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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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I humbly humbly that the love of my life and humble camaleon Buddy, Jelani, what pika was a new satanic

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poster that was set up even MDI reupholstery Florida it was heavy was was the was the VLT was

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my father realized mineral shape or regime is

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in Shala humming antibody Hello Hola. Hola class.

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We first begin by praising Almighty Allah which is equivalent to his greatness and we send salutations in the road upon our beloved. The vfv sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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also like to acknowledge Molinari, Ricardo,

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the assemblies and the students of Marisa Fatimata Zara May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant progress to the madressa in Allah Allah accept from everyone from the status from the teachers and from the students. And we are now made the Medusa and the students go from strength to strength inshallah.

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I hope I be able to, you're able to make you understand my talk, I'm not sure whether every one of you understand English to understand English. shallowness is a letter that says women hierarchy a fella called somewhat what's the law for students who are one among the sons of Allah subhanho wa Taala is creation of heavens and earth and create the people in entreaty, different languages and colors. Different languages in different colors is not the point of superiority but it is the Ayat of Allah Tala. Although anathema also says mama Astana members during the Lebanese seven call me Allah has a center so to speak to the people according to the language. So maybe modernization spoke

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in Portuguese and everyone was laughing. We couldn't understand the joke, but I'm sure you I guess you understood. Anyway, I'm going to keep my nasty head brief. And I'm going to still keep my

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advice very brief. It is an occasion of the heart Mr. Buhari SubhanAllah. And believe me, normally at the time of the hotter more Buhari a person is regarded to be an island 1000 He has completed his studies. I like to tell the students will never ever complete our studies whether completion of Guattari or the formal completion of our course for global Emile Mahi that we will continue to earn rarely till the day we die.

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A person came to visit Imam Abu Yusuf Rahmatullah in the spring of 100.

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And Imam, Abu Yusuf Rahula, they asked him a question. Should you stand up? Do you belt, the gym rat?

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So he, you know, he said, Yes. He said he's wrong. He said, No, he said he's wrong, is

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detail with regard to certain times you stand, we can make dua several times. It's not recommended to say. So the person said I was not amazed

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by his question. I was amazed

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that on his deathbed, he was thinking about 11 He was speaking about masala on D. He said I went out of the room. I heard the family member Skyn Emmanuel Yusuf Ali has passed away till the last point of his life. He was teaching people.

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So the one lesson I give people is that if your studies doesn't get complete biomechanically, we have to continue studying till the day we die, especially for the challenges we find ourselves in. But others two things I want to make mention of the privilege, the reward of an ally, and the responsibility of

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the reward of an animal is very great. And

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then when I'm on the edge of the Miyagi masala

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Tamia mussalam did not leave wealth, they left him and whoever thinks he is taken from the inheritance of the Gambia Allahu salatu salam.

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The rank of the watermark will heal yourself.

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When the

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one who knows the one who has ridden, he is not equal to the one who doesn't have the one who has is greater than the one who doesn't have the value.

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That is, the reward shall be allowed.

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Whoa, whoa.

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Allah in the Quran gives mention of his evidence, evidence of Allah Shaheed Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, for already, Allah gives evidence, the melodica use evidence and the people of knowledge evidence, Allah makes

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the testimony, the shahada of the Ali, together with the Shadrick of Allah in the Malaita. This is an

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hour Halima tell us that the island is like the flag of a country. Everyone respects a flag of a country, you go in government circles, you go in a government function, when the flag is raised, everyone sends out a reset. I heard one anti Shamala Tammy saying that the aliens are like the flame of Allah in the flame of being

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whoever respects an ally is respecting Allah, no one respects and Alan because his name is Nazim O'Brien him or Idris, or Abdullah, you don't respect him because of his name, you respect him because of his ability to respect him because of his knowledge. And because you respect him because of his knowledge. And his knowledge is the knowledge of Allah, you are respecting, allowing respect.

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And even if you have a difference of opinion amongst

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so me, there's always been differences

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of opinion amongst whatever you follow the one whom you trust, or you respect, and the one whom you have confidence in, but you respect the one, even if you have an adult who has a different view. So you respect the one who you're following. As the one who's got a different view, Mr. resective, even if you follow this Allen, whom you are following, this is the way we are supposed to have. This is the way we really sit down well. No, we will, um, I have always had respect for one another.

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Someone asked him

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who believes that when you fail, you hear when you bleed, you must be blue, when you bleed too much. So this is a view of

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an adult. But there are others who believe that very few black comes up or who doesn't pray. So someone asked him

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when you be the most beheading someone who who bleeds and reasonableness and he begins who doesn't pray. So Imam Muhammad said, Are you kidding me? I must not read the minds behind my mind.

