Ebrahim Bham – Barriers to Muslim Unity

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the distinctiveness of Islam's "arise" and "arise" features in the holy Bible, as it has created people with different faces and abilities. They stress the importance of unity in political parties and the need to overcome obstacles to achieve unity. The speakers also emphasize the importance of showing differences in language and color to show one's differences and the need to submit one's views to Islam's principles of freedom of thought and action. They stress the importance of problem solving and avoiding hatred, malice, and intention to harm others. They also mention a recent program on LGBTQ in a community in Joyce, where a woman named Olivia is mentioned as a successful scholar.
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wa Salatu was Salam wa ala Mala V Avada. Alam Allah Nabi yerba Matoba Amati he Wella Kitab Kitabi when actually out of Addis

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Ababa do for Villa Jimenez shaytani R rajim Bismillah he'll walk malua He will at another overtops shallow water the Hubballi hokum was bureau in hola Hamas RBD set up Allahu La Zim. My dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanahu wa taala has created each and every one of us, distinct and different from one another. Allah has created as different in terms of features in terms of our personality, in terms of our outward looks, in terms of our capacity, our capabilities, and sometimes the amazing one of the signs of Allah Tala is greatness, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has created each and every one's fingerprint different from another person. That is how we are so

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distinct from one another. That is how we are so different from one another. That is why so amazingly in the Holy Quran in surah, Tiama Allah Allah says, I accept will Insano Allah Naja ma rizoma But our God Irina Agha and also we have banana, one of the most and of course every ayat of the Quran is beautiful but look at our letter Allah says the people, some people see when Allah Tala gather bones when our bones have been scattered after we have passed on. Will Allah Tala gather it together on the day of judgment for us to account? Allah Allah says not only will Allah gather you together, Bella Cadena Allah and Musa, we are banana. Allah will gather you with your same

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fingerprints. Why does Allah uses the word fingerprint? Because our each and every person's fingerprint is distinct? Allah says I will bring you back on the Day of Judgment even with your same fingerprint. So Allah has created us so distinct everyone is different. But after creating us different Allah Allah tells us to become one. So Allah Tala create everyone different, but that Alterna then tells us to become one in terms of our unity and maybe a cream sauce and I'm said that in normal mood marijuana is we're all believers are brothers and to one another you are like one be like one body. The example of the Muslim ummah is like one body. It is Taka, I know who is the

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couple, that if the eyes feel pain, it is not the only the eyes that feel pain. It is entire body that feels the pain. If one Murthy is in difficulty, the entire Ummah is supposed to feel, that particular type of pain we are supposed to be why we are different, different, why we are distinct. We are supposed to be like one single human body, until the Ummah does not reach that point of becoming as United like one single human body. It is a word words and the sayings of great scholars, that we will not be able to attract the mercy of Almighty Allah. Maulana Yusuf SAP Rahmatullah Lee who was the son of Monona Ilyas, who was the founder of the WT movement, or the one who revived the

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Tablighi movement rather to say, he made mention in one of his talks, he said, until the Muslims are not like one Eliza system will not come to them. And he gave this example that in the time of Medina in the resource slums time, if there were 10,000 people, each and every one had the support of 9999 people. No one wished him ill. He said, I'll tell you don't reach that situation unless assistance and help cannot come upon you. They can be no two opinions with regard to the importance of unity in Islam Nebia cream sauce limited Yet Allah He added JAMA, Allah is a hand of assistance is upon the United lat final Baraka, Allah ma, and I'm not just quoting Arabic statement. These are things of

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our beloved Nebia cream sauce terms. Allah's blessing is with the United lot. And until we don't get to that situation, we will be deprived of Allah subhanahu wa tallas assistance, help and mercy. And just as Allah has emphasized unity Nebia cream sauce Solomon Allah subhanho wa Taala has warned us with regard to disunity within the Ummah, and because of disunity,

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weaknesses created in the ummah. In the verse which I recited in the football, Allah Tala says wallet and don't dispute with one another. For tough shallow waters harbor the hook of you will become weak. Your courage will be taken away from you. You will not be courageous you will become weak

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And of course one of the situations in the world today one of the reasons why we are weak is because of our disunity. So Allah Tala tells us in the 10 jewels of the Holy Quran do not dispute, Allah will take away your strength your strength will become dissipated, you will not be able to achieve much, if you are disunited shaytan becomes happy when we add this this United says Allah in the 15th supper of the Holy Quran. In surah, Bani Israel in a shaytan Enza obey No, she doesn't create this unity amongst people shaytan creates fights amongst people shaytan creates disputes amongst people. Allah does not like disputes. In fact, in one Hadith, maybe a cream sauce Lim said Allah of miracles

