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Some obvious common sense yet powerful arguments by a former Atheist Dr. Brown explaining how many scientists are gravitating towards the existence of a Creator something very obvious and clear that only a dead heart can’t see.

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Welcome to the D Show. I'm your host, thank you for tuning in another exciting episode, it's always great to see an old friend. He's back with us again, former US Military Air Force major, he was trying so hard to be well, actually, he was an atheist. And he was trying very hard to be a Christian. He has an incredible story that we've done in the past, but it's always great to have my old friend Dr. Brown here in the DC show studio. We're going to be touching upon some great arguments that you can use for some of your friends colleagues at work and you know what they say, you know, what, just all religions a joke. I don't believe in it. I don't want it. I don't believe

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in God. Sounds kind of dumb, doesn't, it's silly. But we're going to be giving you some positive things that you can go ahead and share with the people to have them really thinking. When we come back here to the show, don't go anywhere.

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This is

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Dr. Rao Loris, how are you? My friend, I was gonna give you a high five. But that's okay, back on a D shot. It's always good to have an old friend back in the studio. I bet it's always good to be here. Um, the law seems like yesterday, see, the Time Is Flying when you're having fun. And I think there's a lesson there. Yeah. We're not here. We're not here forever. It's really we

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have to lie. Allah has given us this great opportunity to see each other again. And I was introduced to show talking about the show that we did originally. And we wanted to talk a little bit about a work that you have in progress. Tell us about this work?

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Well, basically, I became very interested in in the reputation of atheism.

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I originally put together a website called reality of god.com, maybe about seven or eight years ago. And when I revisited the subject, I found that so much has happened and that, you know, the last seven years to bring out new evidence against atheism, and it it's really very fascinating. It's fascinating to see how scientists are leaving the entrenched atheism and many scientists who historically were the ones who were the proponents of atheism, how many scientists now are gravitating towards recognizing the existence of a creator, and giving their various reasons for doing so? What do you say to someone that you come across? or someone's asking you have you gotten

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some emails? Hey, I got a colleague at the University. He said, I just don't believe in God, whoa, is there any things that you'd like to say, to have some really to think plant a seed of goodness in their hearts, something that you know, that can blossom and grow later, just having some deep and profound?

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You know, it's pretty much in all cases, I try to tell people look, there's no postcard answer to any of these things.

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We're living in a day and age where people have very shortened attention spans, if they can't see it in a in a two minute vine, or if they can't see it in a, you know, five minute YouTube video, they don't want it. And so I do try to point out to people that if they're seriously searching for the truth of their Creator, and then the next step for the religion of truth, they have to invest some time and effort into it.

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Aside from that, I try to just leave them with things to think about.

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You know, for example, somebody says that they simply don't believe in their Creator. I just point out to them that the foundation, the foundational beliefs, of atheism, have basically been refuted by the scientists themselves.

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Let me give you an example, please. Okay. In the past, the question Which came first, the chicken versus the egg was sort of a creationist argument. You know, the point being, well, neither one could have come first without the other. So therefore, there must be a creator. Right?

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The the atheist arguments go back to the Big Bang, and evolution or the process of natural selection. So the atheist argues that

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in the beginning, there was the singularity there was this explosion, the universe expanded and is continuing to expand and not that, you know, during the history of the billions of years hence, the life evolved on on Earth as well.

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Those just lucky planets that had the conditions for life. Okay? All right, fine.

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When, when I was in college, about, you know, 30 years ago,

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the Big Bang was basically a very simplistic concept.

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Since then, scientists have defined the moment of origin of the Big Bang, as the moment of origin of mass and energy, and time and space.

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The modern concept of the Big Bang is that before the big bang, not only did the mass and energy not exist, but time and space did not exist.

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So the scientists themselves have now basically shown that before the big bang, I mean, this is this is their belief, this is what they argue, before the big bang, nothing existed not mass, not energy, not time, not space. Which means, instead of asking the chicken in the egg argument, which came first the chicken or the egg, you have to ask, which came first, mind versus matter.

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Right? Think about it. Everything around us is matter and energy.

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The scientists are now telling us not only did the matter and energy not exist before the big bang, but neither did space, and neither did time.

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So where did all of this come from? You had to have something as an origin to these things. And if it's not matter, and it's not energy, and there's no time, and there's no space, the origin can only be a transcendental creator,

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which is basically the answer to which came first, mind versus matter.

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Mind, that is what existed before the big bang. And it's interesting because in our religion, we are told, that Allah brought us brought this universe into existence through His Word of creation, cool. b. a command is a command of intelligence, a command of a command of mind. So the scientists themselves have basically brought their analysis of the Big Bang back to the point where they've painted themselves into the corner,

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where the only thing that could exist before the big bang is a creator with the mind, the transcendental ability to will something into existence and what religion gives us that Islam. Islam is the religion that describes exactly that form of creator very enlightening challenge that atheists sit through this episode. Don't turn off food, porn, drugs, all of the other things that just, you know, take over your life. Put it on hold, just sit tight, we're gonna have some great information being passed along to you. And let's see. And all we ask is that you have an open heart open mind and within yourself, just just ask the one who created you to guide you and sit tight.

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We'll be right back here in a detail. Don't worry anyway.

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Look, they're watching a clip here.

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I don't know if you've seen this where there's a bunch of Legos and I'm talking, the guy's putting the Legos in the bag. Yeah, and the bags being shaken up, and now he's pulling it out. And it's actually a plane has been put together. And then it says, By chance, and there's a ayah, from the verbatim Word of God, the Quran stating the same exact thing. Do you think you were created from nothing? Right? Did you create yourself? Have you seen this? I haven't seen that. And it just doesn't mean anything to me. Because there, there's a very far reach between Lego and what we are. And this is just this is kind of another point of the argument. Back in the time of Darwin, single

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cells, were just a little.on, the slide and their complexity was completely unknown. Now we have what's called the minimum gene set theory, which is basically that cell cannot exist without a minimum of a certain number of functioning genes. And I believe that I believe, if I remember correctly, that number now is something like 350. And if you look at the complexity of a gene, how it is coded, how, you know, how, how it expresses itself, and so on, and so forth, you realize that just the existence of a single gene is a miracle. But 350 genes are all working together in a cooperative fashion that,

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you know, that gives a cell the ability to function at complexity that we now know, that boggles the imagination, and it's just not sufficient to say that, you know, with enough time and and with enough, you know, extremities of circumstances these things could happen. Look, we were talking about how science is basically studying its own foot on these matters. I mean, one of the foundational experiments that was done to suggest that you could take the fundamental elements of our atmosphere and combine them and make the precursors of life worthy experiments by Stanley Miller in in Harold URIs laboratory, back in, I think it was the 50s Okay, and he took what he thought were

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the fundamental elements of the primordial Earth

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and put them all together, and in a closed environment, passed a spark through it, to simulate lightning and, and so on. And, and then just watched it over a few weeks. And after a few weeks, he analyzed the, you know, the fluid that, you know, that resulted, and he found some basic amino acids. And so he said, haha, you can take the basic, you know, the basic substances that existed in the earth at that time. And, and you can put them through the same sort of climactic conditions that they would have been subject to and amino acids result from amino acids come proteins, genes, DNA data, voila, a cell. Okay? The mistake wouldn't in that is that scientists now know that the

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chemicals he used as the to, to represent the primordial environment were wrong. Okay, he was using he was using methane. He was using hydrogen water vapor, and I think it was co2. But in any case, what they found is that the methane was not there.

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The hydrogen was not there.

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And, and basically, when they when they analyzed what, what the correct chemicals would be, and put the correct chemical mixture together and tried to replicate the experiment. It didn't work.

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Okay. And so, so if you're going to if you're going to reference these experiments, and say, Well, this is how it happened, you have to reference the correct experiment, experiment.

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And it goes on and on and on. I mean, there.

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There are there are so many arguments against the standard atheist arguments at this point. The one I like the most is just who gave it life.

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You can put every even if you can put everything together in a workable construct. Where does the life come from?

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What breathes life into this thing?

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And, you know, I understand that's not a very scientific approach. But on the other hand, some people will just connect with that argument and realize that, yeah, there was a far cry between putting things together

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that, you know, in a mechanical way that functions like a machine, and something that has life.

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I'll tell you one of one of the arguments I found most interesting

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is one I came upon fairly recently, and that was just while reading the Quran I, I saw some passages in which a lot was

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pointing out his, you know, him being the Creator.

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And saying, basically challenging mankind, do we not see that he created everything in pairs?

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And I was struck by this, I was thinking, you know, that's really interesting. Why? Why is Allah pointing out that he created everything in pairs? and using that as an argument for him being the creator?

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And then I realized,

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you know, it makes sense.

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Where did

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the pairing of the sexes come from? I mean, even if you believe in the concept of evolution, going back to some primordial cell that was dividing by asexual reproduction, how did that become pairs of everything. I mean, it doesn't matter whether you're talking about plants, fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, the fossil record of these things goes back pair's, all the way back. There is no example in any of the lines of creation

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being asexual reproduction, asexual reproduction of birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish,

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plants, and so on. So, you know,

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if this was something that happened, by happenstance, you would expect to find a transition zone, in at least one of these lines of creation, where the fossils were showing asexual reproduction all along until something happened, and they develop the two sexes.

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I might believe, I might believe in natural selection

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of a line that follows a linear path, even though the evidence is so much against it. But now you're asking me to believe in natural selection of the male and female side by side.

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Doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense. Now, we're going to take a break, Dr. Brown really mind blowing?

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When you really reflect and you think we have

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some more time with Dr. Brown. And it's exciting episode of the Dean's show, don't go anywhere. We right back, subscribe right now.

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Back here on the Dean's show, Dr. Lawrence Brown, what has been your experience? Sometimes you can have a very fruitful conversation with someone who's, you know, an intellectual and, you know, they're sincerely wanting to know the truth. And maybe they come in from a manmade religion. And it just really didn't make sense. And there are some just weird things being associated with it. And then you tell them these these astounding facts, and it just resonates. It's something that makes sense. And you can have you dealt with this person, as opposed to the other person who just starts mocking, leaving rude comments,

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becoming very ignorant.

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What have you seen the difference between the two? And again, I think it just comes back to following your desires. And the other thing is arrogance. arrogance. Yeah. I mean, one of the one of the things that I've noticed that is so difficult to deal with, and it's not just atheists, although they're very good at this. But people have a variety of,

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you know, pathways in life is just that they're committed to what they're upon. Because it gives them what they want.

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They're not doing what we are bidden to do as Muslims, which is to submit to the will of our Creator, they're submitting to the will of themselves, okay.

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They, they want to certain things, so they won't accept anything that takes them away from that.

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And they and the other is just arrogance, just their heart, their mind is not open. You can't You can't talk to them about these things. You know, another project I'm working on right now, kind of highlights this because,

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you know, religious people believe that a house divided will not stand I mean, it's, it's a teaching that you take from the Bible. A house divided will not stand. You can't be fighting

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against yourself. And you have the atheists arguing the process of natural selection. And yet, when you look at the fruit of the atheist life, everything they are doing is against natural selection.

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What do I mean, the process of natural selection is that the, you know, the fit individuals propagate their genes by having a lot of children and spreading spreading their genes through the gene pool. Right? The idea is propagation of the superior genes. Well, atheists have the lowest number of children, if they get married at all to begin with, they have the highest rates of fornication, they have the highest rates of abortion, the highest rates of divorce, they, they have no problem with anything that has to do with fun in this life, whether it is promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, whatever, and all of these things are destructive to the family unit. There are destructive

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to reproduction, for example, promiscuity brings STDs, STDs, bring in fertility.

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Okay. And, and on and on and on. If you if you look at what atheism promotes, it promotes a life without any moral structure.

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And as a result, it's it's a life basically, which does not conform to the very thing that they are teaching natural selection.

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Now, the interesting thing is that if you look an atheist in the eye, and and and say, okay, so basically what you're arguing is that it's survival of the fittest. So that's basically saying that anybody can come off the street and kill you and steal your wife and daughter, and it's okay. Because that's what that's what evolution is all about. They, of course, will say no. And if you speak with atheists, you'll find out that they have a moral framework. Where does that come from?

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Where Where does the basic moral framework come from? It doesn't come from evolution comes from the teachings of the prophets, doesn't it? It comes from something inside us is that it's an internal guidance, some sort of some sort of an understanding of what's right and wrong, which is inherent. Do animals have that understanding? No, it's all it's all about finding food, finding a mate finding shelter. Okay. It's it's not. It's not achieving these things by a moral framework. It's just achieving these things by any way. Okay. But human beings have morality, which is something that you don't find anywhere. Do you see them also, when you start in the animal? I mean, I think that Islam,

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if anyone takes a sincere, analytical scientific approach, you see that all the evidence is just clear that it's from the crater. It's not man made. And when you talk to an atheist, and when you really start to look at their beliefs, they'll start talking about, you know, Martians and aliens, and they really get into some crazy. Sure leaves themselves. Have you heard? Yeah, yeah. Okay, you know, because this argument of where does life come from? Okay, the, you know, one of them, one of the prominent atheists who is propagating his ideology. He says, exactly, this came from outer space. Okay, aliens came down. And, and that's, that's basically where it came from. You didn't

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answer the question? Where did the alien get it from? Oh, he got it from another alien from another alien from another alien. Where did it originate from? Okay. I mean, it's, we used to make fun of this joke. You know, this old woman comes to this man who's teaching religion? And she says, Oh, I mean, don't, don't you understand the earth is all just balanced on the back of a turtle. And he says, Oh, really? Well, where did the turtle come from? And she said, You silly, man. It's turtles all the way down. Okay, when we laugh, because, you know, it seems so silly and ignorant, but then here are these atheists who are basically saying it's aliens all the way down? Yeah, okay. I mean,

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one alien got it from another from another. Where did the life come from to begin with you have an answering the question. They they cannot deal with the fact that, that the evidence of this universe is against their own beliefs. And so they're now talking about a multiverse.

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Okay, Big Bang. Everything exists expanding five years ago, 10 years ago, whatever they used to say, okay, everything's good expanding. So at some point, the gravitational pull will lead us from extent expansion to slowing down and then it will become the Big Crunch. Everything will come back together.

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Again, one problem they found out that the universe is, is is not slowing down, the expansion is speeding up

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completely blows away their concept of the Big Bang, and then the Big Crunch. So, they start retooling. And they say, Okay, oh, we've got a problem. If we're going to keep our beliefs, we have to come up with some way of explaining how the universe, this the expansion of the universe is speeding up. And so instead of facing the reality, that something is wrong with their theory, they start coming up with concepts like multi verse and the 72. To try to try to stay upon what they're about why? arrogance, arrogance, just a lack of humility, and following their desires. The one thing they do not want to do is they do not want to submit to their Creator and have to live within the

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constructs of a religion that has tenets of faith. Yeah, how can the I really don't believe sincerely deep down to anybody's truly 100% atheist everybody deep down even though they cover it up believes in a supreme being it just part of our natural makeup? And people cover this up? But how can be someone who's sincere now and they want to know more about atheism? So more questions or someone wants to invite you out to speak at their university Whatever the case, how do they get ahold of you? Anybody can contact me through the Contact Us button on my website level truth calm. There I have a I have a website specifically for atheist called reality of god.com and one for

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Christians to the jesus.com but if you go to level truth.com

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go to the sitemap you will find all of my websites go to contact us and you will find me

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that easy. That is Thank you very much. It's always a pleasure to have you on the deen show. Around Peace be with you so long they can have a tea welcome smells beautiful. Mashallah. another exciting episode on a D show now come in come in who you can look, everybody within themselves believes in a creative Look, look, when is real dark out? And the thunder roars Huh? Oh, God, hmm. You know, you've done it because you believe or you saw a little mouse and you jump up on the table, oh God, or big Tiger in the jungle, or you're in a plane, or out in the sea. And the waves are just taken over Oh God, or in the foxhole, oh, god help. So deep down, every human being believes in the

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Creator. But a lot of times we get distracted, we cover it up. And just some common self sense. You know, this way of life that the Creator is calling us to live is on pure goodness, everything that he's told us to do is good. And at the end, when we die.

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At the end, we have an ultimate reward paradise. But there is an ultimate consequences. So what do you get? Just following your desires? Go ahead and enjoy all the porn and all the parties and accumulate all the wealth and the money? And then what what if, at the end, what we know is real, you come to know it and it's too late to go back. If we die at the end and there's nothing we have nothing to lose. But what do you have to gain and what do you have to lose at the end? You got everything to lose.

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When the hell fire is staring at your face and you can't go back. So these are the signs that come to you contemplate and reflect and sincerely as the one who created all of this this universe and everything in creation to guide you. And he will facilitate away if you are sincere and come back to the deen show every week. We're here with a new exciting episode. Subscribe if you haven't already. You got some more questions, call us or visit the website from our special guest, Dr. Lawrence Brown. We'll see you next time. Until then. Peace be with you. Subscribe right now.