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The transcript discusses the meaning of "immpeasability" in the Bible and its relation to the concept of goodness. It also touches on the importance of good deeds and negative deeds in Islam, including the responsibility of individuals to do good to their relatives and the need for forgiveness. The speakers also mention the use of cremes and avoiding kindly treatment. The importance of learning to handle one's behavior and not giving things to others is also highlighted.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Medina Viva

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La Mulana Viva la vida de la kita Baba kitabi watashi wa Tabata Shariati. Amar Badu favela Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim in Allaha, Monroeville Atlona Sani WETA, Korba whannell fascia,

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como la la quinta de ser colloquialism, my dear respected elders and brothers.

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As I had made mentioned previously, this is an important and a very significant verse of the Quran.

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It we have come to know that it ends of the Juma football. We said in our first talk on this,

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this ayat was put in the Juma footbaww by Omar bin Abdulaziz Rama tolani. And from that time, it has been part of the dhammapada. And it is such a comprehensive Ayah because it speaks about the goodness and it speaks about evil. I made mention of the incident of assembling safety, the very famous leader of a claim who send these people to Libya cream sauce lemma saying what Who are you and what is your teachings and they'll be occurring so seldom read this ayah upon which he accepted Islam. In our first video, we spoke about other

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justice and we said there are three types of justice, Justice towards Almighty Allah justice towards ourself and justice with people. Now the next aspect of the ayah in Allaha muro Bella Utley, well

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Allah Allah commands you justice, can Allah tala commands you son, what is the meaning of your son broadly speaking the word son means goodness, all good deeds tomorrow achaia there is a meaning of a son that all good things can be termed as a son. Someone has given this beautiful Deaf definition. Adele means to treat everyone equally. You give someone his full view you owe him 100 then you give him 100 right? You are You are owing him he has done good to you you do good to him.

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Or when he is owing you you take what is your view that his other

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son means giving someone more than what is due.

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Jessica como se Jenna Bircher Carrasco, Dara, how much is due to him you give him more than that? How much is due to you who take less than that? So other means equality, there are some means even more than that. That is why this is beautiful incident.

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I think it was a no op ed about

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the great grandson of our beloved Livia Karim cilona cinema. One day was eating. When the when the servant came past the slave came bus and dropped entire curry over him. And it was hot. He was inconvenience. And of course we can imagine the anger when your domestic or someone throw entire curry upon you. And she noticed that he has become angry. That time also amazing the domestics and the servants and slaves knew the Quran. We don't know the Quran that time the slaves knew Quran. So she said well, Cassie, Nina, is that restrain your anger? So he kept quiet and he didn't say anything. He was about to maybe get angry and he kept quiet. And then she said well, Alfie, in and

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in us, Allah says be forgiving to people. And then he realized what she was saying that now you are angry. I told you that restrain your anger you will restrain your anger but you will take it out some other time. I have forgiven you will know who you have seen. She read the next portion of the ayah Allah loves those who are good and said go I have freed you. So Allah Look at that. Well Cassie mean always. What are finanace wha hoo, your Hippo masini. So this is the meaning of goodness going the extra mile not only on equality, but of course it means by and large goodness the word Hassan has also been used in a hadith and Tokuda, Lacan Nakata, Rafi lamb takuna Rafi no era maybe sauce

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llamas as a listener to Islam came in the form of a human being. Melissa, what is your son? Remember the word in the

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in the same word, so that we saw some certain taboo you worship Allah as if you are seeing Allah when you are worshiping you seeing Allah and if you can't do that for a long time

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Iraq in at least feel lies watching you. Worship Allah is if you are seeing Allah otherwise, then the net. So this is the meaning of a son goodness. And Allah says in the Quran,

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Allah Allah commands you goodness, and this goodness is not only anybody, goodness is ibadah our financial dealings our o'clock our conduct, our, our way with people, all of that is part of goodness. And just to give you an example Allah subhanho wa Taala says, without regard to our beloved Nabi sallallahu wasallam noon Welcome everyone is Tarun ma anthoine mata Arabic pika imagine when Allah Allah

