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The history and character of the Islam world are discussed, including the importance of having proper Dean and methods for achieving success. The success of belief in actions and actions in relation to health is emphasized, along with avoiding confusion and brinkiness in life. Personal responsibility and collectively doing things for the world are also emphasized. The importance of individual responsibility and bringing it into one's communities is emphasized, along with the need for a culture of peace and cooperation among Muslims. The speaker emphasizes the need for individual acting in a collective way for the well-being of others.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de la vida. kitabi voila Shariat Avada Shariati Hamada folder wilhemina shaytani rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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coup de Sala to fantasy roofing out of the water whom in fidella water Kuru la casa de la la la come to flee Hoon Sarah colloquialism respected elders and brothers, amongst the beauties of Islam is that Allah subhanahu wa taala has not created any dichotomy between the world and the hereafter between Deen and dunya. Between the spiritual and the mundane, between our, the spirit and the body, and between our personal and collective responsibility, all of this all of this follows under the command of Almighty Allah and under the Sharia. Allah subhanho wa Taala Ana de nordonia McCoy, aka the inter Dean he had dounia p Dean pancetta, say he needed casado Sita Rama pasa Allah subhanho wa

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Taala has given us we know that what our spritual Xr everyone regard it to be part of Deen, for example for us to perform, Surat everyone regarded as part of Dean to make zeker everyone regarded to be part of Dean to make to our everyone regarded to be part of Dean, but in our Sharia and our Dean, even aspects What are considered to be mundane, considered to be worldly, earning a halaal risk.

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Our relationship with our families, our spouses, our children, if it is done our eating our sleeping, if it is done with a correct intention, with a correct methodology that also becomes Dean. And that is one of the beauties of our Dean to give you one or two examples with regard to this.

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And let Allah in the Holy Quran tells our beloved navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for either ferrata fun sub Arabic or for a hub, Oprah Almighty Allah when you have completed your responsibility for a job now turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and turn towards Almighty Allah in coming closer towards Almighty Allah by zeker tilawat ibaadat the same will hold to us

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when you have completed your worldly tasks go and turn towards

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APNIC comm Safari haukur Allah tala ketra fruto

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after you have finished your worldly aspects go towards ibaadat look at the beauty Allah makes mention of both. He does tell us to make a parrot but tell us After you have completed your worldly responsibilities go and make a better

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diet which I have recited in the hotbar Allah tala, you know has said When you have completed your salat, then go and spread in the earth and go and seek Alice Fazal II or the meaning of Alice was a means and liquid and seek risk. Select Safari Hawker risk hassle CRO one of one of the Sahaba by the name of Malik been iraq iraq been Malik when he completed his Juma when he completed his Juma prayers. He used to stand on the door of the masjid after finishing finishing finishing his Salah to Germany to say allow me to die watarrka was so late to furry that aka when a shirt and a comma Martini for zucchini if in fact lik fine No

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this is the beauty of Dean our law. We have we have responded to your command was selected for either Touka we have read Juma Salat now we are going out in the earth to seek risk

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as you have commanded us to do grant us this because you are the best of providers that is Dean. Dean was not only there to perform Salatu Juma which is part of lead. Now Allah tala tells us you going out in the path in the in the world that is also part of D Now you have to bring Allah commands, the way you have come up in broad Allah commands in your Juma Salah. Now take this and go and bring Allah tala as commands when you go out into the world and make that particular world also part of Deen. That is the beauty of our Deen. So therefore Allah have made mentioned that there are two types of rebar that one we bought it is known as direct you bought it directly but it is

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our solid zeker tilawat you know

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Hajj Ramadan fasting. Everyone regards that to be about it. And it is about it. Don't ever underestimate any one of us today we find many at times modern writers, contemporary writers, they normally scoff at Muslims. They say you only know how to read numbers you don't know how to do anything else. They sometimes undermine a budget, which is very, very unfortunate. In surah muda there is an ayat of the Holy Quran I want you to think about it, unless Allah says masala cocoon fie sakara Allah tala Johanna Omarosa pushing the agenda McHugh allows the people of Jana. Why you in Indiana

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call who alumna communal mousseline we are in janam, because we did not perform Salat

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and Johanna may sleep at night. We did not performed select, then it goes on this again the beauty of Dean to show you the the comprehensiveness Well, I'm not gonna triple miskeen We are in jahannam, because we do not feed the poor, you are not only in janam, because you throw three numbers, you are in janam, because you cannot read numbers he cannot feed the poor, we cannot have sympathy for the for the beauty of Islam, that there is no dichotomy here between here between. So what is our direct about it, then you get another ibadah that is known as indirectly about it. Now what is indirectly about it? indirectly but it means our mundane activities of life, which normally will pass off as a

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human activity.

