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Jumu’ah Lecture
Abuja Nigeria


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The importance of acknowledging one's actions and worshipping one's creator is emphasized in Islam, including the use of drugs and shaming to impress people. fulfilling Islam's one who cares and not denying one's mistake is also emphasized. The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of drugs and shaming to impress people, the importance of showing one's true values to others, and the need to be mindful of one's words and actions. The message of Islam is not a sugar- coated message, but rather a direct live message, and is used by many Muslim leaders. religion and its differences between the Muslim Umroom and the Christian world are also discussed.

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Alhamdulillah Hindery

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one lady,

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one lady atherogenic, ma fudger Allah

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wash my to Allah Allah. Allah Allahu la sharika lahu eyeshadow Anna Mohammed Abu ora sudo who was Sophie you who are funny Who was he? To whom in healthy he salatu wa salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah Hurry, LA,

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wonderful Yamato Jonah de la la,

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la casa but wahome la vida moon, my brothers and sisters. The first and most important piece of advice that we always deliver

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is to be conscious of Allah something known as Taku Allah, for innominate Taka la vaca. Whoever has the taqwa whoever engages in taqwa shall save himself or herself. If you would like to save yourself from the torment from the punishment of this world, and the next, you need to develop what is known as takua.

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People generally translated as the fear of Allah. But it is a combination of the consciousness of Allah, the development of the relationship with Allah, the worshipping of Allah alone, the hope in his mercy and the feeling of being cast into his role. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us? Yeah, are you? Sure ambu dorobek como la de la Coco, perhaps one of the first instructions that Allah has kept in the Quran, or people worship your Lord who has created you worship the one who made you He is unique in his names and qualities, he has no partner, you shall worship none besides Him. It is unfair, my brothers, my sisters, to worship deities that are false, anyone or anything besides he

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who may do it is not correct to worship them.

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No matter how much of power they may depict, in this world, no matter how much of authority or wealth, no matter how much they look, in terms of grandia and greatness, they will never compete with the Almighty Who made entire creation. We repeat this every time we speak. We start off with this every single time we commence a reminder.

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We start off with this every sermon on a Friday, because it is the core and the crux, what is it worshiping Allah alone. We do not worship sticks or stones, nor do we worship other humans dead or alive, nor do we render an act of worship to anything or anyone besides he who made us. So what is an act of worship? An act of worship is that which was taught by the messenger who was sent to us from the same maker to teach us how he would like to be worshipped, hence, something known as the son of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I cannot wish upon Allah according to my whims and fancies, I cannot worship Allah according to my desires. I cannot worship Allah by jumping by doing

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that, which is in transgression of Allah by dancing and merrymaking, I cannot worship Allah the way I wish, I will do it solely and only the way he taught me how he wants to be worshipped. So I will worship Him, not what I want to do. So in order for us to realize this, we would actually be from among those who look at Allah and see what exactly he sent to us to tell us how he wants to be worshipped. Once again, it goes back to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wa Coronavirus, Sunni, the best of creation, the most noble of all prophets of Allah. Why? Because Allah chose him for that. I will not be jealous when Allah raises one above another because that was one of the first crimes committed, you know that he believes. What happened? He felt this complex wherein he thought he was better than Adam and I

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mean who fall apart journeymen.

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I am better than him. You made me from fire you made him from clean from the sand from the

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dust from the soil. So who is better according to police the devil, he says I am better.

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And that was the downfall of the police. How many of us when we see someone else doing better than us in this world, we get jealous of them. We say Subhana Allah, may Allah protect us that man is a thief. He made his money through drugs, that woman made her money through robbing people, this person is not what they think he is, etc, etc. These are comments that are directed and dedicated from the devil himself. protect yourselves, go back to Allah, part of worshipping Allah alone is to confirm that he is the one who decides who will get what.

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When you are happy that Allah gave someone else more than you, that is still heat. That is one missing Allah belief in the oneness of Allah. Because Allah elevates whomsoever He wishes, while long, Allah, Allah.

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Allah is the one who has elevated some of you above others when it comes to wealth. And the same applies to knowledge. And the same applies to looks. And the same applies to everything else. It's Allah, it's part of your tests. Hence, Allah tells us why

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no one is in blue. I have not created many kinds of gene kind, except that they worship me How do we worship Allah by leading the entire life in accordance with what Allah has decided? By worshipping Allah alone, no matter what happens, when I'm struggling, my struggles draw me closer to Allah. When I'm doing well. My doing well draws me closer to Allah. When things are neither good nor bad, it draws me closer to Allah, then you are successful.

