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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the importance of reforming one's behavior and society to avoid tragedy and improve society. The "right path" is crucial for individuals to become successful in gambling, while the "monopoly," "monents" approach is focused on addressing "monst fears and "monents." reforming one's behavior and society are essential for achieving a better society.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Viva la vida de la Cava kitabi wa Sharia Tabata Shariati Amar Babu favela Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Latina de la vuelta was not so much.

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What taco law in aloha Savi Ruby Ma Ma.

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Sarah Kala hola hola azim Akana tada

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Latina de la como de como la yo como de la de da de de ser de la Hola,

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my dear respected elders and brothers in the hyatts, which I recited before you, Allah subhanho wa Taala has spoken about a very important

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aspect and something that we can see in which lies the solution to a very great problem, then you and I are faced with that before we speak about the IRS. And before we give a translation of the IRS, let us understand the problem that we are speaking about.

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Today, when we look at the world, we find competitive to say 20 3040 years back, there are more people working in the Islamic field working on reformation of the society. And there are more organizations there are more Institute's there are more calls, there are more newspapers. And with regard to trying to rectify the way of the community and the society to make it right, yes, there has perhaps never been so much in recent history.

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But yet, despite the fact that there are so many different organizations working in different fields, from different angles, what we do find that perhaps the change that we are looking akin to the amount of effort, the amount of organizations that they are, that change we do not find in the community in the society, we do not find a visible change for the better. If anything, maybe we might see a deterioration. Now you ask yourself, why is the soul this ayah refers to a very important principle and he says, Here you will learn a man or a woman

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or you who believe

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you look after yourself first. You look after your Islam offers

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law to ruco Mandela is a threat to other people's being misled will not harm you if you are on the right path.

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Now this is a very important point. As Callum dekra haircut you need to strip her of sin. It

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man authorea lickin logo Kane is la neoral chip na hora Chiron era Kava Kava and the real reason is every one that starts off today, whether any particular organization, any particular individual talking about the reformation of the community and society. He starts off by talking about the reformation of others. This ruler Kesava what was

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and dusek is in the key mcjunkin are in key homage to Nick la hamara pastime verwacht Leighton hood APNIC Rahman, mycharge nichia hamari pastime or walk me this is one of the prejudice of the agent. We are talking about everyone today. When he starts off talking about the community and society. A common community is like this in the community. Everyone starts off by saying how bad the other person is. No one starts off by saying what is my position? Therefore nitra says yeah, you will live in harmony.

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Oh, you believe start off by making mentioned in looking at your own self. And those people who are free will not harm you if you're on the right path.

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And this is doesn't mean he's committed to a camera.

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He doesn't mean he wasn't made to.

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That is part of being on a diet to do.

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But you can't do it anymore. Caramel permaroof in such a way that you forget yourself completely.

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And the same

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has been very beautifully explained in dorium. On Tour, someone came in as one of the Sahabi I think was a beloved newcomer and said, You know, these two people are fighting each one of them are calling one another culture. So what should I do?

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you want me to tell you have to go and fight with them.

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I'm not telling you to go and fight with them go and give them advice. After advice, you leave them and then he recited the same idea.

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I'm not telling you to go and fight with them. I'm telling you to give them advice. After giving them advice. You look after yourself and going. Now the problem today is everyone is looking at another person. Everyone is worried with regard to another person's reformation. No one is worried with regard to reforming himself. Don't you see that when we talk about other people, how we talk with gusto, how we talk with enthusiasm, how we talk nebbia cream sauce limited, when you hear a person says hello kindness, people have become destroyed. When you hear a person saying people have become destroyed. And people are like this. And remember, he's the first person to be destroyed.

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He's a first person. And today to set yourself up in the critical business to set yourself up in the gambling business is the easiest thing in the world to do. To set yourself up in a grappling business to become a critic. You don't need no degree degree because you don't need no talent, you need no morals, you need nothing to set yourself up in the gambling business. Normally to set yourself up in any business we need capital that can in this business, we need no capital. And normally a person who talks about the others, many times forgets himself and the way they say a critic is a legless person who teaches other people how to run. Now in this lies the tragedy of the

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situation of the age that we are living in. And

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Firstly, when we look at our age, we also find that great technology and progress has come to a great level. And everyone talks about it we say technology in a casa kata conjugate, we all talk about it. And we have reached such a Zenith in terms of machines, in terms of technology, in terms of different types of smartphones and everything that we have. But one of the tragedies we have worked on machines, but we haven't worked on the people who are supposed to run those machines. Everyone has worked on technology, but no one has worked on the people who are supposed to run the technology. And now my burn Nikita What beautiful words he said, Dude, never a dude nawala citaro k

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pusaka aka up NASCAR Kenya. misafir, Karnataka, Chesney Suraj kisho, grifter kiya Zindagi ki Shaka Tariq Sarkar, nasaka schwannoma What is it, that people are looking up with regard to the stars and finding out the benefit of the stars, but in that they have not been able to rectify their own thoughts? Justice Suraj Kish Rocco krypter, Turkey, you haven't changed the race and the peace of the sun, but you have not been able to resolve your own problems. You have not been able to evolve your own relationships, you have not been able to resolve to save your youth from drugs. We have not been able to save our relationships with one another. But yet we have been able to entertain the sun

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of the Sun and the rays of the sun and the beams of the sun. And that is what calamari Burleson chicness Suresh Kishu our co gift archaea Whoa, synergy keshava Tarik Sarkar NASA has not been able to resolve his own problems. Now, this is in the decay of the individual in the decay of the individual lies one of the greatest problems of our society in the world. Now a strong boat cannot be made with decade boards. We have boards that a decade and you think you're gonna make a boat and all of a sudden the boat is gonna become strong, how is the boat gonna become strong when the ports that are making up the boats a decade? How is a society equate to become right? Yes, when the people

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making up that societies are decayed, how can a society become right is when the individuals making up that societies are decayed, they are going to murder the faults of the individual, they are going to embody the force of that particular individual. So if you have a society in which you have people that have different types of faults, that society would be reflecting upon the faults of the individuals that make up that society. So if you have for example, the hard heartedness of the master, the um dutifulness of the employee, and the selfishness and selfish attitude and the corruption of the leader and the interference with regard to the people who are the masses, then all

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of that the greed of the trader. Then all of it, what is going to happen and all of that individual traits are put together

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Here's what you will find in a society that is not reformed. The time of the Sahaba cram things were completely different. The individuals were reformed, the individuals worried about their own reformation. When they worried about their own reformation, the society that came out of a reformed individuals was such that that particular society became right. Yes. So when the ruler was more worried about the other people than what he was about himself,

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to say, even if a camel dies the way in Euphrates River out of hunger, Allah will question me as a Luda ruler of this particular land. Now, it when the Buddha was worried when the subjects were beautiful when the employer and the master was warm hearted. When the employee was worried about his his Amana and being dutiful, the trader was one one who was together with his trade in his own profit was also someone who had Rahaman mercy and compassion. And the people on the street were worried about their own situation, then the sum total of those individuals made up a beautiful society. Now that my dear respect of others is something that is of great importance, and latterly

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in the Holy Quran says, Yeah, you Hilary hamanako law well turns out enough so Martha demott lives what law in the law sabi Rumi Mata Maroon oh you who believe fear Allah, that each and every one sees what he sends before him to Allah? Will dunzo knifes each and every human being sees what he sends before him to Allah. What are you going to account for now? You can go in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and tell Allah tala that the environment was so bad, do still look hypnotherapy. We have Mahabharata Wanaka APNIC yaka. aapka Johanna utters Yamagata That is why hasn't it allowed us to see her Cebu and pusaka Kabbalah and to her Sabu evaluate your deeds first. before Allah

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evaluate your deeds, you yourself evaluate your deeds before Allah subhanho wa Taala evaluate your deeds was the new copula and tools and you weigh your teeth on the scale. before Allah tala puts your scale of deeds or your deeds on the scale of deeds. You yourself put your own scale, what is my third sermon? And then until that you are not, and how to show you how we are supposed to worry with regard

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to what an amazing incident has an Ancelotti allowed on one day was sitting in his bedroom and he was sitting in his house with his wife. He was enjoying a normal conversation and he wanted a relaxed mood. He was in a happy mood. He was speaking with his wife, all of a sudden the thought struck him. Oh, Angela, just now when you were in the company of nebbia creme de la jolla wasallam. You are so fearful of Allah upon the quota. You were thinking of the accurate and now you're sitting with your wife and you think you forgot everything. You forgot Allah, you forget the mere cream sauce. You forgot that that's the attitude that we had in the time of Mr. Slim's company, the

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company of the resources. Now he thought he said nebia SLM Kima, Hallman mirror thermal or mirror fitter kousaka or your invoke method is different. That means there is a there is an incompatibility. When there's an incompatibility. It means I'm a Mona Angela has become a Mona fit. So you've got her from his wife, and he left his wife and he left and he started going towards him. And he said, Angela has become a monopoly cancer has become a monopoly. Angela has become the med

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worker. So I even said and he saying, oh, Abubakar Angela has become a monopoly. He said, What do you mean you have become a

