Omar Suleiman – The Day of Judgement as if You Can See it

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the difficulty of connecting with the imagery of the Hereafter, the Hermit's image, and the Hermit's image. They also talk about the importance of forgiveness and mercy in connection with the Day of War, and the significance of the Day of War in the representation of death and separation. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness and mercy in connecting these experiences with the realities of death and separation.
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When you talk about the concepts of the Hereafter, it's very difficult to actually have the imagery that is necessary to activate within us what Allah subhanho wa Taala calls us to, you hear about the Day of Judgment, you hear about life after death, you hear about heaven and *, and you hear about all of these lofty things, and all of these stations and this imagery, and it gets really hard to connect. And in fact, you know, if you think about it, in general, in our generation in particular, you know, we're not a people who read books, and derive imagery from books, as much as we do watch movies that create images for us. And the effects have to become more and more advanced, to derive

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the emotions that are necessary to bring something out of us, right now remember, you know, seeing this image of a child and it said, a child from you know, 19, so and so. And then another child from 2022, one of them is reading a book. And so the imagery is coming out of the child's mind. And the other one is looking at a screen and the imagery is coming from the screen into the child's mind. And so especially now, you hear about heaven, you hear about *, you hear about things that would have given the sun, if that would have given the pious predecessors, goosebumps, or it would have increased them in a certain longing for Paradise. And your mind goes towards all of these special

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effects and sci fi and movies and things of that sort. So it becomes it becomes really hard to connect with those things. On top of that, you also have this obsession with the imminence and the evidence and what's right in front of me and experiencing it, and the inability to work towards something that seems delayed and distance. The promise somehow doesn't seem as real. And you know, I had a really interesting conversation with a young man who was telling me he said that, you know, my Toba came after watching this TED talk from, from this neuroscientist that was talking about how we know we know now we can scientifically say that consciousness continues past that after the heart

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dies, there still consciousness and that there's enough in terms of studies now to talk about how long brain activity loss and how many brain cells are necessary to still be able to connect with the environment. And we have all of these, you know, collections of data of out of body experiences and people that were in surgeries, where the assumption was that they were not responsive. But when they woke up, they were able to tell you exactly what was happening with them. And they were able to tell you about what scalpels the surgeon was using and all of the different devices and things they should not have been able to do. And he say, No, that was my Toba because at the end of this entire

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TED talk, the guy says, but I'm still an atheist, by the way.

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So he explains that there has to be an afterlife, there has to be connection, there has to be something else, but at the same time, because he is limited, ironically, by the gift that Allah gave him. Allah gave him a gift of understanding and science as a gift and medicine as a gift. He limited himself to it because he turned it into an object of worship, rather than a means by which you worship Allah subhanaw taala further and glorify him further. So when you talk about the hereafter, and you talk about life after death, and you talk about these concepts that are very hard for us to actually assign imagery to.

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It's important for us to establish a few concepts within our hearts and within our minds, to really be able to connect, obviously, when you read about the narrations of the Prophet sallallahu, wasallam, himself, trying to convey, trying to convey what he was seeing on the night of astrotwins launch. Even the Prophet slice alum said that there are certain things that I just cannot impart upon you from a worldly perspective. For example, the colors that say that authentic one to have

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the prophets, I'm saying these are colors that don't really exist in the world, the spectrum of colors, I've never seen those colors, so I can't tell you green, or orange or red because it's somewhere there and it's majestic. And anyone who's been to the bottom of the ocean will tell you that the colors there are unlike any colors that you've seen above the water. So what then of the colors in the heavens and the profits I'm trying to explain them and convey those concepts. Allah bless the prophets, I send them by giving him an experience on a solid marelize. So now you can imagine even for himself, Allah Hardy was sudden when he stands on the member, and he talks his

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companions about these prophets. He seen these prophets. He's met them when he talks about a Saudi Saddam and the return of Jesus peace be upon him. He seen any Saudis sunnah, when he talks about intimacy had the job when he talks about the Antichrist. He seen him now sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he seen paradise

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He has seen the fire. He's seen the reward of the grave. He's seen the punishment of the grave, even for the messenger SallAllahu Sallam imagine what it was like for him now, when he conveyed this to his Oma.