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Allah Allah furuta Nazim when Allah tala wanted to define Libya, Karim salatu salam, I asked you to think about this but nobody saw slim PDF tarrif Allah subhanaw taala Quran Mickey to Elisa elettronica the operation of Bani Hashim Missa Missa Salaam when Allah tala praised him and defined him didn't say what is your ethnic background? You are from Quraysh you are from Benny Hashem you are like this. How did Allah define the visa Aslam your conduct is very good half luck is very good. How did Allah tala define the visa slum? Not by his background? Today someone were to ask us who are you home to Falun Gong with a say and we say how what is your conduct? Allah define me sir Sir, not

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by his ethnic background, but by his conduct. So this is the aspect Therefore it is said about monitoring regularly how to play Sub Saharan Polish I went to my attorney and said Son and tabula which I've given definition, you worship allies if allies you are seen Allah otherwise a lottery seeing you that particular aspect. Someone came in told me I caught this quality in my salad. Summa tarantola Lee, thinking that my attorney will praise him he said you too personally, he took off in a castle seal salad Misano now bring the quality of your son in your relationship with human being

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and add mucus add no cassava Takara to some cassava was maybe one solid mineral. Only namaz only in select yes or no. beyond that. Even in your relationship with each and every aspect you must have the quality of a son. So this quality and your son means ibadah and it means our flock and our way. I always tell people brothers that he bought it is very important. But ibaadat no one will know how good you are by your ibaadat. Your ibaadat is between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala people are not going to see your chart.

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People are going to make up their minds about you on the basis of how you relate with him. He Bardot is between you and Allah. Low fare Muslim yen aka Islam Tamara, such a teenager Chris Godwin and

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many non Muslims will make up their mind about Islam on the basis of your relationship with them on the basis of your lack of them. It is very important is between you and Allah and when you worship Allah you are not doing anyone a favor, you are doing it for yourself. But the aspect that is going to change people's perception about Islam is not going to be a burden as much as an important as it is it is going to be

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and of course with regard to good deeds, what can we say with regard to good deeds, it is so important and Allah has made mention of so many benefits with regard to

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Mr. satinder given to gender dr. john numbi Kalia Malou make ama ama is going to be the criteria for rewards and for your elevation of status in the year after Amazon, good deeds and the more good deeds you do, the more evil will diminish. The more good you do the more evil will diminish hamari jamarcus attivo kakheti our jamatkhana said go and propagate good The more you propagate good he will become less That is why the Gema brothers say that beliveau and he will go and propagate good even if you know one if you know one good thing will tell people

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to propagate good there is no restriction.

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I Chico puranam a coup d'etat Nia

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Baraka rocla Kalia Kira to stop people from evil. There are restrictions. Man Robin C'mon Quran for yoga europea de for lm yesterday for me rissani for lm yesterday for me was really colourful man. If you see something wrong, stop it with your hands with authority. If you can stop it with your hands, stop it with your tongue. If you can't stop it with your tongue, stop it with your heart.

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regarded as given

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for good Is there any restriction? Go even if no one good thing go and tell people, but if for even these restriction because sometimes in you preventing evil, you might make the situation more worse. You can tell someone with regard to a sooner and he can see many Manta, I don't need this in my life aljada Villa, he forsook a Sunderland, which was an act of sin, but you told him and you told him with regard to that soon that in such a manner that he rejected it. First it was only a sin, now it became Kufa there is there is there is regulation for preventing evil to do good, there is no perfect there is no go into how much you want. So therefore, the more good you propagate, the more

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evil will be come down and look at the aspect with regard to good let me just give you a few ideas and we go on to the next aspect of the ayat in Allah movie.

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locator because of good deeds, Allah tala will bring Baraka

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Cora Manu waterco, la la him Baraka, Tina sama.

