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The importance of sharing experiences and learning from them to improve others is emphasized. The negative impact of death on people is discussed, along with the importance of valuing people when they arrive and shaping one's life to reflect one's values. The importance of good conduct is emphasized, along with the use of shaping one's life to reflect one's values and the negative impact of speaking negatively about people. The importance of elevating one's status and learning from past experiences is emphasized, as well as educating people on their rights and responsibilities to avoid negative consequences.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah manana v Avada a mavado follow we live in a shade Oliver Jimmy Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem either Jaya Jaya staff una SATA What are you still demoon por cada tada water see movie habla eg me What are

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my dear respected elders and brothers We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala for the many favors Allah is bestowed upon us. Allah has made us because of our believing all together in the Kalam Allah Allah, Allah. Allah has made us brothers and to one another in meruna. If Allah tala says all believers are brothers and to one another, and this Brotherhood is so strong, that Allah Allah says

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to me, no.

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You would not enter into Jenna until you bring him on. And you don't have a man until we have love for one another. Until we do not have love for one another. Chapter camara darmian mohapatra wolfforth ne vous swachhta camara Eman commonly our Eman is not completed until we have love for one another. So Allah has made us believers and to one another. And we send some tations upon our beloved nemea creme de la vida.

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Taking the words of the Holy Quran, he had come to bring this brotherhood together, he has been a tremendous favor upon the believers lotman number one I mean, if basa Fie masala mean hanfu see him, Allah has done a tremendous favor upon you by sending the Nabhi of almighty to you, who has various great favors that he does to you. One of them yet to either him if he will use a key him

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that he reads the Quran to you. He teaches you Kitab he teaches you hikma he purifies you and we send salutations upon our beloved nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam respected brothers, I had this intention of coming to visit the community for some time. It also came at a time at the death of an alum of an icon of this community of UK alum who I haven't heard anyone speak but good about him. And we will try in our limited time that we have to speak about some of his qualities. At the end of the day, those who have done well and we have done righteous deeds, they will allow an elevated status and last and what Allah will grant them reward with regard to the good that they

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have done. However, one thing that we learned from that is to take lessons from the Mubarak and blessing life. You know, one amazing aspect that brings us and makes a very clear lesson, both in hazard Madonnas passing away. And also what has happened in the past few months with regard to the covid 19 pandemic lockdown whatever you want to call it is this step. What we learn from this is while we are told in our Sharia to play with regard to things, we are told to do things meticulously. We are told to do everything to do planning before we do something, maybe a cream sauce Sarah has a words of the Hadees is a word used it to do things meticulously. If you look at

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the life of nebia Kareem salsa them you will find in every endeavor in every

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petal. In every step of that linear cream sauce room did he always meticulously plan his journey? When he went into a better he never went into it saying that I am the nephew of Allah. I don't need to play. He never said that. He never said Allah will come with me no matter what I did. Whatever I do, in every better Libya, Kareem saw slim hydroplaning maybe a cream sauce them did things according to a plan. He did things meticulously. In the back of her head, Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam saw that there is a mountain pass that the enemies could take advantage of. He put 50 archers there. He said use them. He didn't say no, I'm the enemy of Allah, Allah will help me. He

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put 50 archers there in the Battle of thunder when we

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realized that he doesn't have enough resources, to be able to

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physical and human resources to be able to confront the enemy. He dug the trench. But one thing we did was so whenever we do something we are supposed to plan. We are supposed to do things by doing

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Looking at all the angles with regard to a metric, but after doing that, we come to realize, no matter how much you play is a planer above you.

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McCormack omalu played and other players and allies, the best of planners deliver the news to say, after up the hill as I have recognized a lot by the failure of my claim, I have recognized I make all the plans tomorrow, I'm gonna go here. And tomorrow something happens and completely goes against what you are supposed to do. So we learn with regard to this. And then of course, there are certain things that happened that no human being is ever exempt from.

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Death is something that no one is exempt from a lotta occurrences. Omar, john oliver said in many public health old, no human being has been exempt from death, after emitter, for profit of one mighty amasa. Panama and is a other other is also if you are going to do proper formatting.

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If anyone was worth your living forever in this world would be the

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data. So Above all, this is the aspect with regard to understanding this aspect. And it must mean within us an aspect of preparation for death one of the greatest lessons, you see there's a hadith of our beloved maybe a criminal law when he was solemn, in Amara Teresa as her as a mortal Pooja. One of the signs of Tiamat would be that there will be unexpected and sudden deaths. Now sometimes you find this happening, to have a sudden or unexpected death is something that happens once a woman came in the presence of nebia occurring saucer and said yellow pseudo law. You know, a person came in front of me saw someone said yasunaga mother died away. Suddenly, unexpectedly, what am I

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supposed to do? occur himself some consulting. So having someone who passes away unexpectedly, is something that has happened in our past. It doesn't lessen the pain. But what I'm trying to say is that it has happened. Now one important point that we learn with regard to husband more or less definitely the pious people come and they leave behind the legacy.

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And in the life these lessons in the death is lessons. The sad part with regard to our community is we don't value people when they arrive.

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I was so much within us he had so many great qualities. And while we might have acknowledged it, will never valued it the way we now evaluate three, when I went throughout to different places and meeting people, everyone spoke so highly, and said he had this quality here that quality. But why is it that we don't value people when they are alive? Why do we take people for granted when they are alive, whether it be our parents, whether it be our family members, whether members of our community,

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and after the past one then many times we realize the value? It is something that we have to keep in mind. And as I said sometimes pious people leave behind a legacy. You know, I don't know if anyone has ever heard of the name chef burrito Dean, aka Chef farinata is one of our great Sufi scholars in our history. Right. And is sometimes it happens like Rumi. Rumi has also been a very great scholar. But you know, we find that today the Western world have taken writings of Rumi, and they have adapted it according to the understanding. He had made a distorted some of his writings and his thoughts. Like for example, when Rumi talks about love, Rumi doesn't talk about love between males

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and females. Rumi doesn't talk of love, especially with regard to people who are in love before marriage. That's definitely not what Rumi meant, but they are using it in a particular way. When roommates spoke about love, he spoke about love Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala which consumed him. And it is something that you find people not share farinata but chaperonin uttara His name is uttara because he was a very famous perfume seller. I wanted to show you how sometimes death you know makes a difference in people's life. So when he was in his shop, you know he was selling one day perfumes, you need a major shock me people used to come find why to buy his utter advice, perfumes. So one day

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a person, a very great scholarly and a pious person went into a shop. And when he went to a shop, he said that you take in pride and arrogance with regard to your shop, you've got all these beautiful perfumes and you're doing so well. And you are so engrossed in your business. How are you going to die?

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So Etosha farinata how are you going to die? as money has made mention of this incident? He said, How are you going to die? So before he was a businessman, so he said, I'm gonna By the way, you're going to tell me about this. What are you trying to remind me about my death, I'll die the way you die.

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So he said, I'll die like this person to cheer for the

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I will die like this. He laid out the

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ship for the putter. It's such a shock

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that he changed his whole life.

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He changed his whole life but there's one incident where pious bosses told him he said are you telling me what I wouldn't die like this.

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I left his business without and became a scholar and became a

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rock metal ally. Today we have to say what

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you know, there's a hadith of obrera the alto says Puna in the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was nothing according to the law will you sit on one occasion when

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a janazah went pass, and people started speaking good about the person who had passed on.

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And they said he was such a good person, he had such good qualities, he had such great situation and get such great qualities and the recurring source of them said whatever anyone required to be occurring. So, some said whatever three times I will leave that last portion of the event is concentrate on this. So Sahaba asked may be occurring sosna afterwards

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we saw you doing something amazing. People spoke good about the janaza good speakers spoke good about the deceased. And as he went through said whichever whichever, whichever, it's compulsory upon him compulsory reporting compulsory reporting and also what do you mean by this? So the acronym sauce comes in. When people speak good about the person after he has passed on in general becomes eligible for

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sharing that become wajib upon him and to shuhada law. You are another witness on this

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thing is not a person whether be from any part of the world I have got calls from people from UK on this matter. We have nothing but good words for hazard monana and that fit for us for the students who are here is a greatest evidence that hazard mana is in Jannah Allah tala elevated status is not one person who spoke anything negative. After all, we are human beings political each and everyone has some weak points or has some shortcomings, but those things never come to the fore. So as a moderator inshallah we'll be in the lower elevated status even further. That is why during the course of the Muslim salat, I read an ayat which I felt was appropriate. Yeah.

