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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of learning and knowledge in their deens and the need for religious guidance for their children. They also discuss the use of "has" in context and the trend of people not being in the forefront of science and technology. The speakers stress the importance of history and the culture of Islam in the United States, as it affects the culture of the country and is essential for protecting one's identity and reputation. They also emphasize the need for individuals to address challenges and be a strong Muslim person.
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I'm not in love 100 in love

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What if we bought a property was Salatu was Salam ala CMBR he wouldn't want to sell it.

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He was happy was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and cathedra abajo for the last minute shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem corrupt Bismillah beacon levy Hello. Hello Colleen Santa min Hello Sarah. Hello,

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my dear respected elders and brothers.

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The verse that I have recited is a very well known verse, you and I would identify with this verse, in that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed this for the first time in our deen to our beloved Nivea cream sauce. It is the first revelation.

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And this is also significant because the greatest amount of time between and between the MBR mo Salatu was Salam

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is the time between bizarrely, Salam and Nebia cream sauce align the sexual para has referred to it as Rata ye

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that for a time where he was suspended,

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historian safe over 650 years. And then when the first verse and the first revelation came from a lie, it was about knowledge. It was about read, but read not ordinary reading, read in the name of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala, who created you with us a process which Allah goes on to make mention. Now when this verse was revealed, it set in motion, such a great emphasis upon knowledge in our deen that Muslims became

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the trendsetters and were in the forefront of knowledge in every sphere of life.

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Because Allah says Accra Nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam said that

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it is compulsory that the acquiring of knowledge teleport forever Muslim the acquiring of knowledge is compulsory upon each and every Muslim.

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It's not an option, it's compulsory. So you know if you ever have to say and sometimes people make this comment and said, an ignorant Muslim, it's a misnomer. It's not supposed to occur.

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Because our gone to make mention what is compulsory? And because of this, you found that Muslims were so enthusiastic for learning and knowledge that some of the incidents are mind boggling. A set been ferrata McNally. One day came prema. Mohammed, the great scholar and said, I want to learn something from you. I heard your famous scholar, give me time I want to learn from you. So Imam Muhammad said, My whole day is taken, I got no time to teach you because my pattern has already been set. My routine has already been set. He insisted he said I came from fine white, please give me some time. So I said, when it makes such a request, and because of his sincerity mumbo jumbo told

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him I thought for a while and said, See when I get up for tahajjud and I make Buzu at that time, there is no one with me.

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You come and spend the time whatever you want to learn, I will teach you the time while I'm making Hulu for tahajjud.

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So I said before I used to say I used to wait stay awake all night. That our own must have few moments that I got to learn from Imam Muhammad Ali. This is how they valued knowledge. This is how they used to travel far and wide to listen to one Hadith.

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A person travels from Medina to Damascus to listen to one Hadith of our beloved Nebia Kareem said Allah Allah wa salam.

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So, this is the way they had enthusiasm for knowledge.

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Now, when I say the Telugu only for the Muslim, the acquiring of Islam is compulsory, what is compulsory? Someone will say a person has got a PhD in chemical engineering, does it fulfill this hadith which says acquiring of knowledge is compulsory, not necessarily. So what am I have written for every obligation indeed, there is a commensurate obligation to know about that obligation. If Salat is compulsory upon you, it is compulsory for you to know the basic details of Salat.

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If you're going for Hajj, they might be complications in general when Asad Ali, but the basic way of making your heart you are supposed to know is first for you to know.

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If you're opening up a business it is first for you to know the basic Messiah and the basic aspects of Aladdin haram. If there is a certain thing that comes up you go to a movie or you go to an expert, but the basic aspect of knowing what is right and what is wrong, vice and virtue what is halal and haram it is compulsory for you as an individual to know it is far as there is. It is compulsory upon every Muslim just as Ignorance is no excuse in any court of law, ignorance in Sharia is not excused for you to fulfill your obligation.

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Now the other aspects. So you will find that after that, there comes a situation for you to have in depth knowledge of the Quran and Hadith. Now look at how Allah Tala has made mention of it in 11 Jews of the Holy Quran

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and the Quran says Falola Farah mean Coonley fear of cutting minimum 30 For Talia for coffee D. They should be in every community a group of people Leanna *a who fitted who gave in depth knowledge of the look at the words of the Quran. They must be a group of people who came in depth knowledge of the deen to become a Mufti and to become well researched and in depth knowledge is not compulsory upon everyone that's compulsory upon a community. If the community of para quani doesn't have Alama, whom they need to consult in matters, that they need religious guidance the entire community what we played was

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so let Allah says Phil Kutiman, whom every community must have a group of people who are well in depth knowledge of them. So you understand now the first time and the first certifier. Now this particular aspect of knowing the halal and haram of our deen is catered for in South Africa in our mocap system, which is unique

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countries in other parts of the world they copy our system with regard to our madressa knowing what is halal and haram.

