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Villa Rona Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah Shara film ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kaziranga Rama Babu. My dear brothers and sisters are hamdulillah we are on the last lesson of the story of

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combined story Mashallah of Maria Malaya Salam zakhary Ali Salaam, yah Hey Ali Salam and Essenes

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and today I want to talk to you. In closing about specifically what he said he said, this is because he is one of the most important of the Gambia of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is one of the greatest of the prophets of Islam. He is among the all as men are crucial from the great steadfast of the prophets all prophets were steadfast. The problem with translating from Arabic to English but also as a mineral is the correct term.

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There are five of them who are called that. No Ali Salaam Ibrahim Ali Salah musala Salamis Ali Salam and Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Holly he values I will sell them, these five are among they are the greatest of the of the Gambia, alayhis salam and of course, this is not a gradation or a classification that I make or any of us make or should make this is what we have been told by Rasul Allah is

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now easily Salam is very important for that reason is also very important because in our religion, if we

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believe or disbelieve in one rustle, or one nabby of Allah subhanaw taala, it is equal to disbelieving in all of them and therefore you are out of Islam. So for a Muslim, it is critical and part of his creed and part of his belief that he believes that he Salli Salaam is and was a are a soul of Allah, that he was a prophet and a messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is part of our creed, this is a part of our fundamental beliefs. So we believe this.

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We do not believe that he was the son of God, we do not believe that he was God incarnate. We do not believe now that we learn I deliberately do not use

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Allah subhanho wa Taala as

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personal name as Allah, when I say son off, I always say Son of God, because that's what the Christian say, that's what we don't go where that leads. So therefore, we do not believe that but we believe that he was a messenger of Allah, he was one of the greatest of them. He was himself in his creation, a miracle and a sign. And then I have Allah subhanho wa Taala della delallo.

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We believe that he was raised up to the heavens, in his body alive. And Allah subhanaw taala saved him from being crucified, which is perhaps one of the worst and most painful ways of dying. We do not believe that easily Salaam died on the cross, in order for us to be forgiven, for the simple reason that the one who forgives is Allah, and Allah subhanho wa Taala does not need to give pain and to put his favorite slave, one of his greatest messengers in atrocious and excruciating pain in order to forgive us. Right? This is like, the Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw. taala is beyond any examples. But this is like for example, if I have an employee, and I have my son, now, my

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employer does something wrong. And I want to forgive my employee. So I call my son and I beat up my son. And I say that my son is getting a beating. So that I may forgive you, I mean, doesn't make any sense at all right? I mean, if I want to forgive the employee, this is between me and the employee, the employee disobeyed me, where does my son come into the picture?

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So in the case of his or his job, of course, he's not Son of God. He is the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala. But when people say, were the Christians and they believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, my submission is Jesus does not have to die on a cross for God to forgive you because God is the one who forgives you. You disobeyed God, seek His forgiveness, he will forgive you. That's the end of the matter. And that is our belief that we when we commit sins, we are transgressing against the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore we need to return to Allah we need to repent we need to seek forgiveness that Allah will forgive us. Allah does not have to put

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an innocent person and there is no one more innocent that is at a Salah. Our belief is

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He was sinless. He was untouched here his mother were the only two people human beings, untouched by shatter, protected by Allah subhanho wa Taala for every kind of evil, he was blessed, his name was blessed, his memory is blessed.

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So if I commit a sin, meaning I disobeyed Allah, Allah does not have to and Allah did not put somebody like easily Salaam, into the worst of humiliation and the worst of suffering to forgive me. That makes zero sense and that is why we don't believe that. So we believe that easily Salam was the Messenger of Allah. And we believe that he was one of the greatest of them. We believe that he was blessed. We believe his mother was blessed. And we believe that both he and his mother were human beings. They lived in this world, his mother died in this world. He was raised up by Allah subhanaw taala to save him from that very painful death on the cross. And then when it is time, when Allah

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subhanaw taala wishes, he will be sent back into this world where he will live for as many years that Allah subhanho wa Taala decrees for him and he will then die and he will be buried because coluna cinza Eco mode, every living person, every living being has to taste death. Easily Salam was a living being and so he will also taste death. As far as his birth is concerned. We as Muslims believe that he was we believe in the Annunciation. We believe in the Immaculate Conception. We believe that insulae Salaam was conceived by the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That mariemont is Salah was completely sinless, she was she was a chaste woman. No man had ever touched her yet she

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had a baby because Allah subhana wa tada decided to use that miracle to show as his sign of his creation and Alice mother also mentioned that just as Isa was created without a father as Emily Salah was created without a father and mother yet when actually Salaam came into this world, otherwise Salaam died,

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while his mother was created from other families, from the rib of other families.