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Oh, the content its own theology,

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returned to Allah subhanho wa Taala arrabbiata Maria, Allah is pleased with you, you are pleased with Allah. First of all, you feed the body for the whole region, enter into my submission and enter into Jenna. So Montana's situation is there. Now the point is, what do we take with regard to as it Marana everywhere throughout you know, throughout the town today, everyone, even the youngsters, the elderly, are all it has an impact upon them all have said I heard when people said when they came after Martinez passing away when people came to the house, the children or

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the pious people have upon people I want to travel with one on our use of current India is a father of Mata Cara is far from Durban.

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So we went to a conference in Omaha and from Omaha, we went to a madressa in moradabad madressa *gy is one of the oldest madrasas in India. So mama gave a talk there and I remember this one incident. He said when shear police Thomas Maulana Madani Rahmatullah Lee passed away in Durban. He said, I went to the post office. He said, when he passed away, the Hindu postmaster,

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was sitting on the table crying like a baby. He said, I never saw a genizah in which an entire city was crying from Muslim to non Muslim from the street sweeper.

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He said everyone was crying when he passed away in yoga. I today got a sense with regard to what he was saying when I traveled with him when I went to this shy and he gave a talk, when I heard people to the speaking models one, yes. Everyone to be with me, the student with everyone we're talking.

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This is a sign that we are evidence of all Micaela supanova Tara, on this local elevated status. Now what do we learn with regard to as I said, we need to take like, when you speak to people, one of the things that come about so clearly is is is conda. Everyone who speak to see what the remarkable human being in terms of his conduct he was, everyone speaks highly about is now today, you and I, we don't take a lot to be very important. good conduct good manners. What is

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a set of

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behavior that defines what type of person you are, what type of person you are. Are you a kind person or you are considered person? I am a merciful person. I am a person who is loved for people. Are you a person who has concern for people. And that is such a great quality that you and I we take it for granted today when I heard people saying they never people who are who knew him. I spoke to someone today who was not only to him in South Africa, someone who studied with him while he was becoming a half as an alum in India is one of his companions was with him as a student. He said from that time, he never ever bet better. He never spoke bad about people. He never had a negative

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thought with regard to people. He was always good with people. SubhanAllah do we take these things for granted? Is it not important in our scheme of things in terms of Allah tala and Saddam's teachings? You know, Chef, Jelani, regularly one day a student came to me, and he said, Chef, I spent 10 years in your company. I didn't see you performing miracles. I don't see you doing any karma. So the chef of the cutter dinner after I told him in 10 years, did you see me ever disobeyed Allah tala.

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In 10 years? Did you see me committing a sin? He said, No. He said, this is a great economic miracle. And what you asked him

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was like to me, if you tell me about someone that everyone says that he'd never, ever get back to someone, he never spoke bad about someone, he never got angry with someone. He always had good conduct, you know, what a great compliment that is, perhaps a greater compliment, even with regard to his IP address, which I will go on to make mention of and why do I say that? Let me give you an example. The occurrence of loudness simply so much of emphasis upon good conduct today, we don't take it important in our bodies to

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be occurring. So since I have come to complete good conduct,

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one of the reasons why allies send me as a property is to complete good conduct. How much of you we take important with regard to having a good contact with people maybe occurring so Allah wa sallam said that in hapa, Camilla, the person who will be most beloved to me, the person who will be closest to me on the Day of Judgment, will be the person who's full of person who has good conduct in

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the weightiest thing to be weighed on the scale of a person's good deeds on the Day of Judgment, what the whole upon assembled the good conduct,

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there is this virtue with regard to syrup, etc, which I don't deny. But do you ever see that to be could in conduct to others is such a great quality, that it will be the weightiest thing to be weighed on the scale of your good deeds.

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We don't make it if a person has good conduct the most who will say, Jamia is a good person. We'll never we'll never say that he's a pious. A person who is good pundit is a pious person not only a good person, he will be raised by Allah subhanho wa Taala he will be closest to me.

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It's only in the field of of luck, that we can emulate the characteristics of Allah, Allah tala through the use of

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emulate the characteristics of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. emulate the characteristics of one mighty person. How do you relate the characteristics of

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only a lifestyle you become a nice merciful up merciful allies forgiving you be forgiving. It's only in the field of Allah. That we will show people the beauty of Islam that we repeat this. It is only in character that you show people the beauty of Islam and you attract people to Islam and you attract people to yourself. Your target is important, but to be bothered in your Salah is between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala after he boarded up

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the can app for app your

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app Luca Luca

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Punjab, only through only through good you are going to attract people you are going to have a positive influence upon people you will show people the beauty of Islam and this is what you are hi we sometimes forget when let us learn from the life of us mana to bring a flock into our lives as a sama bin masala, you know was one of the

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one of the enemies of maybe a crimson lawlessness enemies of the Muslims he caused a great amount of harm can be a

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great amount of harm to the Muslims. He used to be his tribe used to be on the on the road where Muslims used to go to Syria for business. So they used to everytime Muslims to go past they used to attack the Muslims caused a lot of harm. So one day someone caught hold of him and they brought him in as a prisoner to Medina.

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When we tidy up on the pillar of material number we as a prisoner in the accounting system passes tamama What do you say? He said, If you are going to execute to punish me, you will be entitled I've done a lot of harm. I've done a lot of harm. But if you show me if you show me kindness, you will be showing kindness to someone who will repay you. You will always he will always repay your kindness and he will always acknowledge your kindness. So nebbia himself has left him for a while. And he saw how the Muslims were living. He saw the Muslims o'clock in the masjid, how the Muslims were. Luckily it wasn't.

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Nobody would have seen how we were fighting in the masjid. He saw how the Muslims were learning and how the Muslim were in the in the in the masjid. And after a while, the accounting system one day came and opened him up and said go from Allah.

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He went outside Medina he took a shower. He came in the presence of Libya, Kareem sama wherever salah and he came and he became a Muslim. And you know what he told me?

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He said one week ago,

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I never hated anyone the way I hated you in this one.

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Today I take a casa. I don't love anyone in this world more than enough know,

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fully because he saw that Muslims, he saw the conduct of the Muslims, respected brothers. Let us when you speak about Rwanda, yes, Rama, Kalani, when everyone acknowledges his qualities, everyone acknowledges that aside inculcate the culture sloppiness, there is not

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another aspect that we have here with regard to one another was every every section of the community had left.

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I find this amazing, every section of the community had love for him. And this is no ordinary type of quality. Can you imagine every now and that Allah has treated people differently. Then we have people who have difference of opinion, align the Quran says

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I mean it

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was the love for Allah cinetic

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among the signs of alleles, the creation of the heavens and earth, the change and the differences in people's languages and the colors and the temperaments. So, from this electrolysis of water, ultimately from the changes in people's languages and the colors from their column, I have also made mention as an extension, Elias treated people differently, as part of a difference as they have differences in language also difference of temperaments. So, people have different temperaments, people in the temperaments. You have people who have differences, but despite that, the fact that he could relate to everyone and despite the different temperaments, different backgrounds, everyone

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loved him, is a tremendous quality. Let me give you an example of how they are different temperaments.

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In the Battle of brother after nebbia Kareem solo and cinnamon got the prisoners of war. When the prisoners of war came. Libya, Kareem Salim said what would you do with the prisoners of war?

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Abu Bakar said Yasser Allah, these people are our people, they our family members, there are people who we grew up in Makkah

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rasilla show kindness to them. Maybe because of our kindness, they will accept us in our

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spirit like

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What did you say? maratea motto said Yasser Allah, these people are our enemies, they have come to fight against us. This is the first battle between truth and falsehood. Let us kill them all.

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And let the person who is closest to them in relationship let him be the one who execute them. So if someone is coming from Makkah, and there is a mohajir, who is in Medina from kawajiri, who's a Muslim, the person closest to him must execute him to show that for us being a Muslim and that relation to truth is more important than all other considerations. So that we still have What did he say? He didn't say every worker You are right. And a worker Omar you are wrong. Right now although Allah tala favor the view of Omar of Yamato in the Quran, which we have pet knowledge, but what did maybe a cream sauce him do? Now via cream sauce him said, Omar your example is like the example of

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Nuala Sam rock Dr.

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Katharina de Yara, Allah don't leave a single disbeliever live in the world kill one of them finished. And your example Omar is that the example of Mousavi surah

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Allah and while he was

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Oh Allah, destroy your own, put a seal on his heart. He must not bring him on until he sees your punishment.

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Also over you or your loved one, who are inclined towards harshness upon truth, you know

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emanation upon truth and all aboubaker your example is like a salad salad. What do you salesianum says into it to find your

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own life you punish my mother, you are entitled to punish them but if you forgive them, you have the power to forgive.

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And oh you overcome

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any primary salatu salam

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O Allah, those who follow me they are part of my movement you will forgive them inshallah, but if those who just obey me, then you have a photo of him or her worker who like Ibrahim, only bribes

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in the Hollywood,

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Ibrahim's are people who have tolerance, they have kindness, know why you object upon it, another way of life, unless you object innovative like that.

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swara anyway,

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one of the qualities of a person needs to be able to understand the temperaments and still be good people.

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And this is something that is such a unique quality that I found when people tell me that he was good with all sections of quality with people, I said Savonarola, this is such a great quality

00:26:15--> 00:26:24

and that Allah has made us such You see, we have difference of opinion, even Indeed, we have difference of opinion. And one of the things, the time of

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my Monica to lolly the honey for the time. He said, What did he say? He said that I want to make your mater, the official mother hub and the official

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Islamic law of the land of the

00:26:41--> 00:27:18

civil American policy. Don't wait till you imagine in mom saying don't do it. He said Why? He said that the reason why you don't do it is because people got Dean from different ponemah they got Dean from different scholars, they are following these corners. Don't force them to force another force them to do another alpha or to follow another corner, leave them according to the scholars that they have cut the deal from. So you find that in Kufa and Kufa and Iraq at the time people are following up the livelihood of Yamato which formed the basis of the thick of

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which became the base of Imam Shafi allistic and people of Medina follow Lima Malika Malala, the people of Makkah by not follow the mama,

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they could they pay for those scholars, let them follow it, don't create division between the mob because of difference of opinion.

00:27:39--> 00:27:57

And today, unfortunately, we don't have this, we have made a difference of opinion into a situation of hatred, we have made a difference of opinion to a situation of, of attacking one another. We have made a difference of opinion into places of increasing tension and conflict in our community. When this was never the case in our history.

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As a chaplain it was at one as a career Sabra Pillai, whom we all call, as a chair has a chief associate one of our great scholars You see, whenever there is a difference of opinion, and there is moderation and balance in that difference of opinion. There will never be fitna

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they will never be in a community. And if things are fitna in the communities because you have not been able to manage the difference of opinion correctly.

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If someone were to ask him

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once and he asked him he said you believe that we know when you bleed yokoso breaks. Will you read namaz behind someone who believes otherwise who had a view otherwise? That if I believe my boo doesn't break? Well, you didn't ask me? Well, you eat salad behind him. So he said are you telling me I must not read namaz behind the my money. Are you telling me I must not read namaz blindsided me

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he will help held the view that if a person believes he doesn't break

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Look at that. Look at that respect. And when we hear about mana areas

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that he said you know that he talukas whole people people who had different views people who are who got different labels I don't even talk about or what labels people have people coming from this background people come from that that

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drive to respect people the way Montana did strive to keep the local everyone across the board don't make yourself into one small second we are the only people who are able to be you know loving kind show people. Then another aspect with regard to mana that I found very amazing and everyone knows this. It is his love for the holy brands.

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May Allah tala elevated status because of when a person has such great love for the Holy Quran, Allah Kareem sauceless Hadith, Allah tala will tell a person who has such great love for the Holy Quran. Read in as you read you

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status will be elevated. And one of our child on the day of chiamata will see ss, Allah tala will tell him read the Quran. He was when someone told me about his proficiency, that amazingly that he never mind sometimes you can read an ayah of the Holy Quran and you can read it because you got a flow. Someone said he could read the beginning of every eyelet

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without reading their diet, Swan Cliff lamb gallican iconomy poodle alladhina, Luke maroon and sumangala such proficiency and then he's reading you know, there is a there is a statement of our own Amma who have made mentioned if you want to see if you want to see your relationship with Allah. If you want to gauge your relationship with Allah, then gauge your relationship with economics Allah.

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If you want to know what is your relationship with Allah, then gauge your relationship with a column of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala when someone has been serving the Koran for so long, who has made over 60 affairs, if not more, who someone who someone told me used to make a term of the Holy Quran every four nights in reading in reading it on its own Intel hour and make the same amount of reading that he made Intel out in the day. Read it in the time of incomplete information that you can realize what great status is

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what creates status that a person finishes the Holy Quran with if we make one of the Koran between Ramadan and Ramadan we lucky.

00:31:36--> 00:31:45

That is why maybe the best of reading is Harwell Mota. Will you finish one reading of the Quran you start another reading of the Quran. We start in one

00:31:46--> 00:31:47

minute Samira.

00:31:48--> 00:32:30

How can we do this for Maulana if he had such great love for the Quran? That he used to complete the reading of the Quran for days and and read and complete the Quran in tattooed info Knights Subhana Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala elevated status with regard to that. And this just shows his love for Allah Salaam and how Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah will elevate him because of this love for the Holy Quran. And may Allah Allah bring such a great love in in our lives for the Holy Quran developers in the way of mana, and May Allah Allah grant him the greatest of reward with regard to this. They said that, can you just imagine about this, I always make mental fitness. Then a person

00:32:30--> 00:32:30

who reads

00:32:32--> 00:32:43

who was the happiest. We've all heard this adage. But then we put it in a different way. You know, when someone in today's time, if someone had a time of Hutch, the whole year that someone has got the Sasquatch,

00:32:44--> 00:33:00

and how we all run behind such a person. And I'm not saying is right, but people will go to him and they will offer him great amount of monies and give us the visa, you got this visas. Let us go We'll give you this and we'll give you that whether it's right or wrong is a different method, but people will queue up to him because he's got a visa

00:33:01--> 00:33:20

and we want to go for her. So we will go to him and say give us this visa visa I'll do this for you. I'll do that for you. I can promise a different method but if a person has good visas for how he is valued, right now this is with regard to this dunya now can you imagine a person who's got visa for jalna?

00:33:21--> 00:33:34

A person good visa for Jenna How would he be renewed? They say our office will take 10 people to Jenna according to the scientists. So a half is got 10 visas for Jenna.

00:33:35--> 00:33:43

Now someone who has made 60 half is someone who has made 60 half is what will be his position.

00:33:44--> 00:33:58

I tell you the capability of performing you can roster opportunities report his quota to purchase report is quota. Now we talking about him after you passed away when a person made 60 you punch report his foot and said Don't forget us then

00:34:00--> 00:34:11

you put that towards a person who made 60 half is what would be your situation and half one half is will take 30 people to gender what will be the situation of a person who makes so many people offers.

00:34:12--> 00:34:57

Another aspect with regard to it was, you know, the love for the masjid so kannamma nebia Kareem saw Sam said, whenever you see a person loving the masjid, in bear testimony to his man and then the via cream sauce to them. read the ayat in Mr. Yamada masajid Allah, Muhammad Abdullah he will omit only those who are attached himself to the merchant who bring a man upon Allah and the day of if you see a person who loves the masjid then bear testimony to his Eman. Bashir, Masha in mana has got all of these qualities that he had and he will be can be a testimony please a man on the basis. I have heard. I don't I knew him. I've always impressed with regard to how we approach people, but to the

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

inner details I've come to know when I'm speaking to people

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

These are such great when you see a person loving the merchant, their testimonies museum and give glad tidings for people of complete noon on the day of karma for those who used to come to the masjid in the darkness of the night. And everyone knows that one I used to be amongst the first people who used to come open the machete, he used to be, firstly, in the machete, we can bet this community is a man on the basis of this Hadith, we can bear testimony that we can put we could give testimony that he will have known and you will have light on the basis of the Hadith whenever they occur in sauce themselves, give clear tidings of no to the person who come to the magic in the

00:35:37--> 00:35:48

darkness monome I used to be the first one to become to the magic and we are lucky give us that particular quality that will always keep the magic and we have love for the magic because that is the basis of human.

00:35:49--> 00:35:54

Then another aspect that is so amazing. His love for his students.

00:35:56--> 00:36:11

In May Allah subhanho wa Taala give all his students the ability to make dua for him and follow in his footsteps. And I'm just find it amazing what we got to it, that they were people who loved the students would have normally every student have a certain type of

00:36:12--> 00:36:57

grouse complain with regard to those that it happens. Sometimes you feel that the study is over did something he has overdid, maybe perhaps in reprimanding me, or perhaps he favored one student over me, or something like that. But what an amazing quality that Mona had that every student, no student that I have heard or recall or anyone told me that any student had any complain about it. Everyone felt that he was closest to molana this is the quality of nebia creme de la Hollywood cinema that every Sahabi failed at nebbia cream sauce was closest towards him. About even after the mountain one day came. And he came in as the resource alum Yara Sula. Who is the most closest to you. There are

00:36:57--> 00:37:13

Sula Who is the most closest to you now maybe a cream sauce to him had to give an answer, according to the situation, because there was going to be a halifa often to be occurring saucer, so they'll be occurring Sal Simpson hooba because Abu Bakar was supposed to, you know, first he said, I shall then he said, Man, he said

00:37:15--> 00:37:37

so now because of this, but the question and then what the what am I say? Why did Emeryville answer the other question? Who is the closest to you are similar, because he felt that maybe salsa was closest towards him by the way he conducted himself every hobby. And one of the reasons for this was he made a movie salsa made everyone feel important. He made everyone feel important.

00:37:38--> 00:38:02

You know, one day, they'll be occurring salsa and had his grandson on his back on his grandson. So one person came past and said, I think it was as it has no say maybe I think it was I will say maybe subject to correction one of the two. And he stole the grades. And you are so fortunate, you got such a good mount, you are on the back of your nebby who is the greatest human being? Do you know what may be occurring? so slim said

00:38:03--> 00:38:05

to forget the amount look at the rider.

00:38:06--> 00:38:25

He gave importance to a small grandson. He said forget the amount. Look at my look at the rider who's on the back. So this is how a great person gives everyone and one of the things that I found was when people spoke to me with regard to this, they said even if he had to reprimand the students

00:38:26--> 00:38:32

Subhanallah he waited when no one was around, and then he reprimanded the students.

00:38:33--> 00:39:14

And someone had said if you want to correct the mistakes of someone, do it in private. Because if you do it in public, you are not correcting it. You are making everyone more arrogant. Are you making you more defiant and more rebellious and look at the mistakes of others. And the faults of others look at it with a finger of compassion, not with a finger of accusation. Today we have forgotten the tsunami occurring saucer. Whenever we see someone we want to make big routers who like those who like that you like that? Look at the mistakes of people with a finger of compassion, not with a finger of acquisition. So one of the head the situation he used to tell one or two people

00:39:14--> 00:39:28

told me he said that when he used to look at you to reprimand anyone to say someone to some of the students, you should see there's no students around. And then when everyone is away, you come and tell the students, you did this, please don't do this in future. What a remarkable

00:39:29--> 00:39:59

what a remarkable aspect with regard to his you know, his situation with regard to it was jamahiriya reprimanded people was love. And someone told me with regard to some of his how he helped the students with regard to it. Some students were in difficult situations. How was it monona made so much of Mahabharata love to them and the situation and we can only speak about the end of the day. I can continue making mention with regard to the qualities and how we are supposed to inculcate

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

qualities, someone has told me with regard to his humanity, despite speeds so long as a half his class who starred someone who is an icon in the community, someone who has so much of, you know, respect, yet yet so much humility Subhanallah people speak about his humility, how we used to address people how we used to speak to youngsters. You know, one one alum told me with regard to that, you know, despite the fact that, you know, he was older than him, he used to sometimes put the shoes correctly. So, what a great thing. May Allah subhanaw taala elevate the state, let me just conclude. I said, I will speak for half an hour. But more than that, you know, someone told me that

00:40:38--> 00:41:11

one of his last bionz was, you know, recently in restriction. And when he spoke, he spoke with such passion and such sincerity, that it had such an impact upon people that people were theory, it was amongst his last bands he gave, someone also told me that the night before he passed on, there was an amazing incident that took place. One of his students found him at half past nine, in the evening, before he passed on. And he told him, and he told him more than I told him a very amazing thing. Women are normally used to always tell him

00:41:12--> 00:41:32

that whenever you have any difficulty, whenever you have any situation, whenever you have any question, come and ask me, come and ask me. But he said that night when I call him at hoppers, nine, which is few hours before he's passing on, he told me, he said, when you ever have a difficulty in the future,

