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The end of the pandemic has caused people to celebrate the end of their lives, including social media, events, and writing. The importance of protecting against the virus is emphasized, along with the use of sh glasses and post on Instagram to remind students to stay up late. Different actions and deeds are discussed, including consistency in work and fasting during the day, avoiding distractions, and taking action to achieve goals and avoid distractions. Different strategies are recommended, including deleting distracting apps and keeping productive activities on one phone. Overall, staying up late and getting enough rest is emphasized, as well as keeping track of progress on Facebook Live.

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Assalamualaikum biloba Catherine we are live it's been a while since we've gone live last night we are off but inshallah Donna will restart the index funds up which is going to be a reminder for today so let's say salaam where you from and we'll get this started soon

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so lands where you're from

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and stuff like that

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all right so we got Mr. Wahid Weligama Sam Patricia oligomer Sam

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Shaimaa arlec Mr. Lamb

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I think inside the group when if you're inside the group in the visionary group and you're posting, I can see your name. So Barisan in Denmark by the comma Sam Sharifa and Minnesota in Santa SMAP. I'm bringing Wiley coma Saddam Hussein in Nigeria Alec masam Sonya and London or they can Muslim Holland Saima

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we got Kuwait and London a little Muslim.

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As soon as year in Vancouver, Nazir we never got your intro.

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I have not forgotten I was saying now I think Mr. Nam we're gonna get started in like one minute in Java

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in one minute.

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Alright, let's begin.

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Smilla from the love

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isn't the law from the law salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah, Allah and my bad take one se la Monica Warahmatullah wabarakatuh this Muhammad as you need and I don't know what to call these now. Now that Ramadan is over and I don't know if you know the daily, the COVID daily huddles are going to work but inshallah Donna will we'll figure it out. So today's reminder, I wanted to share with you this is in surah, Nash

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surah number 94. And number seven, Allah subhanaw taala says that ie the fallout of death, sob just this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says in this verse, the Darfur Alta fossa, and if you finish, then stand up for worship for you that ferrata ferrata means you've come to an end FASAB then get up. So when we look at what happened in the

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when the virus started spreading and stuff like that, the economy came to a screeching halt, came to a screeching halt. If you see any sci fi, you know, TV series or something like that, if a spaceship comes to a screeching halt, like everybody dies. And so when the economy comes to a screeching halt, everyone just kind of like slams into the wall. And and we're kind of like living in this aftermath. May Allah protect us that there's a lot of pain that comes from coming to a screeching halt. But I want to bring you to Ramadan. When Ramadan comes to the end.

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This happens to some people that you know, the great, we're going really fast are hyperdrive things are going great going great going great going great. Hey, bad is going good. And then there's this screeching halt. Right? It's like everything was squeaking and then

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slammed into the wall. How does that what does that look like? That looks like Hey, I was praying all my prayers. I was doing totally I was reading Quran every day I was you know, avoiding backbiting I was doing this I was doing that. And then Ramadan came to an end and everything shuts off. everything shuts off. Now it's understandable, maybe read, it comes along and people are partying and stuff like that. And that's, you know, that's the essence of eat at a party Hamdulillah. But after it is over and it's over now, we need to get back into the groove, the groove of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Which brings us to this verse in alumna, Shakalaka Sadhak in

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the Surah. Allah subhana data says that You therefore have the funds that if you come and you finished your duties, then stand up now there's three ways we can understand this as you look in the books of Tafseer number one is understanding that when you come to the end of your day when you're finished your duties so this is somebody who you know, they've gone to work they've done their they've done their daily things now

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How the Knight has come upon them. It's time for them to stand and stand to Allah Spano Tata and worship. So it's you've done your work now it's time to stand and worship Allah. Another way of understanding this verse for you that fall off, when you come to an end is that when you're done you're a baddha which is interesting when you finish it but other than stand up, raise your hands to Allah subhanaw taala and make dua to stand up and make dua which is another Tafseer of this verse for either for after you've come to the end, raise your hands. So that's like somebody has completed their a Betta, and they raised their hand even you could say that Eid is like a raising of our hands

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to Allah subhanaw taala This is our good deeds that we've presented to you all last month federal law except and right, so making dua after a better another interpretation of our way of understanding this verse that fell off the fansub is what I want to speak about today. And that is, when you're done, you're a badda stand up and continue you're a badass. Now what does that mean? If you've seen the citation of the Quran, when people finish reciting the entire Quran, you'll see that there's like this tradition to start back from the beginning from certain bucks sort of fat so to buckle up to read like the first five, six verses of Surah Al Baqarah. And then when you you know

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say to your current teacher, why do we do this Quran teacher will say this is what Allah subhanaw taala does is advising us via ferrata, when you've come to the end funds of get up and continue doing it. And so you'll see also in Ramadan, one of the first things people start thinking about when they finish their their a bed of Ramadan is they want to as the prophesy some guided us to get back up and continue with their fasting, which is the six days of Shaohua. So I'm done. My Ramadan, you know how to read. And now it's time to get back up and continue. And so the most beloved actions and deeds to Allah subhanaw taala are those which are done consistently,

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even if they are small. And in the last two nights of Ramadan, I had this post, where I was like getting freaked out about you know, what I don't want to miss even one minute and all these posts about all, every minute is worth X amount of time. And if you even go to the bathroom, you know, like I was saying about these Instagram posts that were just making people really anxious, I decided to focus on consistency. Instead of telling myself I have to go, you know, go nuts on one of the days, you know, and think this little further you know what, I'm gonna do a program a checklist of things that I want to do in my bed for the last 10 nights to remember that and just be consistent

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with it. And there were nights like the 27th night where I asked myself, hey, you know what, I could do a lot more than this, I can do most or not a lot more. But I could do more than this. But I focused on consistency. And I realized consistency shines when you lose motivation when you lose motivation, but you have a consistent routine, you have a consistent routine. So on the 28th night on the 29th night even the 30th nights there was no problem and me continuing my program because I had focus on consistency rather than just you know big slam hyperdrive and then come to a slamming stop. So you want to ask yourself this question as

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as it has now passed and we want to take you work really hard in Ramadan. What are the actions that you're going to stand back up into? Obviously you don't have to worship as intensely as you wish them in Ramadan, however you should say You know what, I used to pray all night long now I'm going to pray like to rock eyes at night. Or I used to read you know, I read the entire Quran in Ramadan. I'm going to read like half a page each day and just make a consistent habit and one of the most important things for those who've taken visioning and those who haven't is making dua I said this to the students that in Ramadan time we make our doors at night in the middle of the night. And it

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builds a habit that outside of Ramadan. We're normally not awake at that time. And so you have to build your dot time during the day. And so you should be building that up now building a DA habits. Will law Tanana. That's my reminder for today. Somebody has some questions that somebody wants to say to them. And then what's Ellen Altaf? I missed you man

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from the family a man cash if Hussein oligomycin

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for Friday I'm on zoo

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is that the Love?

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This question says how many times a birdie

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after you do you fast on Monday and Thursday during show while or the first six days of show up? So it's any of the days of show? Well it does

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don't have to be the Monday Thursday, it doesn't have to be, you know, not the first day of show Well, is it easy can't fast that day. But the days after that you can do all of your fast straight up. Or you can do Mondays Thursdays, or as you wish. So this assistance of show, well, you don't you can do it any way you want. I have a practical tip for those days of Chawan, I would open a note

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like a note on my phone, and then I put 123456. And I call these like, you know, my six days of Chawan. And then the days that I fast, I put, like a timestamp. I'll put like, number one, my timestamp was, you know, Monday, May 26, or something, whatever it is, yeah. And then and then. So that when you get to like the fifth, fifth day of show, well, you know, did I Fast Six as Fast Five start to get confused. You open up your notepad and you realize, Hey, I know the exact dates and what I did. So that's just a bonus for my tip.

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I asked this question. I've been making some good habits, but slipping into my old bad ones. This is does this mean it wasn't accepted?

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No, it doesn't. So there's a comment.

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There's a common

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question that comes up that how do I know if my deeds were accepted? How do I know if my deeds are accepted? And the common response is, you know, one of the signs that good deeds are accepted is somebody follows it up with good deeds afterwards. And one of the signs may Allah protect us that something wasn't accepted is that a person follows it up with really bad bad deeds afterwards. Now?

