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Manos salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Allah and Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa mentally at home a son in law yo Medina, my bad brother sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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prophesied seems to be depleted, isn't it?

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They were struggling on bourbon.

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One of the purposes of the month of Ramadan is Allah subhanaw taala articulating the Quran Yeah, you Latina Armando katiba la cama cama. cama Kuta la Latina min public, taco. Oh, you believe fasting has been prescribed upon you,

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like it was prescribed upon those who came before you? And the purpose of that is what?

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In two hours, approximately proximately eat as much mostly pacolet kababs as you can

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is that the purpose of the month of Ramadan?

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No, the purpose of the month of Ramadan is

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that by the time that the month of Ramadan is finished, that you have a deep connection with Allah,

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that you have a deep connection with Allah that you become people of duck wa and that is the purpose of the month of Ramadan. And this is why that every one of us needs to assess himself. That is this month of Ramadan being something which has been spiritually uplifting for us.

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We become people who are closer to Allah subhanaw taala or are we you know, generally how we realistically finished the month of Ramadan.

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don't eat, we don't drink and don't have relationship with the wife. Besides that we do exactly what we normally do other than Ramadan.

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The purpose of the month of Ramadan is that by the time you finish that you become people of taqwa

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the not eating not drinking is a catalyst in you becoming a people of taqwa. But that is not the ultimate purpose of the month of Ramadan.

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The purpose is that by the end, that you are spiritually stronger,

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you have a deep connection with your Creator. And that means that those things

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which are forbidden, come become forbidden to a greater degree.

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Eating and drinking and having a relationship with the wife is generally

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permitted. But in the month of Ramadan that which is permitted becomes forbidden. What about those things which are generally forbidden.

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What What is the status of those things?

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And one of the things which moves a man away from taqwa

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is the deception of the dunya.

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The dunya itself why because we are all social beings, we are affected by our surroundings.

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And this is why if you live in a spiritually healthy society, it helps with this spiritual development.

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And because the dunia

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means that which is close that which is the closest and the error is that the other other further. So the dunia is something which is tangible.

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We can experience the dunya the Nia is around us. The our Hara is based upon Eman

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and therefore many people are deceived by the dunya.

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The dunya takes over their life. I mean, how many intelligent people you see around who never once in their life, think about their purpose in this dunya

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they go through life without actually thinking what their purpose

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is in the dunya

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They know their shoes have a purpose. They know that jackets have a purpose. But why is man's purpose on the dunya? Why did Allah create man?

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And people are deceived by the dunya.

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I mean, imagine who chose

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to be born wherever you were born who chose to be born in Clapton

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or East London? No, you didn't choose

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Allah chose

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for you where you will be born and what time if we chose you can be born in the depths of Pakistan or Bangladesh or Somalia or wherever.

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So you came into the dunya in voluntarily

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and by Allah, when the Angel of Death knocks on your door,

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it will not have an appointment.

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It will come.

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And you will leave this dunya in voluntarily, you will not choose that. No, no, no, I still got this to do. I was still over six months of being the president of the Islamic Society of UCL. Oh, I still got, you know, a few 100,000 to make my first million let me make my first million. You won't have any choice,

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you will leave the dunya in voluntarily. So you came in the dunya in voluntarily and you will leave the dunya in voluntarily. Then what makes you think that you are at liberty to do anything that you wish, from the time that you are born to the time that you are that the time that you die?

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Life is a trust from Allah subhanho wa Taala and everybody here one success.

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But what is the definition of success? When Allah speaks about success? What did he say?

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He said man zoo, an inner Hillel, Jennifer godfathers. He says whoever has been removed from the fire

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and entered into Janna for godfathers he is successful. And then Allah says directly as a woman heya to Delia Illa, Mattel. hooroo. But the dounia itself this life is provisions of deception, because Allah knows that the vast majority of people who are removed from Allah and who lose their purpose and who are deceived by the dunya is being deceived, because of their purpose in life is because of the dunya.

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And this is what is like, your It's like a dream. Have you ever had a dream?

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You know, you dream.

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And in the dream,

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you're driving a Ferrari, California.

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And you are a big, lovely mansion.

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And you enjoy you actually believe in that reality.

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And then you wake up.

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And you open your window and you see your Peugeot 306.

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And you're still in the east of London? No doubt. I mean,

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I don't know what he's of London is normally I crack a few jokes about Birmingham, but

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you realized that that dream was a delusion.

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You realize, on the other hand here, you sometimes have a dream, that you're in pain, you're being beaten in your dream,

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and you actually feel the pain.

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And then you wake up and you realize it was only a dream.

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This is what this world is like when earlier the alarm who said he said people are asleep. Only when they die will they wake up.

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You believe that you are awake.

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But in reality, you're asleep. And only when you die. You really realize when you see the reality of the dunya and the reality of the hereafter you realize that the dunya was deception, and that's when you wake up in the time of East LA salatu salam.

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There was a person who wanted to accompany East LA salatu salam. So he said a message of

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La Can I accompany you? and East LA salatu salam allowed him after a while while they were on the journey is la Salatu. Salam told him going by three to parties,

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at your parties even in those times.

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So he goes, and he says there's only two of us may have Isa, who's the third one four. So he goes, so he eats the third one. So when it comes back to East LA salatu salam is la salatu salam awesome, it was the third one

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because there was no third one.

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So they carry on the journey. And SLA salatu salam goes by a goat, and it gives he pays the owner money for the goat and then he makes it duar Allah spawn Tada. And that goat all by itself is sacrifice skin and it begins to roost. So the man shot this is Allah

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Subhana Allah, Masha Allah. How did this happen? and East LA salatu salam says, I asked you by he

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who made this miracle happen? What happened? Where is the third roti, where is the third party? And he said well, ah he belied the light Kashmir.

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cassava with the third one is

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they go on further on the journey.

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And they come to a river and there's no boats who cross so easily slots Islam hits is far from the bank and the river parts.

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And East la salud. And the man sees this. And he says Allah Subhana Allah, what a miracle. And East LA Salatu Salam osem is that I asked you by he who performed this miracle, where is the third party? And he said, Well, I would like to like gasma I don't know. There was no third roti, later on the Russia desert, and they rest at SLS. latos law makes three sand heaps of sand.

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And then he makes a dwarf one last round Allah and Allah changes those three heaps of sand into gold.

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And East LA salatu salam turns to him, and he says this one for me.

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That one for you. And the third one for the one who ate that your party. And he said one light green light the light gasma I ate it.

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I ate aged

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and is la salatu salam said, you go your way. I go my way. And he's elated. He's got the dunya three heaps of gold. And two robbers come past.

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And they see this man with three, you know heaps of gold. So they kill him.

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And then one says to the other, he says go and buy some roti.

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So one goes and buy some food. So the one who's waiting thinks when he comes back, I'll kill him. The one who has gone to buy the chip it thinks I'll poison the chip it when he eats it, he'll die.

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So he comes back, he kills him. He eats as your party and he dies.

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The dhulia is still here. But man leaves it man leaves it is la salatu salam when saw the dunya embellished like a beautiful prostitute. And he asked, he asked he said Who are you? And she said, I'm the dunya. And he asked her how many partners have you had? And she said I've had billions of partners. Every person who's walked on the face of this earth has been my partner. And he said how many have you been faithful to? And she said none. And he's La Silla, two slabs. That fool is He who falls in love with you, after he has seen what you have done to your previous partners.

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And this is why when Allah says in the Quran, Latin Sana seebach Amina dunya Do not forget your portion of the dunya Mr. Kirby says that your portion of this dunya is your preferred

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that the only thing that you will take from this dunya is your coffin. You know everything else you leave behind every your car your bank balances. You take nothing your popularity, your fancy scarves, your nice homes every year, nice garments, everything remains behind. What you go to in the grave is those two coffins.

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That's it. And this is a reality of the dunya but we are often deceived by the dunya

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One of the most beautiful examples and I've given this example 100 times of the reality of the dunya is the example given by Imam ghazali Rahim Allah, about the dunya. He speaks about a man who's walking through the jungle.

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And while he's walking, he looks behind and he sees a lion chasing him. And he runs. And he comes to a well, and he jumps into the well and why is he falling, he manages to hold on to some rope.

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And he's breathe a sigh of relief. And looks up, he sees the lion hovering over him, waiting for him. And he looks down. And beneath him is a large serpent, with his mouth open waiting for him to fall.

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And the only sport he has is the rope. And after a little while,

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he sees a black mouse and a white mouse set upon the rope and they begin to nibble it above is the lion beneath is a serpent and the only support he has is the rope. And now that's being leveled at.

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And in front of him. He sees this honeycomb.

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And he looks at his honeycomb.

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And then he sticks his finger into that honey

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and he takes that honey upon his finger.

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And he places it upon his tongue

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and the sweetness of the honey momentarily makes him forget the lion, the snake and even to mice. Imam ghazali Rahim Allah says that the lion is death, which is always chasing you. The serpent is your grave, and to which every person will fall. And if he's a good person, it will be Rosa Maria Jenna Gardner from the paradises of from a goddess of Paradise, and he's evil, it will be picked from the pits of Johanna.

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And the rope is his life.

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And the black mouse denotes the night and the white mouse denotes the day and they are always nibbling upon your life.

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And the heading is the denier,

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a man tastes the sweetness of the dunya and the forget death. If forgets the grave, he forgets a day will come that he will die, and he will have to stand in front of his creator.

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This is the reality of the dunya.

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Have you ever gone to the graveyard? Have you ever seen

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you know, the gravestones, you will see many people it will say 1825 1875 you realize that these people have spent more time beneath the earth and above the earth.

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men who were more powerful than me and you more beautiful than me and you who had more wealth, more strength, more knowledge. They come and they left.

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But intelligent man is he who prepared for his hair after. But it is that what is around us sometimes makes us forget

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purpose in life. There probably is a large sum total about these three men said in the Israelites before Islam, there were three men. One was the leper.

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One was a man who is bold. And the third one is a blind person.

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And the last panel, Darla wanted to test these people. So he sent them an angel in the form of a human being. And his angel goes to the one with leprosy. And he says to him, what is the thing that you desire the most in this dunya

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and he says the thing that I desire the most in the dunya is that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives me good skin

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gives me nice color because people shun me, people shun me. And this is what you often see today. You know people people have become very superficial how they view other people so they should so they judge you not upon your actions. They don't judge you upon you know what kind of character you are. They judge you by materialistic means what car that you drive

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you know where you live?

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How good you're looking you are I mean Allah created man man didn't choose

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and you see people you know drive big cars or big bank balances as though he's gonna share that money with you

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know, guys a big car and all of a sudden he has friends that he never knew about

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and what what does that say?

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about human beings. What you're ready to suck up to a person because of a piece of metal.

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I mean, is this what Muslims come down to? There was a time where people were judged upon their character. If Abu Bakar of the Allah and who had judged upon the color of his skin and the status in society, he would have never freed him. But he judged him by his hail is judged by taqwa. And this is why when he saw below the law, being persecuted, he went to Romania, and he said, Oh my so me Bilaal, and I'm sad, I'll send him to you because you're the one who corrupted him. And he said how much and he said, 10 gold coins and aboubaker roseola and he went home and he bought 10 gold coins and he gave it to a mayor, and the mayor began to laugh. And Abubakar the alarm said omiya what's

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making you love it? The reason I'm laughing is that if you had haggled with me,

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if you had haggle with me, and you had offered me one gold coin, I would have said sell below to you for one gold coin, and Abubakar the aligners that I swear by Allah omiya if you haggled with me and asked me for 100 gold coin for Bilaal, I would have given you 100 gold coins, because Bilaal was worth it, and he freed him, and then below who was a slave, he was a slave.

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But he rose through the ranks that Abu Bakar The highlight of his time would say say you do not belong. Omar in his time would say say you do not belong.

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Holly been bullied in his time when Omar

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wanted him punished. And what it is terrible taken off his head. Who did he send? He said below the Alalu who was Khalid Khalid was the cell or were leaving the movie era. He was the sword of Allah and he was the son of lead in the movie era who is the leader, undisputed leader people think it was Abu Talib will lead in them Alito was the undisputed leader of Quraysh

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and below the slave but when he became a Muslim, when he became the relationship with Allah.

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He Omar sent him and he took the turban of the head of highly been the leader of the Allahu anhu

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but today we judge people you know by the clothes that they wear.

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By the clothes that they wear mean Prada watch

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sorry, Prada shoes name. See, I don't know much of these.

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As you can see, I don't really deal with all those competing.

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Prada shoes Cartier watch.

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What is this what Muslims are come down to.

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If you want to judge people, by their looks, or by the clothes that they wear, and let me tell you, when the profits or loss of them left is dunia. He had patches upon his clothes 11 patches. When Abubakar roseola and who left this dunya he had 14 patches upon his clothes. When Omar Abdullah Aziz passed away who was a little nerve disease. Omar Omar Abdulaziz was the most powerful man on the face of this earth.

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From the duration mentioned that his Halle foot span from China to Spain, from the Caucasus to the depths of Africa, and when he was passing away, you know, he had these old clothes on, and somebody said to his wife to change his clothes to remain quiet. And then he said again, look, he's dying, change his clothes, as he remained quiet. And upon the third occasion, he said angrily,

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and the wife turned to him and she said, I swear by Allah,

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that these are the only clothes that he has. These are the only clothes that he has.

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But history remembers.

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History remembers Omar Abdulaziz because of the height that he left behind, because of the stigma that he did for humanity. And this is why history remembers him. So he says, so this age, so he says to the angel, he says,

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beautiful skin,

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and lovely hair. And in they said, materialistically What do you desire? And he said, materialistically what I desire is a camel. So the angel gave him a pregnant camel and he made dua for Baraka. And he went on

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and then he went to the person who had

00:24:52--> 00:24:55

he was bold. He also had some skin disorder.

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And he said, What do you desire? He said, I desire

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Allah give me here.

00:25:04--> 00:25:07

And also, people shun me.

00:25:09--> 00:25:22

So he rubbed his hand over his head and the last month Allah removed his skin disorder, and they gave him here. And then he said from the dunya, what do you desire, said I desire a cow, and he gave him a pregnant cow.

00:25:24--> 00:25:48

And then he made one for Baraka. And same with the blind person, he restored his eyesight, and he gave him pregnant goat. And then Allah wanted to test these people again, because these were networks from Allah one day. So Allah wanted to test them. So he sent him another angel, now in the form of a pauper. So he went to the man who had the leprosy.

00:25:50--> 00:26:00

And he said, I'm far from my home. I have nothing. And you know that one camel that he had a prospered. Now he had the whole valley of camels.

00:26:02--> 00:26:03

And he said,

00:26:04--> 00:26:06

I am far from my home.

00:26:08--> 00:26:35

I have nobody that I can turn to besides Allah and after Allah you out of all these hundreds and 1000s of camels that you have, give me one. And so Pamela, he said, I'll Haku cathedra said I have too many rights over me. I have too many mouths to feed. I have too many aspirations. I don't have time for the people in Pakistan.

00:26:37--> 00:27:26

You know, I've got my iPhone to buy. I've got my large car to buy. That's my aspirations. And those people in Pakistan regarding who Allah, Allah says in number one, we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and what we knew that God just said in why the believers are like one body, if their head hurts, the entire body is in a state of discomfort, got no time for them, because I have huge aspirations. This is what Allah says about the kuffaar He says, the home yakou a tomato is a leave them to eat and drink. And aspire for their lofty aspiration, delude them allow their lofty aspiration to delude them. Soon they will return to a line Allah will show them.

00:27:29--> 00:27:32

And he said, I've got too many rights over me.

00:27:34--> 00:27:37

And the angel said, Aren't you the one who once had leprosy?

00:27:39--> 00:27:46

And you and then Allah gave you all this is a no me. This I had for my forefathers.

00:27:47--> 00:28:21

This I inherited and the angel cursed him. He said, If you are lying there may Allah restore you to your original state and Allah restored him to the original state. And then he went to the aka the bowl man, and exactly the same conversation and Haku cathedra too many mouths to feed too many mortgages to pay too many aspirations. As a poet says, He says GM has a rotten feeble tune in makabe is that Alas, how many desire lies in the depths of the grave?

00:28:22--> 00:28:55

Every man who dies every woman who dies as these us aspirations, but you never fulfill them. Because this is the nature of the dunya the prophets, Allah Salam said Luca and la mar the word the Alameda hub after the third lesson, if the slave of Adam, if man had two valleys of gold, he would aspire for a third. It never finishes. And then he went to the blind person. And he said to the blind man,

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he said, I'm a pauper, far from my home. Give me one of these goats. And he said to me, said by Allah, you see all these goats I have, take whatever you wish, because Allah granted them to me.

00:29:14--> 00:29:35

Allah granted them to me. And then he made a dua for this man that May Allah increase. And this is the nature My dear respective brothers and sisters. People are suffering out there. And don't allow the dunya to deceive you. Because Muslims have a concept it's called Baraka.

00:29:36--> 00:29:59

Baraka, when you spend for the sake of Allah, Allah is the one who gives them a lot of the one who increases and Allah The one who puts the Baraka and shakar Toma z dinoco. Allah promises he said if you do sugar, then I will increase. What is sugar mean? Generally, you know the Asians I don't know about the rest but they say you know Sugar Sugar is sugar handling.

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That's it. The optimum sugar is that you spend and you utilize what Allah has given you for his pleasure. That is sugar.

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That is the optimum sugar.

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The problem is Allah Selim said, mom to me the relating is jammy. You know he's a man aka Sam is a philosopher, Proxima la hinda. Three things I take an oath upon, no man's wealth will decrease if he spent in the path of Allah.

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No Man's and the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I'll finish it in the time of the province of la Santa

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Rosa La Silla came home. And he asked Isaiah Has anybody come to the house? And she said, A man came.

00:30:50--> 00:30:55

But all we had was a bit of food for your messenger of Allah, so I kept it for you.

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And the province Allah Sallam said, No, no Ayesha, what you would have spent is that you would have kept that for me, because it would have been by Allah and it would have been stored in the Caribbean, for the woman in the light bog, whatever you have with Parish, but whatever is stored by Allah will remain. And this had a profound impact on the land. And after the demise of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a beggar came to the house of a shadow of the land her and her her slave open the door breather the alarm hub and the biggest said, Oh family of the Messenger of Allah give me something and she said we have nothing and I shut off the alarm. I was listening to this and I

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said Who is it?

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And burrito the alarm I said it's it's a bigger and all we have is a handful of Bali for you to open your fast with. And it was at the time of a server. And I shadow the Allah and I said give it Allah will provide

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and she gave it come McGriff time, there's no food.

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And I said, Oh, the Atlanta opened her fast with some water and she began the mother of Salah, and burrito was the lady sitting there. And she's sarcastically saying, you know, joking. She's saying, oh, Allah will provide a love and provide. And then there's a knock on the door. And a man comes and he gives a goat as a gift. And I finished the Salah, and she said, Oh, Berea Who is it? And she said it was a man who lives in the area by Elias never ever given us anything before. But today he bought us a goat. And he wrote the law said obrera isn't that goat better than the handful of weeks that you had? And then she said something which really

00:32:50--> 00:32:53

signifies the Eman of these people.

00:32:54--> 00:33:06

She said, I swear by Allah, none of you can be a true believer until it trust in Allah is stronger than that which he has in the palm of his hand.

00:33:08--> 00:33:24

That which he has in the palms that you see it. Your trust in Allah is stronger than what you have in your hand. And we see the dunya and May Allah subhanaw taala make our belief stronger in the era than it is in the dunya May Allah subhanaw taala give us

00:33:26--> 00:33:27

an EMR

00:33:28--> 00:33:32

which makes us realize the fallacy of the dunya and the deception of this dunya as well.

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Salam Alaikum