00:41:33--> 00:42:16

go and speak to such and such a person and he gave him his name is if there was some indication, that all along he always told me he said always come and speak to me. And now he said, If you know in future, any queries any type of situation, go and speak to such and such a person. These are great signs, as I said in the beginning, as a one I will go along with elevated status has never been loud, said when people speak good about a person, then whatever gender becomes a logical point, but for us, while he will go, it is for us to be able to value him to be able to value the legacy to be able to value the lessons that he has left behind, and we make dua that inshallah those qualities

00:42:16--> 00:42:32

remain within the community. those qualities, you must try to see to that in remains within this community. We must try that it comes within us individually and collectively. And we can only make dua that Allah subhanaw taala further elevate the status of us at mana. wafu Dhawan

00:42:33--> 00:42:34

alameen Hello.

00:42:37--> 00:42:44

Hello Mr. Lee. We're selling we're very classy. Whenever we are now Maulana Muhammad you are very person. Hello Amanda Salome. casilla.

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McPhee Reto salamander novena Rama cucaracha Indian Amina Medina, Lama, Filipina ma, ma,

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ma, ma ma, ma ma ma, ma, ma ma, ma ma ma be Hina until mocha demo uncle was

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a Llama

00:43:17--> 00:43:17


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Norwegian, along with Cobra Rosatom in religion, Longman Ghana, Muslim, Sunny wing kanimozhi and Fallujah was anti de la manana cerca de masala camino interview kawaii mocha Mohammed Salah it was seldom when all the wickenden surely must either come in on me yukawa Habib Sinhala

00:43:44--> 00:43:45

yada yada

00:43:47--> 00:43:48


00:43:50--> 00:44:23

yada showing mercy and forgiveness upon us Allah We are very, very simple Allah, Allah don't look at our Guna and since our sins are many, you know Allah yamawaki mean, you have mercy is even more than our sins deal with us and treat us in accordance with your mercy not in accordance with our status and our deeds which we are witnessing Allah. Allah keep us steadfast upon him and let us know what they're telling us Kalamata Illa Hello, hello moluccana Pooja Taliban Indian Mama, Wanda bless us with evidence of demand at the time of our death. And there was there was a column Allah Allah,

00:44:24--> 00:44:59

Allah, Allah Medina feel motiva FEMA, Allah bless us at the time of death and after death Allah, Allah grant us a life full of obedience keeping away from the prohibitions. Allah help us in doing those things, let us die upon the kalama and make it easy for us in the hopper and make it easy for us in a place of worship, and make it easy for us in the year after Yama Allah grant is good in this world Grant has put in the after Yala, great icon and a great Island in a pious person who may only know but good about your law. He has passed on in this community Allah, Allah is impacted upon the community tremendously Allah, Allah Hmm.

00:45:00--> 00:45:18

Everyone speaks highly about me Allah. Allah Your Beloved Habib told us when people speak highly about a person Yama, Yama, you take that into account because people people who are here Yeah, the evidence for you Yama, Yama on that particular basis, we ask a few young to elevate the status of Allah, Allah grant in general.

00:45:20--> 00:45:59

And all the good qualities that he had Yama, Yama, you multiply the rewards and give him the rewards according to your status Allah, Allah He did it according to his capacity Allah, people appreciated if people speak good about it, your law and the you rewarded according to your status Allah, Allah we have heard about you in the parameter, you said in the law, you do not sin. You will never allow anyone's effort to go to waste yada yada you elevated status, to grant him the highest stages of gender, make it easy for all of those workers, his family, Yala, his children, his spouse, his students in the community members, Yella Yella, you give us the ability to benefit from his life,

00:45:59--> 00:46:37

all the qualities little of which we have made mention of young law, people who have interacted with him he Allah, He will have different beautiful memories with regard to his qualities Allah, Allah inculcate those qualities in us, Allah and Allah you also bring about those qualities in us that we you had granted me Allah and Allah poliana we asked a few Allah, you become happy with all of us Yama, you do not take us from this world until you are happy with us Yama, Allah we cannot do anything without your assistance without the protection and guidance. Therefore never leave us even for a moment without your assistance without your protection and without your guidance for a lot

00:46:37--> 00:46:49

without officially Habibi in the law a woman like saloon and maybe you will learn a nominal salary while he was selling motors Lima, Aloma silly was sending vertical season on the Vienna Modena, Mohammed Salim Suhana Robin

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support for salmonella.