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Are you kidding me? I must Muslim Muslim,

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who had the view that breathing doesn't break the break. So this is how before but respected, we follow the map or the adding that we are supposed to go with conferencing. But when you sit there

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and this is very that what am I has spent a great amount of time throughout history to preserve the

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Imam Muhammad

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used to spend much of his time at night between matara so one day, his daughter took a seminar of blood for the foreigners who said, Oh my father, why didn't you study anyone who's seen the old world is secret you are studying. So Imam Muhammad gave such amazing reply. He said oh my daughter, people are sleeping, they are comfortable, because they know the old Mr. have taken the responsibility of preserving him. Therefore they are speaking. If we are going to see who's going to visit

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they are sleeping because we are preserving D.

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It is no Mr. Imam of suit of celibacy. He was imprisoned in a world in a world that leader of the time put him in

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and from the web. He told the people he used to speak from the bottom of the web. And we made the joke with regard to it, but we have to restart because they are the symbols will be the impact on meet the challenge of the time. That is the responsibility. This is the reward. This is a responsibility

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Alibaba is under

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the Obama.

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So they got a reward but they also put a great responsibility throughout history would Amana was the ones who take us the challenge and the fitna of the time.

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Let me give you one example is a beautiful example Mr. Muhammad Ali, he fought against the mortars, the lights, the motors, the lights, hence the power of the throne. Motor Cymbala he supported the motors it is more satellites with a more modernists of today. So the motif right here one view that the Quran is created is a very technical term I won't go into the details, it it comes from Allah but the Mfu can put it in place. Imam Muhammad Muhammad

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took the view that if this particular view becomes prevalent, and it becomes said Quran is one day, the sanctity and respect in the US and the respect we have from the Quran would be lost. So

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when promote a similar and you said Quran

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is not created, it is a speech of Allah Tada. And because of that, they have great amount of debates. And then they put him in prison when they put him in prison. Let's say Montes impel they're equally mama has been humbled. Imam, how did your life go? A night went very well. I got up at night. I got up at night. I read Mahajan. And then I saw the Quran was in one folder, the Quran died.

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The Quran died. So model citizen. How do you say that the Quran died? How did the Quran die? So you said you say the Quran is true. In every case today.

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You say the Quran has been treated in every created thing is dying in Sudan. So, so good to see him realize that he is hitting a team who believe that Quran so then he told me one, one person who said who is going to punish him. So one person said, I'll give you 10 verses 10 lessons will perhaps kill him.

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So he took a lash took a walk and he started lashing Mr. Muhammad Ali humble in front of the Khalifa, so much so that the flesh came out of his body, flesh came out of his body

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and one one less as a member of the family member said Allah Allah forgive me the second Lish Kula you see when I'm in the market of Hola, hola, Ana, whatever comes upon us some some almighty Allah, the third niche, Imam Muhammad was about to faint one person from Mortal sin came to Imam Muhammad may humble whispered in his ears, oh Imam, even if we just for the sake of the Khalifa, just saying once that the Quran is Mfu I will save you from the punishment and the torture of the Khalifa.

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So do you know what

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Tony said? Go and tell your family

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say once Quran is an alarm in the speech of Allah,

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our save him from the last version of

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say one time

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so in this way, Imam

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Ali understood the challenge of the time when he stood at peace he's prevented the fitna, they have towards mortal sin, afterwards came to realize his error and He forgave him

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change his view. And then afterwards, he used to end he and his next Khalifa particular use to show great amount of respect we

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used to bring in in the port he used to bring in in the palace is to give him food, never used to eat the food. And then Imam Muhammad Muhammad used to say listen to this. He say that guests

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of the famous end great tips that Halima was giving me the test was greater than the punishment I received from the previous.

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The tests I got from getting famous and gifts, that test was greater than the punishment and the torture. I used

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the trout throughout history. So imagine,

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he said the philosophers were dominant. So Imams

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not only wrote against him, he took the arguments from the philosophers improve the arguments, and he wrote the half of

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the incoherence of the philosophy improve the back of the philosophers

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in the time of the Mughal Empire

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has been made and all beings are

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Same same as what we have today a brand new course or deal with the same

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material for Santa Rahmatullah was project and he said no, in the dinner in the Elisa. Now the question I have for you is what is the challenge of the time that Ali

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must know the challenge of the time otherwise he's not an Iron Man

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the money for whatever he does not know that the tea the understanding of the people of the time he is

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it is the responsibility of the audience to know what is a bit now's the time and obviously gonna know he must be able to speak to people, he must be able to know people, he must be able to work with people. Today, this particular situation that are you sitting on top doesn't know what the people are thinking, No, we all know that is great amount of reward for memorizing Pottier hobbies, but we all know the reward that there was so many people have written about.