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I don't so the problem is that people think that unless I'm perfect, then that means that Allah subhanaw taala isn't answered my, you know, my da hasn't accepted from me. You have to realize that nobody's perfect. And there's nobody that goes no matter how good you see somebody or outside in the world, no matter who they are, that everybody has mistakes and everybody commit sins. It's just some sins are more apparent, and some sins are more hidden. So everybody's got mistakes. Everybody commit sins. So if somebody has a sin, that's a habit. So it's a bad sin habit, I think. Sins are not unique. So every sin is going to be like, you know, habitual. Somebody might be like loose Tang or

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something like that.

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You need to do Toba to Allah subhanaw taala and then inshallah Tada it will turn into a good deed. And in the event law, you just have to, you know, lesson from Ramadan is keep turning back to Allah subhanaw taala keep doing Toba and Allah subhanaw taala wishes that and it was very happy when you turn back to him. Allah Donna with repentance

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and this is from our YouTube channel. Welcome YouTube. MB 1429.

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I'm feeling a bit of a burnout, how do I deal with it. So if you're feeling burnt out, I got a great tip for you burnt out, because I get it too. Sometimes in the middle of my head data, my mind becomes overwhelmed. And I just sit down and just sit quietly for like five minutes and just let it go. But here's here's a tip. Open up a notepad, I'm really big on the notepads and write down 20 things to zero 20 things that were on your mind 20 Things that are on your mind, it could be small, it could be big, whatever is on your mind, just write it down point forms 20 things and say Oh, this is on my mind. Next one and I want to do this and I need to change that I need to put air in my

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tires and I need to this and just write it out. I think what you'll find is once you see it written on paper or written on a notepad on your phone or something and it's not in your head, you might find that that just really relaxes you. Because I think the burnout comes from

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if you're just talking about head if you're talking about burnout, which is no sleep, no food and stuff like that, then maybe you need to drink more water and get some sleep. Alana

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Zachariah Highland Deena Hamdulillah. It was it was a very special visionary this year martial law a lot of the law

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Visionaire seminar the changing

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alarms question Are there going to be any lectures or series you plan to do besides the visionary seminar

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visionary seminar that you do? Yeah we're going to be doing one soon inshallah Tata called Dreamwalker which is kind of like a sister class to it. Tyre camel place your trust in Allah I'm adata visionair my focus in

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Vision is about placing your trust in Allah with the DA. But then I see that there are doors that you need to take strategic solid action. And for years and years, I would be like I would just make dua but I wouldn't take action I didn't know how to take action. And so I finally you know, settle down and design a course taking like science and all of these things on how do you take action? How do you deliver for example, like companies that need to deliver the iPhone or deliver a product they have to make sure that they have systems in place so that things get done? Yes. So in our own minds, we can learn from those water what's the science of getting something done? That's of course teach

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called Dreamwalker we're actually going to be launching it very soon inshallah Tada to follow up with people who have taken made your eyes and they want to take strategic action Saltado Jim Walker, we'll be starting soon

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we'll do like five more minutes and then we'll be done in Charlotte, Donna

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five minutes 40 minutes after the hour Cinna Menara.

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It's cool. We're also broadcasting to to YouTube. So whenever I see somebody asking questions from YouTube or asking a question from Periscope, like Raman

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then I get excited

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because I never broadcast on

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All right, this question says what we do for our behavior I am feeling I was clam in Ramadan but now my first day feeling aggressive for short things and things look like not in control. So the last night of Ramadan and then there's eat afterwards you've got like Tata we're used to staying up at night and then aid comes in you're awake all night getting ready. Maybe there's some family members that you're getting people ready in the family as well and then you go for a prayer and there's lots of food and then there's maybe overdose of sugar or or oils and hamdulillah no problem it's party but all of those things can lead to having like this you know agitation agitation inshallah Tada the

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for the

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solution is for short term it could be that you need to drink more water you need to rest more rest and food rest and food and water rest and food and water. These are like the top three things somebody's being agitated and they're on their nerves. Rest food, water, I know somebody's gonna say what if you can't get any rest? Well that's your problem with it. You need to find time to get rest or tell the people that you're being aggressive with say look would you like me to continue being aggressive with you? Or would you rather you let me sleep and then they'll be like no no, please have some sleep and get some food and and drink lots of water two liters

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this question Should we try to do it every day? Six months? Yes, every day. Every day you make dua.