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Now we come to what still left with us though,

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when we think about the day of judgment,

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and that moment of rising before Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah subhanho wa Taala as he describes himself on that day, and his relationship with his creation, and obviously when it comes to Allah azza wa jal, and these very vivid images of the effect of Allah subhanaw taala, the doings of Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, it's nothing that the human brain can encompass kuruma Chapala vivatic Allah, we cannot be garlic, everything that comes to your mind, Allah is different than that. That's the appy that the Creed about Mr. Miller gemera is that you cannot encompass that there are certain things that are mentioned, and you have to connect with them. But the point is

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that you connect with them not that you try to visualize them to a point that you assign human limitations and definitions to them. So when Allah subhanaw taala talks about himself, and Eliza just talks about his doings, and that vivid imagery comes on the Day of Judgment. You could imagine a throne and the shade of the throne all that you want, but the Throne of Allah is not like the throne that you will imagine. And the shade of that throne is not like the say that you will imagine. But you can still connect to the concept. And that's the gift of Allah and His Messenger, Saba Larissa, I'm describing to us the vividness of that date. It's the difference as one of my

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teachers mentions between something being anthropomorphic and something being anthropic. Anthropomorphic is when you start to actually limit that world to what you understand and start to assign to it the constructions that you have in your minds and brought because when you're conveying the meaning and the understanding so that you can connect to it and that is how we connect to

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Now here's something very powerful as well. When you get to Jana, may Allah subhana wa make us from an agenda Lama? I mean, you can imagine Janna because it has what No, I have seen what note here has heard. And it has never even come to the hopper. It has never even come to the mind of a human being you cannot even imagine it but on the day of judgment. When you enter into Jana, may Allah make us amongst the people of Ghana, there is enough recognition to have pleasure and to make a connection.

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When you see people of Jannah that were people of this world, they don't look the same. Our loved ones who have departed from us, and the people that we love that we never got to meet like our messenger, sallAllahu, wasallam, and the companions that came before each other, because all of us will bury one another and bid farewell. When we meet, there's enough recognition there to enjoy the sense of recognition. But we won't look like we look here. There's enough of a difference as well to where it's still Jenna. It's a different elevation. And Allah controls the constructions and the light controls, the sensors and the experiences, right. So it'll still be that, and what what are

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the people Gemma say have the LADEE Roset Nam in public? They see something in general and they say, you know, this resembles what we knew from the world. But you bite into that fruit and gentlemen.

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And this is nothing like the fruit of this dunya it has absolutely no connection to it in its actual experience. But there's enough familiarity. Now what's the benefit of all this? When we're talking about this? I want to point to a few narrations where you find righteous people who experienced something of that world and saw something of that world and maybe we didn't pay attention, or at least I didn't pay attention prior to some of those smaller points of familiarity. The very famous narration of the love Norma or the alongside mama, who had a dream.

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And in this dream, the angels had come to him and he was witnessing in his dream, Fiamma, he was witnessing resurrection

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and he was being taken by the angels to the fire.

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Now here's the thing, when he got there, we know that this narration ends with what the angels told them this is not your place. And he went instead to agenda so it was frightening in the beginning, but he was saved at the end but the frightening part of it frightened him to know what he should do different so he asked through hopsital the alongside the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what what is he supposed to make of this and the prophets lysozyme says narratological Abdullah what a good man Abdullah is what a good young man he is. Kenya coolin but if only he prayed a little bit more at night he needs to pray pm

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now what has it been all model the law I'm gonna convey from that dream though.

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He could not describe to us what fire look like.

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For what paradise looked like and what the angels look like, but you know what he couldn't describe.

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He said, I saw people

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in Jahannam in my dream,

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and I recognize them.

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You imagine that there were people that I saw there, and I knew their names and I knew their faces. He didn't say who they work. Can you imagine what that was like for him to actually have that familiarity? Everything else looks very foreign, but there were people there. And I know these people may last time not make us amongst them a lot, but I mean, I knew those people.

