Ebrahim Bham – Importance and etiquettes of making Duaa

Ebrahim Bham
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Enough Madhu on Sunday you want to sell him on ours fully including my mobile phones we live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Kakaako the only study will come in and Medina is can be ruined and divided at sail Haruna Johanna medallion ACARA Tada either side, Acharya Birdy and Neve Emir Kadeem Huji without a daddy that there are different SDG moody will be

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set up kilometers

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respected elders, brothers, mothers and sisters. We first begin by praising Almighty Allah

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and sending some notations upon our beloved maybe a cream sauce from history we did the Hajj that will be done of our beloved via Karim Salah whatever serum they came to the potion when the via cream sauce

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was in alpha and alpha for many hours maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of made dua and maybe a cream sauce lamb was on his Camelback

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and Sahaba said let me so slim was extremely anxious moving from one place to the other you know from one end of the camera to the other and making dua with a great amount of passion. So I thought before we go because most of the record of the history with regard to the hospital Vida is up to that is other portion I will make mention of towards the end, but because maybe a cream saucer made those passionate and very intense and very important though I thought we'll just speak a little bit about the etiquettes of dua you know Allah Allah in the Holy Quran has told us

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to ask of Allah Tada Of course, only for people who are our prophet of Almighty Allah your Lord say husk of me, I will respond to

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Sahaba when they came to me i cream sauce lemon said yes sir Allah is Allah Allah fathered when we ask of Allah Tala must be, make dua loudly.

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Please let Allah near that when we make dua we must make dua by whispering. So let Allah

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replied and let Allah reveal the ayat in Surah Baqarah where he does anybody need for any Karim? When my bondsman ask of you about me, then tell them in the ribbon I'm very close to them.

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Huji without a doubt is

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that I respond to them when they call me. In this world we are so that when someone asked you even if it's your close friend, or close family member,

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if he asked you one or two times you will respond you might help him have to the third fourth time by Imagine tell him

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don't make it a habit.

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Unless you tell him don't make it a habit.

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Like Allah is extremely

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passionate and loves people must ask Allah Allah is not fair that so that Allah gets angry if you don't ask Allah generated maybe there's a hadith on other books of Hadith that maybe a cream sauce said when you don't make dua. Allah Tala gets angry Allah Tala feels that you are showing your independence to Allah.

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And you know you will start what must be asked maybe a cream sauce can give such a beautiful Hadith that became so some said even if your shoe laces break

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even if your shoelaces break make dua to Allah Tala

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even if your shoe laces break make dua to Allah subhanaw taala

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and the reason for that is also very very, you see we must understand that nothing is small for us.

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And nothing is big for Allah Tala.

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So you ask Allah Tala for minor things and you ask Allah Tala for major things.

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And even if your shoelaces break ask Allah Tala and this is very full of wisdom. If Allah takes away the ability for you to

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to bend down to tie your shoelaces what will happen?

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Allah subhanaw taala we eat food and we take it for granted that the food will go through its normal passage. If Allah Tala one day prevents the food and the water to pass by the normal passage, what will happen to us

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that's why we make dua when we come out of the bathroom who Ferghana Alhamdulillah Hilda the

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funny. All Praise to you oh Allah you have removed from us from our system.

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You know, they said an old man. One day he went to the

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I went to the doctor he went to the neurologist because he could not pass water he cannot you know, he cannot go to the bathroom to pass up. So the doctor

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gave him

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and told him to put a catheter and after the catheter, the doctor sent him the ball.

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So when he saw the polysaccharide

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normally when the doctor said you will you dunk you must cry.

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Doctor said he will he will rock the CNN

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these days in other portion they covered tomorrow. So, when the doctor sent me the resistance we said Doctor, I'm crying because I can afford it Allah has given me maybe eight medical aid or you got enough money I don't I can afford it.

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I'm crying that for 6070 years I used to go to the bathroom.

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I used to go and pass water I used to go in pass URI.