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Then you have understood who Allah is the problem with us, we don't know our makeup. And that is the reason why we falter. We become sad and depressed when we are tested by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah has not let you down. Allah has not let you down when he has given you a sickness, rather use that sickness to get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. When Allah has tested you with many challenges, it's not that he has let you down, nor is he upset with you, but rather, it is Allah alone who is in charge. He chose that for you as your test.

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My brothers, my sisters, be happy with the decree of Allah. Understand that we worship Allah alone, that is the honor and dignity of a Muslim. That is the primary reason that we exist is to be able to dedicate our worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala dedicated to Allah do not change in the meanings of his names and qualities, but rather accept them, believe them, understand them. He is the one he is the merciful. He is the Owner of the Day of Judgment. It's not up to you and I to pass judgments within the hearts of the people. The minute I think I know what's in your heart, I've installed myself as a not just as a mushrik. But as shipped with Allah which means I have a partner to Allah,

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Allah because Allah is the one Yamaha

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Yun one, feel pseudo Allah knows what lies behind the eye, the deceiving is the one who wants to cheat, etc. I might not pick it up. That's why we are deceived. Sometimes on Earth, a person comes and greets you becomes your friend. And after so many years he steals your wife. I didn't know that. Had I known that I wouldn't have befriended him but that was a test of Allah. Allah knew it from the very beginning. May that not happen to us, I mean,

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but what we also need to understand is Allah is the one who knows what's in the hearts. Imagine I look at you and I make a decision about you. I look at you and I make a decision about you and I decide to panela

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my brothers and sisters we just need this brother to recite the Shahada. inshallah, we cannot delay that further. It's part of our football we will not know how long we're going to live for. So it's part of the hook but today, brother repeat after me as

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a La Ilaha.

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Let's start again.

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Allah ilaha illAllah

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Muhammadan Rasulullah I bear witness, there is none worthy of worship.

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besides Allah, I am a witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger. final prophet Mashallah. You may have a seat, my brother.

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We could not delay that because we don't know what is going to happen. My beloved brothers, my sisters, we can now sit down together.

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Allah, we can now sit down inshallah we will do the rest after the football.

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So my beloved brothers look at what we just did Now what did we say? Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah that is he that is the oneness of Allah we do not call them towards ourselves, we call them towards Allah. When you want to know the status of a man who is calling to Allah, look at him, look at his character, his conduct and check whether he is calling to himself or he is calling to Allah, if he is calling you to Salah to goodness to worshiping Allah alone to developing your character with others, he has fulfilled what Allah has asked him to fulfilled by to fulfill by doing these two things, calling you towards Allah

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He will have called anybody calling you towards fulfilling the rights of Allah by worshiping man besides Allah, the goodnesses from Allah, everything is from Allah, good and bad is from Allah. We worship Allah alone. And secondly, we need to fulfill the rights of the rest of us by developing our character and conduct the difficulty with us, when we have wealth, when we have knowledge, the two of them can come with a lot of arrogance, and that is when we fail, the more wealth you have, people should see it in your character, your speech, you need to have a good heart, a clean heart, you need to be concerned about the oma, you don't spew words of hate. You don't spill words of discord, but

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rather words of guidance. When a person is drinking alcohol, you should be making dua in the middle of the night for that brother, rather than going expose him on internet. You need to know if you're a true caller to Allah, your way is with the people directly. You love those who need help and are reaching out for help rather than attacking them. No matter what sin you've committed. We still have hope in you. We care for you. We love you. We will reach out to you. We will hope just like Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was hopeful

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to see come as he is

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to bill meany.

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The messenger has come to you from amongst you what a great man with what great qualities he's so concerned about your guidance. You know the term Harrison alayka means he desperately wants to see goodness for you. And he is so kind compassionate with the believers. He is such a beautiful man so much so that with the kuffaar of Quraysh depleted them with such respect, that they had no option but to accept Islam at home aka

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the day he had victory. He was the most powerful lesson on that day, the day of the victory of Makkah, he put his head right down right down right down to the neck of the camel, because he didn't come on earth with pride with bad words with attacking people. Today we attack our Muslim brothers and sisters, and we claim to be champions of the nubby champions of tawheed and aqeedah champions of everything else, and we are deaf, dumb and blind.

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I am speaking passionately because I have witnessed what Boko Haram has done in this country. They started off if you were to watch them, they only spoke with a bit of hatred at the beginning. They only divided people in their minds they made you hate others so passionately and use the verses of Allah to do that.

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The one who gave life to others, the one in whose hands lies the hearts of others, rather than us trying with them, reaching out to them, helping them continually training with them, remembering that their hearts are in the hands of Allah we began to spread and spew such hate that we started killing them in the name of the same Allah who invented life.