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Muslim? You are an authentic and sincere Muslim. He related his situation who worker said my situation is also the same. My situation in a house in different Hall is not the same. I mean, literally our environment when we sitting in entertaining and talking about things outside not the same that we are in the masjid. So he said that means is that there's a there's an incompatibility, I've also become a monopoly. They went in front of Nivea cream sauce, they'll be a cream sauce them said, No, no, no, this is not when Africa This is not hypocrisy. There's a time for this and there's a time for it. There's a time when you will be in the presence of Almighty Allah, your state will be

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high, your state your situation will be high. That way, you can expect that same situation to be when you are in a form of entertainment, it can be the same. But what what led them to think what led them to say I have become a monarchy. How many times it is related to the books of a hadith allow

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us to catch a tree and who used to say, If only I could be like this tree. If only I could be like this tree that I don't have to account before my tail on the day of chairman. One day they saw birds flying and he said he saw those

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Spurgeon said you know How beautiful are you you you fly and you get your your your food on a daily basis, but on the day of combat there will be no accountability for you we have to account for these on the day of our account on the day of Mansoor when watermill

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says set and this is what is known as Maha Saba enough to critique your own knifes to critique your own self. It is a permanent feature of the soul. Everyone was interested, the chef will tell him every day 10 minutes or five minutes to set aside and you look at your deeds for the day. You look at your deeds for the day if we have done good with the data, if we have done evil you ask for forgiveness if you try to rectify it. It is made mentioned by salamander Ronnie Rahmatullah Lee, if a person's day today is like yesterday, if a person's day today's like yesterday, and there is no progress in his family and his deeds, then he has a shortcoming is a flaw. He has to address the

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flaw. If we have a business running for 20 years, and for 20 years, you're making the same amount of money that you're making 20 years ago, will you regard that business to be successful or failure? Will you closed on that business or not? You will say what's the use of running that business but in our business with regard to the accurate Allah to Luca, Marathi gelatin, Allah etc not show you a business that will save you from the fire of gender. And that is our man. We are going day to day and we are progressing in terms of our life. And we don't even take account with regard to where we were yesterday and where we are today. Mansoor bin Mohammed Rahmatullah. He says, that in terms of

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critiquing yourself what is known as Maha Sabha you must be more strict than what a partner is with his other business partner who is dishonest. This listen to this Mansoor when he says that when you critique yourself, when you take account of your own deeds, then you must be more more honest and more difficult upon your own self. The way a business partner is with another partner, that partner happens to be dishonest. Now, you know, your partner is not so honest. How will you keep a tape with regard to him? How is he doing? What is he taking what is his accounts, in that way, you must take account of your nerves in a greater way, in a greater way you must take account of your nerves

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because nerves will always lead us astray. And that is with regard to our situation, maybe a cream sauce, you can look at you can get away with with regard to justify in front of people you can't get away in front of Allah Allah, Allah Allah knows

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what to do. He knows the treachery of your eyes, and he knows what your hearts can see. Whenever your cream sauce lamb came back from ties and when they were cream sauce they made what what Allah subhana wa tada look at the door that Nivea cream sauce Allah made my dearest friend Hello my legs.

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Were like complaint you about my weakness, about my feebleness about the fact that the people of time didn't listen to my message. He could have said

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himself some could have said a typo could have been a money or a job. He was not a crier himself. Some didn't say that. He could have said that the people have tightened Listen to me. He could have said that people have time for unfortunately Listen to me, I got the message of Allah. What did he say? When I complained to you about my weakness. I complained to you about my feebleness I played to be working, let's say he was a nurse, I complained to you that my words do not have an effect upon the people.

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That is the way you critique yourself. That is the way you look at your deeds. Now when you start looking at your deeds in that way, then you will find a reformation when each and every one starts looking at himself, inshallah the community will become better. I don't say that we don't have a responsibility towards the community we have. Prior to the elections, we spoke about our responsibility towards the community. And we have it works both hand in hand. Individuals who are reformed and right yes will make a better community, a better community and a more right yes, school community and society, which we have to work for, makes it easier for us to become individually

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But until we don't worry, and we don't make mahabhava enough, and we don't we don't start looking at our own self, we will not be able to reform the community and society that we all striving and talking about reforming. And we're all talking about how bad the society is. By until you do not start talking about your own self. That is like putting the cart before the horse. May Allah subhanaw taala tofik becoming closer towards Ramadan. Really, Ramadan is perhaps the time for us to start engaging in

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each and every one of our medical each and every one starts accounting for his own self. Each and every one looks at his own self. Keeping in mind he is going to account before allow for his deeds, not for anyone

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else's deeds will

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be one hour. He who fears standing before mighty Allah when a harness and he prevents us from doing wrong, gender will be his abode William and hakama camara de Jonathan, he will fear standing before mighty Allah, Allah will give him too generous. But that has to come from Maha Sabha must become a trigger to honest, critical appraisal of your own self has simple amakusa come to take account of your deeds before laterra take account of your deeds

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