another aspect with regard to

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the ultra which is unique to him is this particular aspect, our autumn I have made mentioned I am not a very great scholar of Hadith I heard one person who made mention and who knows about what he says I have not seen anywhere in the Hadith, where anyone nobody saw Selim referred to by using these words when he told me about Rwanda, Yamaha's Hindi or hippo. Omar, I love you. Yeah. How fortunate were those people to the prophet of Almighty Allah to tell them Omar, I love you. Some of the Anima say the Hadith this particular words Oh my god, I love you has not been said with regard to any other specific words with regard to any hobby. What must be that relationship? Someone told

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me who went to the cover of reservoir villalta which is in Jordan. He says on this on his cover is written

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in a book Oh, you the heartbeat of Nivea cream

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and then maybe a cream sauce after that advise him instead, Omaha's after every salad read Allahumma inni Allah victory Kawasaki Kawasaki robotic. That is a love that may be a creme de la silla head with him. That Omaha's after every seller treat Allah Almighty Allah. Allah helped me in remembering you in being grateful to you and Allah helped me in making the budget of you in the correct manner. So after every setup, we learn this from while imageable to read this Allah in reality, cricket, cricket, everybody. One other incident with regard to

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maybe a cream sauce or a Monday asked him Omaha's what is the state of your Eman?

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What is the state of your Eman so while they will be allowed to settle hamdulillah Eman is steadfast. So now we are carrying sauce them said licola. Colin how each and every statement has a reality. What is the reality of your statement that you imagine instead first, from a happy thought?

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What is the reality of your statement? So he said you're a pseudo law. When I am in the morning. I don't expect to be alive in the evening. When I come to the evening I don't expect to be alive The next morning. So Nivea creme de la cillum congratulated him and said, you have a man

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one of the very great aspects of the job was that nebia Karim sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam sent him and today they are facing great amount of challenges Allah make it easy for them in Java and many other places wherever Muslims are facing challenges Allah make it easy for them also inshallah. So this aspect with regard to Mars sent him to Yemen, so he has a creamy sauce lamb is sending him and taking him and leading him out of Medina and let me say Aslam is catching his camel and taking him giving him advice and different advisors and different aspects and maybe a cream sauce lamb as Omar if you are going to people, On what basis are you going to decide amongst them? What basis are you

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going to decide amongst them? So as a Muslim majority Latino said I will decide amongst them on the basis of the Quran.

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Omar if you do not find something specifically or directly in the Quran, how will you decide amongst people Rasulullah I will decide amongst them on the basis of the Hadith, your sayings,

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own words why what happens if you don't find it directly in the Hadith? It is the in the Quran and Hadith, but sometimes it is not directly there. You know certain things are there, which are not there now what what how will you How will you decide if you don't find it directly in the Quran, Hadith, you're Rasulullah I will deduce principles from the Quran and Hadith and I will apply it to that matter. I will make it clear I will take principles from the Quran and the

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And then I will apply it. So maybe a cream sauce will become so happy and say, Praise be to Allah, Who gave the messenger of the Messenger of Allah the ability to say the correct thing.

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That means this how we will Quran Hadith and that which comes from the Quran an example I'll just give me an example

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in the Holy Quran a minimal hammer masonry to me hammer

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hammer is haram. Now what is karma? Some of these are only that which was in the time of

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stood in the memory of

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hammer is that which clouds the mind anything that big clouds the mind which takes away the distinguishing factor between right and wrong. It is haram. So there is this Jihad from where it came from the Quran.

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So you see, you can say that, no, the Quran doesn't speak about hero in the Quran doesn't speak about cocaine. The Quran doesn't speak about the Quran doesn't speak about drugs. No, it says Hama what is coming with without the intellect. Anything that without the intellect

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which takes you away from a Latinas Deen, which takes you away from the remembrance of Allah no matter what it is. It might be a plant, it might be a weed, it might be a tablet, it might be drugs. We came from Quran to see what was

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the Quran, the Hadith and what is deduced from the principles of the Quran Hadith, then

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told me many, many things I told him, Omar, he aka Santa Fe, Nevada law, he likes to be mean Omar's going out to Yemen as he's going. Maybe so slim is giving him advice. Omar stay away from extravagance. Allah doesn't like those people who are prone towards extravagance, brothers we have become less than less than we learn. Brothers we have become very extravagant in a ways we are letting go but we must get get away from this in

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those who are extravagant in the way of living, they are the brothers of shaytan now you know many times not all people give this example algorithm zyada Maharashtra Tito hamara subset is your postcard Kanagawa. If I spend money, I'm spending it, what does it What does it harm the community and society, brothers, you are wrong. One of our great Allah. Allah wrote this very beautiful thing. He said, You see people have a way of living. So when someone become extravagant, then that that is something where everyone now tries to compete with. So you see, you see marriages. So people become the next form of extravagance, people want to compete with it. So that now becomes the standard. So

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your spending doesn't affect the community, your extravagant doesn't, now that particular spending of yours becomes the next standard.