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Should I not show you? The other salad the observing Daraja Takashi Milele OSA him in her Okama call something that is even more beneficial, more rewarding the new reading Nuffield Salah Nuffield Rosa Nephele first panel Yasunaga tell us your Rasulullah Nebia cream sauce and said bring people together reconcile people because disputes he'll Holika because dispute shaves off and because shaving is attached to the hair. Maybe a cream sauce of said I don't say it shaves off your hair. It shaves off your dean. This unity disputes and arguments shaves off your Dean. Good deeds are not accepted by Allah and forgiveness is withheld when we are disunited. nebbia cream sauce limit set in

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a hadith every Monday and Thursday. The deeds of human beings and the deeds of the believers are presented before Allah and Allah forgives them. By and large Allah forgives the believers except Kenneth Boehner who have been a happy Shana except the person who is a dispute with his Muslim brother. Allah Tala attend the angels leave that person aside, I will not forgive him till he reconciled with his brother.

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These are a hadith which I make mention with regard to with my dad he spent, unfortunately, despite the importance of unity, the hands of disunity, we present such a sorrow state in our Ummah today with regard to disunity, and without it you will not be able to achieve much. And I just did a talk recently about two three weeks on Salah who dinner up because I was in UK and I went to go and you know, 25 years of the Friends of AXA, who were doing tremendous work to highlight the sacredness of material AXA and dispossession and the oppression on the Palestinian people. So when I came back, I spoke about sallahu Dena UB how, how he brought back Jerusalem, and materia xi in the folds and and

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in the realm of the Muslims. The first thing sallahu Dena UB Rahmatullah Lee did for 10 years before he fought the crusade Crusaders, he brought the Ummah together, he made an effort to bring the Ummah together. He first brought the four major cities of the Muslim world at that time, Aleppo, Damascus, Cairo and Mosul in Iraq. He brought the rulers of those four cities together when he achieved unity there's a time here take the Crusaders Allah Tala granted him victory after that, when he beat now, obviously, I must tell you that today to achieve unities is not easy today. Because we you know, you have to deal with egos, you have to deal with challenges we have to deal with different situation.

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And in this particular regard, I'm just reminded with regard to the statement of a great zahavi for a game of Herbalife new Massoud, and this will be good for us in our individual family situations. And even in our must situations, when he said the difficulty and the harm that will come upon you because of disunity. That harm is less than the difficulty that you get in achieving unity. So to achieve unity, there's a lot of difficulty you have to you know, sometimes, you know, sacrifice your ego, you have to make certain that Tom is less than the than the harm that will come upon you as a family, as a community because of disunity. And it is made mentioned with regard to it that our Alma

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have made mentioned Imam Oza is one of our great scholars. It said when Allah intends evil for a nation, he engages them in fighting and prevents them from others, prevents them from practice. And it is Maru faktory Rahmatullah Ling said, when Allah Tana intends evil for people, he closes the door of action, and he opens up the door of argumentation. If we are spending more time on social media with regard to the arguments that are taking place in our community and making our voices heard in that instead of using the time to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. It's a sign that Allah Tala is intending evil for us.

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This is something now of course, one of the aspects that we need to address is there are barriers with regard to achieving you know unit, some months some let me address some of those particular aspects. One of it is we have difference of opinion. Now many times people

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Say there is a difference of opinion difference of opinion is not necessarily a barrier against unity. It's not everything. Allah has ordained differences between humans in terms of the languages and colors, says Allah in the Holy Quran for Minaya to help us somehow it will outwork the left well Cinetic como el Alikum. Amongst the signs of Allah Tala is the creations of the heavens and earth, and differences in your languages and colors. So a lotta love, you know, human beings having different colors, we make it a point and sometimes a means of looking down upon people as a means of racism and Latin. This is a sign of mines that I created to in different races, different colors,

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and I've created two different languages don't look down upon languages, it is a part of Allah subhanho wa Taala as creation. So just as Allah Allah has created people in different languages, with different languages, different colors, Allah subhanho wa Taala has also given peoples different minds, different mental capacities are also signs of Allah Ghana's creative power, and in the intellectual world becomes more stimulating by different thoughts, different ideas, different views, different opinions that are coming forward, when they use a situation then people have come forward with different views, that particular different views when it is brought forward in a community in a