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There's another narration that I'll share with you, which I'm sure many of you have heard before, but I'm going to point to one vivid part of it. It's the narration ematic given the Navajo lotta not given to the now, one of the great scholars of this OMA leading salah, an imam of this of this OMA leading salaam the message of the prophets lie Selim, as even Kodama Rahim Allah said, some of the people asked him, What's your story? How did you get to this? MACOM How did you get to the station because if you saw metacommunity, not in that light as the Imam of Meza, nubbly as this great scholar of the OMA, you would think this guy was angelic, his whole life so much more, so much

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goodness, so much light in his face, so much contentment with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So they're asking him, these young people are asking him,

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how did you get to this place?

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A man can leave enough says it's not what you think.

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He said, I used to be a drunkard. I used to work as an enforcer an officer under a tyrant. I used the wrong people and beat people. And at some point, he wants intervene as an officer between two people. And he helped the one that was being wrong, then he felt a little good about himself. So he started to make a little bit of a turn to get married, had a really hard time finding someone that was willing to marry him, eventually gets married, has a daughter starts to make a turn in his life.

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But he was still an alcoholic.

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And one day as he's playing young daughter, while he is drunk, he drops her and she dies.

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The story is very different. When you when you come up to the Imam and you come up to the scholar and say, What's your past life? This is not what you're expecting to hear in detail.

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So I was a drunkard I killed my daughter by accidents.

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So what did he do? He drank more. And he said I remember the 15th Night of Shaban this shutdown, last pantalla allow us to make this month and allow us to live to see Ramadan llama. I mean, Siobhan, he says it in the narration. It was in the middle of Shabbat coming up on Ramadan.

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And he said I remember that night, it was night a Friday.

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And I was drinking my alcohol. And he said I didn't get up in prayer. I shot I drunk myself to sleep that night. So I skipped a shot that night.

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And I drunk myself to sleep.

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And he said in my dream and many of you have heard this narration but I want you to pay attention to a very particular part of this. He says in my dream, I woke up and I was being thrown out of my grave.

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And I looked around and the people were being resurrected from their grapes. And it was the only piano What's up on NASA Socata well not home be Socata people look drunk but in a different way because of the anxiety and the fear as the people are running around and trying to figure out what's going to come next and so I'm seeing the graves turn upside down I'm seeing the people come out and run around and I'm one of them

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and as he's captured by the scene here's what he remembers he says for some merit to his son in what I

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heard this terrifying noise from behind me so he said filter factor so I turned around for either BT Nene in fact you can

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I saw this huge dragon with its mouth open. And he said as little as what it had colors of blue and colors of black get out of Amelia Kuhn and it was greater than anything I've ever seen in terms of its size you have this huge dragon and this is the part of the dream I want to focus on actually a huge dragon and he said it has its mouth open and starts to chase me

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spamela color for optimal he said I ran away and as I'm running away and panting and trying to get away from this dragon he says for ew Satan nothing yet nopea film quite a bit off he said I saw this old man Nokia thought you know pure garments by you belie Have you had a good smell some good you know pure old man, but he's just an old man. So he said for some numb to it he followed them I said salaam to him and he respond to me with that with that set up for call to German even harder to need Angelica Allah helped me with this dragon May Allah help you. Help me with that dragon May Allah

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help you so he responds to him. And he says Subhanallah for Beckham, he cried. The old man actually cried for call and alive. Well how the ACWA Mini, well acted on.

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He said look at me and look at that dragon. I'm a week old man. And that dragon is huge and strong. What am I going to do with that dragon? So he told him run away so runaway. Viva la Fernanda LA and UT haddock. Now u and g come in, it may be that Allah subhanaw taala will open up something for you that will save you from that dragon but I can't do anything for you. I'm done.

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So he said I kept on running in this part of the scene. Subhan Allah. He said I saw this area that looked like something of nine something of blessing. But it had curtains, these beautiful curtains and the curtains revealed behind them, these cliffs

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and these elegantly carved out areas within the cliffs, mountains and cliffs.

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And it had a beautiful scent to it. And I looked and I saw all of these young children

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and their faces. Were like the full moon bright faces.

