Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #039 – Is Your Chest Tight

Tom Facchine
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So, true faith is completely out of our hands. It's 100% submission to something that is completely out of our hands. And so Allah subhanaw taala calls out the Quran for this. He said, listen, all this nonsense that you guys are coming up with, you're just trying to keep control over something that really has to be completely out of your hands. If you don't have nothing to hide, you shouldn't be afraid. But they know that they have stuff to hide and so they don't want to become come under the audit of divine guidance. After that Allah subhanaw taala says something amazing. He says for me, you really love who a deer who Yeah, Soref Sadara whole Islam, Allahu Akbar. He says whoever

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Allah wants to guide, he is going to open or expand his chest or his heart to his snap. That tells us a couple of things. That belief is not about how smart you are. It's about how sincere you are. Belief is not a cognitive triumph. It's not a cognitive issue. It's a moral issue. Because if it were a cognitive issue, if belief were just about how smart you were, then every smart person would be in Jannah. And every stupid person would be in jahannam. That's not how it works. That's not how it works. You got people who are PhDs, multiple PhDs, award winning this award winning that and they are arrogant.

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And so they'll go under the hellfire, all that knowledge, it's not even neutral, it's against them. They had all that knowledge, all that intelligence, and yet they still couldn't believe, because something inside their heart prevented them. And then you've got somebody homeless on the street, nothing, no opportunities, no, doesn't even have a high school education, but his heart is pure. And so he feels the truth, and he believes in it.

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And that person is going to go into paradise. Not only that, the prophesy said, Let me blow your mind. The prophesy. Saddam said something amazing. He said the poor person is going to beat the rich person and agenda by 500 years. By 500 years.

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How does that work?

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Why does the poor person get to be an agenda 500 years before the rich person?

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He's got less things to be asked about. That's right. Because what it allows people to have a say and sort of that cathode. Well, that was a loon Naomi the 99, you will be asked on that de la topi, he says, you know, emphasis, you are surely definitely going to be asked on that day about every blessing.

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That means what gates a paradise angels are there.

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The person comes in, didn't have a home, didn't have a car, didn't have a family, didn't have bills, didn't have responsibilities like that. But he had a pure heart. He did what he could. He has his mistakes. We all have our mistakes. Angels are gonna step right aside and say you know what, you go right on it.

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And the person who had the house and had the car and had the degrees and had the company and had the this and had that he doesn't say hold up?

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How did you use this? That car that you had? Were you always driving to something Hello. Or sometimes you drive in some of the hot all that money you had? Were you always spending it on something halal or sometimes you were spending it on something haram and so on and so forth, till he goes through the person, spouse and the person's children and the personal clothes and the person's games and their toys and everything that they had their vacations and everything. Then once it gets to the end of the list, all right. You can even go in 500 years

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500 years later, Subhan Allah.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says that this is not about how smart you are faith. It's about how pure your heart is. And whoever Allah wants to guide he is going to open up his chest, his heart to Islam.

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And on the flip side, well, may you already well, may you read a little who Elijah and Sadara who lays on how to Janka anima Yasa, Adolphe sama. He's said and whoever Allah wants to misguide, then Allah subhanaw taala makes his chest tight, constricted, as if he says, he's ascending through the sky.

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And have you guys ever been mountain climbing?

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Or you've Okay, let's be okay. What do you have to do on a plane? Anybody ever flew on a plane?

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What do they have to do on a plane? They have to pressurize the cabin, right? Why do they have to pressurize the cabin? Because you're changing elevation so quickly. If you didn't have a pressurized cabin, everybody was be able to they wouldn't be able to breathe.

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Right? The quality of the air it gets thin people know this for you know some marathon runners that are up in the mountains. They train up in the mountains because the air is thinner up there, meaning there's less oxygen in

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Air. So if you can train and run in the mountains, then when you get down into the valley close to sea level, you're it's like resistance training. You're awesome. Because your your heart and your lungs are used to working so efficiently. You're using that air that's got very little oxygen.

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Usually people are used to it. If you live up high, you're you're always living up high. If you live in down low, you're used to it. But what if you change all the sudden, you take us We're down here in Mohawk Valley, you put us on the top of Mount Everest, we're going to be

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we're not going to be able to breathe, right? That's what Allah subhanaw taala saying here, but he's not talking about breathing oxygen. He's talking about breathe and faith. He's talking about guidance. He says whoever Allah wants, he's going to constrict his heart, just like that. Just like that person who is ascending through the heavens, and they're not going to be able to find the right way. Now the question is, if Allah is bound to Allah is Al Hakim, then why does he say that he is the one to misguide people, he wants to guide people and he wants to misguide people. How does that work? How is that fair?

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They chose them in the sky.

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Okay, very good. Michelle, I can't get anything by you guys. Because it's in response to what's in their heart. It's in response to what's in their heart, if they are sincere, and they want to be guided, Allah has found that I was going to open their chest to guidance as a consequence of their orientation. Right. And if the person doesn't want to be told he doesn't want to accept then the last point I was gonna make that person's chest tight, out of consequence of what he already put forth. And Allah spawn to Allah puts everything in his life and lets us live our lives in order to demonstrate in an obvious way, what he already knows is hiding deep down inside of us. So I'm gonna

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take him off to La you to commit Shana is trying to be on the forefront of masajid in North America when it comes to being financially sustainable. And part of that plan is having a source of income that's beyond just donations. So we've purchased a property and we're turning it into a religious endowment. Currently, we're $30,000 short of what we need to close out and completely be done with this acquisition. This Ramadan, we are raising money to try to cover the $30,000 shortfall. And we ask for everybody watching who everybody supports you to commercial content, everybody who loves that what we're doing to worship Allah Spano to audit through this opportunity to take advantage of

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attempting to build something that's greater than any single one of us and to try to reserve your spot and Paradise through this particular initiative. So please give generously backcloth Yquem which is

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