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That is why this is so important. Maulana Masood Romani, one of our great scholars said, Make arrangements for the fundamental teachings of Deen for your children, otherwise a fear of apostasy in the next generation Allama Iqbal in 1932, went to Spain. When he went to Spain, he saw what had happened in Britain many amazing forms with regard to what happened in Spain. What's your because I went twice to Spain, I've understood the history and I've been there. And I read a lot of that history. I see the pain with which he writes about what happened in Spain. When he came back to Spain and he came back to India, he said, don't regard as insignificant the mattresses that you held

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in India, which we have copied.

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Do you know the result when there is no mattresses, I've seen the results of not having my dresses, what happened in Spain, you will have relics of being you will not have Dean.

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If we do not make arrangements to send our children regularly to madressa. To learn the basic essentials of dealing, then we must fear apostasy with regard to our next generation. That is why it is concerning. When we hear that parents take a lackadaisical approach to madressa learning of the children, it is a very dangerous phenomenon. Another aspect that we need to make mention of is many times people say now, okay, we understand the importance of that. There is also another aspect of knowledge that we all of us is involved. We are involved in it. Our children are involved in it. Our communities are involved in it. We've got Muslim schools down the road here and other parts. What do

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we do with what we term as people tell me differently, contemporary knowledge, worldly knowledge? I don't like the word secular secular. The Latin word gives the impression of not not believing in something that is beyond your experience or beyond your realm or beyond your observation. We don't believe in that. But anyway, he has it made. Let us use the word contemporary for today's talk. What do we do with contemporary knowledge, going to school and going to university. Let me quote one of our greatest scholars in our history, Imam Hassan Cooley, who has written it here.

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He says, every branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of our community,

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let me repeat that every branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of a community, without which the community would be

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I'm prejudiced, they will be at a disadvantage. He says it is for a certifier for the community to have people to have that knowledge.

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And I've got a copy of the original APL room in Arabic. And I took it out. And in the 80s, written Tippie. Well, he saw,

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like accounting and medicine. So what right Imam Hassan said, If you do not have people in our community, who are well versed in this community is going to become disadvantage. It's perfectly fine for the OMA to have people not in in knowledge of the season. And when you look at our history, you will find that we were the trendsetters in this particular regard.

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It was money.

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Right after the partition in India, his father was asked to do some proposal for the educational system of the newly formed state Pakistan. So he said his father said that, I'm not telling you that for Pakistan, we must have the darkroom Diovan setup for the entire Pakistan said no. He said his father said that I told them about Tehran University. And do you know, Tehran University, the land for Erawan University was donated by a Muslim female by the name of Fatima.

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She was the one who donated the land for education, our Muslim woman Nevertheless,

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in that particular Tehran University, move data goes on to say his father argued that they were an integrated system of education. He said as your years he was famous scholar in the area, he used to teach the kidney holder and teach history, if you will do and has written a Kitab even

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on sociology, on societies 17 volumes, his MO Katama. His preface is in one big volume. Under Toynbee, the British British historian said, the greatest work of its time produced by any person in any time in the history of mankind.

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Ibni Holden used to teach history. It Nero's ever was used to teach in one Institute.

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They didn't listen to him as a different matter.

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But to tell you that this is how we were the ones who were the forefront of sociology, we were in the forefront of history. Ibni, Haytham was the first person to write a treatise on the discovery of the Milky Way, long before people came to know about the Milky Way and astronomers became famous. And in this way, he was a scholar of optics. It is well recorded, that he was a first human being to carry out the cataract operation, I went to Spain and in the in the, in the museum, they show you the surgery, surgical instruments that are used were used by the Muslim surgeons of the time.

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And it was said, the person taking me said that these surgical instruments are used after today. And what the surgeons used today differ very little from what Muslim surgeons used to do eight and 10 years ago.

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This was our Muslims were if the interface was the first person to do observation of the pulmonary blood observation, something that in the Western academic circles was attributed to William Harvey. But William Harvey came 300 years after kidney in a piece and he's great discoveries with regard to the parliamentary blood circulation of the body. This is I'm just giving you an example and it is not only one of the there is a woman by the name of Zalem kidney shutaura Zaner kidney Shedra was a fatty

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and she was the official calligraphers of the opacity beloved set time there was no graphics. People used to do calligraphy. She was the official calligraphers of the Abasa.

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I'm just giving an examples with regard to how Muslims were in the forefront. The point that I'm making is, if we are not going to be in the forefront of this, then we are going to be disadvantage. Today we hear a lot of people saying big pharma makes so much money in this and they made so much money in this.

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When you left the vacuum they making money

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where you were 1.7 billion Muslims.

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Where are you not in the forefront more than

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one of the harms of us Muslims not been in the forefront of science and technology in advance?

