The importance and virtue of Zakaat & charity

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala ala Nabi about a Mavado photo Villa Jimena. shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wema * to me, Shea info Flipo Sakala hula Zeum.

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My dear respected elders and brothers. There are two types of deeds. One is physical deeds and one is deeds which we do through the means of our wealth known as financial deeds, muddy deeds.

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In terms of physical deeds, the most important is Salat. And in terms of financial deeds the most important is

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that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran normally has put the two together, while Teemu salat wa to the cup is constantly mentioned in the Holy Quran. And you will recall in our history, that when a certain group of people refuse to give zakat after Nivea creme sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Taala who said, I will make jihad against those who differentiate between Salatin zakat, those who don't give zakat, I will make jihad against them. So this is the reality. Islamia Dothraki Amalia, Bethany or do Somali namaz burden Ibaadat necessary for Harrisdale or zakat, Malema he slay Khurana Majid may dono cause zeker sad sack Yaga or yes or yes as a hum for

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exam essay, it is one of the most important for us acts of Islam amongst the five pillars of Islam. One is the aspect of zakat to give our zakat on our wealth. Today, unfortunately, we don't pay much attention towards this. And there are many benefits with regard to the car. There are many benefits with regard to the God amongst the benefit is that Allah subhanahu wa taala has made the cut a means of purification, the other Khazaria Mannai the Cutco or kiss has to attain which way is it a purification? Or am I have said that there are two meanings of the purification that God as a purification what does it mean? One is Allah has given both positive and negatives in wealth

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malman Which for white beheld MOOCs are not there is pros and cons in wealth. There are many, many pros there are many benefits and one Akula teacher Allah hula come to Yama, Allah Allah says the wealth we have made it the means of your existence. Rapana dunya Asana will not give us good in this world. We want good in this world. But there are many harms with regard to wealth. Who good dunya rasuluh Katya the love of this material world is the root cause of all evil

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tamam mom, the mom cheese aka the mom Baraka Jerry. Yep.

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Now through the means of giving the car we purify ourselves from the negative aspects of wealth, all the negative aspects of wealth by giving the car we purify ourselves with regards to the negative aspects of wealth dollar kynoch Sam said that the heart was kissteria shortage the cat is serious dog Molly cheese okay John Luke Sanata was the cat is that he so skip the autodata so this is one of the meanings with regard to purification. Zakat Dena purification, another meaning with regard to purification is even more important maybe perhaps in a hadith maybe a cream sauce limited. Allah has not made zakat compulsory. He Lally you, Eva ma Bertha mean in America, but to purify the remainder

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of your wealth to make it worthy of you to utilize it. You know, it's amazing. That means if you do not give this a card to utilize the remainder of your wealth becomes tainted.

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And therefore even in the Quranic ayat, Allah Allah says when Lady Nayak, mizuna, haba will fit them when I am sipo Nafisa villa for the showroom via Davina Lim, those who were on wealth, and they do not give sadaqa they do not give charity give them a tidings of a great punishment. Will Amar say that the one who gives the cat is not regarded as one who hoard wealth.

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And if you don't give the cat you

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Like the one who hoard wealth and the one who holds wealth. Your family has the analogy for to Kwame Haji Babu was room. Allah says Allah will take his wealth, Allah will brand his wealth, Allah will make it hot from the fire of jahannam. And Allah will place it upon his forehead, and I will place it upon his back and other parts of the body. And this is with regard and Allah will say this the punishment of not giving zakat and not giving charity upon your wealth for lucuma contemptor And this is the punishment of hoarding your wealth, but the one who gives the card he will not be counted amongst the one who hoards wealth can you imagine and therefore it comes in one idea what a

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great warning man cassava even a woman was the one who earns pure halaal wealth. If you don't give the card your entire wealth becomes tainted

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Subhanallah So, one these are two aspects with regard to the means of purification of our wealth through the means of giving zakat. Another many another benefit with regard to giving zakat maybe a cream sauce Limited has seen who um, while this circuit was set up to protect your wealth by giving cytokines occurred.

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Many times wealth is loss powers not giving the cat property

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or cream sauce limited wealth is destroyed both in this land and in the ocean by not giving sadaqa in charity or not giving zakat. So protect your wealth, by giving sadaqa and charity and zakat upon it. Zakat, multihazard cassava. And then there are many other benefits with regard to it one, one idea maybe a cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given an indication that when you give zakat and all the wealthy people gives a cut of the wealth, then it will suffice for the poor of the summit.

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The fact that there are poor people in this format who are not meeting the needs is because the wealthy don't give zakat. In a hadith Maria Karim sauce lemma said integrata Barani. Allah has made that amount of zakat compulsory, if it is given correctly, then it will suffice for the poor of this month. Can you imagine if every wealthy piece per person gives a card the way it is, this hadith tells us there will not be people in this in this coma that will die of starvation. There will not be people who will be below the the mere the needs were three below the mean the means with regard to you know, meeting the needs. So, these are so many aspects and we have to be very careful in

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giving proper zakat. And it comes in abou doubt that once a woman came to be a cream sauce, she had her daughter had to Bengal's a coronaria cream sauce when people say or wonky Beatty cat dough can be added to Nebia cream sauce from the puja cabinet was Kosaka Did did you give her a cup of it?

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She said no. Let me a cream sauce some said Are you happy that there was Bengals will be done into Bengals have the final Janam

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tell tell the woman this we have got jewelry and either a keeper you give what

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you are giving all other aspects on the behalf so you can give us all that. Someone asked the person who said as the father one day, how much does it cost to get married? You say oh my son I don't know I'm still paying. So if you paying for everything pay for this account also, what's wrong in doing that. But whatever it is, if you don't give this is the consequences, that jewelry is going to be turned into aspects of the fire of jahannam.

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And similarly with regard to our wealth, go to the Allama and go and find out and ascertain on what am I supposed to give zakat don't come short with regard to the car give more. But don't give less because there are tremendous consequences with regard to it. Given your stock on trade given given all the all aspects with regard to what you're supposed to give. So the cat is very, very important by the respect for others. It is one of the compulsory aspects is one of the pillars of Islam. But of course we must keep in mind that malware is a category LAWA could all be similary Anna Maria, Maria, Kareem saw swim. I didn't get enough Somali swastika Mark Malko persa kar ke lava pico is

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Zakat is the lowest form of

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giving in terms of charity. And there is awesome said there are other considerations upon your wealth besides the card. You know people just give the card and say it is enough. We don't have to give more. Nabeel Karim sauce limited. No there are other concentrations upon your wealth other than zakat I normally make mention with regard to this. You come in you give a very big amount to an Islamic organization.

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With regard to the cut, you don't give Lila you don't get anything extra. Now that particular organization needs to use its resources, human resources, its financial resources for the sake of giving your soccer. Now you are wealthy Why are you depending upon an Islamic organization to use public money to give us the cut out.

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We'll use the other aspects of giving ways the Linda you are supposed to give. We are other considerations in giving in other avenues of dealing. My dear respected brothers we cannot we cannot be confined only to giving zakat is via Karim sauce limited. There are other considerations upon your wealth, other than Zakat, and in our deen. There is a great amount of emphasis upon being charitable.

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bohart is Jada FIDE Hey, Cara Sakaki lava. In a Quranic ayat Allah Allah says Nebia Karim Allah Allah says masala, you know, the long is the meaning of it is every cent you give Allah multiplies it's 700 times. You give one reign Allah Tala multiplies it 700 times, Allah gives you the reward 700 times I read the ayat in the beginning in the footbaww WOMMA un* to mainchain whatever you spend in the path of Allah, Allah will rebate. jovia Paris Coca Cola was was Allah will give you that Allah will give it back to you is never that you give something and Allah doesn't give it back to you. And Allah Allah says with regard to charity 700 times Allah rewards you and Allah Tala can

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reward it even more than that, if you want in one one of the Sahaba said, I never saw any little bit of charity, little bit of gold, a little bit of wheat recover a food which outweighs a mountain, except charity that is given the path of Allah. It outweighs mountains in terms of getting back rewards. Subhanallah and then maybe a criminal law whatever Solomon said Peter can now be shipped to terminal to save yourself from the fire of Jannah even if you give one kazoo apne aapko XML Ciao Janam Saba Ciao, ciao Hey, Jude he is Kunal. Allah says in the Quran, Allah Dena Yun Fiona is Sarah a Ouattara. The people who aren't we have Taqwa of Allah. They give whether they work whether they

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are wealthy, even if you are poor, poor give something even if you can give one couture 21 And if you're wealthy Allah Allah has given you a responsibility give more than that. nivia Karim Salah while he was celebrated, Mammon Yom. It is not a day in which to Allah Tala send down to angels. They're still angels they come down, and when they come down, they make dua to Allah, they make dua, Allah Allah tells him to make us dua, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah OMA optimum second telefone are another one who gives charity give him more. The one who doesn't give destroy his wealth. He annatto sericata What was the other day or two another year Loski, Malka, Tabaka

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her rose to NL Monika Acharya Dwarka semi zombie Packer. So this is so important, because our our Sahaba and our wealthy people are people of the past,

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who are very, very, very charitable and very generous, even if they don't have anything much Shamoun was a Jewish businessman.

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He became a Muslim by the generosity of other party man of the ultra man.

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A person from the bunny sulayem became a Muslim.

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He was very poor, to sell, manufacture the Allah who came to us at Fatima and said, This person has become a Muslim. He doesn't have anything. Is there anything that you can give for him? Fatima the Altana didn't have anything. She had one shot. Her only showed no Well, she said take the shawl. Go to Shamoun give the shawl as collateral and tell him to give something and give this man.

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When shampooed saw the short of Fatima I said Why is she giving this shawl as a collateral loan shawl. She doesn't have any money she wants to give charity

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Shimbun saw this generosity of Fatima the Altima didn't have anything but could give her shawl for collateral to give someone else money.

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How much do we give for people? How much do we give in the path of Allah? How much do we give you for any reasons? Everything is only out as me me me myself and i The truth of the age. Everyone wants to only spend upon themselves spend hundreds of 1000s on one wedding can give 5000 rent to a poor person

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ways our generosity ways

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Question. They say we know there was a wealthy person in one community, there's a humorous incident. So they went to him and said, you know, the community needs something. Why don't you give something? He said, Do you know my mother is very sick? She's very she's very sickly. She is blind. She can see sorry, we didn't know. He said, You know, my sister, she's in another city. She's also very sick. So we didn't know if I don't give her we are gonna give you

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He will give my mother and whether is my sister we are going to give you

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I mean how can a Muslim have this particular attitude and in terms of our giving out my dear respective brothers, there are certain things that we have to consider in giving. One of the aspects that we have to give is we have to give to our local massages.

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I mean, the Masjid in which you are reading your Salah, you are benefiting up Masjid Wisma namaz Burwell, two years earlier, Krishna Krishna Kutub Sadako Karakuri was much hit me up basically say phi delta, Abu Salah Phi Delta, a panacea phi delta. So how do you feel that you can't even give something to the masjid that you are reading the magazine. In fact, many I've seen many Rama, whichever machine they go to even read one numbers, you can put some money because we read numbers in the budget. So that's one of the aspects that we are supposed to give him is very important with regard to them. Then another aspect of is to give in matters of being for the sake of our community.

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Our Dini organizations our massage community upliftment projects when they occur EmCell Allahu alayhi wa sallam as the people to give in the Battle of the book, as it was money running for the Altamura gave me 950 camels, 50 horses 1000 dinars. If you have to count that today, it works out into millions.

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And nivia Kareem salsa was taking his dinars. And when the Sahaba saw they saw that he saw some crying. He said, Why are you crying? He said with money honey Viola Otranto after what he has done. Allah subhanho wa Taala will never take into account anything from him after this. He doesn't have to make any nothing about it after this. How much have we given for the sake of our community upliftment projects for the sake of our deal our organizations give to uplift a family if Allah has made your family wealthy, look after a family that is not that is needy. Go in search out for families that are needing another line the Holy Quran says lil for cry Latina masego feasability La

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La yesterday and fill out your Cebu who will

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go and look for those families who apparently you feel that they are wealthy, but they don't ask because of being independent, but they are poor. Go and look for those families and go and help them.

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And Adana specifically makes mention of looking after families and

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if you look after those particular families, you will see Allah Tala will give you a great amount as a booty man Musa Brambilla used to make mention of this one incident that if I think I'm not getting the maybe I'm not sure with regard to this the names yeah Burma Kira Malala used to look after Sophia Anatolian

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Sophia make dua yeah I love the way yes yeah looks after my worldly needs. You look up the with accurate you look up so it's after Yahia Burma Kira McNally passed away someone saw him in a dream. He said what happened? Our not treated you. He says to Yankee doorkeeper Coxiella put me into jail.

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Because of Sofia's gua gone into Jana. Look after families My dear respective brothers. These are some of the aspects give to your relatives. We want to give sometimes to everyone our relative support via cream sauce Lim said if you give to a relative you get double reward. One is to give sadaqa and one is to help the poor people. So there are many examples with regard to there are many examples in today's time we can go and spend our our charity and lastly let me make mention that in giving charity, we give it solely for the sake of Allah. Joby I'm Dennis sadaqa, or Scott was self worship Allah Tala T was happiness zappy Morford or non karyam Combinator. Well, you came on a

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Tamela hoopy Myskina welti in Amman, amo Kamala chilla of Lusaka, Kanaky lotta Sylph, Allah Tala, it was lovely to meet come Jessa we don't want any help from them. We don't want any gratefulness from them. We don't want anything from them. Latakia Lusaka, Camila Mendiola don't spoil the reward of your charity by reminding the people of the charity and what you have given them. So these are some of the aspects with regard to the cut in charity. metrology wasn't a fluke of understanding who actually do that one on