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family in a society. It is not disunity, we need to be able to to challenge that in such a way that we take advantage of that. So there's different views come why this different view has come this person has bought it from this angle, he has brought it from this angle, it is not a means of disunity. We must look upon it as Rama is a mercy. But however, in the Devi capacity in the Dini situation, we must be very aware that there is no difference of opinion with regard to fundamentals. You can have a difference of opinion with regard to whether homosexuality is permissible in Islam or not. Or you can have a difference of opinion with regard to the situation is is the interview of

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Allah Tala after our beloved Libya cream sauce. Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah Li is quoted to have said some if you someone tells you, I'm a prophet after Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, O, Allah, and you asked him for evidence, the mere fact that you asked him for evidence for such a fundamental thing of the can lead you out of the fold of Islam never made him. How dare you ask someone for evidence for something that is so clear that in our Sharia, so in our Sharia in our deen, we believe in one thing, there is no compulsion you are forced to accept Islam? Right so a person from the outset is not forced now you gotta have freedom. But once you are in Islam, you are

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obliged to follow Islam. You are obliged to follow Islam you don't have an option to say, I don't agree whether this is part of Islam or not. No, you have to agree that it is part of Islam, not the Quran democracy for Alsina to communicate him has a halal waha the Haram elite after all, and Allah he'll tell them you can go and say this is halal, halal and this is haram. Falsely attributing it to Allah. I got a view and I say this is Islam. That is your view. But in your view, if you are Muslim, you have to bring your view in line with what Allah Allah has revealed. Now you may know how to come Hatha Yoga Pune Hawa, whatever has to be you are not a believer until you subject your thoughts your

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desires your Amel, according to the deen and that nivia Karim saw Salam has brought you see we sometimes say We want freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of action, I want to do whatever I want. I want to think whatever I want, I want to say whatever I want. Well, if you want that freedom, then take it freedom, but then you cannot be a Muslim who submits to Allah. submission and freedom or two poles upon submission means I will try my utmost to bring my thoughts my ideas, in fact, my thoughts and ideas I have to bring it in according to enlighten us I don't have an option, my dish I will do my utmost. And if there is a diversion from that diversion will not be because of rebelliousness,

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that diversion will be because of weakness. So planifolia Rahmatullah Lee said there is hope for a person who commits sin, and he goes against a command of Allah because of weakness. There is no hope for a person who goes against the Command of Allah Tala because of rebelliousness. I will not read numbers because I don't think he's compulsory. I don't think it's important. You have no right to make a decision. Once you are Muslim, you have to submit to what Allah Tala tells you. If you want a freedom, then you know what Muslim, but you have to submit to what Allah subhanaw taala. So now, there's going to be so I'm talking about there is no difference of opinions in fundamentals. You

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don't have the right to have a thought and opinion against Islam. But within Islam, there are certain sub divisional issues. In those particular issues, there are going to be differences of opinion. There have been differences of opinion, that is not a barrier with regard to Unity. In fact, what am I have written the only time when they is complete

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consensus is when people are dumb. People are foolish, or people are dishonest. Wherever they are people have honest people have, you know, intelligence, we have the capacity to formulate thoughts, ideas, they're going to have difference of opinion, or where they are honest enough to say to someone, you have got this particular view, I don't agree with you on that view. When there are people of intellect and when there are people of integrity, there is going to be difference of opinion. And where there are people who don't have intellect, so they don't have the capacity to formulate thoughts and opinions, they everyone will follow. There will be like sheep, or there are

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people who, for example, who are dishonest, I don't agree with you. I don't agree with you on something. But you are this honest. With regard to despite feeling strongly on an issue, you remain inactive or silent for fear of other people for fear of statements of your posters for fear of templates, then you are dishonest. This this ingenious, when you feel strongly on an issue and you keep silent or become inactive,

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then that is disingenuous. It is this honesty, but where there are people of intellect and there are people of honesty, there will be difference of opinion, to a difference of opinion a time of our beloved Teresa, Julio Selim and I will be entering SummerSlam dealt with it. The new Karissa Nebia cream sauce and I'm told the Sahaba after the Battle of the Trench, that you're you know, this angel came Yasunaga you have taken out your armor, but the tyranny and double standards and the betrayal of an equaliser has not been dealt with maybe a cream sauce from said Go immediately read your numbers in preparation on the way Sahaba felt that we are going to miss a salad is going to become

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Muslim. So one group of Sahaba said we are going to follow Libya cream sauce from stitchings literally he told us to read Assad in Raisa even if it becomes a time of money, we will read some numbers and

