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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala CD mursaleen Molana Muhammad while early he was Herbie he woman Serbia homebirth son Illa your Medina woebot Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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okay Insha Allah we are going to carry on with now we are moving to the first battle that hardly been relieved about the Allah and Noah has with one of the false prophets. So in the time that Abu Bakr Siddiq about the Allah and who are workers dispatches him to fight a man called to lay her sad now to lay her sad was one of those three people within the lifetime of the Messenger of Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam, he claimed prophethood you remember I saw that uncIe masala was will kebab and then it was like Ha Al Asad in Atalay Hala acid. He was a poet. He was a warrior. He used a very mighty warrior. He they say that he was equivalent to 1000 men in the battlefield meaning that he

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was a mighty mighty warrior. Tala is also known as Talay elica ZURB to lay her the liar.

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And obviously the reason for that was that he claimed profited. Now, within the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had this deep dislike for the Muslims deep deep dislike, so

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ohada takes place 70 Sahaba are martyred. Many are wounded. Literally every Muslim in off road is wounded. They kind of beat him.

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What does he do? He brings an army to now quash the Muslims finish off the Muslims. So although he was not a part of the Michigan army in a hot he just wanted to take the opportunity to finish the Muslims. The messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent an army he dispatched an army which dealt with delay hmm and delay how it ran off.

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Okay, so that was a hot then you have conduct 100 The battle Zarb the battle Confederates are the Battle of the trenches. This was where all the enemies of Islam gathered against the Muslims they would say that this will be the final battle amongst them on the side of the mushrik key was also tonight ha So again you know he's enmity is quite known that he disliked the Muslims. So here he comes to finish it off the Muslims. Then you have 100 UK. So after Hamburg, your cable, so in a haber again, again in haber he's there again. Now well what was the fight with Muslim fighting as he hated with the Muslim gunfight in the masjid again they were fighting the Jews. But his enmity for

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the Muslim was such that even when the Muslims for the Jews, he wanted to side on the side of the Jews against the Muslims. So every opportunity he found he fought against the Muslims and then came the ninth year of Hijra ninth year Hijra is also known as our mobile food the year of the delegations. Why? Because many delegations would come to Medina and they will embrace Islam. So his people, and the ninth year his tribe on the ninth year of hijra, come and they embrace Islam, when they people embrace Islam, he decides to embrace Islam as one. Okay, then came the battle cable. Again on the Battle of Cable, the Battle of Cable was where the Muslims actually fought the Jews.

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But even in the Battle of Haber, he was actually fighting on side of the Jews against Muslims. So you can understand on every opportunity that he got, he would fight against the Muslims. So you all heard your 100 your cable wherever he would find the opportunity. Then came the ninth year feature. The idea of Nigeria is also known as amo food, meaning the year of the delegation. So many delegations came and they embrace Islam on the hand of the Messenger of Allah salAllahu alayhi salam sigue that his people had embraced, he embraced. But even when they came, when they came to embrace Islam, they actually came with that attitude. So they said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, they said, Oh, Mohammed, we believe that there is no God but Allah and you are His Messenger, although you weren't sent to us. So we believe we come to believe in Islam, but you weren't

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really sent to us. So Allah subhanho wa Taala recall this in the Quran Allah Allah subhanaw taala said, Your manana la can a slum could learn to Mundo la islamicate But Allah He Yamano Aleikum and huddart Completely Eman.

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Allah says they regard it as a favor upon you that they believed Yemen noona alayka and slim. But it is Allah Kula to Mundo la Islamic. don't regard your Islam a favor upon me. Allah says to Mercy of Allah tell him, don't regard your Islam as a favor upon me. Nay, but Allah has confirmed a favor upon you. And he has given you the ability to become believers. And then it goes on.

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In quantum Sadiki, if you are truthful in your Imam in Allah yeah LMRA was sama Swati will. Wala we'll see you soon. And then it says, Indeed Allah knows the hidden of the heavens and the earth. Well Allah will see Allah is watching. Allah sees Bhima Tamra what you do. So the reason for this is, look, if Allah knows what is in the heavens and the earth, Allah knows what's in your hearts. So if you are truthful in your mind, or you if you have some other motive for embracing Islam, then don't come and do you favor, that you're showing favor and the prophets of Allah, Allah, Allah Islam, we've come to, although you weren't sent to us, but we believe in your religion.

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So then, and see because of the lack of sincerity.

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They go back and then to lay her apostates, nor does he only apostate he regards himself as a prophet. So he came to prophethood. After that, and then what further strengthened belief in him was that they were on a journey. Once they're on this journey, they run out of water. So Taneja says to them, he was a poet. He says it a cabaret learn what the reboot I'm Yellin that. What did you do? Bill Allen? So Eric Kabu Kabu Ariela Island. What the reboot Amelia Island. What did you do? Pillar island. He says ride alar, which was the name of a horse

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and go for a few miles. What Taiji do beloved, and you will find moistness you will find water. So this is exactly what they do. They're thirsty. They ride for a little while and they find water so they strengthen they believe in him further. Then

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the famous Mojo hate, there are a bit as well. There are a bit as well went and he struck Palais Ha, with a sword, the sword Brooke.

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So then they said, Look, Captain lay high follows it, look at the Lay Ha, even swords can't kill this profit.

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And this obviously increased the belief in Him more and more and more. So the comb the bunny acid and others, the vast majority of them actually embraced his religion, they left Islam and they believed in Malaysia. Now what what Allah has Sharia like to lay her Sharia was that he had salah,

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but there was no such thing.

