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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he Allah Hilmi Heba ilmi wala if we bought a porta Potti was Salatu was Salam ala Sadie lamea even more saline. Who Allah Allah He was he was so limited Sleeman Kofi on cathedra Ahmad follow Mila him in a shape on in WA Jimmy Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim

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Kuru combina Combi bottle illa Anta Kornati Jonathan Antara Minh Kama Sutra kala hula Zim

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My dear respected elders and brothers.

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These great emphasis in our Sharia

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with regard to managing our financial and money monetary matters correctly.

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Many times you and I, we do not regard this as part of deem. But as I will go on to explain there are many

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warnings and emphasis upon keeping our monetary matters correctly. The longest verse in the Holy Quran is about monetary matters. It is about financial matters. The longest verse in the Holy Quran, Imam Muhammad Rahmatullah the student if Romani for amatola, one day someone asked him, why don't you write a book on Zoho, then Taqwa? So he said, I wrote a book on correct financial dealings. That is enough. For Taqwa. If anyone keeps his financial matters correctly, and his monetary matters that is enough for Taqwa. This shows us the importance with regard to monetary matters and correct financial dealings in the Holy Quran,

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there is a

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community of the past whom Allah Tala has made mentioned that Allah Tada destroyed because of dishonesty in business dealings, because of incorrectness in financial dealings, Allah Tala destroyed them.

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And one of the things that is amazing is that Waverly Salatu was Salam. The tribe was the tribe of Srivalli Salatu was Salam. So Allah Tala said Srivalli Salam told them that be honest in your dealings, so they said Yahshua Eva Salah toccata amuru Karnataka Maya Buddha una our na Philosophia Molina Manisha o shaped as yo Deen teaches us what we must do with our money. Does your deen teach us what we must do with our money our money we will do whatever we want with it. Yeah, Allah many times you and I we think similarly is my Mel Welter will do anything whatever I want with it. Amara de mer Malia to more. Keep a hot amid Bianca again. Quran Majeed may sub se Lumbee Aya Malia to

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workabout ma Srivalli Salatu was Salam ke kaam, IANA ki wajah se dubawi CHEP swaybar in salat wa salam ala moana biryani, but Tiana T Seroka to aka hell again.

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Tamara Deen tomorrow, Allah humma Yeah, but I gotta hum appname Malca sub Kjartan Yeah, hamara Moll hair. I'm Georgia who says I'm carrying your article accent Oh God, he read the Amal Amara here. This is our way. So the first I just want to give you some examples with regard to the importance of financial matters. Firstly, why is financial matters important? Because Allah Tala has kept good and bad, positive and negative in in wealth. We all know the negative aspects that Allah have made mention of it. The love of this dunya is the root cause of all all evil Nemea Kareem salsa limited to hungry wolves let loose on a flock of sheep on costs so much harm to that flock of sheep. The

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wave love for dunya and love for Java will cause to a person's deal nebbia cream sauce limited, but Elias kept many good things in

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through the means of dunya we can do many good things all good things come through the means of dunya even our Genette will come through dunya Allah Allah says who will lead the Halacha Kumasi will have the Jamia Allah has created everything in this world for your benefit as a role model the allow that I mentioned is median higher to Sahaba that saw someone making dua, Allah mucho dunya SEPA mujer dunya dunya Saba save me from

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dunya sap from dunya as an O'Meara, the router asked him What are you making dua? He said, I'm making this do Allah save me from the dunya? He said, Don't you want wealth? Don't you want children? Don't you want the good things of life? said yes. So he said, Why are you making this dua, make dua to Almighty Allah, Allah saved me from the negative aspects of this dunya and keep me with the positive aspects of dunya. Allah in the Holy Quran has said for things for people who have wealth, Charles suffered on a child to skipass Marlowe, they must have four qualities. Allah make mention of it in the 20 so power of the Holy Quran, what does he FEMA attack Allahu Darel Ophira

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seek accurate with your dunya Allah to anyone everything that through the means of dunya through the means of why Well, I must seek accurate but Allah says see Daria Kira through the means of your your dunya seek accurate how many people ever think that through the means of my dunya I must seek the accurate board come and say look so stay. Quran Majeed, man

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Sahibi multi char who associate Bianca again dunya Masha Masha Allah in South Africa hustle Karna firstly, then Allah says what atoms and Acebo Kameena dunya don't forget your share in this world. Take the material wealth and use it for your needs. Bye Good work good car good house by all means. Don't forget your share of this material world joselu Otto was Kahoot nimasa was zero como Tomic APNIC share a player dunya omnimaga horoscope use the dunya to utilize and to fulfill your needs. Then we're asking Kamasan Allah will it be good to others the way Allah has been good to you here Subhan Allah just say Allah Tala Amalthea up this man said do stroke a minute Quran

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three things what are a couple of the facade the facade and do not do corruption with the wealth Allah has given you. Char who Susiya just called Lana Mallya who char who sue circuses, Allah Tala batata. First seek accurate with your material wealth. Do use the wealth for your own needs. Don't forget yourself. Be good to others the way Allah has been good to you. And fourthly, Allah Tala says do not do corruption in the earth with your wealth.