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the other the other group said no no cream sauce still a men that go quickly there. He didn't say go and read ourselves there even if it is Margarita. So they read us are on the road and they went a little bit later. Maybe a cream sauce them came to know about the two views adopted by the sahaba. He didn't complain to anyone because they were trying to achieve what Allah Tala Rasool wanted from them, but they don't they choose two different options. So there is going to be no of course throughout history there has been this. The people, someone saw Imam Malik Rahmatullah one day, in desperation, what's happened? I was sitting in discussing matters with Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah

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Lee. I started off Misha time I finished much of time,

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despite the fact that they had difference with regard to the fic and then they they jurisprudence issue, they still were able to sit in discuss with us, do we have that particular capacity in today's time? Where have we gone wrong? And sometimes the front of opinion can be because of different reasons. Sometimes it can be because of temperament. So if we have a difference of of temperament doesn't necessarily mean you're wrong. Maybe a cream sauce from Aston, I made mention with regard to it earlier by different opinions coming, different solutions come to the fore. So when we

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had a situation with regard to the prisoners of war, what do we deal with them of overthrow Villatoro said Jana Sula. You know, show compassion to them, they are our people. One day, maybe they would accept Islam. humara the ultimate savior, a sunnah is a first time that there was a battle between truth and falsehood. We need to set the standard. We need to get them killed, and we need to execute them. And the person who is closest to them in family, he must be the one to execute them to show that there is a distinction between truth and falsehood. Nebia Kareem saw Selim took the view of Abu Bakr, and you know what he said? He said, Oh, Abu Bakr, your example is like Ibrahim

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alayhis salam. And your example is like is Ali Salam. And what do they say? What did they mean what what did they make into him finally, he said Israelis that was salam said, Oh Allah if you punish my followers tell you your bondsman. There you have savings you can you can punish them if you want Winterfield loan but if you forgive them, you also have the capacity to forgive them. So obovata you example is like Ibrahim and Ibrahim Ibrahim Al

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Ibrahim is kind he's turning towards Almighty Allah. Ibrahim. Normally colibra hymns are tight and compassionate. Some people find it objectionable. I don't know why. But Allah Allah said it is like that. And oh, Omar, your example is like no Elisa, Sarah and I both Sally Sarah, what it Melissa that was salam said, Rob Billa. Turner,

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the euro, oh Allah don't leave one single disbeliever live in this world. So one was compassionate one was the limit. So sometimes in this difference of opinion, this matters come to the fore and maybe perhaps, you know the balance is take. So one of the barriers with regard to unity is how do we deal with differences of opinion, one of the greatest statements in this regard, I read yours from a very great scholar

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The one who has combined the facade Amal, which is perhaps one of the most widely read books in the Islamic world Shaquil he does it more as a Tereus.

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When he said whenever there is difference of opinion, and it is handled correctly, there will never ever be disunity and fitna. Let me repeat that again. Wherever there is difference of opinion and it is handled correctly. There will never be disagreements and there will never be fitna and there will never be hatred. The second thing my dear respected brothers, the barrier with regard to you know, unity is the concept of hatred, which has become such an ugly part of our community and fiduciary, it seems almost like it's a norm. It's a norm for people to hate one another. Now, one thing that we have to keep in is that Islam has teaches us to be stay away from hatred, malice and intention to

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harm others. These are spiritual diseases of the heart, which consequences are destructive to a person individually to the community in the society. Let me get himself some set for you to hate another person is enough even for you to be destroyed.

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Maybe a cream sauce on one occasion ship whenever you hear a person saying and this is becoming so common

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since it's becoming so common, whenever you hear a person saying the community is finished, the community is destroyed don't you look at what you're doing he's the first of the person to be destroyed

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Sahih Muslim Hadith the every you ever you your person, the community is going to go to the dogs is the first person to be destroyed.

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Or maybe even a typhoon Rahmatullah. I hope I'm getting the name right made mention of a very amazing thing. Second, the NASA coffee the Nobel feel really bad. Well, let me a call for people who be unforeseen. Today people fear Allah with regard to the sense of others. They don't fear Allah with regard to their own sense. They fear Allah three Don't you see what's happening? Don't just want it this this one did what you did you not worried about. People fear Allah with regard to the sins of others, they don't fear Allah with regard to the incidence.

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Our alumni have taught us with regard to this matter, Hate the sin, not the sinner.

