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Sugar MOOD SWINGS and the Fake Food game with former chief Nutritionist of Dr. Mercola Jim Marlowe.

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Welcome to the Dean's show. We're taking a break now and we're going to talk about some nutrition. so important. You work your mind, your heart, your soul, but the body you take care of it. It's a blessing from the Creator. But now you're taking a break. And maybe you go and get some Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts and say, oh, who's this? So we got someone in the background. Chief nutritionist was for seven years with Dr. mercola. Almost studying nutrition for 40 years. What you said that's a problem he had talked to us. Well, what you are mentioning there, Eddie, was fake food. And it reminds me of a nutrition counseling I did with the five year old son of a dear friend

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of mine who lives down in the Houston area.

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And I went shopping with her one day and her five year old son Jennifer came along and

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Jaffer had had a had a tendency to want to eat as much sugar as he could. And

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the the adult world around him other than his mother was unfortunately, all too supportive of supplying him with the sugar because they thought that you know, they were being nice to to a child. But unfortunately, the adult world has a very

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unhealthy tendency to project their own food addictions, their own food preferences onto children, and in the process, corrupt a child's tastebuds and turn children into sugar addicts to some extent, and this had happened to Jaffer. And he was he was always looking to eat as sugar when it was around. But I was thinking I wanted to help my my friend I wanted to help her teach her son that sugar and fake foods in general

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are not good for for his for his body for his health. But, you know, how do I get through to a five year old well, while I was shopping with with jofra and his mother jofra started

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taking items off the shelf, and he would show them to me and the first several items he took off shelves were refined and processed food and and it just I was inspired to relate to jofra in this way. He would take something off the shelf and he showed to me So Jim, what about this is this good? And I say I would do this I would say and and fake food Jaffer fake food Warning Warning fake food and he started laughing and then he he did it again with another

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refining process.

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junk food item and I did the same thing as you guys look got a little game going on here now. That's right. That's right. And we did that about six or seven times each time he would be would show me some fake food. I'd say fake food. Jaffer Warning Warning and do not eat. And he laughed. And in he really enjoyed that. But then

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he showed me some real food. He actually the first real food he showed me was a whole coconut.

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And I said

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real food Java, ding ding ding, ding, ding, ding, ding real food. And he enjoyed that. And

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I didn't think that much of it. I thought it was it was entertaining for Java. And in the moment and I was I was

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doing my best to connect with him. And then I was speaking to his mother a couple weeks after that. And his mother told me that

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since that,

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since that time, where I went shopping, and I I did the anti sick fake food and the ding ding ding ding ding for real food. Jaffer was not eating any sugar in fact, that that that evening that I talked to his mother. He was there with her in the kitchen. And I said I'd like to say hello to Jennifer and

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and so sure his other samalla put put the phone up to to Jaffer. And, and he said, Jim, guess what I'm eating. So what are you eating? He said I'm eating duck. He was eating documents eating freshly cooked duck. And I said, I want dinging nein, nein nein, nein Nein. Real Food.

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Let's go ahead and really, really, cuz some people get confused, like when you talk about sugar they think, Okay, this is something natural that the Creator has given us. When we talk about sugar, we're talking about white, processed, refined. I mean, this is just fake food. I mean, this is, please define, so it gives us a better understanding, and then also the the addictive element of it, and the harm that it actually causes. Yeah, well,

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as I've said before, sugar has no nutritional value for the body. It's it has a drug like effect on the body, it's not having a nourishing effect in the body. Yes, there's some calories to burn.

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But there's no there's no nutrients to support the body's ability to metabolize those calories for energy. Sugar creates metabolic turmoil in the body, it's just a matter of how much of that type of stress your body can handle. But sugar will, will interfere with the body's ability to maintain

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in what in medicine is called homeostasis. homeostasis is basically a medical term, referring to the body's ability to maintain

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a relative balance and our biochemistry and our physiology or the body's ability to return to a relative balance in our biochemistry and physiology. And the more refined and processed sugar people eat, the more they actually make it difficult for their body to maintain a relative balance. And ultimately, sugar can hurt a person's energy, it can put them on a mood roller coaster, where you may feel up for a little while after eating sugar. But

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the faster and higher your blood sugar levels go up, the lower your blood sugar levels will come down. And this is why people who eat sugar they typically experience what is known as a mood rollercoaster.

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it's not just bad for your energy bad for your moods. There's there's quite a bit of research, implicating sugar as a causative factor in heart disease, and cancer, and basically all degenerative illnesses, including of course, cavities. One of my heroes, was a dentist by the name of Dr. Weston Price, who deserved to be considered the most accomplished nutrition and health researcher in the first half of the 20th century. And he identified that the very first symptom

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of physical degeneration, and people who were not getting their nutrition right and eating too much what I call fake food, refined and processed junk food, fast food, convenience, food, very first symptom they they often had was tooth decay.

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That's great advice, eat real food, we're going to cut out now look at what you're going to put in your body and ask yourself how is this benefiting me. And if you're putting things in your body that are actually not even benefiting you, but they're actually harming you, you're putting things in your body, the body that the Creator has given you. You're not honoring it, you're actually dishonouring it and instead of putting in things that now are nutritious and if you want like some sweet let's give them we got we got

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some some some alternatives. You got bananas, you got what dates you got oranges, right? These are the things that we can substitute real food, real food, if you want something sweet. Yeah.

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Look to look to the natural sweetness that's found in in nature and the way of

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fruits that you just mentioned and many other sweet fruits and also vegetables such as carrot, beet. And also

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vegetables of the of the squash family, especially winter squash, summer squash. But it's very important to understand that what people enjoy as a matter of taste is largely

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because of it has to do with what they're familiar with. what

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it has to do with with the habits that they have. And the good news is you can re educate your taste buds and learn to enjoy real health building health supporting food and get to a point where the the fake food that once did taste good to you, though longer tastes good.

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Some beautiful advice you want to avoid those mood swings. You want to prevent cancer, diabetes, obesity. Don't hook your kids up or even yourself on this fake food get real food. Hope you enjoyed the message. We'll see you next time. Subscribe if you haven't already. Peace