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Hungry La hawla

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wala Fie Baku roti, WA Salatu was Salam ala CD

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mursaleen Allah Allah He was Javi was a la Mata Sleeman kathira theorem. amabel Amadou favela Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, and Hud Jewish huruma Luma. Sara colloquialism

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respected elders and brothers. We are in a Friday which is

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blessed not only because it is Friday,

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but also because it is in the first

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10 days of Zul hijjah nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has emphasized the blessedness of this first 10 days and ahaadeeth nebia cream sauce limited there are no other days in the year. We're good good deeds as so much appreciated by Allah. Then on the first 10 days of zoologia

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pourriez Salma Allah subhanho wa Taala doosra Dino caviness but Nicki cosa serata or Nikki caparison kurta, just rasa is Bella Ashura as well hi Gemma nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam has also said one Rosa in the first nine days of Zul hijjah, is equivalent to one year's Rosa and to make rebonded on one night of Zul hijjah. The first 10 nights of Zul hijjah is equivalent to standing in Lila toccata. So, these are very Mubarak and blesser days. So, today we have a Juma and also together we have that it is in the first 10 days of hedger then is also the time of the year where there are many aspects there are many blessings,

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events and blessing acts that are carried out in these 10 days. One of them is over here in Kobani. inshallah, we will make mention of it either towards the end or maybe inshallah, on the day of eat. We will speak about the significance of oath here and Qurbani. Together with that tomorrow The judge will be going to Mina to start off. The Mubarak can bless it, act and Hamill and arcann of Hajj. And this is something that I thought that I will use this as a basis to speak about the blessing of Hajj of our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we all know that out of all the other con which was made for us last time, American mercy hubco, Allah subhanho wa Taala subsea bad for us

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Chi. And there are reasons for that. But one of the reasons is that this was the growth in the establishment of Islam that demanded that has to be the last that becomes compulsory, because in that there are certain conditions in namaaz and saradha. Not so many conditions. You don't have required amount of wealth. You don't need wealth to be able to perform select for example, but in hatch, there are certain types of conditions you have to fulfill to be able to perform Hajj. In today's situation, we have to put yourself on sahak acota. And for you to go and perform Hajj. So Hajj by its very nature demands greater conditions, and that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala had made

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Hajj for us last height was made for us in the ninth year after he after he left and the ninth year, Allah subhanho wa Taala has made ads for us. If you were to consider that nebia cream sauce lamb passed away in the 11th year after he left, that means nebia Kareem salsa was Prophethood only sought to hedge which was for us.

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And in the ninth year nebia Kareem salatu salam sent Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allahu to be the leader of the Hajj to be the leader of the Hajj and Atlanta nebia cream sauce from the avocado de la Tanaka. Hi Hijri no heed Rico. Amira hace una de forma, right and that was the first time it was made for us. After Abubakar Viola who had left Madina munawwara for the sake of Hajj, the Quranic ayat was revealed in which Allah subhanho wa Taala said yeah you Allah Dena hamano enamel machinery Cornerstone filaria crabble materialhe Rama badami mhada were the way of the days of ignorance Hutch was not going to be permitted after that. So after I

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left this I it was revealed. So now via Karim Allah, Allah wa sallam sent alira, the Ultron who, because he was from Bani Hashim, and this was such an important announcement to make. It was appropriate that someone from bunnyhop

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should make it so that it gain acceptance within the broader Arabian society to a nebia cream sauce Samson alira villalta no afterwards. So when the ultimo met up with avocado the ultra who have a curvy Latino asked him the first question. Did maybe a cream sauce lamb sent you as an Amir to replace me as an Amir so that I will advocate look at the beauty and sincerity of the Sahaba. So I will Oliver the author who said no, you will remain the Amir of the hatch. Nivea cream sauce lamb is only delegated to me to make this announcement in Mina

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that from now onwards, the method of how the days of ignorance they used to make they come to the harem and Baitullah and do the various things. Now only the way of Islam had will only be performing that way no other way. So that was in the ninth year of the history in which a worker of the ultra new let the hatch and Alicia Viola who Toronto made very important announcements with regard to Hajj from the next year in the 10th year after will. I mean attempt he after he did it. Maybe Kareem saw some lead the people for Hajj. And they were various reasons. One was the reasons why that may be occurring saw cinema that time. The Muslim Ummah had come together under the leadership of nebia

