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Brother wrongs you we are all humans and we fall in error. Do you feel like taking revenge? Stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we asked for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, non can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone, who has no partners and I bear with Mohammed is his servant and His Messenger. Dear viewers, salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of your show for the sake of Allah. I'm your host matassa Mel Hamidi, we have with us today the brothers Brother Mohammed and brother Abdul Rahman. Salam aleikum wa

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Now, we know the high position of brotherhood in Islam. And we are aware of some of the obligations that are our brothers have upon us and Islam, from these is to have tolerance and forgiveness towards our brothers. Well, the case should be so if we want mutual love, and we want harmony amongst the brothers, because we know it's human nature to fall into error to do mistakes. So we have to be forgiving towards our brothers, because we all make mistakes. And we need someone to forgive us as well. We need people to be forgiving to be easy with us, and we should be the same. Now, the people today they tend to be a bit more harsh with their brothers, especially when someone

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makes a mistake because of lives, the pressure, life and distress. So at any moment, I mean, we are sort of over the edge or in on the edge. So anything that happens, we break out with anger. And maybe sometimes we speak some harsh words or insults towards our brothers.

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Have we come across any situations where somebody just broke out? And he started, I mean, swearing, maybe it his brothers or dealing with them? Have you ever been in a situation remember something that has to this happens quite a few times. But actually seeking an excusable brother is a basic thing, because circumstances, as he said, brings up

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pressure inside every human and nobody's perfect. So if you're not excusing your brother, what's so what will it be? And no claim said that you have to seek an excuse for your brother, even if it was a lie, and you leave it to Allah subhanaw taala to deal with it. So it's not to your inquiry if it's lie or not. But actually, a brother wouldn't lie.

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He has an excuse. So you have to expect except that it's so simple. Yeah. I've got a brother tells you can you bring me that? cop, for example, you can bring that cup for him. And you stumble and you it falls down and you break that cup. The cup is very precious to him. And he starts saying, Oh, you don't pay attention. Visit my precious cup. You did this. You did that. How do you feel if this happens to you? How would you feel? I'll even regret that I went and helped him because afterwards he's cursing me and

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it will make me feel really bad. Yeah. But But it happened to me. Even just a couple of days ago.

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This butter he bought from him his ice cap because I had an infection my ear and didn't have ice capsule. He told me Okay, keep this and give it back to me. And I lost it.

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I don't know how but I lost it. So the brother was really easy on me. He told me it's okay. Like you're sure

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it's okay. I was surprised. It made me feel good. Like he's like it's okay. And we we did something else he forgot about it. Unlike some there's people that that never forget. Even the past. They keep on coming up with the past. Instead of looking to the future and to get better in the future. They bring up the past you did that. Last year. You did this

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And they keep on repeating it. That's, that makes the first of all the the love, it decreases. And the hate

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increases in a way. Yeah. Well actually when there is love among the brothers for the sake of Allah, we should have I mean we should be forgiving and tolerant towards our brothers as we said, human beings they fall into error because we are human beings. Yes, we have to make mistakes. that's inevitable. Yeah. And one of the names of Allah subhanaw taala is a fool. And Allah for the one who forgives, Allah forgives. So we should really take this. And I mean, implemented in our lives as Allah, Allah forgives us, we should be forgiving towards the people. Because if you're not forgiving towards the people, how do we want Allah to forgive you that you think is the case? of the rough

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man? Exactly. If If, if Allah azza wa jal, he forgives all kind of sense. Except shirt.

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So how could I judge people? Whereas a lot the Creative People and my Creator forgives? I'm not I'm not. I'm not the the judge here.

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But sometimes, I wanted to ask like, if someone harms you badly, and he's a brother, but he harms you. Like you trusted him. And he was, he wasn't loyal or he backstabbed you or he was bad to you in a way that really harmed or hurt you physically or morally.

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In that case, you forgive him or Well, how do you get along with that situation? Well, if you said it's, he's a brother, from brother, he won't really on purpose harm you. Isn't that true? If he's real brother was love for you, he won't really mean deliberately try to do things that will harm you. But if it happens, that he makes a mistake, then you should tell him that, hey, this hurts me. Maybe he doesn't know. Some people, for example, especially I can say, with neighbors, they turn the volume down with the TV or the radio. And they don't realize that it has other people, they don't even realize that it's really loud. So they need someone to tell them, sometimes the neighbors, they

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come out of their heads and they knock on the neighbor's door, I'm trying to sleep on you doing this and doing that. And he just doesn't know he doesn't realize that it really hurts. I mean, his neighbors, so you just tell him