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She Alfie also added in a normal sense of man and woman, she also did not have a father or a mother.

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And then yet, when she came into this world, she also died in this world and the same thing happened to is Ali Salaam, the creation of is Ali Salam anomalisa ROM is similar with other money salaams creation being an even bigger miracle because Adam alayhis salam was not born. He was just created. And he was created as a full grown adult male, otherworldly Salah was never an infant, he was never a baby. You know, he didn't pass through any of those stages.

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So that is an even bigger miracle.

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Both his early serravalle salaam are actually evidence and signs of the greatness and glory and majesty and the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala as the creator.

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So if if Adam alayhis salaam, with all of this is not Son of God, that how does he sell his become Son of God?

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Right? So this is the comparison between the two and the logical answer to anyone who says that he Sal is the Son of God. We have also from the Bible itself, that easily Salam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala, he said, You're the Lord. Your God is one.

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In the Bible, in Deuteronomy, six, four, it's called the greatest commandment. And it reads here, oh, Israel, and be careful to observe them, so that you may prosper and multiply greatly in a land flowing with milk and honey, just as the Lord, the God of your fathers has promised you Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. He didn't say three, one. He didn't say, Trinity. He said, one here or here or Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and all

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Your strength.

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Now, since there are many versions of the Bible, interestingly, they have the thing, but this word at this, this particular commandment, which is called the greatest of them, is the same in all of them. And I'm looking at now, the New International Version, a version, New Living Translation, English Standard Version barian, Study Bible, King James Bible, New King James Version, New American Standard Bible, nasb, 1995, nasb, 1977, Amplified Bible, Christian Standard Bible, Holman, Christian Standard Bible, American Standard Version, and a whole lot of them. And all of them have the same thing, which is, Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.

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the issue is, you know, to therefore understand that this is what even the Christian doctrine is, but then of course, we have the issue of Trinity and so on and so forth. And of course, it's in Islam. We Allah subhanaw taala told us very clearly that that is a that that doctrine is not from Islam and that it is wrong.

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Now, we come to therefore some of the is referring to is Saudi salamin specifically, and I want to talk to you about them as the closing of our of this session inshallah.

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inshallah, Joseph, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned I was given a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. What is the Fall is Ave Maria Maya Bonnie, Allah in near Rasulullah he Li Gong masa de Luca Mossad, the Kalima by Anya de yamina, Bora Duomo Bashir m Mira solian de member de su Hamada farlam,

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Melba Yana de Carlo, shalom mobi Allah, Allah says in one of Joseph, and remember when he is the son of Marian, not the Son of God, he is, the son of Miriam said, all children of Israel, I am the messenger of Allah unto you, confirming the Torah which came before me, and giving glad tidings of a messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmed. And Ahmed is Mohammed is one of the names of our lives are seldom with the same meaning. Who, so he said, I have come to give the glad tidings of a messenger to come after me, whose name shall be shall be Ahmed. And then Allah says, but when he Ahmed Mohammed sallallahu Sallam came to them with clear proofs will be you know, they said, this is

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Allah, Allah save us from ourselves. May Allah subhanho wa Taala save us from denying the truth.

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Then Allah Dallas area you are Lavina Manu anzar Allah he come up Allah is Ave Maria, Ghana Kala Isa Ave, Maria Marley, Li, Li, LA, Allah Harari, Yun Anna Hello anzor law for mana ball evaton min Bonnie sobre la Guevara for Eva for a dinner lady in menorah although we him for us bajos or hiti.