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Karim Allah Allah wa sallam. It was the most remarkable oma and oma and the amount of people those people were the best and choices specimens of humanity now via cream sauces and wanted to give them parting advices maybe a cream sauce to them wanted them to learn from him. And many times during the harsh journey, maybe a cream sauce alum used to tell them, oh people learn from me that rites of Hajj, you will not get another chance to learn from me. He has a clear indication that maybe occur himself silom was given an in giving an indication that he was about to depart from this world. So many times he used to tell them learn from me you won't get another opportunity. Only one hedge that

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we can throw examples from Libya. Kareem said Allahu Allahu wa sallam how he performed Hajj. So in this way and then of course another reason was Islamic spread far and wide at that time. There were Muslims in Yemen, there were Muslims in different parts. So maybe a cream sauce to them wanted opportunity to be able to give parting advice as to all of them. And to give an example of this Nivea cream sauce, lamb left Madina munawwara put 40,000 people 40,000 people by the time nebia cream sauce lamb started the Hajj they were 124,000 people. So people came from the various planes in the various parts of Arabia to join this hatch, because it was to be the femoral hedge of maybe a

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cream sauce. Maybe a cream sauce left Madina munawwara on the 26th of Zulu kada and maybe a cream sauce merici Zola halifa and Zora halifa is You and I are aware is a place with the buses today stop for you to perform and for you to wear your harem. It is should not wait around for maybe a cream sauce and could avoid him from Medina. But for whatever reason, maybe a Kareem Salah while he was solemn, chose to wear the harem from Surah Khalifa. So Libya, Kareem saw Salama remain in state and came there as a time of the 26th of al Qaeda. Then Libya Kareem starts from spend the night in Zulu Eva on that night, Nivea cream sauce Salaam and the books of Hadith makes mention of this Nivea

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cream sauce was intimate with his wives. And the reason to make mention of it was so then during the the journey of hatch, people then remain focus on the objective of worshipping Allah in the minds do not wander and the minds do not go into various other places. So in this particular way, nebbia cream sauce num spend that Saturday night, Saturday night,

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the 26th of zuccardi in July for the next day before so her name is Kareem sallallahu wasallam Oh, he's from Russia. The law says that I put perfume on the an eater on the harm of nebia Karim sawston which came from a tree. And even after nebia Kareem saw some water Haram, you could see the the effects and you could see the color of that Peter, upon the ram of nivia Kareem saw Selim, Allah have said it is permissible for you to be put on ether before wearing a ham. Even if the smell lingers after him but not permissible to put even a drop of ether after you have put on the arm. So before so her, maybe a Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam poo Paul is a haram and nebia cream sauce

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Allah made the intention for both Hajj and Umrah and maybe a cream sauce from said Allah has made it easy for us.

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Now that we have been able to join both these ibaadat in one journey, Allah has made it easy for us and Allah has given us a concession to be able to join both hombre and hatch in one journey and I will come to that also inshallah with regard to that, so let me a cream sauce from left zula Hooray for after zohore on the 27th of zylka cada nebia Karim saw some spin different places there were seven stops now via cream sauce Allah made before he came to mocha mocha Rama one of the stops afters will refer is a very interesting stop it just stop known as Roja. Aroha is a place where you find a well today and maybe a cream sauce and when he came to the stop and he stopped there, it is

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74 kilometres from Madina munawwara there is a well maybe a cream sauce elements even spoken highly about the well maybe a cream sauce amset 70 ambia Allahu Salatu was Salam perform Salatin, raha hai the opportunity to be able to drink water from that well, and come going to that well, recently when we went to to for Amara, so maybe a cream sauce lamb then spend a night in Roja after

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the next stop nebbia Karim saw Scylla made was in a place called Roja the afternoon via cream sauce during Zulu flavor is also an incident that Abu Bakr radi Allahu Turan, whose wife is mapping to mace. She was married previously to Jaffer the Allahu Turan who, who was martyred in the jungle of Muta in the expedition of Mota and Abu Bakar villatoro got married to her after that she gave birth to Mohammed bin abacha and Libya cream sauce them gave relevant instructions. And she still after giving birth, continued in the journey with our beloved nebia Crimson Allahu Allahu wa sallam. Then nebia krimson sauce them spent in Roja and then maybe a cream Sinhala while he was selling after

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Ohio came to a place called Italia, maybe a cream sauce lemon, one of those tops made cupping maybe a cream sauce showing so something was painting and maybe salsa was not well, so maybe a cream sauce limit cupping column I have said to make cupping while in a ham shows it's permissible as long as you take precaution that the hair of the body does not fall out. So it'll be a cream sauce in him during the course of the first two or three nights. Let me occur himself while he was selling made coffee. Then there was a very interesting incident that happened most likely between the third and the fourth stock. One was labor. Second was Roja. The 13th via cream sauce lamb spent in a place

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called Ethiopia. And the fourth day, Nivea cream stir Allahu alayhi wa sallam call stopped at a place called Olive. Now in this particular place, nebia Kareem saw cillum had left his luggage with avocado villatoro avocado through took the responsibility of looking after the luggage of nebia krimson Allahu Allahu wa sallam and Abu Bakr Viola Tran, who had appointed a slave to look after the luggage, and it put all the luggage upon one camel.

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And when the fourth stop came when our karate allowed and who saw that the person was coming without the camel. So I'm gonna ask him what happened to the camel? What happened to nebbia cream sauce from his luggage, what happened to the goods What happened to my goods? And he said, somewhere along the line, it got loss. So a worker who got extremely angry more angry for Nivea cream sauce alone than what he got for his own self.

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So you see this you see the type of challenges that you find in hajj. It is something that is as old as history is something that we've got to understand that when a person goes for heart, you're gonna get your fair share. You know, sometimes you find I actually sometimes smile when I see these Edwards hassle free.

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Travel free Hajj, luxury Hajj, Subhana Allah, if you want to go for luxury fedwatch Anika surah a pet luxury,

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make luxury why you want to go there. And part of that is Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mentioned koruma Luma foreman for other phenol hache upon whom has his first phulera Fatah. Voila, voila, Geeta Subhana, Allah three types of things Allah has made mentioned when you go for Hajj. One is you must not argue. One is you must not come on morality. immodesty and one You must not come and go Nah. Now Guna no sin is gender. But why did Allah tala makes mention of two specific things. One is immodesty because there is so many people, you are going to see me you are going to see female. God your gaze. Go and see you don't come out immodesty that Mubarak can bless it land. And then another

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thing when you are among so many people, and when there are so many people there is a proof

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Specht prospect of argumentation in disputes, then therefore Nicolas is one of the two that will hedge. So nevertheless, in this way, I will just tell you one amazing thing, even the Jumeirah Malala perform Hajj 800 years ago 800 years ago he performed Hajj. And you can read his his account of his how he went from Spain that time Spain was under Muslim rule. And he came right to Egypt and Egypt, he cross the Red Sea to come into his life. And there he wrote, and you can read that book and he says it when we were traveling from Egypt, to Hijaz the people of the boats, they packed up the boat so much that it became difficult for us to remain in the boats. There was not enough there

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was inconvenience. We could not even stand properly, we could not sleep properly. And all of that they did because of money. They were not worried about the Hajji, they were only worried about the people complaining about travel agents 800 years ago.

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800 years ago, we complain we still complaining. Nevertheless, our current author who saw this and he became angry, and when he became so angry, he was almost on the point of beating up his sleeve, and nebbia Kareem Sallam said, look at this person wearing a ham and look at how he's carrying on our worker become, and then they'll be a cream sauce and told him something. There are certain things beyond your control, to not get angry at things beyond your control. What a remarkable lesson. There are certain things are going to happen that are beyond your control. If you go to the airport and your flight is delayed, no matter how angry you get, you're not going to change certain

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things. Don't get angry with things that are beyond your control, and other workers who got angry, and then look at this. When someone suffers a setback. Then for Zara a salami, radi Allahu Turan who came with food and he came with Buffy and no sweet meat in front of me via cream sauce lamb Jose burfi in the sense that what we know when maybe according to that time, so maybe a cream sauce, or why are you getting excited? Look at Allah subhanho wa Taala has provided for us. And then by that time, someone came and saw the camera and the camera was brought. But just as the cable was been come coming in with maybe salsa was good. Another person got there and said, You're a Sula. I've

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come to know that your camel has got last year except my camel and maybe a cream sauce alum said don't worry unless Allah has granted back our camel. You see now when someone loses something, what is this one? What is the way go and console with him go and help him out. If he has lost something go and provide for him and said I've heard something has happened to you what we I can help. Look at how heavy cream sauce limbs, luggage and goods got lost how the Sahaba cram hasten towards making it easy for them via cream sauce for them. In the next stop. Maybe a cream sauce alum had kept the wives of nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam in charge of a person by the name of Angelica, this

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was very interesting and Joshua is he was he was taking the camels of Nivea cream sauce from his wife and the woman folk. And Joshua had a remarkable quality and their quality was when he used to lead the camel. He used to sing poetry and his poetry used to be sad that used to bring the camels under control. But he had a very sweet voice and a cream sauce from said Angelica. Be careful with your voice riff from Bill

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riff comm bill career be sensitive to those creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala who are vulnerable and who are the vulnerable on the woman folk. So they get carried away sometimes by good phrases get carried away by Sometimes a person rendering good poetry or in a in a in a melodious way. So be careful with regard to this. Look at the way Nivea cream sauce them describe the woman with

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those who are sensitive, you know, we will put something into the loading when we are traveling and who said fragile, fragile. That is how you know it could be if you were to translate it, these women are fragile look after them. Let me let him softly made mention then in the fourth stop navia cream sauce has a severe the Allahu taala and one of the wives of Nivea cream sauce from camel broke down could not travel. So severe of your mouth and her started crying.

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My camera has broken down how am I going to complete this journey. So

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bear in mind Sophia the load on her came from a very different background. She was from a Jewish background who came in the nick of Libya. Kareem is awesome. So when you ever bring someone from a different background in your nica let me say this another lesson. When you ever bring someone from a different gam into your nikka and then your family some way or the other are going to taunt her. Then you learn from Nivea cream sauce from you give your wife assurance

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against that tone. So now we are in salsa many times when people used to tone Sophia that you are from a Jewish background. We are from Arab background, we are closer to Libya Kareem saw serum and one day she came to complain to Libya Kareem salsa and maybe a cream sauce from said next time they don't you tell them. My great grandfather was Moosa and Harun Elisa to wassalam. My husband is nebia cream sauce. Don't count me, I'm better than you or equal than you in rank. So if ever you bring someone from another background, then bear this was a student of Nivea cream sauce enough to give them assurance within your family and not to bear the tone. Unfortunately, these ignorant customs

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still prevail in our community. And sometimes you have to you have to address it. And then when she started crying, maybe saw someone came and wiped away tears and said, Don't worry, we will take care of it. And just continued crying, then maybe a cream sauce them as they were an extra camel, give the scammer to Sofia, and she said Hamburg giving it Why should I give it to her? And in this particular way, maybe a cream sauce then became so angry with Xena didn't speak to Xena for two months. I asked you for a camel. You had an extra camel. Why didn't you give it right? But this whatever reason maybe perhaps part of the competition in vying for the love of Nivea cream sauce

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from maybe a cream sauce from then arrange a camel, then maybe a cream sauce and I'm stopped at a place called Aqua. And this was a very emotional and sentimental stock sentimental stock. The reason being that maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his mother had passed away in Abba, and maybe a cream sauce according to the wyatts to the for a very long time at a place where it is said that maybe a Kareem sallallahu wasallam his mother was and then let me occur himself from stopped itself and then eventually on the Fourth of July after a day's journey. So hon Allah today eight hours we do it. And then also we complained in nebbia cream sauce. After eight days of journey in Windermere

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cream sauce alum stopped at all these places. So Hooray for Roja Italia of our ozpin serif and Vito Vito, then maybe a cream sauce Allah made his way into Makkah on the morning of the fourth of Zul hijjah, four days before the actual Hajj and then the via Karim sallahu wa sallam proceeded to go and perform his Hajj. inshallah we will make mention of this next week inshallah. But let me just before I end, that I thought we will come maybe to the time of RFI now to speak something about the day of arafah brothers is very, very significant. And it will be on a Sunday and until Allah has made it such that both our days coincides from the ninth of what he will be the day of alpha, and

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yes, alpha would be more blessed for those people who are there. But of course, we also believe in imitation emulation, many of our deeds in our Sharia is based on emulation. We don't cut our nails, we don't cut our our facial hair on this first attendant after we do Qurbani out of emulation, right it is Mr habit to be able not to do so, right. And so, this emulation on the ninth of village Anivia cream sauce limit said that no other day where shaytan becomes more humiliated then on the ninth day also when he says unless Rama coming down, let us also gather from there it is also spend some time in making amazing things and amazing aspects that we made Hakeem in his arm I made mention of it

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last year, if I remember correctly, he used to take 100 slaves to arafa for Hajj. Now that time they were slavery was invoked, and they were used to be slaves. So when the day of arafah Hakeem in his arm used to start freeing the slaves at a time before the time of oof and then used to make dua, Oh Allah, we have freed our slaves in Allah We also your slaves, we also in need of freedom from jahannam the way we are the way Allah we are freed slaves here you also free us your slaves from Johanna this way you force me to say if so many people who are in charge come in ask someone like Allah who has so much power authority kingdom for something small because to forgive the entire

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humanity to analyze very insignificant for Allah is very easy. If all of them come to ask Allah tala for something small, come in as a human being for something small and so many people come and ask him, surely that human being will give it to them. Allah Allah is much more of a for him much more compassionate. So on the day of arafah Let us also inshallah, try and emulate in whatever way we can do to make dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala also grant us His forgiveness the way he will grant forgiveness to those who are in arafa vasudevan