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kindly with all the lefthand brother, this helps me and you hurt me and we are brothers for the sake of Allah. If he keeps doing that, then there's a problem with the Brotherhood. There's a problem with his character, and you have to deal with him. According to that, and Allah doesn't accept oppression. law doesn't accept oppression. And as we always said, with brotherhood, it's a balance. It is a balance, you have rights, and you have obligations, the brothers have rights upon you as well. But what has to be that matters? Sometimes you give Salaam to a brother, and he doesn't reply back. So it's like, he doesn't mean not to reply back. It's like something on his mind or something

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like that. So that's an accused excuse for him. It's not like, we take it straight away that is, meaning something bad or something like that. Because it's as you said, there's lots of troubles in the daily life matters and things like that. So we think about it each day, maybe we'll get a salad or something like that. So we must slip into some error. Yeah, yeah. Well, we can I mean, take a beautiful lesson from the example of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. One day Abu Bakr came to the messenger sallallahu Sallam when people were sitting with him. And he was really angry and the prophets of Salaam realized that because he knew the story. So when Abu Bakr was asked

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about it, he said, Well,

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actually, I'm not pleased with him, was a bit angry with him. Maybe he made a mistake. He wronged him without intention. So he said, Bob will forgive me for that. And I'm going to cut up refused, refused to accept his apology. So we're back it didn't like it. He didn't like it. So he went to the messengers Allahu alayhi wa sallam on the prophet SAW Selim, realized that, I mean, he wasn't happy with it. And he became sort of angry so I'm gonna hop I'm Kate. Cain, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Will, Abu Bakar believed in me when you refuse to believe in my message, when you just believed in my message aboubaker believed in me and he helped me with his, I mean with his person

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and with his wealth. Well, all the people rejected me. So

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he apologized for not accepting the apology of Abu Bakar. And will it was said that after that no one really would hurt Abu Bakr because he had this high position with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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That one should accept the apology. And if your brother wrongs you, and he then apologizes, you should accept his apology, because we have this brotherhood. And I know you are a brother. And there's no problem, I forgive you for the sake of Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah. And the prophet SAW Selim taught us when in a Hadith, and he said, I'll tell you, they will hate karate, the people who are known for the righteousness and piety, they make a mistake. I mean, don't blame them for that, forgive them, be tolerant towards them. Because this comes or this follows on follows in from brotherhood, if I really love you, for the sake of Allah, make a mistake. It doesn't wipe off this

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love when just a small incident.

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And if the brother or

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the person insists,

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if he insisted this a different case, then he has a fist on harming harming for example.

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What the exam will do, you should actually the best thing in this situation is to give him advice, then ask for a righteous person who has some kind of authority to arbitrate between you, and maybe he can speak to him and explain to him that what he's doing is harm and he shouldn't be doing that. If he carries on doing this, then you have to seek the man in charge the person in charge, who can stop him, where he wants to transgress a lot of law also do inshallah for him

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to give him

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maybe be on the right path again, inshallah. Yeah. And you know, when you forgive this brings love, I mean, if I wronged you, and I realized that I've done a mistake, then I come to you. And I say to you, Hey, I made a mistake. So forgive me, do you accept that, I would appreciate it, I would appreciate it that you know that I'm a human being and this love will not go away by means of one mistake. So this love becomes stronger, actually, sometimes, I mean, you make a mistake, what makes the love stronger how you accept the apology, we understand that this love is higher than

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the level of being destroyed by one mistake. And some people, if you wronged them once that they've had it,

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it will turn into enmity for the rest of their lives. Well, that kind of people, it's hard to deal with them. Because when you have you, even you become very careful the way you deal with them. You don't feel comfortable, you're not yourself because I don't want to say something that would offend you. And then you'd be angry with me for the rest of my life. Maybe it's like, not practicing surrounding that person with these manners to joke because naturally, throughout the Brotherhood, it's, as you said, it's given taken in you just find out how the manners of your brother is and it's quite simple. Yeah, yeah. inshallah, we'll we can, I mean, elaborate more on forgiveness because

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it's a very important principle. As we said, it's one of the attributes and the names of Allah, the Forgiving, so we actually ought to benefit from this and try to implement it, and inshallah make it one of our characteristics or part of our character, inshallah, we'll come back shortly to discuss it in more detail. And I say to our viewers, stay with us, we're coming back shortly in sha Allah.

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Cannot Allah choose whom He wills Subhana Allah for his mercy for his messenger ship, for the revelation to be revealed. This is not for the human beings to make that decision. If a person will turn to our last panel, Alison Seeley, truthfully, asking for forgiveness, Allah Subhana Allah promised to forgive, we have as Muslims a duty and that is to recite the book of Allah, to ponder over the verses the words of Allah Subhana Allah, and to act according to the diversity of our last panel dialogue encompasses everything, but it who would this mercy wouldn't be for, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to all mankind. So the oma or the people of the Prophet sallallahu

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sallam, or all mankind since the time of the prophets or send them till the Day of just, why waste our life without getting to know every verse in the Quran, what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us

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Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato. We'll come back. So we came to know how forgiveness is a very important part, very important ingredient in our Brotherhood in our Amen. And from the beautiful examples that we can mention here is what the prophet sallallahu wasallam did to the people of Mecca. When the messengers lost a limb came to Mecca, and they conquered Mecca.

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He came and all the people of Mecca came to the Muslim just allowed himself and he said to them, what do you think I'm going to do with you? They said, well, you are an honorable person, and the son of an honorable person. So he said to them, Go, you are free. The ones who tortured him, the ones who rejected him, the ones who tried to kill him, the ones who call him a liar, or a poet, or an insane or a mad person. Now we say to them, you are free. You did that for years. And he did that for him. So I sell them for years, not just like a matter of a week or a couple of months or one year, maybe it's like four years. So he all that enmity was summarized by one word, go You are free.

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And that is a law that shows how beautiful is Islam and how it was the the whole look, the matters that the prophet SAW some hand and that we should follow and nowadays, it's rare that as person for example, even just get slapped only

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he will never forget. Yeah, well now with in the case is if some someone wrongs you, if you are clever and you are smart enough, you will get back to your right. Whatever it is, this is the this is the I can see the trend. Okay, if someone wrongs me, I have to wronged him more. But what is forgiveness and a Lost Planet. Allah says what an tactful, carambola taqwa that you forgive people, this is closer to piety closer to righteousness is that Islam, this, these are the beautiful manners that we should have. And the Muslims are colossal. And one day he was when they were, he was with some of his companions. And they wanted to rest. So they left a tree for the messengers of Allah

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Islam, so he could rest under its shade.

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So the messenger philosophy to connect, and there came a man from a tribe who was a disbeliever he came and the Prophet Solomon hanged his sword on the tree. So the man got hold of the sword of the messenger, swallow it with a lump, and he put it just above the head of the Prophet and he said, Yeah, Mohammed, Mohammed, who protects you from me now?

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who protects you from me? And you the soul was just above the promises of them. So the messenger, peace and blessings be upon him with all confidence. He said, Allah, Allah, Allah protects me from you. So the sword filled down and the man got scared. So the prophet SAW Selim got hold of the sword, and he put it on above the man and he said to him, who protects you from me now?

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So the man said, we have Mohammed Amin. Ji would be with mercy Forgive me, forgiveness and forgiveness. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Do you bear witness that there is no one to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. The man said, No. Imagine the promises and can kill him. Yes. But he said, No. But he said, Oh, Mohammed, but I give you my word that I won't fight against you. And I won't be with the people who fight against you. So the messenger sallallahu Sallam said to him, we can go see how forgiveness is this? So the man went to his tribe instead, I came to you, from the best of humanity, the best person because of the manners

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because of the forgiveness, a man was he actually intended to kill the Prophet.

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that's a that's a great excuse to do. He wanted to take his life away. Yes, like it's nothing like being saying bad words or something like that. You wanted to kill him.

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He didn't kill him. He didn't kill him. And from this is what we can take from the example of a great scholar of Tamia. May Allah have mercy upon him.

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When he was a very good scholar, scholar, and some of the other scholars of his time they were upon some deviant understanding deviant aqidah of the Muslim. So they went or they may they they became very close to the ruler or the Emir of Damascus at that time, and they vented lies against me. Yes.

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That the Emir could put him in prison. And that was exactly what happened. He was sent to prison because they created lies against him multimedia.

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So now the students have nothing he said, sent him a letter. How should we deal with these people who made the Emir put you in prison? Imagine they put him in prison. And they were plotting against him. He said, These people you are referring to, they are the scholars. And they are the examples for people to follow. So and they are our friends. So we should revere them, we should respect them. And we give them excuse for what they have done. They thought they were upon the truth, and they were doing something good. I don't want anyone to harm them. Just respect them speak well of them. And I don't want to hear that anyone heard them in any way or another? Oh, see, this man was put in

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prison and they wanted even the benefit to kill him. But look, what and he said, My heart is free. I have not, I have not I hold no grudges against anyone. I have nothing against anyone. These are our friends. These are our scholars. I want you to respect them, and review them don't do any harm to them. That reminds me of the story of Manny Medina, Chateau de la Anna, when she got a bit jealous, and profitable. Los Alamos was with the Sahaba. And they have food. And she came in and she just broke the plate that there was food. So the prophet SAW Selim smile to the harbor and said that

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your mother got jealous. Yeah, it was it happened an incident the other place that was there was the another the second wave of the