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Then Allah said which means Oh believe bu helpers in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala as said his son of Merriam to olavarria Johann, his disciples, who are my helpers in the cause of Allah. Allah Harare in the disciple said we are the helpers of Allah. Meaning we will help you in the cause of Allah. Allah does not need any helpers. By helpers means Allah helpers means those who help the newbie in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then a group of the children of Israel believed and a group is believed. So we give power to those who believed against their enemies, and they became the uppermost they were victorious.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala geladeira who

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He says He mentions, God I is Ave Maria Mullah Omar

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Amina has

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gone on and I Liao Alina, Kadena

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mink, Waterloo, Cora and Roz up. Paula ni one zero r alikom. For my og for bi domain comm over in neowise EVO, Allah was Evo min. Me. Now this refers to

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time when the rain when the disciples of Israel is there is that to his or his alarm, please make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he will send us food from Jen. When I think about it, these are people who would have heard stories of his mother. Some of them some of them would have, or many of them would have seen her. So they knew that she would get food from heaven, may whatever was in their mind, today said please make dua that Allah subhanaw taala send us this money that is just on hand, this table spread with food from Jana.

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so easily said I'm the Alamo facility that he said he resisted that initially. He said, Don't ask these things. Allah subhanho wa Taala. But they insisted, so he made dua, and he's and he said, Oh Allah, our send us from heaven, a table spread with food that there may be for us, for the first time last year was a festival and a sign from you, and provide us

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sustenance for you other best off sustainers. So is that is that I met this guy because they were in his companions. They insisted and persisted in asking him see, the response was that I said I'm going to send it down to you Rolla is not refusing the door of his Navy, because this is the the honor of the Navy, this is the worker of the of the messenger, that when he makes the Allah subhanaw taala does not reject this door. So I looked around there is I'm sure you ask me, I will do it. But it comes with a with a clause with a with a with a with a price tag, so decide. So think about that, I lost that I said, I'm going to send it down to you. But if any of you after that any of you

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obviously does not refer to his or his Rob because either is that is that I was not a disbeliever. But is this is this is addressing those who asked is or is allowed to make those that Allah said I'm going to send down unto you send it down to you. But if any of you after that disbelieves then I will punish him with a trauma such as I have not inflicted on anyone among all of alameen all the words the gene and the human beings. Now,

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you might say, Well, you know,

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after seeing a miracle like that, why would anyone disbelief right, this guy, there's gonna be a question in the mind to say, Well, I mean, analyzing this, but why would anybody does believe

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after seeing such an amazing miracle, but think about this, the the horror, ah, they asked our soldiers Our solemn for a, for a miracle and the miracle they specified, they said, you know, split them out. Now Allah subhanaw taala gave it to him and he made a desire by the by the will of Allah and buyers hokum and

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made a sign and the moon split and Alice rantala told us about this in the Quran. We have the the ayat of the Quran as evidence beyond which and better than which is no other evidence, but did the Horus belief

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by seeing that miracle did they believe is our marriage was a miracle did they believe so it is not necessary that has to come from Allah subhanho wa Taala that comes to those who are sincere in seeking that and for him to come miracles are not required. And even miracles are there it is not a guarantee that people will get desired that they will be guided. There's a There are any number of proofs in the Quran of MBA was Sarah bouquet with miracles despite that, the people continue to disbelieve and they continue to do their own thing until the hokum of Allah gave salary Salaam is a classic example where on the people demanding it high salaries, salaries, Allah made dua for a camel

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to come out of the bounder Allahu Allah tala Zenda camel, but again like in this case, I lost my teleport conditions that this camel is going to be left free will not be armed. That this camel is going to be allowed to graze that this scammer when his gavel comes to drink water. This gavel must be allowed to drink water was not be interfered with Azhar in all conditions. And of course the people could not meet those conditions that did not meet those conditions and they are

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The gavel and the other bahala game. So the same kind of thing here. And that's the reason why it's very important to understand this. Some of them have a series they have said that the Hungarian or bizzarri salaam they realized that this was a duar which did not please Allah subhanaw taala that I'm not allowed to tell that did not you know want to

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did not want them to make this kind of a gap. And so, they have said that because of that

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the is London accepted this and so the actual tables spread did not come down right now, even though I was made last month and I said, I will send it if you ask for it. But the conditions which allow us to teleport the people they immediately realize that they had displeased Allah subhanaw taala by this door and of course they didn't want to do that. They don't want to displease Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. And so they within quotes, you can say well the cancel the DA, so to speak. Then Allah subhanaw taala mentioned

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some other things about easily Salaam and his mother, Maria Maria Salam in Surah Nisa,

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the mother dua and the ion of this table spread are in sort by that which is which has that name for that reason? A lot of our data said what we call free hymnbook only himolla Maria Mamata now zema work only HeMan almasi is Anna Maria masala Allah wa Mercado, Masanobu waggin should be held at home. We're in alladhina telavi latvija Kim Min Humala, ob mini Aleman Illa diva house one

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cataldo Baba cataldo Yachty

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burn burapha Hola Hola, la we're gonna la huazi is on highkey map. What do you mean?

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You mean? v cabela multi way amalthea matea Coonrod la him shahida

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Allah said which means is rather nice and because of their disbelief and this refers to the the Jews at the time of Saudi Salah were opposing him

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and because of their disbelief and uttering against Maryam if a grave false charge that she had been unjust. So the people who are opposing is Ali salam, the Jews who are opposing him they also accused borivali Salah of being unjust, and they did not believe any Salli Salam. So Allah is rather Zen and because of this, and because of their saying they're boasting, we killed Messiah. They said we killed Isa, Santa Maria, the Messenger of Allah. They This was their boss, Allah says, but they did not kill him. They killed him not, nor did they crucify him. But the resemblance of his eye was put over another band and they killed that man. So this was, there was a man who had been condemned,

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who had been sentenced to death. And that man was made to resemble his ra Salaam. And so they thought they were crucifying him. But they actually crucified that somebody else who, in any case was condemned to death. And Allah said, and those who differ there in who differ in this matter, are full of doubts. They have no certain knowledge, and they follow nothing but conjecture. For surely they did not kill him. That is Isa Santa Maria. In this ayat, Allah subhanaw taala mentions that easily Salah was not crucified and not killed by those who oppose them in what Allah mentioned the two times and then Allah said that what happened to him, Allah says, But Allah raised him up with

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his body and soul alive as a human being unto himself and he is in the heavens, in a way that Allah Subhana Allah knows best. We don't know we don't conjecture. It is.

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The hatred of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he does whatever he likes to do. And when he told us he did this, we believe that and Allah subhanho wa Taala is ever all powerful, all wise. So if somebody says to where it is or is, he is in the heavens, with Allah subhana wa, he is alive. He has not died yet. His life continues. So he said, Salam if you look at his life from the time he was born to now he's over 2000 years old

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and he will live for as long

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Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses, and then he will come down on the earth. And as I mentioned before he will die after having lived some more years on this earth, and then he will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment with everybody else.

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And then Allah Subhana, Allah says, and there is none of the People of the Scripture, the Jews and the Christians, but they must believe in him. He is a son of barium, as a messenger of Allah, and the human being not as anything else, before his death, at the time of the appearance of the angel of death, so they do or a Christian or whoever,

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believes in his or a service, anything other than that must change their belief and believe that he was the reality which is that he was even being he was a messenger of Allah, and he was not the Son of God, and so on and so forth, they must do that. And on the Day of Resurrection, he is Ali Salam will be a witness against them. Now, those who believe that he was Son of God must think about that, that if you go through your whole life, believing that he was out of God, and on the Day of Judgment, if he easily Salah himself says that I am not Son of God, I never told you I was Son of God, you created this thing, you decided to believe whatever you wanted to believe, I have nothing

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to do with you. Imagine what a terrible situation that will be. Now, having said that, that we also draw the attention of my Muslim brothers and sisters, there are many among us who have similar beliefs, right, not a son of God, but similar beliefs about our Muslim

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pious predecessors, our scholars, and about Rasul Allah sallallahu Sallam himself. There are people who have such beliefs which are contrary to the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala is Allah that Allah subhanaw taala said about himself laser come easily he show you on was Samuel Brasil. He is unlike anything in creation. Anything includes Mohammed Salah anything include any NaVi anything includes any Russell, anything includes any creative thing.

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So if anyone is

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thumb seal, if anyone is comparing, if anyone is saying that there is a similarity between a created thing and Allah, this person has committed open shift.

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So please don't do that. Anyone who believes that?

