Ramadan Reminders – Recite, Memorise, Listen To, And Ponder!

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters in Islam I pray you all Well, do you know we just finished the seventh night of therapy. And after this comes the seventh day, which means a week of Ramadan is about to come to a close. We were counting the months and weeks and then days and then hours and then minutes and seconds leading to our special month and the arrival of our special guest. And now this month has been with us a week and three weeks remain May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our weekend inspire what is yet to come. I mean, your umbrella mean brothers and sisters in Islam. The only topic we can discuss today is the topic of pondering over the revelation

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Allah. Allah says a fella runer Cora, the man recited in the Torah we have Allah tada Brunello Kuru and do they not ponder over the skora

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brothers and sisters in Islam, the Quran was not revealed so that it should just be read, nor was it revealed so that it could just be listened to no was it revealed so that one just memorizes it.

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And even though all these matters are amazing, in terms of us and the building of our paradise, listening to the Quran, reading the Quran, memorizing the Quran, in fact, the Quran is the only revelation of Allah through which a person worships through the mere recitation of it. So no doubt reading is good for every letter that you read a lot gives you 10 rewards, right? And this should be an inspiration and motivation for people to learn Arabic and learn how to read the Quran in Arabic, because for every letter recited, you get 10 rewards, you get a Hashanah, and Hashanah contains 10 rewards.

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Despite all this, brothers and sisters, the essence of the revelation of the Quran was

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so that we ponder over its meanings.

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Because this is where true benefit comes with the Quran.

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When you ponder over its meanings, when you recite an A,

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and then you check the Tafseer of the ayah. So you make sure you have understood the AI. And then you ponder over it, you take a step back, and you analyze, you ask yourself about the meanings of this area? And how relevant these meanings are in your life. How close are you to the injunctions of the area? How far are you from the injunctions of the IRA?

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Then what does this ayah mean in light of you and the community that you're in? Because many is in the Quran? Have community or community based objectives? So how close is the community towards what this ayah instruct or how far is the community from what this ayah instructs? This is the double at the basic level is many levels. We're not going to

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discuss some of the more intricate

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methodologies of the double but on a simple level brothers and sisters in Islam for every human being can practice this is that

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was described as having

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Quranic character, he was a walking, talking, moving cry, what you read in the Quran, you would see in reality when you saw him, this was him living the Quran. How many of us live the Quran? How many of us want to live the Quran how many of us realize that we have to do with the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. And the relationship between a Muslim and the Quran has to be a relationship of connectivity that you connect with the Quran. And this is where the debate happens because the DAP board is inspired through connectivity and connectivity happens when the heart is engaged, whilst the eye sees and the mouth reads Subhan Allah

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which means the the, the highest relationship a person can have with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala is to read it with a connected heart

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is to listen to it with an engaged heart is to memorize it with the present heart. It is fundamentally important for the heart to be present. Now, I go back and mentioned the 10 rules for every letter because I don't want to discourage anyone especially in this month Mashallah people set different targets some people want to read one Quran in this month somebody some people to some people, three Everyone has different targets. I'm not discouraging this brothers and sisters in Islam. But what I am saying is your relationship with the Quran can not only be one of recitation, this Quran is a guide. It is the photocard the differentiate between success and failure between

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truth and falsehood.

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It's important, there's a higher objective that is required of you and from you with regards to the Quran, they just reciting it. So by all means, definitely work on the recitation and recite as much as you can, but by all means, do not let that association with the Quran be your only Association, you need to have different relationships. There is, you know, a relationship of recitation, as you are doing now. And then even a recitation related to memorization right where you slowly but surely memorize different Ayat of the Quran because by doing so, Alhamdulillah it improves your Salah as well because in your Salah, now you can recite from different ayat. Right? So your worship stops

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becoming a norm and it remains an act of worship. If you keep repeating the same surah in every rock of every Salah it just becomes a routine right? So you should have a relationship with the Quran whereby you are memorizing, different is slowly but surely. And then the ultimate relationship where you have a relationship of

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where you take an ayah or two or three and you spend a day or a week or a month pondering over it, working towards bringing it in your life and slowly but surely, that relationship with the Quran grows until you have several ayat and then a juice and then several Jews and then inshallah the whole Quran as part and parcel of your life slowly but surely burning yourself in or should we say burning the ayat into your being? Right where these areas are internalized, and they become part and parcel of your being whereby when you speak, you speak upon the instructions of the Quran. When you act you act upon the instructions of the Quran. When you listen you listen upon the instructions of

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the Quran, when you move you move upon the instructions of the Quran, when you are stagnant and stationary. You do so again, upon the injunctions and citations and instructions of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Basically, you become a walking, talking, moving,

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right, whether we can do that in our lifetime, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best but the effort to do it, Yes, we can. We have to realize it, we have to revise our relationship with the Quran, and make sure that it is a more robust dynamic relationship than just recitation, and reading and reading, reading. Once again. Go ahead and read and read as much as you can. But don't forget to have moments in which you sit down with an IRA or a group of ayat and you work towards making those is part and parcel of your life. This is the essence behind the revelation of the Quran. And that is where I lost a parent who attended the opening of Bukhara just after sort of In fact, he teaches us

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that the school and his who then live with ducklin, a guide for the believers, a guide for those who engage the heart televue for the sake of Allah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh