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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of social media, including increasing relationships, sharing experiences, and advice. They stress the importance of avoiding false information and maintaining respect for one's reputation. The speakers also touch on the history of criticism of the Islam community and the negative impact of social media on one's behavior. They urge people to provide evidence of accusations and denying them to avoid confusion and avoid negative consequences.
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Alhamdulillah he Allah,

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Allah Azza wa Salatu was Salam O Allah,

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serene weida and he was having a salamander Sleeman kathira

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never be never enough

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to see Whoa, whoa, mommy Johanna, photos before Allah file to demean

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him. My dear respected elders and brothers,

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recent happenings in our community calls for reflection.

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And people are generally aware with regard to what is happening, or what has happened in the last few weeks in our community, whether it be fighting, whether it be public brawls, whether it be gender based violence, whether it be prejudice, whether it be accusations against prominent people in our community and our society. We are all aware of these things that have happened in the past two, three weeks. We do not want to specify any individual or any incident and of course, neither do we express any joy or happiness with regard to any of these elements. nebia Karim Sinhala while he was Salaam has told us lattice Harish Amata Talia fee for your Hama, La Jolla vitalik. Never

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expressed happiness at

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what happens to others. Never ever Express happiness, even if it be whom you perceive to be your enemy. Some difficulty comes upon him don't ever get happy about it for your Hama hula maybe Allah will save him and now will have mercy upon him Allah will take away that difficulty and Allah will put you in the same difficulty. So we never Express happiness with regard to what is happening but we do express a concern and some aspects with regard to a reflection article hamari Masha Mahoney

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hora de PUE farmers bourcier

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in honey Walla Walla, Tx basavaraj, a bootstrapper, Bhutan terace yah guru or isleta, Schottky Waka hadiza hamari zindagi ka his or her store per

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se walkie at somni. I am now the one point that seems to be one of the major causes of concern. And one of the major causes of fitna and one of the major causes of the rise of some of the incidents that have happened is that it is related to social media.

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And although many times we can speak on so many aspects, I'm just going to highlight some of the aspects in today's talk without it being exhaustive. And we know that today's social media has become part and parcel of our life. It has become such a part and parcel of our life that it seems that we cannot escape it. It has just become a routine of our life the way as if it is almost as routine as eating and drinking has become a routine of our life. Now we know that there is good and bad in social media, social media in itself is not evil. It is not negative, it is like wealth and technology, wealth and technology can be used both for good and for bad, for negative and for

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positive and for vice and virtue. In a similar manner with regard to social media. There is much good that can happen with social media and there is many things that are good. It can be used amongst other networks as a means of connecting with family and friends. This is a reality today, the way we have been able to connect with family and friends, especially those who are abroad. Perhaps we have never ever been able to connect because of social media. With a touch of a button you have been able to communicate and communication has become much more easier. Joining relationships with our relatives have become more easier for us. And there is no doubt with regard

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to that is also part of our healing, to be able to have a good relationship with our relatives, communicating with friends and increasing the bonds of love. And hamdulillah that is also happening where friends can communicate and they can share the experiences they can share the joy. They can share experiences of life with one another

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Reminding others of Allah subhanho wa Taala and giving good advice through the means of social media. Normally, they are things that you know, you can use to take So, long today you can give a talk to 200 people 300 people 500 people, but through the means of social media, you can send it out to 1000s of people have moved to Texas money recently was asked about social media and he said Firstly, I was apprehensive with regard to it, but when I heard how people have benefited from my disposes through the means of social media, now, I give for my ability and I take part in it. So, through it, we can send out so many positive messages, and we can also send it to spread good and

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useful information, when there is load shedding, everyone looked at social media to see when there is load shedding light. So these are some of the aspects that social media helps us in.

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There is no doubt with regard to some of his benefits which are quite,

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you know, evident. And many of us we do benefit from some of the positive aspects with regard to social we have market and subject area I'm Joe waqia. Bianca ram * makia perky masala is our nickel apne bikey but cosmetica hoshina he Walker a year now okay Allah tala this pr amkor kurta when homies name of telecom or article social media hamara Masha Raka subset a hum or a dissenter fitna or be Mari Hey, your social media. Yeah, but that could a brand name. bulky $1 for technology kitara Yeah, chameleon, a chai kalliopi or brighter ladies tomorrow's like in many a times we do not use it for the correct reasons. And one of the things sometimes we must understood or must

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understand its role and purpose or confuse it and substituted for things that are not its original and intended purpose. There are some things that social media can be useful information. It can be used to giving advice. It can be used to join in friends and families. It can be used to increase your bonds. But there are certain things that social media are not intended for, and are not supposed to be used for that. It was never meant to be a place for Islamic Studies, which requires sitting in front of an alum and in front of a teacher to be able to learn. Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Lee, in his Sahih Bukhari has entitled a chapter in Nam lol mobitel loom, that knowledge through the

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means of learning knowledge is not through the means of social media knowledge is through the means of learning. So, one of the aspects that is not supposed to be for the sake of learning social media can increase your information, it can increase your knowledge. The second aspect which is there is, it is a not a place to discuss an in depth discussion and debate on complicated and detailed issues, which requires years of studies and no knowledge of various branches and disciplines, before you can gain some expertise with regard to it. Now, all of a sudden, people have become social media Muftis. All of a sudden, they are the ones who can pronounce everything on the basis of what and you are now

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becoming an expert and you are taking out the fault of someone who has studied at the feet of Walmart for 10 years. And you buy through the means of few social media interactions, you have become an expert in you are pronouncing and you are taking out force of people. It's not supposed to be a place for you to discuss and to have knowledge of complicated and detailed issues for which there is a need for you if you wanted to go and study it from the sources and from here to go and study it from people who are acknowledged or those people who are experts with regard to it. And of course, one of the reasons that we have to make mention, which has given rise to much of the

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problems in recent weeks is it is not a place to discuss matters between people.

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Because you cannot discuss things which are of problems between you and your spouse between you and your families through the means of WhatsApp or through the means of social media, where there is no context and there is no face to face interaction. And it is bound to create this unity. It is bound to create disputes it is bound to create arguments, because there is no context you are trying to understand and you are trying to resolve matters on the basis of few sentences which you can type out How is that possible? There is no context there is no face to face interaction. And all of a sudden those particular type of you know things that are happening on social media then boils over

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into arguments, disputes and fights. And normally I say when there is no face to face, it culminates in first to first

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When there is no face to face interaction, there is no talking and resolving about issues, then you are bound to happen first to first because this is what the natural result and consequences of you not discussing your matters in a controlled setting around the table, someone to be able to facilitate. Now, we are sitting at docking and people are arguing and people are disputing on the basis of typing. So, what is this going to happen, it's going to create problems is creating problems. So, we need to be aware, we may need to make our youngsters the way with regard to it, certain things social media can be used for and certain things it is not intended for it to be used

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in this way. Now, there are some of the aspects that we need to be careful with regard to it. One is fake news. And today there are agencies there are people there are news, anchors and they are news agencies. There are people who have agendas, who have motives, who deliberately create news to must inform or deceive others one has to be extremely careful. You will see something that comes on social media you are sending it out everywhere. This particular country is taken out of the Holy Quran. Now I'm not saying it's right or wrong but I mean just because you got it you sending it out everywhere as it is effect. What did the Holy Quran tell us? Yeah, you will arena.

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If anyone comes to you with any news first it is your responsibility to verify it. If you don't verify it, according to this verse of the Holy Quran, you are going against the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala gaffar Bill Murray.

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Masami, it's enough for a person to be termed the liar that he relates him today we won't even say relate. I will say it's enough for a person to be called a liar. If you see a person who forwards everything he gets on WhatsApp, according to this Hadith, you can call him a liar.

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It is enough for a person to be called a liar that he relates and he forwards us everything what he gets, without a verification. There is no process of verification whatsoever. And just on this particular situations, we just go out and we go on your social media micucci Hello, Brian Regan Tom Baraka Hamas calm MK said or Canada is democracy. Imagine a party there about how to Spaceman Mr. Man features a head or social media name Bahasa mon fichier gjennom di Jessie Boneyard.

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Chicana, Cusco haga forward the he is a philosopher karate is just a hobby it

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is up to Sam Nagar to subset.

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So this particular aspect one aspect is the situation with regard to, you know, fake news to be able to just forward fake news. And today there are agencies there are people who are concerned with regard. In fact, elections have been won and lost on the basis of fake news. Today, elections have been won and lost on the basis of fake news, forwarding something if someone sends you something which is supposed to be confidential, maybe a cream sauce limit set in a hadith Amarna. If someone tells you something that this is secret, then for you to reveal it to someone, it is not permissible. It is against Amana. In a similar manner, if someone forward to something and you don't

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have his permission to forward in some way, he told you something in confidence, he told you it was between you and him and you go and forward it to the whole world. That is something that is not permissible.

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If someone has sent you something, you have to take this permission, have I got your permission to forward it?

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measure what's up this area?

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How is this possible? Then another aspect is the capacity of wrongfully harming reputation. And sometimes it's so serious this on the press of a button you can put doubt with regard to the character of a person who is perhaps on all occasions taken necessary precautions to guard himself to save God Himself. Now look at this whole situation. And then after sometimes it happens is a retraction. But in the retraction the retraction is one line, but the time when you send out the whole accusation, it was several pages. So how is this almost you are harming the reputation in the character of personal person nearly touched. Now the person who sent it out, he might have sent it

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out but when you receive it, what is your responsibility? You can see it

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Got this therefore I got the right to send it out to someone else. You are part and parcel of harming another person's reputation when you sending it out to another person. So we have become part of the rumor mongering, we are part of the accusation. Now, if someone has said to someone in the academy saw some said on the policy, right, if you ever accuse someone and slandered someone, and now we'll say give evidence. If you don't give evidence, you can cross the pulsera. Now that person who is accused, that is his responsibility and sin, but if you have also sent it out, are you not part of the accusation? What Allah has also in front of pulsera? Who gave you the permission to

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send out this accusation? Did you believe in it? Did you verify it? And if you have sent it out, that means you have verified it. You have regarded to be true.