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And he suddenly saw my daughter coming in Hello, listen to how he describes his daughter. He said she was carried in a cradle of light.

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And my daughter comes towards me.

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And he said she took my right hands

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with her left. And she waved off the dragon with her other hands. And the dragon went away.

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And I was just in complete shock.

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And she said yeah, Betsy ILM yet neither Latina Armando and Topshop global neither Karela

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Oh my father isn't it time for those who believe to soften their hearts to the remembrance of Allah men doesn't I mean happen the truth which he has revealed and I'm yet needed Latina ammonoids Asha global music rely on and Muslim.

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What's wrong with you? When are you gonna wake up?

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And he said for the kids. I cried. And I said, and some tatty forehead and you know the Quran and she responded and she actually said, Yeah, ba T Nakano Allahu be human.

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We know the Quran better than you know the Quran.

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We know the Quran better than you know the Quran. Isn't it time for you, oh my father, to soften your heart to the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala the truth which he has revealed?

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So he said, and I asked her, What was that dragon? And who was that old man? And her response? She said that asked for the dragon. I'm Luca, Su. Those were your sense. And they were coming to consume you and destroy you. You built that dragon. See, this is the thing here. You made that dragon. That was your deeds, your evil deeds turned into a dragon on the Day of Judgment. So that's your dragon. You brought that into being that dragon that's chasing you. And he said what shake and who was the old man and this is what I want you to pay attention to. She said, I'm gonna look Assad a laughter who your good deeds you weaken them.

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Meaning Allah gave you something strong and potent to help you on the Day of Judgment, but those were your good deeds, a BAFTA who had Salam takuna Hotaka until it had nothing to offer you. That's why it was pure, a pure old man, a beautiful old man, he wanted to help you. But you weaken, you aged him, You made him utterly incapable of being able to do anything for you all the ofto had SilencerCo now Hotaka what was he going to do with that dragon of yours? So she said fair to Allah. Well, that's a convenient Harlequin repent to Allah and do not be from those who are destroyed.

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Somatic of Medina.

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And I said to her, What are you all doing?

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All these children, what are they doing here? Now, if you remember, on the night of the Southern Mirage, the profit slice and I'm saw

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children playing around the legs of Ibrahim alayhis salam in the garden of gentlemen. And he said that those were allowed and Muslimeen when Mr. King, these were children that died before the age of puberty, Muslim and non Muslim believer and disbeliever because there's no lump on children. There's no sin on these children. And so they were entered without accountability. But who are these children that are in this elegant place on the Day of Judgment waiting somewhere?

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And she said, No, neither Muslimeen.

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We are the children of the Muslims. And until about an hour and a half. We're waiting for our fathers and for our mothers to initiate

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We can intercede for them.

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Honey and Lakhan May Allah make it easy for all of you who lost a child, with yourself and with your aunties up with your patients and you're seeking to reward your child was in that gathering bitten not eaten. So she said, that's who we are

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somatically dinar for him. himolla said, I woke up. When I woke up. I went to all my posts, I broke them. I made what I prayed. And I went to budget, and the rest was history.

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That was his Toba on all the Allahu Tada, and it started from there. But what was he able to connect to have the visualizations of the Day of Judgment?

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You see, when we dream? There are true dreams. Sometimes Allah subhanaw taala shows you something in your dream for a reason.

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What was he able to connect with? He was able to connect with what was familiar to him. See, on the Day of Judgment, when you're talking about well, how is this and how is that? And how is Jenna looking? How are we going to enter from this way? And how did the stages work? And at what point do you see a loss of what's out? And where's Alden lash out? And when do you go from out of the matter to the the place of assembly to assume to be asked by Allah? subhanaw taala? And where's the Sirata? And what point does this happen? what point does that happen?

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All of that will see it.

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But are your sins a dragon?

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Are they an old man

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and are your good deeds, someone that you've weakened, or your good deeds going to be your protector on the Day of Judgment, those are the visualizations that we should connect ourselves to. And the day of judgments panel on I'll end with this it resembles quite a bit the way that our actual work days.

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You wake up in the morning the sunrises you have some time to do what you do. And then the night comes Subhanallah on the Day of Judgment, the self say what the scholars mentioned to us, that the sunrises, you're standing under it. And then afterwards, you go through your process of being asked you go through your process of meeting Allah subhanaw taala, and meeting your deeds. And then after that, the lights go out, and it's darkness. And the newer that you have, the light that you have, is the light that you kindled with your arm outside, with your good deeds.

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It resembles very much what our world is like. And if we look around, everything around us lends itself to this reality, not just the reality of death, the reality of separation, the reality, moving forward the reality.

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You know how transient this life truly is the reality of a creator that is not limited by this world, all these realities dawn upon us on a consistent basis. Now the story of molecules in the knob, Rahim Allah to Allah Ends Well, and that's the hopeful part of this. And it is a very hopeful part.

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Allah azza wa jal

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allows us these opportunities to reflect and ponder deeply

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about what we want our Day of Judgment experience to be. You know, when you show up on the Day of Judgment, you're not going to be handed a low Hedmark forth, you're not handed his tablet, your hand and your scroll of deeds.

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You know what you're putting in there right now. And so you hold yourself accountable. Has anyone for a second come on to hassle hold yourself accountable before you're held accountable? Ask yourself what am I putting in those scrolls? What am I putting in those skills, you know that part? Let a lot handle the experience. Let Allah handle the experience. But all we know is what? Allah in the holy Allah, now hoping

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that those who are close to Allah subhana wa Tada. They will not fear nor shall degree may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us laugh for a laugh here Danielle and ask Allah minimus okay laughter We have here for dunya with acid Allah we ask you, for safety and for pardon and for forgiveness and for mercy and this life and in the next life a lot. We ask you to please us on the Day of Judgment. Yeah, Allah we are pleased with you as our Lord. We are pleased with Islam as our religion. We are pleased with Muhammad Sallallahu It was Sunday as our Prophet, we asked him a lot to be pleased with us and to please us on the Day of Judgment we asked

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you, Oh Allah, to quench the thirst of this world with a drink from the hand of our messenger SallAllahu it was something that we asked you Oh Allah, to allow whatever journey you have facilitated us upon in this life to end with generative for those to end with nothing less than the highest level of paradise. We asked you, oh Allah to have mercy on our loved ones that have passed before us to have mercy on the loved ones amongst us to have mercy and forgive those who will come after us and to have mercy upon us and forgive us. And we asked you Allah subhana wa Tada to countless amongst your Olia to countless amongst your righteous ones to countless amongst

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Those that are pleasing to you and yeah Allah we ask you to let us live to see it I'm alone a lot more than living out on the lawn. Oh Allah let us live to see Ramadan except our intention for Ramadan from now in case we don't get to physically live to see it except our intention for Ramadan now let us be forgiven through it and we ask Allah as you love to forgive to forgive us a lot I mean a pullover we had that was stuck a lot he will actually start with some infested Philip number four.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Karim Allah rd or Sufi Ultramarine Lama Nino minutes will Muslimeen I will not see much here in a minute in the Casimir on kadhi when Mooji without Allah fitted on our Hana wife one well that's where I live now Robin what I'm not and for Santa even I'm tougher than I was on HANA then a call nanosized serene Allah in the castle when Kareem when she was asked for an alarm in the castle when Corinne went to Africa one Allah in the Capital One Corinne wants to Hibbeler for fat one. Allah homophily Diwali Dena Allah Valley Dena little bit Hamanaka moto bonus Ilana Robin hablan as well as you know the reality Nepal Rosario Jana

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limits Athena Imam, Allah also one and we'll start off in a famous article of your mother Arabia. A llama is some old Muslimeen whether Le Chateau academy or them that are the Dean alumna advocate Vitamina with a lot of mean originality one thing inside me about Allah and Allah little bit about the what exon what he tried to do Portobello young Heron and fascia it will mean carry with daddy. Yeah, Luca Nana come to the Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Kuru combo screw on a Nana is it luck on one acre Allahu Akbar Allah we are worthless in our own wealth in Assam

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