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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah and Avi Avada Amala do photo Villa Himalaya shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Shah who Ramadan and Lady Zilla Fie Murphy

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who del Lin c Webb a unity middle Buddha well for a call set up Allahu la XIM My dear respected elders and brothers. We thank Allah that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us once an opportunity once again to witness the mobile

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and bless it month of Ramadan. This is a very great month navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he addressed the companions and the Sahaba he addressed them by saying that as Allah come shahana Ozzy azeem shahara mobarak they come upon you a month which is full of blessings, and a very great month. Allah Tanaka lactuca

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Ramzan k mahina, como shahida Kanika maka, dia, and that Allah was camarilla Baba cabana Karim sauce

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Sahaba como hataoka tonic ajeeb Joomla kaha as elecom shahara Nazim shahara mobarak archaeopress z Mina, Oba burka Berkut, may not.

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So these are very great, and a very mobile rock in a very blessed month. It's a month in which Allah subhanahu wa taala gives great rewards with regard to the deeds that we have done. Normally we will do deeds, but in Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala increases that he would know better himself. Solomon said, Whoever does nephila act in Ramadan, Allah gives him the reward of a first act. And whoever does one for us, and lots of other what Allah multiplies it 70 times can we imagine Allah subhanahu wa taala has generosity in terms of rewarding people. You know, people read for example, the our tarawih prayers in 20 Records, you read how many times you need to hanabi Al Azim how many

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times you read 200 A bl Allah how many times you read the seeker for every seeker and that Allah is multiplying the rewards, we can imagine the rewards that Allah has kept in stock for the people in Ramadan. So what Ramadan comes from the Arabic Arabic word Ramadan and rums means the intense sun, the sun which scorches the earth, which makes the earth and makes the earth completely scorched and dry. And the reason why it is known as is because that the heat, it patches the throat with regard to our first and inshallah next week I will speak only on Rosa today I'm speaking on the mobile can bless it blessedness of the month. So one meaning of rum, it is the purchase

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the throat because of it's because of thirst. And the other reason is the way the sun scorches the earth, Ramadan comes in scorches our sins, go now committed the way that the sun comes in and scorches and makes the earth dry. Ramadan comes and wipes away our sins, and we must easily we must eagerly await Ramadan,

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we must eagerly await and actually enjoy Ramadan. Sometimes it can happen that people regard Ramadan is a month of restriction among where we can fulfill our desire, we can have what we want, it is something that can happen human being as such, that we look at the enjoyment aspect of our life. Now we said Ramadan has come to put a break with regards to our desires. It's supposed to be a blessedness it's supposed to be a positive, but many times people regard it as a restriction. People find it as a burden. They find it a place and a month of fatigue. Allah How can we ever think such a thing? They said about the surface early here, six months before Ramadan? They used to make dua to

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Almighty Allah, Allah let us see Ramadan. Six months, he has written an amazing thing. One of our great scholars, the one who has given written a commentary of Bukhari Sharif, even

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not to eagerly await Rama van is a sin.

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Let me say that again. Not to eagerly await and long for

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Ramadan is a sin.

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Here Ramadan kita manna or arzoo notturna yep as a Ghanaian. Therefore we have to keep an eagerly await and anticipate Ramadan right Third thing, Ramadan and the other months. It is Zameen Osman cafard it is a difference between the heavens and earth. Some Allah has given this most beautiful example with regard to Ramadan and the other month. It is like the example of as if you're suffering salat wa salam and the other lemon brothers you suffering salat wa salam, Kumi Sol and his example with regard to his other brothers. That is the example between Ramadan and the other month, Yusuf Ali Salam was a newbie he made so much of summer here. Granted, he was such a great rank. He had

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such a beauty in a similar manner. Ramadan, like compared to the other months is like Yusuf Alayhi salat wa salam is comparison to the other brother brothers, that we are not Allah has given respect, distinction, beauty to us if you suffer a Salaam over the other brothers, and that Allah has given distinction Allah has given Allah is given greatness, Allah Allah has given beauty to Ramadan over the other 11 months. And then what am I reckon another amazing thing, the way Yusuf alayhi salatu was Salam became the means of the forgiveness of his other brothers.

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The way Yusuf Ali Salaam became the means of the forgiveness of his other brothers, we make two other inshallah Ramadan becomes the Forgiving for beings of forgiveness of the of our shortcomings of the other 11 months. This is mahina por dos re Manos MTS, si e hem Jessa Yusuf alayhi salatu was salam, or inkay bio meta, just Terra Yusuf alayhi salatu was Salam appname biochim muffuletta saponin e Sita Rama

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Rama Hassan Po, gamma hinoki katajanokka Farah bonarda inshallah.