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You know, it's to ask forgiveness. For accusation that you forwarded one day a person came to a chef and said, I have that bite at someone. I want to make Toba. I want to make Toba for bed biting. Chef said tomorrow, what do you do you slaughter a chicken. After you slaughter the chicken, you feather it to take out all the feathers. After you take out the feathers, you throw the feathers all around. And then you come to me tomorrow. So the next day when he came to the chef, the chef said, Go and fetch all the feathers that you have scattered.

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So he said, we aren't going to get those feathers. We're going to get those feathers. I don't know when weight is born. So the shift said, You're asking for Toba for backbiting, go and take it back from everyone wear that particular thing that we have that bite it and said, When weight has gone up to two people, they have told five people who in fact back then only allow and accept kotoba

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who send things and wait wait goes you're responsible?

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How are you going to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala broadcasting unverified information few times and unnecessary discussions, one of the things that we have to be able to tell our young people and the people who are on this, we sometimes feel we have a false sense of security.

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On on social media, we believe that there is a security online. And as we do things, we know, anonymously, we are only seen by individuals we wish to share them with yet the reality is the very opposite. Let me say something else. share that with our young people. Don't say anything online, that you wouldn't want plastic on a port with your face on it.

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Don't share anything online, that you don't want to be put on a billboard with your face on it. Because one day it can be used against you. And today terrorism has legal implication. You can go today and go and say whatever you want, set whatever you want, one day they can be legally application. And there are situations where people have seen things by social media, and they have been legally implicated.

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So this is not all of a sudden there's something that you can just then another thing is you know, it's so sad boasting about our sins online. One is you commit a sin and then you go and justify it and then you go and actually broadcasting the reoccurring source limit set.

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In the Mujahideen, Allah will forgive the sins except a person who openly boast about his sins. How is that fair on all my nation's will be forgiven except the one who sends publicly and maybe a cream sauce in and speaks about a person who sins at night. Allah subhanho wa Taala covers his sins, Allah tala puts a comma and evade on essence and he goes the next morning and he tell everyone about his sins and says what can I do when he himself that broadcaster and himself when you can reveal lessons that are concealed? So these are just something writing is like speaking, although a person you write might not be in front of you, you should act as if he is in front of you. And part of the

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situation is always maintained good character. Nivea cream sauce limit said in the escalation, euphemism mini yomo chiamato person, one of the greatest things to be weighed on the scale of a person's good deed will be good will be good conduct. So even if the person is not in front of you, maintain good conduct. Aptana social media may also come up come up,

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this is supposed to be occurring Solomon said a Muslim is He Who other Muslims are saved from the evils of his hands and tongue second thing maintain respect maintain respect at the pan European fast Anika DB

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Allah tala Neva,

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or subsidies

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taught me in the past of Adam, there are certain things that require decorous. We as most

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games don't go out and make a spectacle out ourselves on the streets, maybe a cream sauce limit that amount of decoration, that when he wrote to the Christian Roman Empire, he said Isla Huracan azeema room, I'm writing a letter to Hera called the Great Leader of Rome. That's a debtor of that Nivea cream saw slim game, there is a certain amount of respect and dignity that you have, when you address people when you behave with people. So the second thing is Adam, and the third thing do not attack the honor of others indeed the worst type of interest and usually said maybe a cream sauce is to attack the honor of another Muslim unjustly and all of this is happening. And because we feel

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that we are not in front of people we behind the screens or we in the privacy of our own we can do whatever we want without any restrictions, without any guidelines without any etickets without any ethics. When we occur in sauce when I said attorney robbery fast Sonata DB my Allah has taught me who has the best of Adam. So, these things are such of great importance. If we do not put a control to it, we do not restrict the proper usage of it, instead of it becoming beneficial is going to become harmful with negative consequences upon ourselves upon our Deen upon our conduct upon our relationships upon our community. And what I can say is that while Allah Allah has given us this

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boon, utilize it correctly. So that we do not fall into improper usage and negative usage of this boon of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala there are many other aspects that I want to discuss about one of the aspects is you know, this aspect of anger people this giving rise to anger. Yolanda said, the strong person is he not he who overpowers another person the strong person is He Who controls himself at the time of anger. We don't control our our anger is that what actually is happening. So these are some of the aspects that I've just wanted to, to share with you may Allah subhanaw taala given autofit of understanding

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