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That is what

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it is not only about you, your extravagance has an impact upon the community. Because the more you become extravagant, the more other people try to compete with it is an issue.

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So in Alberta, in Canada, yawata are in a battle.

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Told him was keep your deed solely for Allah Allah sake, you Creek and

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then if you do things solely for Allah sake, even if we have less deeds, it will be sufficient for you.

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And if your deeds are not for the sake of Allah, then you can have abundance but it will not be sufficient for you.

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So do things solely for the sake of Allah to Allah sin. Let me solve some set congratulations upon those people who do things for the sake of Allah. Muhammad Ali Abdullah Muhammad Ali Sina Deen, Allah commands, whatever you do you do it solely for the sake of Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah tafsir makes mentioned that when this ayat was revealed to Muhammad Ali Abdullah have the Heavens and Earth Stood Still. He Yala what is human beings been commanded by Allah, the heavens and earth seminars man socket, reggae

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champion is NASA for my Atlanta for a short period of time the whole heavens and earth became stem. Oh my

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god. So if you do things sincerely littlepip will be good enough for you. But if you don't do things with sincerity, then even if you do much, it won't be sufficient for you. And this is of course, one beautiful example of Allah has given

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one of our parent query parameter values to make mention of this example. He says, Let's see who build up you build a house. Say a person by the name of Musab builds a house and then after he builds the house

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After he builds the house and he now he has to be paid, he goes to Isa for money. So he built a house for Musa but he goes to the sub he said give me money I build the house so he set

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up the to banana moussaka mucho que pasa let

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you build a house for Musa Why are you coming to Isa to Perl to take money? When asked Moosa to pay you the money because I build a house you build a house for Moosa not for you sir. Are you coming to me for money? In a similar manner? If you do deeds, not for Allah Allah on the day of generosity Who did you do it for?

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You did it for our name you did it for sure it You did it for a year. Why are you asking me when as the people for whom you did it

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when asked them from Why are you asking me so then all was do deeds solely for law sake and little bit will also be sufficient. Then Nevis awesome said oh Ma, la la casa de Muro de mas GD acaba de la la casa mo Ruby Maji de Vaca. Next time you come you will pass my Majid will pass my taba.

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This was extremely difficult for the Saba

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husafell Iraqi Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was started crying, because now he realized the next time he comes.

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So he said, Nothing more difficult for the Sahaba then to be away from them. So when next time you come to me on Mars, you will not find me you will find my machine and you will find me so Mara started crying. And look at what I told him was Don't cry. In olan se bL moutoku.

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home was the people who are closest to me are those who have Taqwa, no matter how far they are from me.

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And wherever they come home was Don't cry. Never mind, if you come next time when you find a cover, I know it is difficult for you. But the people who are closest towards me as always, no matter how far and how distant they might be, in terms of time, or in terms of distance, what a beautiful example, maybe some some game gave something for you. And I also, we have to work closer.

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Even if you are not, you know, close, obviously those who want to be so similar always have superiority. So let me record himself. So I've told him this. And while I went to Yemen, and obviously as he was there, we saw someone passed away while he was in Yemen. Last incident, I will make mention of as a matter of yellow Tran, who then went to Syria in the time of Omar Abdullah, who ran home. And then he took part in the jihad against the Roman Empire. And then as a multi regional theologian who got caught up in a plague, the plague of worse, over 20,000 people lost their life, many of them Sahaba crumb. And in that particular plague, as it was given by the Allahu ta who also

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got involved in, he also started getting the effects of the plague, the effects of that sickness, before he obeyed Java was the hmil. He passed away in the plague in that sickness. He made more than a Java villalta on the Amiga, and was imageable of the ultra, who then also got caught up in the plague. But I want to just give you an example of certainty of faith in

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this is your thing, when he got the boil and the bluster which, which indicated that he is now going to be caught up in this plague. Then he said, I heard maybe a cream sauce, and I'm saying, you will go to Syria. And in Syria, those people who are in Syria will be overcome by a plague. And those people who die in the plague that we saw, some said, I guarantee them,

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those people who go out in the path of Allah, they die in that sickness. I guarantee them Jenna, as it used to take and see that bluster and he used to kiss it. And he said, Well, ah, he loves him. You are more beloved to me than the word and whatever it contains, you are more beloved to me than the word and whatever it contains, because through you know, be so slim is given the glad tidings, those who get caught up in this in the sickness and they die, Allah will grant them Jenna, he used to have such certainty has been such your theme upon the sayings of Navy SEAL assylum you are more beloved to me in the world for no more beloved than the word and whatever he contains, and he passed

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away that's in us and May Allah grant him Jenna, may Allah Allah grant all the Sahaba made sacrifices the dean can come upon us, Allah tala grant them the better in Best of

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the Best of rewards from our behalf on behalf of everyone but you have Nivea cream sauce to them. They were the people in our mini Region One setup Omar Abdullah Ali, they had fulfilled the covenant was Allah, may Allah also fulfilling the covenant with Allah and following the footsteps is and that Allah has told us in the Holy Quran was

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That one