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So, this is another aspect with regard to Ramadan and the other months. Then, a fourth thing which is most important, but others hum, we are an amalgamation of body and soul. We are an amalgamation of body and soul, human being have got angelic tendencies, and they've got animal instincts

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and shaytan instincts for hahahaha foodora what Allah tala says we've given you the road towards foodora and taqwa foodora means Guna and sin taqwa means goodness, human, we have got both of these things. We've got angelic tendencies and we got animal instincts, we are an amalgamation of body and soul. By 11 months of the year, we have given priority to the body and we have given priority to the needs of the body did everything what the body wants, fulfilled our desires, sometimes in a halal manner, sometimes may Allah Allah forbid, sometimes not in a halal manner, but this is the aspect we gave priority to our, our worldly needs, and we gave priority to our body. Now is a time for us in

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Ramadan, to give priority to our spirituality. And we have a spiritual need, each and every one of us have got spiritual needs, and spiritual needs are not going to be fulfilled by material things. Your spiritual need is not going to be fully fulfilled, by water, over drinks or by food or by entertainment or pleasure. Our spiritual needs are going to be fulfilled by spirituality. It is going to be fulfilled by by remembering Allah by making seeker by two by two. That is how our spiritual needs are going to be fulfilled. I'm Jason orocommerce. Why

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are in God

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as his main na

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or Allah Allah

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His main me Allah tala

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brothers, we know we talk about Ibadan. Now eBuy that means our whole life is about it. There is no doubt our whole life is divided. If anyone does something right in the business faith which

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is also divided, but many times the real meaning of the ibaadat is also and it is commonly understood to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala to make you better to form it Allah subhana wa tada to turn towards Almighty Allah to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala zeker da does you know Salah these are important aspects with regard to tiller too divided these are aspects that fulfill a spiritual need. And without fulfilling that spiritual need is a vacuum in our life

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is not hamare under our time or is

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Cut up a poor connection yes sir for

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therefore latter line the Holy Quran says, Allah. Allah hit that minute in the remembrance of Allah when hearts find contentment while law he My dear respected brothers, people who do not remember Allah, Allah will never ever give them true contentment

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cup of coffee it Medan has in you will never ever get to contentment. It may not end and real fulfillment and contentment comes that there must be some aspect of remembering Allah as a chef to cuddle.

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You soon say the contentment we get by ibaadat If only the people of the world if the dunya that rulers could have understood it, they would have left a rule. They would have sent the armies to try and get our contentment. They would not have been able to get it. I got dunya who can run

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it me Nan hustle

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to open a forge Kobe J. Smith Namco has Interlaken was in a call center. This is divided by the respect of others, if we don't do it, but it will lie it is a vacuum in our life. There is a loneliness in our life. There is a restlessness in our life. There is an anxiety in our life, which will only be fulfilled that loneliness, that anxiety that vacuum by turning that towards Almighty Allah why there's a latter line the Holy Quran says for either for fun sub

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pika for

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our beloved Nivea cream sauce, you have completed your task and what does we have hold it us now via cream sauce vectors with regard to Naboo Allah Allah is telling our beloved

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after your task of Naboo after your task of fulfilling you on the moon, tire yourself in remembering Allah,

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appneta tire yourself that is why the vehicle himself seems to stay in Salah to such an extent that his feet used to swell and others we have forgotten the joy of eroded

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what is what what what the great, what the great you know, the joy in a budget we have forgotten. There is a joy in this and a joy in remembering Allah. There is a joy in turning towards Almighty Allah. These are joining performing Salah nebbia Karim Salah while he was telling me to say the coolness of my eyes rising Salah, the coolness of my eyes lies in salah and you will lie It is such an important thing that on the day of Tiamat Allah will as the people of Johanna masala takushi soccer up soccer MacEwan

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Why are you in Jana?

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And will gaggia being alumna communal mousseline hum namaz purnia what

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we did not perform Sadat That is why we are Indian. We did not perform salad well I'm not gonna trim will miss him and we did not in any way we did not perform salad and we do not feed the poor. When are we going to get the joy of divided the way in the vehicle themselves? Let me say the coolness of my license Allah

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maratona shabu Hari I made mention of this many times, what an amazing thing he said, you know, turn towards Almighty Allah, Mexico to make to make to our motto.

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Many has seen data has seen omya centers Arya

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Arya Maya, I saw a person who was so great, the most beautiful, the most graceful, the most elegant, the most greatest of human beings. And Latin African also on his, on his time and Latin I took an oath on his life, on his speech where he took an oath on the city in which he resided. Now auxin will be added.

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And said, my

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man often when he says yes to something it becomes when he says no to something, it becomes Haram. He said, I thought for a moment, ss shock said may jacking up next we'll take a page from our when asked such a great person to fulfill my needs. He said well through the means of his biography went through the means of his history. When I read his life story, I went to knock at his door, I saw the entire creation sleeping. I saw this great human being making dua to someone else. And he was saying to have the room fine. Now. We're in the film for in the cantle Aziz will Hakeem Allah. If you punish my mother, we have the right to punish them. They are your bondsman. They are your slaves.