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So these are the now the stats a second thing I want to make mention the first the importance. The second reason why is wealth important because we must use it correctly. We must use it to gain accurate we must use it to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala thirdly, the importance of financial matters many elemi Pattaya has an official sobre la Ballena. This shows you the importance of financial matters. Mr. Chef is a parameter Lolly Makita sub writes an incident he says, In our house, we had a big setting room. Right in that setting room. We used to entertain guests with Tisha visib Rahmatullah had all his guitars in there, all his library in there. And he

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used to get very angry if any other thing of the house used to be put into the sitting room without being taking back in the other rooms. Okay, take a Joe, you brought something from the other rooms, take it back in the other rooms, don't leave it in my room in my sitting room, who is to ask him why. So he said, me and your mother, we have an agreement. Whatever is in the sitting room belongs to me. Whatever is in other parts of the house belongs to her. Don't mix up matters.

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This is how we run our monetary affairs. Even in our house, there must be clarity, what belongs to whom.

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We don't have clarity in our in our financial matters. There is absolutely no clarity in our financial matters. There are five brothers in the business, there is the father in the business, there is a son in the business no one knows what is right. Who am I have written they must be an individual entity in a collective enterprise understands. There is no collective enterprise without an individual entity. If there are five individuals in a collective entity, every individual must know his position in that collective entity. How can you have a business there are five people no one knows what they are. Are they business partners? Are they workers? Are they getting extra

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rights? Are they getting extra salary because they are the son? No one knows anything. It's a recipe for disaster. Nemea Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Salman said is a Hadith Salman said is an important Arabic statement.

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dasheroo kokkari watamu Luca, Johnny love with one another socially live with one another, even with one another socially even if they are strangers as if they are family members social.

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But Mulkey has yet said and as far as financial matters is concerned, deal with your own family members financially as if they are strangers. Up Nagasaki SMR Minotaur O'Malley Malia TBRC Jessica walk pariah

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Doku chakra Konoba NY so there is no way that there is unnecessary dispute Allah doesn't like disputes. When there is going to be a dispute in a family Allah will take away Baraka Allah Tala will take away blessings and how many family members we have seen family empires that the age so much of well they started fighting with one another Allah Tala took away the the baraka Allah Tala took away the wealth. So, this is my dear respected brothers very important with regard to financial matters.

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Then, the most important thing with regard to financial matters, his honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. Alright before I make mention of that very important, there is a great link between our financial matters, Dean and

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success in the Yaffa Kulu Mina Taibah to Amma Lucilia eat halal and do righteous deeds. In the Quran. Allah Allah says that means if you eat halal you will be you will be able to do good deeds. If you eat haram, you won't be able to do good deeds. And if your yearnings are halal, you will find it easy to do good deeds. Then just to show you the link between monetary matters and salvation in the year after you had this Sunday Kalka Nivea cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, sometimes a person does good deeds for 6070 years.

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In his world, he cuts off and he deprives right full people in his world.

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After 6070 years of good deeds, because of that, he becomes worthy of Jannah

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sad sad herself neki ka kaam kiya apne me rathna Lusaka who cook Kosaka Allah Tala is Chioggia, Sancho Johanna medalla. This is the link between monetary matters and salvation in the after. And the most important thing with regard to financial matters, his honesty, integrity and trustworthiness in Allah Morocco Mantoux Abdul hermana De La Jolla. Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says give Amala back to its rightful owners see tweet yo Amara data on Kahuku Anca Panchayat will Amana Lika Ilica the will Am I have made mentioned that returning Amani back to his rightful owners does not only refer to money, but all who CO can rights of others must be given back to them,

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including employees including employers, the employer has a right upon an employee the employee has a right upon the employer. They've got rights upon one another they have to fulfill the rights upon another in the La Jolla marucho Mantoux

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refers to that the employer must fulfill the rights of the employee the employee must see that he does not steal the wealth of the employer or he does not use his his time in such a manner that is prejudicial to the employer. This is all part of this just to show you an example with regard to it from our Sharia. What an important example, in the hippo holidays incident. Right. Three people got locked up in a cave. They were in the cave, they were sleeping there at night, and there was a landslide and the rock came and blocked the entrance. So they said how are we going to get out from here? So everyone said we will ask Allah through the means of a good deed hamara che Amal ki wajah

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se or Anca Zarya, Sam Allah Tala said Dwarka. Allah Tala Hamid is Musa but say to Cara atta for Maya or Naja de to one of them. I don't have the time to make mention of all three. One of them made mention of this good deeds, listen to the brothers.

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A person was working with me.

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I owed him money before I could give him his money he got he went away. He went away. So I had a little bit of his money there to give him as he salary as a remuneration for his work. So I took that money, I kept it one side, I invested it. I bought some sheep and that sheep started multiplying. The men came after many years and he

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said you are owing me some money. There was some money that you were owing me in terms of the renumeration, I didn't take it please give it back to me. So he said see all the cheapest hobbyhorse. All the chip is all yours. He said Don't joke around with me. He said I'm not joking.

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There was your money. I took it I bought sheep that particular sheep progress, progress and it multiplied. There is your heart. There is your right. This is Sharia. This is Sharia that you will fulfill the rights of each and every one. Brothers. One important point with regard to the point is, if we don't do this, it is something that Nivea cream saw some said Man, Hashana foramina he will deceive others is not part of us.

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I mean Africa there are three signs of a monastic when he speaks he speaks lies when he makes a promise he breaks his promise and he makes he honored he violates Amanat he violates stress. One of the important things that today we have to make mention because it has become part of you know, our day to day conversation is not to usurp wrongfully the wealth of others.

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These great warnings with regard to this in our Sharia. This is very very great. We have to make mention of it. Do snake amalco energias three Kasich Hannah Kaneki Baku Mama Mama Natalia Allah Tala in the Holy Quran, which I made mention of in the beginning of the hotbar. Don't take another person's wealth unlawfully accepted when it is through the means of business or through the means of mutual consent. Otherwise, you can not take the wealth of another person, unlawfully and wrongfully This is the cornerstone of an Islamic system of economics and finance. All believers do not take the wealth of one another except through trade and mutual concept. Islam prohibits from taking the

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wealth of another person through means which are against justice, fairness, and good conventions. It is a director of the Quran which forms the basis of all prohibitions in Islam that pertain to economic matters, obtaining money of others, through usurping the rights through theft, through lying through cooperation with evil, embezzling people's funds. Must appropriation is amongst the major sins in Islam.

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To know the consequences of taking another person's wealth and some people's well to take it even more severe than others in the medina Quran. Amalia Tama Zalman in Amaya, karuna phoebo Tony Hemara. If you take the wealth of an orphan, you are putting the fire of Jahannam in your stomach. Up near your team come Malia to sa here. JC APNIC pet med Jana arco Del Rey L. This is the reality with regard to it. How can we usurp the rights of others? How can we take the wealth of others? How can we take public money and use it as our own as an Olivia logano. So

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Ronnie one day, so time to time. Omar, where are you running? Oh Ali, the the camels have Baitul mal have become lost. They are runaway. It is public money. I'm going to look for it.

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As a viola crusade Omar, you have made it very difficult for people to follow you. Today. People take orphans money. They take geomancy money, they take public money and they utilize it as their own. How are they gonna answer to another Suhana Wattana.

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People take the wealth of other people and they live a life of luxury. And they get away with it by legal loopholes. The legal loopholes are here in our in our country, Limited Liability Companies Act. How are you going to get away from it? In the court of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala? How are you going to answer in the court of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala? How do you take the wealth of someone in this, you know the way you see the carbonyl

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you don't even feel any conscious with regard to it. You take the wealth of other people and then you live a life of luxury. There is no change in your lifestyle. But all of a sudden, you find yourself in a situation that on Friday, you have a company XYZ and on Monday you opening up yourself and another company on ABC and there is no change in your lifestyle. How are you going to answer to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that you took the wealth and you serve the the wealth of others which is the cornerstone in our Shalya with regard to financial matters. How do you take and you save the rights of women folk who keep quiet because of shyness when you take away the morass and

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you take away the inheritance and they do not say anything because of modesty. How do you take away the wealth of others through the means of legal loopholes? Your law

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May you are going to answer for it on the day of Tiamat. You might get away with it here in this world, but you will not get away with it in the year after.

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And let me give you an example with regard to it. Our beloved Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Manzella mominul Are the ship run, don't walk a woman suddenly are deemed to be a criminal sauce on set. If you take the spin this amount of someone's wealth and someone's learned wrongfully Allah will make you where the burden of seven Earths on the day of Tiamat

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one day old woman came to the class he was a very famous kasi and said the Khalifa took my land, the Khalifa took my name. So the cause he said how are we to feel the Khalifa. So he told the old woman this wait little while, I will bring it to the attention of the Khalifa. So one day the Khalifa was in the presence of the kasi and the cause he made it such that there was you know, a sec with a very heavy something that was very heavy. So he told the Khalifa I said I'm sitting here I need that said just bring it to me. Yeah, just bring me that SEC bring me that particular person or bring me there. So when he tried to carry it, he couldn't carry. It was too heavy, say I can't bring it to it's too

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heavy. So the cause he found a way and said, you find this heavy? You don't find the lens of the woman you took unjustly?

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How are you going to carry that on the day of Yarmouth? How are you going to carry that on the day of my dear respected elders and brothers, this particular aspect of financial matters to see that it is correctly done. I gave you some example clarity in our dealings, the importance of monetary matters, the importance of the reason why there is importance of money, monetary matters, the link between our salvation the year after and correctness of our financial dealings, and most importantly, one of the cornerstones of our financial dealings to not take the wealth of another person unjustly, because there is tremendous consequences about in the year after we're through that

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one Marilla