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When the East if we would have been, then we would have brought the technology and that particular type of knowledge with the ethics of Islam, with the morals and values of Islam, you're not there, someone else took it over. You can you can blame someone but you have not filled a vacuum there for the better in the making money. Yes, we all know that

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big pharma have been completely more,

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more interested in profits rather than the old aspect of worrying about the health of people. But if you had been in the forefront of science and technology as Muslims were in the past, then you would have brought the technology and advancement with the necessary ethics. Although I must say sometimes, that what our present mindset and the ethics within our own community sometimes you wonder, would they have brought that ethics also, in the sciences, technology and advancement if they're headed, but at least that was the ideal of us at one of Apple has an Uncle Ali. Now, that doesn't mean in any way. And of course, the one question that comes up is that one and what we're

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saying is true. But the present level areas of learning of these particular

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disciplines is not the best of environment. We all know that. And it's no it's no secret. The university environment is not the best environment, according to our Islamic values. But in which environment is the ideal is our work I place the best idea is our businesses right ideal. To people who come to our business may come dressed in a bias,

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then we don't say we're not going to do we're not going to do business because they they're not coming correctly dress.

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What we do then is if there is a problem, then we deal with a problem.

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If for example, the baby is dirty, and then you wash their the baby in the bath, you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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You clean the baby and then you make the baby with your fragrance again and clean. You don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, you clean the baby. So if there is any challenges, it's our duty to be able to come up to those challenges. And for us to tell us that Mona camera let me give you two examples from our alma mater.

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And first, he says that anyone who goes to university must go with certain conditions, one of the conditions he must read Islamic books, he must keep relationship with Islamic Palama so that he is protected from the environment and sometimes protected from what is called there.

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Now that if that to happen, needs both the student to keep

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in the Obama in the community and the parents, to encourage our children, that when you go to university, keep your dean intact.

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It requires both sides to play the role. It requires the student that he must sit down with he must keep up with religion, he must keep relationship with religion. And it also requires the onomah to be there to guide the students going there. In my mind, there are people who say that no, they must not go at all. Let's bring the baby out with the bathwater. We don't we say that we must give them if you tell a person going to university. If you people are all

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Moodle, you can our three people are going to university, you people all battle and all falsehood and you people are all like this. And all of name calling because you come to the university. You are going to it's going to become a self fulfilling prophecy. They're going to come out as what you are saying. But if you send every one of our children to university with us,

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being by you are a Muslim first. When you go there, go with a dean of Almighty Allah, protect your deal. Protect your religion. If there is anything that you find that you are not sure about how to

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who not going to stop people going but let them go with another person.

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And I asked him Can I go to he said yes for me because this happened with me. He said in the 1970s Marana masuleh a great scholar came and he said we went to meet him. We were few students.

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And we were doing we were doing contemporary knowledge. And he went to meet Mona masuleh. And someone said that these are very talented students that are doing very well in the field.

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We said the exact words

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who Parag

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excel in your education

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I always tell people I told the students today, whatever you do, in Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah Allah says, Whatever you do, you do it excellently. So, even if you saw the animal, do it excellently See that you do it away from the gates of other animals property for the shop sharp knife, but one particular stroke. So, whatever you do, even to the extent of slaughtering an animal, do it with excellence. So, whatever you are going to do do it with excellence. So, say mama Sula

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Hooper become excellent become please this but do it with two conditions.

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he said that the advice he gave me because you were being to university he said, Go and become the best. But do it with two conditions. Remember Allah and don't forget your Salah.

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So that is the way we tell our tell our students to go we all have the quandary that what's going to happen if they go What does that mean?

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But you give them confidence, to say don't go them then if they're gonna go without your approval, this will become more worse. They will go without the without, without the support, encouragement, we they need the support of the community, they need the support of the AMA, and they need the support of the parents, and we must be there at every walk of life for them.

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And brothers, indeed, knowledge is not only learning few things, knowledge must bring you closer to Allah Mantella well

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so far, he acquires knowledge to debate with a pigment into impressed. Allah will turn him away from gender, Allah will turn gender away from him. We don't learn knowledge to impress people. We learn knowledge to come closer to another point I always sometimes I make mention of this. Sometimes we have a person with a PhD in something you ask Him Who created you say I don't know.

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I'm an agnostic. You ask the five year old Muslim child who created a lottery ticket.

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me say that person is an Informed Electorate is not a true person who has knowledge, how beautiful you

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are not those who can give beautiful speeches and articulate presentations. If your knowledge does not come into your conduct into your character in bringing you closer towards Almighty Allah bringing humanity you have to ask yourself what type of knowledge that is. So in conclusion, let me say what I've said so far. Started off with the first verse of our deen was pertaining to knowledge, how it created such a thirst and enthusiasm for knowledge. I gave you a few examples. Then I said many sources of knowledge is compulsory upon each and every Muslim believer, what is for us I made mention of then you have further sanctifier I give you two examples. The first one is every

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community must have an alum who is well well researched in Islamic education that people can refer to him and any branch of knowledge, which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind. I give you examples. And the objective of Islamic knowledge will give us the people understanding and making an understanding this whole particular aspect in its proper context.