Children, Festivities and Identity

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Now, earlier, you mentioned something about children, right? During these, quote unquote festive periods, you know, being a living here.

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Our children sometimes feel left out of the celebrations during the festive period, how do we stop children from from feeling left out during the festive periods? Now, here is the challenge. I feel up into this very point, what we're talking about Otho is empirical through experience. And through trial and error. We've seen the beauty of Islam in terms of the rulings of what we've been saying, Why is halau or why is haram this or that. But now when we come to the issue of our babies, now is the challenge, man, this is the challenge.

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So, in this society, our kids have identity crisis as Muslims, they want a way their hair a certain way. They want to dress a certain way they want to talk a certain way. Look at social media, look at tick tock. There are Muslim girls who are doing things because this is the culture this is how the minute Millennials just get down like that. So as parents, now we have to be really on top of our j ob. My little man, my little man, Allah, preserve all my babies, my little man, I put them inside of the nursery at

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three years old and some change. He's three and some change for

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and it's mostly Muslims. In our area. It's probably 100% Muslims, but the staff and the people who are the leaders of the staff are Christians, but not practicing non Muslims.

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When we put them in there, and in this country, you take your kid to school half of the day till he gets used to it at a nice system. And they really seem like they like our kids. I really liked being a part of that process.

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But then that was two months ago when you started. Now Christmas rolled around. I'm living in Leeds. When I came to Birmingham, on my day off, I go to get my little man I take them to school. I'm taking my little homie to school and when I get to the door, I notice there is a Christmas tree up in this joint.

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I was shocked. i This is the real life. We never thought about that. When we brought the kid to the school. Alright, that my little man going through school, I started talking to the lady who's in charge of the school. I said, Listen, I'm not from Asus. I'm not trying to cool down. I'm not like that. But I am a principal person. I'm a Muslim. And I began to tell her listen, what's going on?

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Whoa, what's the schedule? So she started telling me now we don't

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you know, force them to do anything. If they're going to draw. If the kid wants to enjoin, he will join in if he wants to join in he'll join in. If not, come on, what kid is not going to join in? Yeah, He's four years old. Do you think he's gonna sit on the side and say that, you know, Allah said no Quran. Like, me? No, no caffeine, ODM. And Doonan, meaning my kids gonna say that my kids gonna get involved. Santa Claus come walking through the door. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, my kid is gonna be like everybody else. Yo, hold his cat in a red suit right here. And he's gonna want to be a part of that. I said, come on. You can't be serious. So we were talking. She a she was very, very

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appreciative that we talked about it, huh? She was very she told me Listen, what happened once here, mister a very heavy. She said after 911. One year, a father came in with Legos. And the father had built this is what she said well law he by the Lord of the Kaaba. She said that the father Bill, two buildings and gave his son a Legos airplane or some airplane, and the kid took the airplane zoo and hid it and not the building over.

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And it was the father's way of giving doubt. I say listen, I'm appalled at that. I personally have that happen. I'm against that. That's not knowledge. That's not my religion. And she said, I know I'm just showing you how some people are. So that's a person who doesn't understand Islam. Whereas when I'm trying to tell you is I'm a Muslim parent. And I don't want my kid being exposed to that. And I want to know what we're going to do about it because I'm seeing you guys are bombarding him.

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With all of this stuff, you know what the teacher told me, Mohammed?

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She said, but the staff members, the staff members were Muslims. They didn't do it. That was her delille. I said, Look, with all due respect. Those brothers and sisters, those ladies, those staff members, because they may see me right now doing this, I don't want to be disrespectful to them.

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I told the lady, those staff members, I don't take my Deen from them. I don't take my religion from them. I told her look like Christianity, I'm telling you. And I'm saying to you, as a white lady, don't look at me. As us in them. I'm telling you, you can be a Muslim.

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And if you're going to be a Muslim, I would say don't look at them as the blueprint. We have a source and they don't go by the source all the time. So never say to a Muslim, especially a revert. Yeah, but these people who are Muslims do that. Don't do don't say that to me. And that's why we have to have a consistent pattern. So back to the square man as it relates to our kids. I believe as Muslim dads and Muslim moms, we should spare nothing that we hold valuable in terms of our mind, our money, our time to make our children's Islamic identity preserved and saved. Make Friday big to them. We all have to eat together on this Friday. We all have to get up knowing everybody take a

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hustle everybody dressed even if they're not going to go to Juma and the day of their eat. Make them kids feel Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. And don't let it just be about chick patties and curry. And this in that. Let it be about a this is part of who we are. And this is one of the reasons a prophet says Allah when you sell them and burry Omen Cooley Muslim you jam on Miss shrieking I'm free from every Muslim who lives with the Mushrikeen doesn't mean we can't live in England. No, the meaning of that hadith is you choose to live with non Muslims and you refuse to hold on to your Islamic identity while simultaneously living with them. So the Jewish person, he dresses the way he wants to

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dress. He puts the hat on his hair. He doesn't care.

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And we say Dino sawed off the mill stuck beam Serato levena Natali Rayville mo Dooby Alima Burly. He's not scared. She's not afraid. And here we come to people that towhee than Islam. And we want to apologize, huh? So we have to definitely make an effort. concerning those issues. Definitely. I mean, when it comes to our festive period and our needs, we need to go all out all out with what is halal, and that's what I tell my peoples. We're going up party until the wheels fall off, but with what is permissible