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Not one day Allah sent me a bill

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one day I couldn't come I couldn't pass the Urim and you had to put a catheter you send me such a big button for 6070 years Allah didn't send me Nobel if we ever thought about it. If you go there you can no one ever thought that the Allah if Allah Tala were to stop it, what's going to happen? Now you realize why you must make these doors

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Alhamdulillah in the

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funny this was so important, it tells you about our life mission and nothing can happen without a letter that

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I read somewhere. In fact, I was worried that man that there was I think it was subject to collection a very very wealthy person in America. I can't remember it was Henry Ford or Paul Getty or something like that some of these very wealthy person towards the end of his life the muscle of his island failed.

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So it couldn't keep the island open.

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So he had to put a small matchstick here to keep to keep his eyes open.

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Now who ever think that's a small muscle here that that allows your eyelid to flicker? Ever thought about it.

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So we ask Allah Tala for everything. We ask Allah Tala for our every small thing we ask Allah subhanaw taala.

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So DWAI something we must make you know Allah Tala has made mentioned so much that we must turn towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. And there are certain conditions with regard to do us.

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One is that before you you see a Latina doesn't tell you that when you make dua, you must leave your leave making the means first adopt the means. And then ask her that.

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If you don't adopt the means Allah is not going to give you something and comes from the heaven just like that. Allah has got the capacity. Allah has got the capacity to give you direct without means that Allah Anna normally wants you to adopt means that then he gives you

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a let me give you a very broad and a big example.

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Allah Tala created alimony Salatu was Salam without the agency of a mother and a father. As it however was out the agency of a female

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as it is and he said that was salam without the Father. Holy has Maria miraculously. So Allah Tala can bring you into existence without mother and father. But it happened three times in the history of humankind

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three times

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now if you want children you see what now you gave me service right to a certain point said to prep this animal insulin to us Salam in you you know what our mother and father can be children you can make dua atom Kava is not gonna happen.

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We have to go get married. You may go to Allah Allah Granby, pious children you don't get married who is going to give you advice children from from your own stomach.

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So it's not going to give you pious children until you adopt the means of getting married. Can you okay well, first the reoccurring source from a person came and he said, here are Sula Messiah just leave the camera and then trust in Allah homos a time is tight. If you look at Debbie a cream sauce gnomes life every better

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every better that maybe a cream sauce them to party. His arrangement was meticulous I made mention when I went to the resource input 50 Archers there. It was so strategic that not only did it prevent the Quraysh coming from behind to attack the Muslims because there was an opening but they see the people who are archers were very good arches. Extremely, you know, proficient

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efficient, and they were fairly good marksman. So the strength of the Quraysh army was in the cavalry in the horseback, but they couldn't take part in the battle. Because every time they came pass, time to take part in the battle the artists, pull them back, push them back. So it became a, you know, a battle between the infantry and when it became a battle between the infantry although the Quraysh had 3000 people, Muslims or 700 they were able to defeat them when they were on the verge of defeating them until the setback happened when the archers left maybe a cream sauce then pleased to access everybody better not be social and made meticulous plan. So when you want to make

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ask a little for something, you ask you first make the means and then you ask them to make the effort maybe a cream sauce themselves make the effort. However, after making the effort, you don't put your trust in the effort to put your trust in Allah.

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So you you make the effort but you Allah you didn't make the effort and then you leave it in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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there is a very interesting incident of a person by the name of Imam Musa me I think it was Imam was

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maybe another Adam. He

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he used to he was in prison. So when he was in prison, Juma time, they they allow him to go forth for Joomla salad. So every Joomla Imam was me while he was in prison.

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Could be mom wasn't someone else but I remember the incident he used to make prepare himself for Joomla

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raise best clothes don't assume that we're good clothes on to Joomla makes Allah make Buzu everything and then walk confidently to the gate of the person and they should tell him you can't go from here. He said yeah Allah you told us to do preparations I've done my preparation by preparation just up till here. Now they're not allowing me to go for Duma, Allah you decide. So he made the perfect example. When when everyday prepare to go to the McDonald's and bake bread go up by the car. And I had that intention that God sent me away with binding insha Allah Tala except each other.