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That the equal and I'm not No, I don't, we don't say son and so on. But the equal amount of this, that somebody was a human being is like Allah knows we love is an incarnation of Allah is Allah on the earth is a matter of Allah. Right? Who are the person has powers that only Allah has, which is for example, that this person is in their grave. And if you go and talk to that person, the person is hearing you, the person can person knows who you are, the person recognizes you, even though they never met you because that person died 1000 years ago and you came now, the person had no clue who you were, but when you go to his grave, he or she is seeing you, they are recognizing you, you are

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speaking to them in a language that they never knew when they were alive. Right? You go to the grave of the of the person you say you speak to them oh to an English and these people were that person who died was not did not know or English, but you believe that they are hearing you they are understand you and that they can do things for you. You ask this person directly give me this give me that the person you believe the person and give you or you tell that person indirectly please make dua to Allah to give me this or that. Will me both of these are ship,

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open ship. All of this stuff is openshift. Make dua to Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah.

00:29:22--> 00:29:33

Allah said oh he asked me Allah did not say as somebody to ask me, all the only asked me as you block them I will give you ask Allah and

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then Allah, ye the God Allah who now alleged talking about Allah subhanho wa Taala as conversation with these Ali Salaam which will have another

00:29:46--> 00:29:57

way to call Allah who he is. Maria ma Mariama poeltl in SI p Luni. omya Isla hain

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

Isla hi in Indonesia

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Karla Suba neck, Maya Cooley and Oppo Lavalle Sally hecho con toe toe Falco da da da da mo ma v NFC. Wala Allah Ma Ma v NFC sick in naka de Allah bl o yo

00:30:27--> 00:30:49

ma kolomela mahtani ve en er Bodo la be waterbuck home, work cuando la him shyy dum dum tofi him for MMA fighter Annie Condon de la him on da da Cooley Shana Shaheed

00:30:52--> 00:31:00

Yeah, do I live on Vine Homer Eva doc. What is the old Villa home vine

00:31:01--> 00:31:04

dalasi is all highkey

00:31:06--> 00:31:45

call Allah Ha. Yo boo Yun vous Adi Reda zydeco home loan Jana don't Dudley mean that dl and Holly Deena via ABA or the allow and home Waldron Allah, Allah mount the legal voles lousy. Lila mo Casa de La La MaMa v hin wahoo Allah coalition Howdy. In Georgia mydala said and remember when Allah will say on the Day of Resurrection Oh is a son of Maria, did you say to people worship Me and my mother as to God's besides Allah.

00:31:47--> 00:32:41

Allah will ask Excel is another question. And of course our last run OData knows and Allah Serrano data is aware this again is a question to establish a proof and evidence in favor of easily salomone against those who have misused and misuse the message of is Ali Salam. And Allah will say and he says that I will say Glory be to You. It is not for me to say what I had no right to say. Had I said such a thing you would surely have known it is I said I will make Allah Subhana Allah is with us. You know what is in my inner self, though I do not know what is in yours. Truly you Only you are the all Knower of all that is hidden and unseen or unperceivable.

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And then he says Never did I say to them anything except that you Allah did command me to say I said to them only what you want me to say which is worship Allah, Myra and Europe.

00:33:02--> 00:33:05

Your Lord the God your Lord is one

00:33:06--> 00:33:18

and I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them. But when you took me up, you are the watcher over them. And you are witness to all things.

00:33:21--> 00:33:28

And then he says, When do I leave home find the home evatik when duck Villa home

00:33:30--> 00:33:35

for in candelas is Rocky. If you punish them, they are your slaves.

00:33:36--> 00:33:55

They can do nothing you punish them they are slaves and if you'll forgive them, verily you Only you are the almighty the always a beautiful story in the zerah connected with this particular when does the womb find now about when Darfur long for in the gondolas is when I came

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one day

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the huddle

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recited this idea and he continuously recited desire again and again and again in the home for home a bad look. We're in de fer la home for in like analysis will hacky. But as soon as a salon decided this over and over and over again la know how many times until it was almost time for further when you finished your Salah.

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they asked him This is yours Allah This is a you recite a desire so many times. Please tell us why. I sort of observed I was making dua for my oma

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but this is the combination between Isa is a lot of our data.

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I know he's taking it as an idol the Koran instead of making the off on oma so for us soon as a service a ALLAH forgive them.

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If you if you punish them, they're useless but

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If you forgive them you are the almighty always. Yeah love forgive them. Yeah, love.

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Okay, think about this. How beautiful is our enemies Allah Allah Holly salam, how much he loved us.

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And then I love them I know that I will say this is the day on which the truthful will profit from their truth. There's our Gardens under which rivers flow, they will abide there in forever. Allah is pleased with them, and they with him, Allah, Allah May Allah make us among those, that is the great success.