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Hope people in the people of a city become with heavy man and good deeds. Allah will open up Baraka of the heavens and earth upon density. One na lucara hamanako

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katomina sama. Allah tala will rip you from your problems because of good deeds. Or may Attila Haryana who Maharajah Zhu min hi Sudha See, whoever fears Allah Allah will open up away from all these evil, all these difficulties. And now we'll give him a solution and Allah will give him risk from such quarters that he never knew existed Allah tala Kakashi Repsol Kalia respira Amaya karenga takaaki Jessie, Allah subhanho wa Taala then says, Allahu Allah, you live in harmony, Allah is with a person who has human and letras health is a person who is righteous deeds. Look at all these benefits with regard to Allah decree like Kuru, in the remembrance of Allah when hearts find

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contentment and satisfaction, our satisfaction will come with good deeds. That is why they said about the Sufi that they used to say, if the rulers of the world know the contentment that we have, they would send their armies to try and get that contentment, but that contentment only comes with good deeds only come with seeker for mighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the means of good deeds. Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant you contentment. Allah will protect you at the time of death in the lady Nakamura Punahou Tomas, Docomo, tetanus, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. Allahu Allah has a person who says allies, my Lord and remains steadfast upon that the day he dies, Allah will send

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angels for him on his deathbed, latter half.

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Don't be afraid, don't be Don't be anxious. Why option will will Jenna and give your tidings of gender Allah will help you even at the time of your death. And even beyond that, a letter in the Holy Quran has made mention with regard to Allah tala telling Musa alayhi salatu was salam, and feasor to protect the property of someone to protect the property of orphans. And when Caesar Cape musala salatu salam, the answer, why must we protect the property in a city? The people have been hostile towards us they've not been kind to us. So ultra Macaca

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Abou masani. Ha, protect the children's property kinky wallet to enable Nick.

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The parents were pious, because the parents were pious look after the property of the children. Do you realize what could teach bring about what correct so what Allah says in Allah Yamato gladly.

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Then the next thing what it is and

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then the next aspect is, treat your relatives kindly. rishtey de Rocha, who cuca de Caro. This is a very important thing today by and large. We don't have this aspect of treating our relatives kindly. Where does our Cooper

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go and give your relatives the right view? Man can you Mirabella he will human failure Sheila rahima He who believes in Allah and believes in the Day of Judgment, he will pay right because of the belief he will treat his relatives kindly. And what is the meaning of treating our relatives kindly brothers? allies use the word the meaning for treating relatives kindly is Silla pooram

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kindness to relatives. Rahim comes from Allah has quality man. Allah has given his quality to the good deed of treating your relatives kindly.

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And Allah says I will keep those people close to me. Who keep relationship with relatives. I will keep those people distant from me. Who too

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Not three.

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What is the meaning of teaching our relatives kindly to treat them well, even if they are Muslims, even if they are not Muslims, even if they are a facet, even if they are further even if they don't appreciate it, even if they do good god do not don't do not do good to us back in return. Doing good to relatives comma club a kiss at a table a chat. Bar taco cha muscle man oh no fast Chico faggio Cha Hey, what's up Casa? su casa? parish i&i Serbian Casa de su casa app to enable camera k one k sad mama camera. That is the meaning of real meaning of silica

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via creme de la la la to treat her mother kindly despite the fact that she was a non Muslim. Now Viagra himself said he does not fulfill the rights of relatives who believe that if they do good to me, I will do good to them. You have to quit yet because

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if you do good to someone who do good to you, even the animals do that is what perfection is in your in your situation. Is makeup apne Johanna tear Mara Puccini. We don't do anything. If you do good to the people who do good to you that an animal will do a dog will do.

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Rhea la Lisa was through bill McAfee. He does not fulfill the rights of relatives who do good to them if they are doing good to him. Well, I can navassa but the one who fulfill the rights of relatives is He who treats them kindly even when they do not treat him kindly. And do you know the Baraka mighty respect of others? Do you know what is a Baraka with regard to it? Maybe a cream sauce them said whoever ones Baraka in his risk wherever ones Baraka in his humor and his life, he must treat his a lot of kindly whoever ones Burkett and whatever ones blessings apply

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or apply risk my job with Baraka Chai to apply rasheeda LucasArts heat recipe sha Allah will give him a cut him off. And if you do not do so, just keep this in mind. Not to treat relatives kindly, is just not a matter of routine and ethics. It is amongst the major sins in Islam Kabira Guna, amasa Palladino una de la him embody Misaki

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Amara la who be a UCLA or USC do not fill out. Allah in this is cursed three people. One of them Allah has cursed that means very far from Allah Rama, the one who does not maintain ties with his relatives.

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Via creme de la jolla was limited Latin zero, Latin zero Rama and a common theme party Rahim Allah as Ramadan mercy does not descend upon a people. When they ease people who break ties with their relatives.

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On one day, was about to make dua, when he was about to make dua, he made an announcement.

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It was a fella by kisi Nagar hophni rushydro Casa Casa de Luca to yachi nickel J. Do I miss any culture? Let him get out of it. Why wouldn't you just say because of him, Allah will not listen to the dialogue the entire congregation, one person did not was not speaking to his holla but not speaking to him and he ran to the other side of the city. And he went to winds ask for forgiveness, and said Why all of a sudden you have come to ask for forgiveness. He said before making dua said, Oh people if there's anyone who has broken ties with his relatives, go away from this gathering. Allah will not accept our to our peoples of you. So therefore I have come to ask for forgiveness. So

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the relative said okay, I'll forgive you When asked why he says so. So she went back and said, Why did you say so? He related this ayat, Allah Rama does not come upon a nation in which there are people who break ties with the release.

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layer for agenda Takata Nivea cream sauce limited. He who breaks ties with his relatives will not enter into Chanda. Nivea creme de la raza limited man in tambien haha you Angela Holy sahibi Allah kobato Petunia mama De La Villa Hera Alba Katya to Rahim, Allah does not hasten punishment in this world together with what he has kept in stock in the after, except for two gunas. One is oppression, he seek asylum. And second thing is breaking ties with relatives. Allah will give you the punishment here in this one, Allah will take away your blessings in your life. And let me conclude with this one Muslim beautiful. I agree Allah says when I actually live in Kumasi de au

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Masaki in our jury Nafisa de la, Mr. was a relative of a worker of the ultra. Mr. was a relative of a worker of a Latino. Unfortunately, he got carried away by the conspiracy in the time of Navy salsa and he

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became amongst those who was in the forefront of spreading the accusation Alia Davila of immortality against Sharia law. Before this, Abu Bakar used to give him kindness people can use to give him charity. A happy worker used to be good to him. And because of this book, I said, I'm not gonna give him a charity anymore. Did he do this to my daughter? After I did good to him, he accused my daughter falsely, how can I give him a large reveal diet? It does not behoove a person of the stature of aboubaker to stop giving charity to these relatives, despite what they have done.

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I want you to think about this. After the person accused his daughter falsely, and I won't give him another reveal that he does not behoove you Obamacare because of your great standing that you must say I won't give

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you you know what the Sahaba used to do. As a Nebraska Latina was away from me salsa Kumara de la to one day send the 12,000 theorems. She gave polperro 1000 theorems to

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me alone I had a personal house, she gave that house for the use of a cousin, the daughter of zeytinburnu photography.

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These were examples that are what am I have made mentioned with regard to it, that how

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maybe Sam gave him the most beautiful self growth, self quota and he sent it to his brother who was not a Muslim in Makkah karma. We also said if you give to other people, you get one reward. If your relatives are needy, you give them you give to rewards. So as long as he Monaco, Casa de casa industries lot of blessings, these very lot of good if we don't do it, may Allah subhanaw taala forbid, Allah Allah can take away the Ramadan blessings, blessings that could come our way. If we had been good to our relatives, may Allah tala tofik of understanding. So in this ayah that's fine the two drummers in the LA Yamato. Anyway, we have done with regard to the commandments. Allah

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commands you justice Allah commands you could teach Allah commands you to do right right to do good to your relatives. inshallah. From next week onwards, we will speak about Daniel foshay

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Malaga topic of understanding