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So that that is the one we have to do and then also we put after we after you put you make your means your means don't give you anything.

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Sometimes the means will be there, you will not have it. Sometimes Allah Tala can grant with means without means against means.

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A primary salat wa salam is putting his utmost effort to slaughter is mentally salat wa salam, Allah Tala intervene The name doesn't work.

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So Allah Tala can grab with means which is a normal sometimes an American grandmother without means

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because it's Saturday salat wa salam strive asking for a miracle. We said okay, you want the miracle event to be bolder said by the command of Allah Allah Allah has put something in you bring it out of life anyone came on from Iraq

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and live animal came out from Iraq. Then the other thing with regard to his when we make dua we don't make dua with a careless heart. The same system said Allah to Allah does not

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accepted why that is made with a careless heart that you know you making dua to Allah Tala but you know your your heart is somewhere else. When you make dua to Allah Tala, you must be focused. Another thing with regard to dua is you must make dua that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is going to accept him as if confidence

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must have confidence and then if anyone knows what to do here, but he's a very beautiful, you know what to do go up one day someone's took this poem in front of a great Island. And he said that other berkshares ahead this month, NAB Akshay

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Toshi Kya Kiya Sara humphead Sarita stream hum Headjam is RJ RMI hola if you forgive me, I'm unfortunate you forgiven me. But if you don't forgive me, then who am I to complain? I accept whatever you have decided about me.

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So it is a poem with regard to showing submission to Allah because Adam hurriedly said no, this is not right. You don't make dua in such a way or life you want maybe I cut himself some saw a person making to Allah Allah filling in shit oh are now Forgive me if you want to maybe sell some say that is a person who is not asking Allah was condemned conviction How can we go to Allah forgive me if you want they will say well Now forgive me under allah I've done wrong. I admit my room and you have said if you ask Allah Tala for forgiveness and you are sincere in your repentance, and now we'll forgive

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maybe a cream sauce and said if a person admits he's wrong

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And he asked him that ALLAH for forgiveness, even if his sins are to the extent of to the heavens, and to the extent of the form in the ocean can be as much as a form an ocean, but maybe a cream sauce can give you an example you ask Allah for forgiveness Allah will forgive you.

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So we must bear this in mind that we asked her so then this particular poem is so the IDM said no don't don't seek change at all. Agar Bookshare. Sahara Kismet now Bookshare Toka Rosati Kebun de ke acquiring Mizrachi yarmuk Qi

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know what we'll do you'll join us if you forgive me, Oh Allah, I'm happy. But if you don't forgive me, I'm going to cry in front of you. That will not wait to decide

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why did you decide this for me change your decision to forgive me. So that's how we make dua to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala make dua was a firm conviction with regard to the that Allah will accept. Then another thing that we must make why is that only only you can

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only Allah you can exception study is a very, very famous Persian poet.

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I was studying I did a couple of books in Persian, very beautiful language. So we did question books social study, also within one or two of his books, social study make mention of one very interesting incident. He said, you know, a person was making data for 30 years, there was a group of people he had one or two people making Trademark Office. So after 30 years, one day when he was making voodoo for tattooed here, there's a sound. He had an unseen voice saying, You're 30 years of Mahajan is not accepted.

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Because you didn't make it with a career with appropriate sincerity and didn't do it correctly. So he continued making Wazoo

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the second day, the same voice he continued making tangible. Now these type of you know what they are the incidents it could be true, it could be hypothetical to to make mention of a lesson. The third day, he was the Kadeem was putting water for him because they were going to naptip So he was putting water for him to make wazoo and he had the same voice. And he continued making resume.

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So then when the person that had him said, Well, why are you wasting your time? If Allah doesn't accept you, then why are you wasting your time going slipmat while getting up so early in the morning to read the evidence.

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So he said you are immature.

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He said show me where I can go besides the Door of Allah.

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Show me where I can go besides the Door of Allah Tada even if Allah rejects me I'll come back because he's no has a door to go. So in in Persian, there is this coolest other chair who are nested can use map and the eagle nest.

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The unseen voice it was key for you to tahajjud was not worth your acceptance by Allah subhanaw taala but today the statement of yours there is no door to turn besides a Door of Allah. Because of that Allah Tala is accepted your 13

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is how we make dua that is no one but Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept our DUA and there is no door to turn towards Allah Tala definitely accepts

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but our acceptance is different. We were very impatient. So we have this situation and we feel

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that if I make dua today now this morning forgotten after five minutes if Allah Tala doesn't accept, we become impatient.

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So sometimes it doesn't happen like that.

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And that Allah has got different ways of accepting. Sometimes Allah Tala accepts immediately.

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Sometimes Allah Tala accepts immediately

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as it used to be a Salam was thrown into the world.

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But now you can see how long does it take for a person to be thrown from the world to come down to the bottom?

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Two seconds or even a second?

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Allah Allah told Hazaragi Brian O'Brien before my use of falls down on the bottom of the well, you go in, put your wings underneath there so he does not fall and does not get

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Allah commanded liberality, salam, by the time you suffer a Surrett was salam fell down. The Jabra Holy Spirit was salaams when was there to protect it?

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Sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala mix, okay, sometimes that Abu Huraira came to maybe according source and mbls will make dua for my mother. She doesn't have you noticed grant midwives and unnatural grants Hidayat to my mother.

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So let me

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set your grant to the mother of aloe vera.

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Whatever I said, I perceive something that is awesome I read I read oh man, I'd knock the door.

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And my my mother used to be, you know saying inappropriate things about maybe sorcery, so I felt very lucky. So this time when they asked me plumbing Oh Allah granted it to the mother of our rent. I made a knock the door she said I'm taking upon her voice

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to me that she has changed.

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Maybe a cream sauce those who are rich before me.

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Let me sell some swatches before me. She became a Muslim. Sometimes Allah Tala extends that was but it comes after a while. Who Sally's that was Ramadan amazing dua in the Quran. What an amazing dua rubberneck Miss Allah Amalia was to adapt Ruby. Farah, you may know hatha yoga.

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Who under the spirit has oppressed people so much he's been a tyrant. Oh Allah put a seat on his heart

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and take away his wealth. Destroy his wealth because wealth has been

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oppressing people robbing at me Salah Ahmad it was doodler Peruvian fella you may know don't let him bring him on until he sees your punishment. And letraset cologix But that was Oh Musa we have accepted your DUA but it happened after 70 years after Allah Tala telling him that we have accepted universal will Mr. Give this example that

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this example with regard to it is like your son comes and tell you you know, I'm going to university I need a car.

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But say Listen, I'll give you a car first you need to first get your license you have to come 18 Then I'll give you the car.

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You need a car I think you do need a car you're going up and down. So I'll get you a cup but first winter 18 Then you will get your license then I'll give you a car. So you accepted the request. But you told him I'll give it to you at the right time. So let us know sometimes except that what was what gives it to us at the right time.

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Sometimes Allah Allah gives us something better.

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Sometimes a letter not gives us something better than what we have asked for.

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So it comes in when added

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you know they give you an example right? So your children when they come and say that, you know Papa, daddy, whatever they call you mommy or whatever, that it's let's let's make arrangements that you're going to go for holiday this December. Let's cook well in advance and said yes, we must go for the day. But instead of me taking you to, to use lambda or somewhere else, or going to London or going to Thailand to say we'll go to we'll go for

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so you will hurt the request. You gave them something better.

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Sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala a dua you made. You wanted something, but because of the baraka of the DUA, Allah subhanho wa Taala a calamity was coming your way, but because of your DUA and let Allah diverted the calamity. So you may do it for something else, but because of the baraka of the DUA, Allah subhanho wa Taala granted you

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protection from a calamity and then the fourth way a little accent to us. It comes in a hadith that maybe a cream sauce can sit and rattle on the day of capital telepoint person on my window my bondsman Oh my seven you made this door this door this door when you are when you are a woman and a believer I didn't accept it I kept it in store for you in the accurate non giving you the reward for the two hours you made and when he sees that reward of the two hours that he made in the accurate he will say Oh ALLAH if only you would not have accepted any of my last

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five ways Allah Tala except one

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so we think no Allah we only think of one way we make dua now tomorrow Latinum was given to us and that's Allah sometimes give you immediately sometimes delayed because of a letter as wisdom. Sometimes Allah Tala, you know gives you something better sometimes a letter that diverts a punishment from you because of the dwell you're making 15 and that Allah gives you the

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what do I must? First thing ask Allah for forgiveness. There is a barrier between us in a letter as mercy and that is our wounds and our sins. Be sincere in repentance. October another Toba is regret. If we have to sum up Tober Toba means regret the greater the regret of the wrongs that we have done, the greater the acceptance of Allah subhanaw taala

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and you know, show your regret show you Allah I've done this and many times

00:25:00 --> 00:25:03

If people say yeah we make Toba then we can make the guna again.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:39

I let the I say if shaytan does our Allama says if shaytan doesn't get tired to try and mislead you You mustn't get tired asking Allah for forgiveness so shaytan even after you've done something wrong and when you won't do right he still comes in try again to read me could do wrong same shaytan doesn't try to make you do something wrong Why was you tired to ask a letter for forgiveness? What am I saved you know one older one Olivia very beautiful example. He saw the wipers you know so the rain came the wiper moved in the rain came the White House move it away right so you said Our job is

00:25:41 --> 00:25:47

to make Ghana you as collateral forget as it gets away, then you'll be good to us. I'm not saying you must go make this deliberate to upon

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making deliberate guna because ALLAH is forgiving. I'll give you an example of

00:25:58 --> 00:26:00

doctor gave you a bomb an ointment

00:26:01 --> 00:26:04

not about BHEL P era P

00:26:06 --> 00:26:16

doctor gave you an ointment he said that keep this oil in your home is very beneficial sometimes if someone burns in the house small ones just put this bomb in ointment.

00:26:18 --> 00:26:27

So you keep in your in your chest of drawers were older the medicines and the people become old a particular drawer is fully

00:26:30 --> 00:26:48

in the beginning stages of a marriage the room is full of beautiful fragrance, cushy and you know Burberry Tom Ford and Chanel file full of them right after that the 41st married you covered arugula smells simple

00:26:53 --> 00:26:53


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so now you put that bomb. Now the next time the bride comes having a poor family bride and you say Bismillah Allahu Akbar you will put your head in the fire someone said while you're putting in the fire doctor gave me a very good bow. Very good. So what will you tell

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if something happens you don't quite know put your hand in everything in a fire and let Allah is going to you know I got appointment therefore I must put my hand in the fire. And neither for me if by chance you're coming to Ghana, for the lives of alright, we could understand the difference. So we keep this in mind. And Allah Tala is waiting for our there is very much

00:27:38 --> 00:27:48

Allah is very very merciful. We can imagine the mercy of Americana and that Allah is very to see the community and whereas era Milani, right

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and maybe was going past a cover

00:27:54 --> 00:28:05

because he said he slept Wasana most likely. And that Allah revealed recently salaam that the inmate of the cover was getting punishment because of his misdeeds because of his evil deeds.

00:28:06 --> 00:28:14

So he said he said unto salaam Kelvedon came back on his way back you saw that that inmate of the cover

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know was up Allah what happened under the will to be what happened.

00:28:24 --> 00:28:24

Oh, he saw

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hope ordinary of Allah Oh, my messenger. When this person died,

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his wife was pregnant. She gave birth to the child

00:28:37 --> 00:28:48

after he passed away. Today, the child was small, went to the army, went to the scholar, scholar, read for him Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

00:28:50 --> 00:28:52

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful,

00:28:54 --> 00:28:56

who is a fellowship ashamed

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of punishing a person when a small child is invoking my mercy I forgive him.

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And that talent looks for excuses to forgive us. But we need to turn towards Almighty Allah subhana

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wa salatu salam was making dua one day for him

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is known as Serato is this car so when he was making dua letter I said oh Musa days a person in this gathering committed so much guna and said, until he doesn't leave, I'm not going to accept your DUA I'm not going to send out three

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people person must say noon. I mean, someone's gonna say, he cried before now.

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If I go out now, I'm going to be embarrassed.

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People will say he's the one who committed so much tonight because of him that he wasn't coming down all night ask for forgiveness. I won't do this again.

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So all of a sudden rain started falling down.

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Sally Sarah was Kalevala Cunnamulla, who Musa clemencies Allah in the Quran, who said you should

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Speak to Allah Allah. Allah Who said you know when you sit down rain until a person removes no one moved in you send them rate.

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Or Musa he asked me for forgiveness, I forgive him.

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He asked me for forgiveness. I forgive you.

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He was sincere in his repentance, and I forgive you.

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So masari CERAM said, Oh Allah, who is that person?

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Listen to the reply of

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all Musa when he was a good God when he was a sinner, I didn't reveal him after he made repentance you think I'm going to reveal reveal who he is. When he was a sinner, I didn't make mention of him to you. Now after you make up our mind made mention of

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an Arafat is a day to ask for forgiveness. Little for all for forgiveness for all our sins, even as collateral for forgiveness for our debt by things that we have done.

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Secondly, make special dua for our children.

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Our children are facing great amount of No, maybe not even our children, even our self for keeping our steadfast upon Eman

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because we don't know what's going to happen to us at the time of our death

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shaytan tries his utmost to try and mislead you that you must die against him compulsory shaytan is calculating Sonic for 22 part of the Quran shaytan will tell you become a disbeliever for America for and I will give you this and I will do this and I will get entices you. And when you listen to him and you become a disbeliever anybody who mean I am I distance myself from you.

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To shaytan will try

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to turn with Dr. Murad.

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Sometimes we don't know when we have to be very careful.

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She turns into enough to remember who remember one of the great Imams of the time.

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And he was on his deathbed. And he said Ahmed, we have managed to save yourself from me.

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You have managed to save yourself from me.

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So my wife Marie said he believes we trying to love me in a false sense of complacency. I'm not still safe. I'm still alive.

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I still have to preserve my email.

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So much worry, PC. No, no, I'm still not safe. We make rather than Natella keep our steadfast upon him and the last words Elektra says Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah say I mean Inshallah, this is what we want a little I must let us die with a Colombian make to offer the amount of our children

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and literacy school and foster family, especially in today's day, can understand where the world is going.

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A maritime can votaries at

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the 1860s at

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the age of 12, we can decide whether it's a boy or girl.

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He can decide his identity, he can decide with regard to whether he is he was he was born into a girl now he is he made made a mistake or there's a mistake and I'm a boy, one on one and Aquila judgment.

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Our sub knows him very well. He was saying he tells me he does. He did fortified workshops on transgender and LGBTQ he said one Muslim child 12 years old girl told that she told him once he said they're gonna give her also hidayah teacher when we do unfortunate also our child

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she's also our sister

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said she I think a little I made a mistake when making me a girl

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how this whole thing is to hold me especially to our children our grandchildren. Why Missoula supposed to say Make dua will be glad that Allah grant compatible spouses to our children see make dua telegram compatible sounds pulses to your grandchildren also. grandchildren are also very, very you know whose will only see what

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they like when I became a grandfather someone sent me a message. And Wallah, he'll ask him if I tell you that message. Because I've seen it coming through.

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He said Can children fill a space in your heart

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that you didn't know was empty

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Cringer will fill a space in your heart that you don't know what the

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Holy when you get them when you realize

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so this is something we want our children to a big law for us need to have our protection of our people in South Africa. People have been abducted here now. One brother was was was with us last week.

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Not last week last year and had

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this before

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and I was coming he sent me a message I didn't know it was a moment they say who

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was kidnapped. And he sent me a message he said one of his my son in law.

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Please you will for Hajj make dua for you.

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He was with us.

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That's him and he made so much of Hickmott fasea Allah Allah Allah reward him in ALLATRA make it easy for the family make to Allah keep us safe. I mean what we say how many people can go out of South Africa many people say South Africa is not safe we will not migrate to that Dubai. But how many people can migrate with

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how many percentage

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to 3% 4% 5% and if I put a mistake was made to have our country what's wrong in us making half our country they will not grant a safety in our country.

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Allah changes situation and the woman is so bad Allah knows best but if Allah Tala can change we can make dua. So these are some of the advice we can make we can make dua that Allah keep us and righteousness keep us away from guna he was good give us good in this world give us good in the year after our deen is also amazing. And I didn't say all the hola we want. We want only the year after Roberta attina for dunya Sana hola he was good in the school and he was very, very after Amara, the Latino so a person making blood who wanna save me from this world who wanna save me from this one. So Omar said, What are you making dua Ian, what I don't want to Legolas made mention of the

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temptations of the world and I made mention of the temptations of the world. So I

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asked him that you don't want wife you don't want children you don't want Well, screw one. She said why don't you make dua to another number save you from the world.

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Couldn't make the DUA make dua to Allah grant us the good of this world.

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Allah we want this one, but you want the good of it. We don't want that this one must make us elegant. We didn't wander the world must make us turn away from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala we wonder this world must be there with the word we must still be obedient to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So these are some of the things is anyone has any questions we can maybe okay that is number four for five minutes.

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How do we what role does

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play in very important question Serato Sam is always accepted of us.

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And what am I made mentioned that you see one of the things that you must make, when you make dua to Allah Tala, you're always going to ask Allah will not give me this older Give me this. You ask you start off by praising Allah Tada then you do the root upon every source. And look at our letter, Atos has taught us and hamdulillah Europe

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or Rahmani Raheem Maliki on the deen all praise of another year cannot go to a year can Stein is dinner seawater monster four verses of praise of Allah Tala then you see it in

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the first phase, then make the start off your DUA was the route and ended off with the route in between inshallah it is unlikely from the generosity of Allah that Allah will accept what is in the beginning Allah will accept in the end and Allah will accept what is in between

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so no no, no, no, no no you see now in this particular way what we do is that according to the Hanafi school of thought you only make junk if you're making salad behind the appointed Imam. So if you're reading in Namira then you will make Zara

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and when you are eating in our tents which most likely we will be doing on our own then you make Zoran this time and you will pass it on this time so then you will have the opportunity between oil and massage to read

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what I said a little bit earlier so that we got more time for DWIs and all that and although people like collective was nowadays you know they want they want more they want to make doors but in the end of the day it's something between you and Atlanta Atlanta is you see one of the things you must never many times people make this mistake they said

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we are so gonna God what Allah Tala listen to us. We so sinful well Allah listen to us. You must ask Allah to Allah. He believes when he was expelled from Jana.

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Allah was angry with him, he believes made a DUA and certainly Allah yo me you atone for what Allah keep me alive for the day of Kiama

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for me to fulfill my evil objectives

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and it wasn't a good objective. He said I want to mislead humankind from Malathion, nomon benei. Ad Immelmann. And Emani. One Shemitah him I will come to them from the right and from the from the from the left and from that in the front.

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Amazingly, when Adam said he doesn't say from the top, because the top is our our door to salvation. That is our door for Toba.

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There's our door photo. So let's take a look at it we'll make mention of

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so Allah Tala accepted the dua of Iblees.

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We don't watch the replays

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So make dua to Almighty Allah as as conducta for everything as collateral for whatever you want this ask of Allah Tala make a note of it from now on as of this this this this this

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people have made various Egypt was no small small was you must make

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it as I said let me sell some said even if your shoelaces break was as collateral

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there's no common law, not a few minutes wasn't

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even going

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