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And the ayat does that satisfy art and with to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is there. And he is Able to do all things.

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rather just as quick.

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Some lessons from all of this number one barrier is called sister of her own in the conversations between her and the

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and the people who are opposing her. But this is not the brother of Musa because there's several 100 years, several 100 years between them. So this Harun is her brother who was one who had the same name.

00:36:10--> 00:36:19

Second thing to understand is that mankind needs the Gambia of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even though Kamal said there is no way to success in

00:36:21--> 00:36:37

success and happiness, in this world or the Hara, there is no way to know the difference between good and evil, to receive the pleasure of Allah, they are the standards in their words and actions. So he said,

00:36:40--> 00:36:41

there are

00:36:42--> 00:36:44

there is no way to

00:36:48--> 00:36:56

there's no way to no good and evil, there is no way to success and happiness in this dunya or the akhira.

00:36:57--> 00:37:48

Without except by following them via they are the standards in their words and actions. So they are the standard that we need to follow. And without the Gambia, alemu salam, our spirits and our bodies will be dead. The way of the Gambia should be our guidance in this life. The Ayat of the Quran, are our only source about the lives of the Gambia language Salah history books had not been written in those days. This is pre history as we call it. The Bible the Old Testament is has been changed it is full of distortions. For example, in the in the Bible, the Old Testament is Exodus they say that Ibrahim Ali Salaam now we will learn how to build an old Villa sold sobre la salam to the king of

00:37:48--> 00:38:13

Egypt in order to get cheap stock a lot of them they have accused in the Bible. In the Old Testament there was accused luthuli salaam of adultery and incest. They said that jacoba A Salaam stole sheep and goats. They said that thou than a Salaam they accuse him of Zina of sleeping with Bathsheba and then plotting to kill her husband.

00:38:14--> 00:38:30

They say that celebrar a Salam at 700 wives and 300 concubines, and they led him astray. And they followed other gods and did evil in the eyes of other gods and therefore he died as a mortal

00:38:32--> 00:39:17

and so on and so forth. Now, his Villa, Villa Villa, we completely and totally deny all of this. As far as we are concerned, the ambia are sinless, they are pure, they all followed the right path which was Islam and is which is Islam. They they preached and their preaching was the same which is a Chateau La ilaha illa Allah there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And each of them brought laws for Serrano, there are these laws differ according to the times. But all of them there's no Nabil who committed sins, major sins or who practiced anything other than Islam, or who asked people are preach to people that they should worship him or ask help from him, instead of from

00:39:17--> 00:39:59

Allah subhanho wa Taala. But there was a goal. And this has been happening. This is the attack against Christianity itself. In medieval Europe, it was a goal to degrade the MBA and to discredit them so that the people don't follow them as the same thing they try with resources so that Muslims will lose respect for him, and they stopped following the sooner the people who deny their heart is also a solemn and who fall into all kinds of idiotic questions about his blessed life, and deny the fact that his life was perfect, and the best example to be emulated for all of mankind until the end of time. They are also following falling into this trap. I remind myself I knew that to disbelieve

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

in one

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

lobby is equal to disbelieving in all of them. We believe that the Gambia were Bashar they were all human beings, the Gambia get where he from Allah subhanho wa Taala gelato

00:40:13--> 00:40:32

that they are infallible, they are Massoud, they never commit sins. They never conceal knowledge or the end they never make a mistake in conveying the message. Allah subhanaw taala correct any small mistake they may make so that their message is pure. Allah always guides them to the right is the heart and to the right.

00:40:34--> 00:41:02

To the right decision. We believe that their soul is not taken without their permission as a mark of respect for their status. We believe that every Nabhi is buried where he dies, and that the earth does not eat their bodies, and that their bodies are protected. And we believe that they are alive in their graves, and that they worship Allah subhanho wa Taala in their graves, so Alhamdulillah This is the

00:41:03--> 00:41:05

last of the

00:41:06--> 00:41:36

sessions on the lives of Zachary Ali Salaam. Maria valet Sara is Ali Salam. And, and yahia A Salam Yes, Carlos vantara to make all of this a means of guidance for us so that we may live our lives. According to the beautiful example there are lots of Abdullah centers through the lives of his ambia alaimo salat wa salam ala harana we will carry on voila he was named Brahma Gamora, Hamid masala Kumara de la barakato.