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The person who's done wrong, that sin is wrong, that person who has done wrong you making dua for Allah bringing upon the right path, the time of nebbia cream sauce from there was a person who had taken alcohol, sometimes you think, the most Mubarak time in our history, and there were people who had weaknesses. And he had this one weakness, and he was being because Islam doesn't look upon the taking of alcohol as an individual act, which is left to the discretion of an individual. It has, it has consequences upon humanity. Look at the type of exit and race it happened during the time of Christmas, mainly because of alcohol. So Islam is set it is a punishment for a person who takes care

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of all and today's become a norm. And we have to keep this in mind how Islam looks upon alcohol. So they were they were punishing him and one person said May Allah disgraceful and maybe saw Selim rebuked him and said, Don't let shaytan get the upper hand over him. How can you save me Allah disgrace him? I know he loves Elena's Rasul despite the fact that he made this weakness. So we hate the sin. We don't hate the sinner. Another aspect with regard to I think, and I will just make mention of two more points by the respective brothers with regard to the harms of disunity and the barriers with regard to plate immunity is we don't become solution orientated. And this creates, you

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know, barriers, it creates disunity. There are certain types of things that we have to be practical we have to be solution orientated according to our circumstances. Someone says South Africa has a very high murder rate and a very great crime rate. The Quran tells you when a conflict associate that in the Law of Retaliation, the safety of life, next time someone commits a murder I'm gonna take it upon myself to go and kill him in retaliation.

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Can you do that you cannot do it because you don't have the authority to do so. And let Allah says he was sorry for sorry for two factor way the OMA he's a Quranic verses, I can't deny it. You can't delight. The person who commits stuff going cut his head.

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Who can you go into much practice and you can do it because you don't have authority. You're not in power. So when we become when we speak, we need to talk about solutions, solutions that are practical. We make mention with regard to things today, we talk about, you know, secular education, and then we talk about it and we don't we don't have solutions. Sometimes we go to one extreme and set it is completely haram then where do you get the tokens to come from? Where do you get the doctors if you get sick? Where do you go to when you have a situation of going to the two courts. We had a situation of you know, the lawyers who have widely praised and correctly so for being able to

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bring about the situation with regard to the is bingo beat situation about Amazon. Now if we see that, no, we're not supposed to, you know, learn this type of knowledge and why are we placing the people who have been in the pot

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above it, we have been the reason with regard to achieving apparent means of achieving that victory, or achieving that particular point victory. So when we talk about things, we have to become solution orientated. Not just talk about things without a solution. And lastly, let me say my dear respect for others, this unity, it prevents us from facing the challenges that are there, we get too caught up in things. And I'm not saying it's trivial, but comparatively, there are more, more difficult and more pressing challenges that we have to face. But because of our disunity, because of sniping because of at one another's throats, we don't we don't have the opportunity to be able to deal with

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this challenge challenges, the immoral, the morality that is out there today. The atheism that is becoming rife within our I would say rife, maybe is the wrong word, but is the atheism that is coming in the minds of our young youngsters. I did a program during the course of the week on the problems of LGBTQ in one of the communities in Johannesburg, and one of the alums has done extensive research in there. And he's become a source of reference. And I will just make mention of the central group proceeded, when we are disunited, we won't be able to deal with the challenges. He said that we will be all Muslim girl one day told me, she said Maulana, I'm a girl, but I think

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Allah made a mistake by making me a girl. I'm a girl in them in a boys are in a man's body. He said one person told him and he said, I am dealing with a person. He said, I think that on this particular regard, and yada yada beloved noclip

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he said that, you know, I don't agree with this whole particular aspect of this particular form of you know, immorality and homosexuality being Haram is a time for us to to relook at the Holy Quran.

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Now when we have these type of challenges, and are we going to be, can we afford to be disunited? Can we afford to be able to play around and have ego wars in personality clashes? So, my dear is better. That's all I'm saying. In conclusion is let us be able to understand the importance of unity, the importance of the barriers with regard to the unity is made mention of one or two hatred, how do we deal with difference of opinion, but at least one thing that we each and every one must be, you know, very aware of, and I think that each and every one must take this commitment, I will not become the means of further disunity.

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If you see a post that is negative, do you have to forward it? Or is you seem to like it, therefore you are avoiding it. So it creates a certain degree of happiness in your why should you be able to do that? Let us make a commitment I won't become the means. Sometimes things happen in the community. I don't have the capacity to deal with it. I can't stop it. But I can I can stop my own actions. I can bring about an introspection about my own actions, see to it that we are not the cause of further disunity and further hatred. May Allah give us a trophy or bringing unity and love in Mahabharata amongst us as was the way of our beloved Olivia crimson and the teachings of our deen

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work through that one.

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We have a very important guest one man Sir Jack no money he is the son of a very great scholar who visited our shores way back in 1968. Maulana Masood Romani, inshallah his program will be made mention of and inshallah we will be putting out the posters we make dua that Allah Tala MC is coming a success

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