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Or fun in Kuwait regarding my dream Darfur managed to give me a Go ahead. But how's it possible not so much of a high status person? I just need to understand please. Shake. So

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when people are making dot they get caught up sometimes in in how is this going to happen? So you just need to stop thinking about that. You need to start thinking about how will it happen and make to offer the things that you want. So if you say to yourself in order for me to make the offer something I have to know how it would happen or I have to know that this is going to be something easy for me and I have to know exactly how Allah subhanaw taala is going to do this for me. And only then will I make dua does it make sense? Does it make sense? Instead just make dua for what you want. And as Allah subhana data says, mantequilla dialogo Maharajah we are as a pulmonary village

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and wherever has Taqwa of Allah, Allah will find a way out for them and provide for them from a direction that they never could have expected. So if Allah subhanaw taala is telling you that it's possible that he will provide or he can provide from a direction that you never could have expected. If you're asking that I need to know how this will be expected I need to expect know how it happens. And Allah Subhan Allah Allah says Allah will provide in a way that you would never know

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how it could happen, right? So make got what you want a lot and stop thinking about how, but there are things that we make dock for that we need to take action on that there is actually an example of something a person needs to take action

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somebody wants to run a marathon, law, practice peloton to run the marathon. There's action that needs to be taken to in order to succeed. Yes, they have to register for the marathon to take action. They have to get in shape, they have to get ready for the marathon all of these things in order to succeed. And for those kinds of draws. We've got the dream Walker course on how do you take action?

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On ecommerce, and on top Anton, how are you doing?

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Right, there's one minute left and actually that minute is over now.

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Right, Last one, last one here.

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Beloved, has been tuning in from YouTube. Thank you Bilal. Welcome. Like I said, I get excited when somebody is coming in from from YouTube or Periscope. And I'm trying to actually broadcast on Instagram as well. But I got some technical difficulties. So the question from Bilal is, how do you deal with addictive distractions like social media, YouTube, etc? Well, I'm not distracted by YouTube, but I get distracted by other things.

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Here's some tips. Some tips that I've I've tried to have worked for me in the past. One tip is deleting though the app of that,

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that social media and perhaps

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like logging in from a browser. So for example, Facebook, if you have the Facebook app, it's very fast, and you can get addicted to it. Or YouTube. Same thing, if you have the app and you have the, you know, you're paying premium and no ads. And it's very, very smooth. What you do is delete the app. And and when you need you to be use it on like a browser. And then it becomes very slow and clunky. And it's so annoying. And that annoyance actually helps you slow down. And they keep telling you download our app because then you'll be more addicted to be addicted. So when I want to get when I find an app, there's an app, like let's say there's a game app on my phone, and I find myself like

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I can't pull away from it. And I delete it. And one thing I'm looking into right now, and I haven't done it yet, but I would like to see it is to get maybe another like let's say there's an iPhone and then you've got like maybe another iPhone or when you change iPhones or you upgrade to another phone, maybe keep one of the phones instead of getting rid of it, and you and then take away everything that's distracting off of it. So there are things on the phone that you might need such as an alarm, such as hey, maybe I'm listening to Quran or I'm listening you know, to some white noise or something like that. Maybe there's things that you need that are productive, but when you

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use the productive things, it leads you to the unproductive things so maybe have two phones or two things connected to end up one only has productive things and the other one has all the other stuff so the WhatsApp the YouTube the Facebook all that's on one phone and then the the alarm the you know just maybe the calling stuff basic stuff on one five so I haven't done that but I would like to look into it so that a certain time of the day the one that has the distracting things I put it away put it on a shelf put it in a closet somewhere in closing say goodnight to it and then when I need the productive things I have it on the other phone will latch on um does that mean like kind of

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it's been nice I wanted to just restart it I was feeling like you know it's been like 10 days we haven't done a Facebook Live 1011 days but inshallah Tata will be back here tomorrow. What time will we be here? I don't know. I'll look and see how things go over a couple of days and see what I start falling back to the timing that I fall back to. And then it's all the time I'll make it more consistent.

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Take care, bye

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