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And we call it Islam. If we don't talk about it from these platforms, in this beautiful country of Nigeria, we have failed in our duty unto Allah. Learn to love others when people are going wrong. The first step is not to hate them. When people do something, the first step is called a personal one. You need to if you have done something with your heart, I need to think to myself perhaps you're making a mistake, think good. We think the worst things of the best of us the worst because our hearts are so dirty, filled with pride, malice, jealousy, envy, materialism, I'm not as popular as him or as Richard when I told you two things bring about arrogance, knowledge brings about more

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arrogance than wealth. Because if that knowledge is not practiced upon and it is not checked, it will come without any wisdom without any character without any conduct. you despise everyone you look at as though there is a deck on your back saying you are from Ghana and the others are from Johanna. It's a reality. We are facing it on the ground. I was in Maiduguri I spent two days and I went there despite what the people said.

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Because I wanted to ensure that we have fulfilled the duty unto Allah in a heartbeat.

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Indeed, this is one oma worship me alone. You can hear the passion in my voice. Fight your hearts and you're not

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eradicate from it. jealousy, envy, hatred, etc, etc. Yes, we dislike everything that displeases Allah. But when we say the love for the sake of Allah when someone is sinning, we definitely detested the sin, but we have hope. Imagine your own son, you find out his own trucks, many of you that must be true. May Allah guide them. Look at how loud the army was. Why? Because we care for them. They are my children. I'm on the pulpit of Juma saying, may Allah protect our children from the difficulties of the age. We don't hate our children. We love them, we care for them. We don't hate our own brothers when they fallen for the bottle of alcohol, but rather we detest the sin and

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we have both if your son was on drugs for 10 years, and then after he came back crying, won't you embrace him? Oh, my son, I love you. I was praying for this day, after 10 years, Allah gave it to me forget about the past, we start a new future.

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That's the truth. But if it's someone else's son, we demonize him, we break him, we destroy him. We don't want him to see daylight. Why? He's not my son. He's an evil person. That is the essence of double standards. One standard for you another standard for others. Why should we do that? Where is your belief in Allah? Allah gave him the life if he wanted he could have guide them. What

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aku me.

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Look at the verses of Allah, powerful, themselves are so powerful, they make us tremble. Allah says if Allah will, he could have guided in China mankind, all of them because the hearts are in the hands of a love viously.

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Those who are misguided Do you think you have no power over them? Then Allah, Allah kept them that way for a reason part of it is to test you and what do you do about them? Do you attack them and harm them and destroy them and fight them and kill them? Or do you reach out to them in a beautiful way convinced them? Look at the kuffaar of grace, look at

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how many Sahaba did he kill?

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But we still say about the Allahu anhu today because there was a stage when Allah gave him guidance. Mohammed Abdullah Hill Hashimi al quraishi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Do you know what he said? He said, Subhanallah mommy pseudo polynomial. Islam. He told him when he didn't know the Allahu anhu was the brother of Hardy. He said Khalid Was he a man as intelligent as Khalid cannot be ignorant of the fact that Islam is correct.

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Sometimes Subhana Allah, Allah will bring him and Allah protein. That was the messenger, if it was our way. Forget about it. There's no Toba. for him. It's okay, you can kill him and use the name of Allah hold the Quran in one hand and the dagger in the other. That's what we would do. That's what some who claim to be knowledgeable, would actually promote. And like I told you go back and study Boko Haram, please do. Check how they started, they started simply, they started with hatred and spewing that we are the only ones who are supposed to go to gentlemen, my opinion is so sacred that anyone who holds another one now, by force, I'm going to ensure that they're not allowed to have a

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different opinion. And what happened, that country is struggling to this day, with that type of violence and killing. So be careful. Don't let it come to your puppets. Don't let that type of teaching come to your schools to your modalities. Because there are people in our midst who look extremely beautiful.

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Listen to what they have to say carefully. My beloved adults who are here, the seniors of society, save our children from such people.

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Protect them, watch their mouths. We are busy killing each other. We're lucky because it starts with a smooth Spark. And then there was an infernal Be careful. I'm not saying this for no reason. We worship Allah alone. We are doing it for the sake of Allah. I'm not gonna be of Allah I will follow them to be to the letter. I may not call towards Allah how you want me to do it, but I'm still calling towards Allah. methodologies can change but the core is the same. If you don't understand it. You don't just call someone a deviant.

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Be careful what your words what's your mouth, look at the messages alone.

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has made them look up to you and respect you. It's your duty to ensure that that is used to guide them towards goodness become a strong person. Yes in your relationship with Allah worship Allah alone, but don't despise others. That's why at the time of war, when the when the kuffaar were harming the Muslims, there is something known as the victory of labor. When the Jews were in the fortress of cable, and they were about to be defeated, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave the flag to Ali, Vitali, Bharati Allahu Allah. And he says,

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this was at the juncture of war. They were about to enter into the fortress victorious. He says, Yeah.