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They are Your servants. We interfere with our life. You forgive them. We have the capacity to forgive them. You have the power to forgive them. Then my mind made a decision. Go don't go to such great people for assistance. Go to that pain where even such great people go and ask assistance from

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jossey sL ob Allah on a Sunday,

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even our beloved

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used to take pleasure in making a budget of Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. So the fourth thing brothers take out time for you but take out time and in taking out time, make a pattern in our life. Make it 30 by up Nadine tatoeba Now I'm going to spend so much time in remembering Allah in making sicker making to her making kill our making, nephila must make a proper schedule of our time. People when they go for the day, they make a proper schedule. Day one, we are going to go and see this particular place. Day two, we're going to go and see such and such a place. day three, we're gonna do such and such a place. day four, we're gonna go to this restaurant. For the sake of dunya you can

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make a turkey you can draw up a plan for the sake of after for the sake of Ramadan, brothers see to eat that we build up a plan, make a plan to do something and said this time, half an hour before us or half an hour before magnet for example. I'm going to put everything away. I'm going to put everything away put my phone away, put my social media away. I'm going to only set in a Masjid or set at home and I'm going to read Quran for example, one part of the turkey let me say what a great opportunity Allah has given us to perform tahajjud prayers

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nebia Karim saw cinema check every every morning at the time of the hatchet thumbs down on the earth and Allah tala stretches out his hand now don't even argue What is the meaning of Allah tala his head and how he comes down on the on the first heaven. We like to make an argument about everything, debate about everything. Leave it the way Allah Allah has made mentioned. Allah thumbs down on the first heaven and he said help me Mustafa is anyone who seeks forgiveness is there anyone who's got any need is there anyone who needs sustenance that I can sustain him. So every person at the time of surgery, every person at the time of surgery, that must come door to at least for a cut, but again,

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Shanna sub at least at the time of surgery, make 100 prayers. So make that part of your 30 make it part of your pattern. Every time we are getting a photo sometimes when you are not in Ramadan is difficult to get up. So now you are awake and to eat Sherry is sooner and it is the most blessed me so when you get up sit with it. You need to record your forecasts of whether you're going to get a chance make little bit of deja vu start

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to tell us by if you can't get up for that job. And sometimes you just get up and you want to fall asleep again. Set up an alkene after dunya Hazara

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make that much of doowop make that much of da

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has it ma'am Shafi Rahmatullah you say? The da at the time of the hatchet is an arrow that doesn't miss its mark.

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The Diwan the time of tattooed is an arrow that doesn't miss its mark. But our relationship with the Quran

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Allah What am I have said, you want to speak to Allah. You want to speak to Allah go inshallah. You are speaking to Allah. Ramirez hurry Hadith al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen when a person says al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Taala says hamadani Robbie. When a person says Alhamdulillah Allah replies my pawns when my bondsman with our

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with our filthy tongue we say

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Allah tala replies by panda is praise me, my bondsman has praise me. You want to speak to Allah, you perform Salah. You want to speak to you read Quran you are you want to speak to Allah, Allah, you want Allah to speak to you read Quran, tala moo, moo, moo,

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the speech of the king, the speech of the King of kings, is the king of all speeches. The speech of the king is the king of all speeches, brothers, turn towards the Holy Quran. Make a time as it was, my mother said once you know the beauty of the Holy Quran, you will never get enough of it. If you know the beauty of the Quran, you will never get enough then you won't say by this half is I've reached too long. Then you want to say this half is average too long. Because once you know the beauty of the Holy Quran, you will never get enough of it. All Am I have written the Quran is like dates. Every time you choose more, more sweetness comes in your mouth. The more you read the Quran,

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the more you will get sweetness. So the sixth thing is to spend your time in making, you know, reading Quran. The other aspect is

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by and then another important thing is try to live one bad habit.

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We got bad habits in us. We don't know which bad habit might prove destructive to us. Try this Ramadan that I'm going to try to leave one bad habit. Commerce come a booty call Jordan a kick precocious Korean

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Remember data we're gonna say secret? No, she autosave you better.

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If you can leave cigarettes even better, no benefit. You can smoke between the 12 hours ideal time, leave cigarettes by unnecessary you know burden upon your health, unnecessary burden upon your pocket.

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It's all leave one bad habit if you can start off by leaving cigarettes Alhamdulillah stop smoking to leave one bad habit. And lastly My dear respected brothers by we don't know whether we're going to get another Amazon or not have a Capita to 3 million

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how many of our our presidents how many of our assemblies? How many of our close family members

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have passed on in this year?

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I've lost so many family members and memories so many people have lost family members. We have they have lost the antenna fully covered with no we're not gonna grant

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me a little elevated status. We don't know whether we're going to get another Ramadan or not. hummocky apata therefore Libya Karim sastra Monday was asked jasola give us advice so that we saw some says solu Salah Tim modren namaaz sa PR Okay, after the nimasa to MSA get a caroms en si k hamari

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Mila Mila Omari a dose Walker 31 our friend of ours,

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one on a shipping closet. from Rachel I used to fold him I used to speak a lot to him. From Russia I used to fold him by dawn for me now I'm reading Quran for Amazon.

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In this year he passed away from a job I used to fold him down for me now I'm reading Quran and preparing for Amazon

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so we don't know whether you're going to get Ramadan or not my dear respective brothers. Spend this Ramadan as if it is alas Ramadan. And may Allah Allah make it a Mubarak and blessing man for us. Welcome to day one and in Hungary.