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Loki engages sub sub adme A kurta musalman betony kata

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their Muslim bukata musalman me to enable Rosa Rosita ki talash Medical, rare Muslim beanie Rosie kill talaash Medical one is mundane activities which are done commonly by all types of people Muslim and non Muslim, but a Muslim by his correct intention and his correct methodology. He turns that into a budget. So he eats but he eats because he wants to eat to gain strength to remember Allah tala is Licata get to Hannah, who say Amina schwannoma Malaga or Allah tala.

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Now that particular eating becomes anybody that provided the eating is done with a correct intention and eating halon then that whole particular aspect becomes a burden.

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Our rosy earning our risk becomes anybody that if we do it correctly look at how Nivea cream sauce limited. The label halali for either to model for the earning of halaal risk

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is a religious obligation after the primary religious publication halaal risca Camana yet Dini Frieza lake and cub do slay Dini fries CO and jam panic Avon Muskoka Nicobar so at risk is a religious obligation After you have completed your Salah was a cat in your arms or your Rosa. Now look at this beautiful How do you look at this beauty? Firstly nebbia cream sauce lamb did not say tele palmolive

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He didn't say the acquiring of wealth is a religious obligation. He said the acquiring of Allah whisk is an obligation. That means not every acquisition of wealth is

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not every accumulation of wealth is a four era. He said that is which is valid now who's going to determine halaal halaal is not going to be determined by you and I you can be the referee in the play at the same time. Right. So who's going to determine Helen? Hannah's gonna walk up Konya? festa cricket de la hora de la creme de la creme de forma, Molly for either to Malka kamana Dini for Isa halaal Kaka mana Medina Frieza and when a person earns halaal so therefore stay away from haram stay away from deception Lisa minimun rashanna He is not from amongst us he deceives people lococo Carnevale msna hamari Missoni stay away from interests. Let me a cream sauce Unlimited, that whoever

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takes interest father ob harpy minella. He wore a suit he let him declare war against dinosaur one la casa de su casa jankura. Now tenable halali furries. Now your intention of earning halaal risk is to look after yourself. Look after your family. Look after your children. That becomes now a Dini act. It becomes it becomes a reward. One enemy a cream sauce lamb was sitting in a gathering in that gathering while they were sitting. One young person

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And rain pass several times past that gathering. One Sahabi said he rasulillah if this young person could have used this effort and this enthusiasm that he's showing in the path of Almighty Allah Jihad May Allah tala kurama is Taka ko is democra lotto Casa better hoga gets a better OTA Kareem Salah said if he is using this effort, though that he must not beg from anyone else. If he is showing this enthusiasm to look after his aging parents, if he is looking and showing this effort to look after our way nice arrange to look after you so small children, that he must care for the needs. For who are feasability law he is an apostle of Allah.

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He is an apostle of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah tala in the Holy Quran has made mention of traveling for the sake of of in the past of Allah and traveling for the sake of business together in the Holy Quran. In surah, Muzammil

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una de buena fell out of the wound, I mean, fatherly love those who traveled in the path of Almighty Allah seeking Allah risk. Wa Haruna yukata una de Sevilla and those who travel in the path of Almighty Allah in the path of Almighty Allah making Jihad Allah tala known casabianca Allah has made mention of them together. And then when a person now when a person does all that Allah Allah gives him the rewards Subhanallah it must be it must be a proper risk, you know, and you earn risk for the proper way. You know, not that we make the dunya our be all in the end all of all our activities against dunya mela gay to the Buddha when we become part and become part of running our Hello race,

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we forgot Allah subhanho wa Taala and today people are like that they only think of worldly things. You know, everything is only about success. Those who are good sometimes you find a person. He's a great human being. He's got such good conduct, but he hasn't perhaps have got great amount of bank balance. Nevermind other people who also say I'm not a success, why are you not a success? I haven't done well in this world. People don't look upon him as a success. But look at Allah Allah says in the Holy Quran

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who laughs in the mouth for manzana Novotel agenda. He who has led a life where he has managed to save himself from the fire of jahannam and enter into Jenna pocket fires, he is successful. Chai Corby, now the person who has earned and lived the life that he has made himself worth you have gentlemen and he has made himself worth you're staying away from him. He is he is successful.

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Today we are everything is only about dunya they say this is one humorous incident. A person was sitting very depressed. Um, so why are you depressed man? Why are you sitting so depressing? You know what happened? by six months ago, my great aunt uncle passed away. And then because of that my uncle, my grandfather inherited not everyone also sometimes going to India for inheritance. Now when he came there, he said, I got you know, 300,000 Ren tiene la mala out of that inheritance. He said shadow now Why are you depressed? He said two months ago, two months ago, something else happened my land was sold in India. And the person who was looking after the land in India, he also or maybe my

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in my hometown, he also passed away I bought half a million Rand who said now Why are you depressed? He said this man no one passed away.

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This One No One No One No One passed away. Now we make everything our happiness was solely about that. Now, how this is directly or indirectly but indirectly but as I told you neotys correct. methodology is correct me DMCA hysa now just look at that the pin between the two what is the what is the taluk What is the relationship our old Mr. Same we get spiritual energy from our directly but

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we get spiritual energy from our directly but it's a lot to our our spiritual energy becomes Great. Now when your spiritual energy becomes great with direct about it, you take that spiritual energy

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and now you utilize it when you go out in the world. To make your worldly activities you're indirectly by that you use your spiritual energy from namaaz Rosa's aka tilawat you use that energy to make your activities in the world into a bar that

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the energy that you get from your namaz etc now you take that energy. Now when you go out in the world, who's Rouhani takodana is tamale querque dunya COVID-19

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dounia COVID accurate. Come on Zarya. Now Now you use that and you make your dunya also, therefore nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam said at 32 Sarika

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I mean MonaVie acidity was Shahada, the honest trader, he will be in the company of the MBR. He will be the company of the pious people, he will be in the company of the martyrs. And the one who earns maybe salsa One day, he saw a person who was also the meta person whose hands was very rough, very rough. Maybe a cream salesman said Why is your hands rough? So then we said, Yeah, Ursula, my hands are up because I work. I'm a laborer. macom kirkko Rosita Rashmi, I work I work in the mines. So novia Karim saw cillum took his hands, kissed it, and said Alka cebo habibollah.

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Whoever strives to earn a halal race, he is beloved to Allah.

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Now you use your ibaadat that you gained from namaz rose as a cut and you go into the world and you use that spiritual energy to make dunya also Dean so there is no dichotomy This is what Allah tala once Dean tonina he bothered to make our world also divided. Today, this is not happening. We think, in enemas, in our Surat in Nigeria must be moving outside we are not moving, then we can do however we want Malcolm or distressor come out, go and earn wealth however you want. So Allah Allah has given us this balance. So one balance is

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the balance between our mundane and spiritual life. Another balance which is very important, and I will just use as my last point that To conclude, is our personal life in our collective life. We've got one responsibility to make ourselves pious.

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And at the end of the day, Allah tala will question us about our individual armor, in Fira de amalco, parisa Boga.

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To mana for Raja Kamala kanakam Amara, you will come to Allah alone the way you are born alone,

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the way you are born alone, in a cupboard, maybe

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you will become alone to me the way you are born alone, then you will not be able to say the environment was not right. You have to say did you follow our last command or not?

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You won't be able to say Logan emoji button a no peep, no one told me to do good there you have to then account alone for your deeds, your individual individually. But Allah has also made for all of us, my dear respective brothers, together with our individual responsibility. Allah has made a responsibility for each and every one. Each and every one of us, that we must collectively do something for the world and the tender and the environment that we are staying in. Mr. Mancha Kamiya in a case of infinity porphyry Baraka Muslim is not he only on his individual self he becomes pious. He looks around to make the environment around him in the people around him also pious Muslim lady

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you Holly to nurse? Well, yes biru

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hydrometeor Muslim Isla de la Holly to nurse while is

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a Muslim who does Muslim Allah de you Holly to nurse who mingles with people intermingles with people show our good deeds with people good o'clock with people meet with Muslims meet with non Muslims show people the flock of Islam. And then when he mingles, he gains inconvenience. He has to listen kissena cockup essay app where say

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when when he mingles with people, you bear in inconvenience in intermingling with people. That is why many people say bye I only go to the merchant I don't interfere involve myself with anyone else. I only go merchant. I don't involve myself with anyone else. That's not a way of a Muslim.

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A Muslim who mingles with people and he base with patients that difficulty that comes with mingling with people. He is better than that Muslim law Hollywood nurse who doesn't mingle with people what is guru, Allah, Allah whom he doesn't have to bear patiently the inconvenience that he get from other people. And they are our responsibility all the time. We are worried with regard to the welfare of other people. The via krimson Allahu Allah, he was Salam Subhana Allah, despite being the prophet of Almighty Allah, despite being such a great prophet, despite being all of that, one day, there was a noise that emanated in Madina munawwara I sometimes I'm amazed by this incident. I have

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made mention of it so many times in my talks, that one day there was a noise that emanated in Madina, munawwara lo Guevara gay people started getting frightened. Where did this happen? Did someone come and attack Madina? munawwara is there you know, some harm that has come to Madina? munawwara What is happening? So everyone came out of their homes very apprehensive flee and with fright, and with difficulty. They all came out. So when they came out of their house afraid what did they see? Subhan Allah, Nivea cream sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam on his hospital.

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Let me say assylum telling Allah Medina Oh people of Medina Don't worry. Don't worry, I went to go and see where the noise was coming from. There is no fear, go and return back to your home safely. brothers who amongst us will say that that is also a son of Nivea cream sauce. Can I assume that Nia is this not the sooner? Or will we when something happens like that there is a difficulty in that town we will also go and lock ourselves up in the house. The Navy of Allah didn't say that, why must I worry about the noise? He went to go and see what was the noise and he was the first person to go and see. And he came in told people don't worry. If there is a difficulty in the town. If there is a

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challenge in the town, it is a challenge in the country. It's our responsibility to put our shoulder to the wheel and to do something that is our Muslim.

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You have to play a role with regard to the collective collective Good, well, meaning

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that believers are helpers and protectors of one another musalman a booster kimata, kurta,

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Yamuna Bill maruf they help one another to do good

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way and how nadelman can they help one another to stay away from evil? What do you do when a seller they help one another to perform Salah. So if you are not playing your role in terms of the collective, you are not fulfilling your responsibility as a believer, and part of a responsibility with regard to you know, our our situation with regard to our in our countries, we have a collective we have our jamaats we have our our jammy arts, we got our institutions, it's part you can't go and say I'm only supposed to do my infidelity. And my individual acts and that's it finished. You have to play a role for the collective. See to me that our jamaats are properly run today. We don't have

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big, you know, we don't have Islamic countries you don't have where is the collective

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infrastructure of the Muslims nowadays, it is in our Muslim Jamaat is in our Masjid Jamaat, it's in our town Jamaat, if we don't have this mighty respecters, let me tell you, if you don't have the collective infrastructure, how are our jamaats, our jamaats our town structures, our committees, if we don't have that, I take a custom. After a decade or two, individually, you won't be practicing Islam.

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If you don't have your Jamaat, together individually, South America Muslims when they were children of Sahaba, they didn't make them make effort towards the collective individually. They were good people. The Next Generation were good people after that Islam withered away.

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So in conclusion, I said, What did I say in the beginning, that our Deen is there is no dichotomy between Deen and dunya no dichotomy between the individual and the collective. It is part of our Deen. I gave examples that when we got up and after he finishes first Salatin Juma I said Allah, you told me to perform Juma Salah I have performed him. Now I'm going out when secara risk as you have commanded me. So our Dean is Dean is Dean, our ibaadat is also part of our Dean, and our worldly life, we must bring it in conjunction with our dean. And then individually we have our responsibility towards Almighty Allah, and we have our collective responsibility is sub milker. Jim

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Hogan 215 darbhanga. If we got all of these things together, fulfill our ibaadat in a magic seat we that we obey Allah commands in the marketplaces and in the world. And we do individually by that and we make an effort to bring the collective, Amal and the collective system of DNA into our communities. Then we have fulfilled our responsibility. May Allah give us a trophy was the one and