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Well, law he My beloved cousin Annie, if Allah uses you today, to guide a single person towards him, it's better for you than the most expensive of the red cameras.

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at war, he says, watch out we are not trigger happy. We want people to come to Allah speak to them nicely. When you give a baby paracetamol. The baby thinks that it is drinking a strawberry juice, strawberry liquid, but it's gone in and the paracetamol has the effect.

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Some people are so good at their data, that they give us that paracetamol as though we are drinking strawberry liquid while others are so blunt, so blunt. If they in their bluntness are correct and respectful, it may be a an effective way of dour, but if they are despising and creating hatred in such a way that the oma is going to start hating one another. Today will law he we may greet a Christian or a Jew but we won't greet another Muslim because he goes to another machine, but we share La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah we share it yes we will have differences but remember that your brother in between you will be surprised to see them in general. You will be surprised why

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because gender doesn't belong to you and I we are not rushed man. We are not Rahim we are not What dude, we are not lofar Allah is that

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Allah will forgive you for sins, that humankind will not forgive you for

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you made a mistake in your marriage. Your wife or spouse might tell you I'm not forgiving you but with Allah Allah says, Don't worry, come to me. I'm forgiving, I will forgive you. I tell people, some of the spouses after a sin, they are closer to Allah than they were throughout the marriage prior to that it can happen. May Allah help us to forgive one another. You want forgiveness, you show forgiveness, you want mercy, you show mercy liar. homina homina homina.

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Allah will not have mercy on those who don't have mercy on others. Learn to love one another. That's my message here today. Learn to love one another. And it's not a sugar coated message. It is a direct live message. We are witnessing destruction across the globe of the Muslim Ummah, From who? from the rest of the Muslim Ummah,

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the destruction we have suffered at the hands of those who say la ilaha illa. Allah with us is way more than the others who have also harmed us. So if we don't talk about it in a solid way, and we don't spread the message, and we don't watch out in our own communities, we might be guilty of being a vehicle towards destruction. We don't want to see another Boko Haram here. We've had enough of them.

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When you have your opinion, stick to it, teach it in a nice way preach it, but remember, others have their opinions, understandings differ, they will be different. They are also perhaps using Quran and Sunnah. They had differences among the Sahaba the Allahu anhu they had differences amongst those who came after you are not the only one who has the right to exist, because Allah gave the life to those, even those who are kuffaar and Allah tells you lariago one Nikita Lupo levy Naka Cava

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Don't let the beautiful lives that are being led by the kuffar deceive you. It doesn't mean Ally's happy with them. They will have Allah give them in this world for whatever reason, whatever he wants, but did Allah say go and kill them? have them take it? Well Allah He my brothers and sisters, when you see a non Muslim, you should actually refer to them as not yet Muslim that's how strongly you should know that Allah can change them at any time.

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Imagine referring to them as not yet Muslim it means I have so much hope I'm almost convinced that when to come, Suppan Allah, May Allah help us May Allah guide us May Allah

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guide our scholars, man or keep them with wisdom. May Allah instill love amongst them. When the scholars have love in their hearts, the rest of the Ummah will have love.

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When they have hatred and malice and jealousy for one another, the oma is destroyed. The same applies to those who have wealth. The more you get, the more humble you should be. I want to end off by telling you, my beloved brothers and sisters. When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam entered Makkah as a victorious person with an army that could never be defeated. He put his head right down to the neck of the camera. He entered Makkah as though he was introduced to Panama, no form of pride or Tina's arrogance, nothing. And unless they win, he could have destroyed everyone who harmed him personally. He told them lottery by a common

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law, no retribution against you today go You are all free. Who says that?

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam The one whom we claim to follow, yet we are harming and killing people who are closer to us than the movie king of Quraysh. Boom that statement was made for

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people who are already in the deal people who are already with us, we tend to spread that which causes what we have already seen.

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My brothers and sisters, this topic would never end.

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But as you know, the essence of it has been mentioned May Allah help us to worship Him alone. And to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah saw Salaam to protect ourselves from that which is innovation in the deen and to be able to help one another in such a loving way. Such a kind way that people can come and taste this essence of the deen 2 billion Muslims on Earth.

00:26:55--> 00:27:11

But we cannot agree on swatting a fly, swatting a fly we cannot agree. May Allah subhanho wa Taala never, ever let us taste the harm of our own selves and our own deeds. seek the forgiveness of Allah and Allah will forgive you barakallahu li walakum

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akuto de la la Li walakum wa ala Muslim in a pasta