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moon, as I recall. So moving Ayesha was a bit jealous that the Prophet and the Sahaba Salam and rhodiola were eating from another house of the prophets, Eliza. Yeah, so he gave her an excuse that she was a bit jealous. It's the nature of people that these slip into Eritrea. And this problem also these days, that comes against and like the comes and faced forgiveness, that a lot of people have

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pride problem. Like, for instance, someone harms them. Yeah. So the pride we do inside of them will tell them, how could you forgive them? How could you let them you got to take you right back. And even sometimes friends will be like, he swear that you you look weak. No, not not not taking your right back or at least doing anything. That's also a problem. Yeah, this is what is the mentality of today that you have to get him back? Yeah, you have to take revenge. Yeah. So it's not the case. Well, different cases. Sometimes when someone oppresses you, and he wants evil with you, then you have to stop him, of course, but by means, by the means that are legitimate in Islam, it doesn't

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mean you go and hit someone, but you resort to the person in charge in that town or that country that you are in, because there is a certain way for to deal or to handle any situation. Now even I mean, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know how he's at a show one day, one day? I will. That's a beautiful situation. Rebecca was coming to the house of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he heard that Arusha.

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She was having a dispute with the profit and loss and because they were husband and a wife, yes. And she was that they were human. And it's an example for us to follow. So she said to the messenger philosophy, are you the one who claims that Allah sent as a messenger?

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Imagine how forgiving and tolerant the professor Salaam was. So Abu Bakr came and he wanted to hit Asia. His daughter, why, why do you speak to the prophet SAW sentiment that way? How do you say this?

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So the professor Salaam stood between them, and he prevented a worker from hitting Asia defending his wife? Yeah, so. So when a worker left, the prophets Allah Salaam said, didn't you see how I protected you from the man? Did you see? So that shows us the beautiful character that our profits allow us and

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so this kind of forgiving? We should really follow this example. We should have this in our lives and brings love. We're not when we are forgiving and brings I mean happiness to your heart when you forgive people, after they wronged you. It brings happiness to your heart, makes you feel better. Yeah, makes you feel mean we have this strong bond and you know that you will get reward from Allah, you will get reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah urged us to be forgiving when he said when tafel

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is closer to piety and righteousness, when you forgive, when you forgive. So, we have to, I mean, have this beautiful characteristic to be forgiving towards the people. And this how I mean,

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the companions were after the messengers lost a lump, and the Sabine and the scholars.

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Throughout history, they were always forgiving. But when forgiving, a mean is tolerated in Islam.

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And even sometimes, we can I mean, see what happened to Asia the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when the hypocrites they spread the rumor that she committed Zina Allah, may Allah forbid. So Angela Frieda from that and they made that evil rumor. And a worker used to help one of the poor people.

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She used to help one of the poor people and because that poor person, he spread that news, he heard of it and he spread it as well. So aboubaker stop giving him financial aid and help. So a lot of reveal diverse and solid nor will I tell you, in Kumasi it will only

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So, what am I sakeena? Well, mohajir nfcc vilella, the ones who give from their own selves, the gift from their own wealth, the ones who do favors to others, let them not withhold

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the good that they used to give the those who the margerine and the weak and the poor

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remodeling Disability Law. Well, yeah, for this one, let them be forgiving, then be forgiving. And that's okay. buena, Yasser Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah forgives you. So if you forgive the people, Allah will forgive you. And the prophet SAW Selim told us about the man that he who had when he came to Allah subhanaw taala, on the day of judgment, had no righteous deed. So he was supposed to go to the Hellfire, but he had only one thing that he used to use to give people lend people money. And whenever he sent his employees to get the money back, he said to them, if you see any person was poor, and he can't pay the debt off, give him more time. So Allah said, are more deserving of this

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forgiveness and tolerance towards the people. So Allah forgave him and he sent him to paradise. So these this is a beautiful etiquette, inshallah, we will have it, we will be forgiving towards the people and we show them the high morality of Islam, the beautiful character Muslims should have. So inshallah will benefit from that. And we will entertain that. And we want to increase in that and show the people how Islam is, and will people are trying or the enemies of Islam I tried to show Islam as a religion that has no forgiveness as a religion that wants to punish people and want to destroy people and want to attack people and terrorize people. But Islam is not Islam is a mercy to

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mankind. We want to show the people that through our conduct through our character through our behavior, as we are Muslims. So inshallah we act upon this, we propagate this and promoted amongst the Muslims by our example first and then inshallah we preach that beautiful etiquette which is to be forgiving to be tolerant to our brothers, because we are human beings. And if we are not forgiving towards one another,

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what do you think our enemies are going to be? I mean, forgiving towards us. It's not going to be the case. So inshallah we'll have this. And we asked Allah subhanaw taala to increase us led Islamic character. I said, it's Aquila halen joining us today and I say to our viewers,

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may Allah bless us all. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh