Karim Abuzaid – Zakat on purchased land

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The customer is asking the agent about the process of purchasing land for investment and whether they need to pay for it once they sell it. The agent explains that they do not need to take care of the land but if they end up selling it, they must pay the buyer the payment as soon as they receive the payment from the seller.
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Santa Monica, a fella

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named Nathan, question please.

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from Minneapolis, Minnesota, okay. And your question is,

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if you purchased land, do you have to take care

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of the land? What was your intention when you purchase that? Was it for investment? Was it just for the sake of just buying a piece of land that you're going to build on or So what was the intention when you purchase the land?

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For you? Yeah, no, you do not have to be the accountant but if you end up selling it later on, then you must pay the car on the amount as soon as you receive the payment from the buyer. One time

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