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But we will talk about ARPA, which comes to mind which everybody comes to

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him on.

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I have heard scholars read the reason why other Imam knows Arabic is the most popular because Imam No, he was a man of the people. Never we used to sit and talk to the people. Therefore his aroma in his most popular now you have to know what is the fitna all the time. Yes, there are many thicknesses LGBT. Today. To me, one of the greatest fitna is people don't have talent for the they don't have, they don't regard religion as important. So they it is there is there is not there is not there. That is why our to be brothers rewarded. They say that we are all making effort on good person, many times that they need to do everything. But he said the 98% people who don't have to be

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one of the greatest, greatest

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responsibility for an island is to pray for the because people have become

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and you know what?

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People who don't have recognition of anyone's will have the Gurukul that is universal love and so on. And now warns us about to not be like one who forgets Allah and never forget to only have

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so much respect well as I've just giving you some of these aspects to realize that Allah has given you a MACOM Allah has given you a status and I have made mention of the status but together with a status you have to also fulfill the responsibility this Friday I spoke on a topic and so let me show you how we need to be on the pulse of our community. We all know we are feeling so hurt about what's happening.

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Everyone knows we are feeling hurt we are seeing we are feeling helpless. Nowadays you can even see

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the clip says

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oh hold brothers and sisters our children

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it is not something that is new and economics mentioned with regard to fit home

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it all said kill the children

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are getting the children that will the same thing that's their only fear all set in the hierarchy recycling you read in your Fraser coma these two Musa and they want to take us away from our lead

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the same thing they are during the day they sold a lead and what they said Musa al Hamid want to take us away from our day

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they sold an L today and they saying that Palestinians want to take away our land the same thing.

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So the what is happening today is the same thing that you're all good. And I can give you so many examples from the Quran that what is happening today is the same thing that Quran is filming. But now the people are feeling despondent What do we tell them so yesterday I told the people I said See remember to be on half doesn't mean you gain victory in this world

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who said that to me all have to gain victory always that I said it will

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not be a turning saucer was never your canola. But he suffered a defeat.

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What did Allah Tala tells people then many things what does that mean?

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Don't lose heart Don't be despondent and victorious. Now we have to give people hope. And Allah is given hope after Ohio. Allah Allah says, em says suka one, if you any particular who they also suffered wounds that Allah Allah says yes, you must look at yourself.

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Woman in the unforeseen. You know, why did it happen in prospect look at yourself

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Wonderful Allahu Allahu Allah has given you so many different beautiful ways of giving people

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you know, that image at a time when they need

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that the responsibility of God. And one point that we'll make and maybe I'll just conclude with this to see we tell people never ever lose hope about your religion never think that your religion is weak. Or you have doubts about your religion because of what is happening in Gaza. And I quoted this verse

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Omar Mohammed in law school correct me who's going after him mother? caliber Tamara

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Rolla Hashem Subhanallah one day we will study I will step told us when was this if we all bear gesture? We said it was really up to them. Yeah.

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That's it. How can we come up there? How can we come up with them? So someone passed away? Then we realize, but look at this.

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I want you all to this. Think about this. And Allah is telling us

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even if the reoccurring saucer that you already have anything in the Mohamed El segment, everyone became for a while this happened. Allah is telling us even it Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is still in a battle.

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He was

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it didn't happen. But even if are you going to turn against religion?

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Are you going to become despondent with rage? Or are you going to forsake religion? So even this, so many 1000 people dying in Gaza is nothing compared to the killing of us in the killing?

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Doesn't make me despondent, in the killing of our brothers and sisters in Gaza won't make us respond better and will not make us

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understand the point that even if

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is dead, you will not forsake religion. So notice that TAs and I came out three people said Morana we had so much questions and your hand cleared this question. So my dear respected, you know you are waiting to a stage which Allah Allah has given you a great reward. But with that reward comes in great, great responsibility. May Allah make it such that Allah gives you the reward and Allah subhanho wa Taala make you fulfill the responsibility in one way or portfolio responsibility. Keep that look at your stats, keep relationship with pious people, because in that there is great amount of safety for us after the day one.

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Mallanna received the zero anyway, shall we go you notice