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He will say no, no such stuff. And he will say Allah doesn't like the fact that you have dirt on your face and your backsides are up in the air. And then you ask Him for anything. So he finished off Sentra, he wrote her letter to Abu Bakr Siddiq, rattle the Allah and who and he said to boubakeur, we're not paying as a cut.

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So he still had the salah when his own form of Salah Sarkar they refuse to pay it because you know why it's a car because the car hurts the pocket.

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denier tenia

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so then Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu now gather that army with Khalid bin Walid are the Allah and no nd dispatch this army, but he gave some advice to hardly been bullied. Radi Allahu Anhu he said to hurl it. He said Oh ha Listen, in this army, I'm sending you with other muhajir Runa and the Tsar the early Muslims, make sure you respect him make sure you consult them and make sure you don't oppose their opinion. So he knows Karl Karl is a military genius but even then he says and this is

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for need to keep this in mind you know you shouldn't want to always your way who's in highly will hide you don't I'm sorry, the army, consult them, respect them and don't oppose them. Why? Because many of the hydronium Sarhad embraced Islam far before hard economy brace Islam later.

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And this is why when one day Khalid and Amara Yasser had an argument, and Khalid insulted

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A man who will call it hello Khalid was the son of one even the leader who was a modern New Yasser Amara in the Yasser was one of those people who didn't even belong to Christ He was oppressed. in Makkah the Messiah keen would oppress him they will he had no protection, so clearly been highly, though sensually insulted him. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard about this, and the Messenger of Allah call a Khalid, and he said, Oh, call it you will never attain the status

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of America. Yes. Because our motto is buddy Sahabi si B Guna. Our loon. These were the first people to embrace the deen of Allah subhanho wa taala. Amar may have been nothing dunya we wise but in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala he was the early Sahaba that doesn't take away from Hollywood either on the Allah and who Hollywood will lead as a military genius was unparalleled. But as status amongst the Sahaba they were that cibic owner or Walloon they were the winner of hygena walnuts are there were those who embraced Islam before hardly been bullied or the Allah who embraced Islam, so hardly been bullied or the Allah and who now he leaves. And he leaves with an army.

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And they go to a place they're heading to a place called Zaha. But whilst they're heading he said to eminence or harbor of the Allah and ahead of him. One is Okasha, Ben Masson, and the other one is far bit bit akribos. But there is a habit of who is Akasha been medicine, Okasha been medicine was a man or the Allah and who belong to the tribe of bunny phenom. The bunny is random. We're Halley's have the Quraysh and they lived in Makkah or the outskirts of Mecca. Now he was a buttery Sahabi so early embraced Islam. One of his amazing virtues was

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on the battle of budder he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his sword had broken. So the message of Allah so Allah Allah, Allah wa salam gave him a branch, he took the branch and Allah turned that branch into a sword, but not a normal sword gives a huge sword.

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So he fought with that, and he had that throughout his life, the sword at the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave him the bride returned into a sword. And then he passed away from the Allah and while he passed away, he still had that sword.

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So amongst the other virtues of Akasha been medicine was that one day the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah, and he was sort of speaking about gender. So he's speaking about gender and those will enter into the agenda without any account. This is a virtue.

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So he said, O Messenger of Allah may pray that I will be amongst those who will enter into Jannah without any account, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Okasha, you will be from those who will enter into Jannah without any hisab Kitab you will enter straight no reckoning upon you. So now that's the hobby you standing there, this is the message of Allah make dua, I enter into Jannah without any account, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in his famous statement, he said, Saba caca Bihar Akasha oh gosh, I'd beat him you to it.

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And this is often they still use as phrase. Yeah, they often say you know, subaqua, Bihar Akasha Akasha has beaten you to it.

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So here Akasha be messin about the Allah Allah who was a well renowned warrior as well. And the other Sahabi there are the Allah and who were throbbing across the Sabbath in Accra was also a birdie Sahaba what the Allah

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He was amongst the little brother, he was the one who gave you remember the flag

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in the bedroom motor, and he had the flag and he told Harley been willing to let the Allah know take the flag. So they're clearly being bullied or the alarm took the flag, but he was a buddy. So both of these are both the Sahaba so highly been bullied, the alarm is on its way to Buddha. He he sets the tell these to go forward and scout on behalf of the Muslims. When they go forward. Members amongst to lay her and others get into a fight with them.

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And they end up killing both of the Marathi Allah and

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so then what happens is that Khalid bin Walid Radi Allahu anhu, he hears about this and has only been released or the Allahu Anhu when he hears about this and he sees the dead bodies clearly been relieved of the Allah and who is enraged? Subhan Allah why because these were the your average Sahaba these were bergerie Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu

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So now, the first thing that Abu Bakr This is the

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major thing of Booker, he didn't tell him to go to the tribal today, huh? Where did he tell him to go? He told him to go first of the tribe of buddy. These were tribes who had actually were following him. So they were following up farm by Judea, Isla de la, and others were following him. So we're working with the Allah Allah Who sends clearly been with either of them, firstly to them to neutralize them, and they go to him. So when the carbon will eat cheese, the body of these two Sahaba he's enraged, hardly being hunted. So he when he's going straight to die.

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So a deep the Hatem who was a king of the top, a ghost, who had been bullied and is currently being bullied, give me the opportunity to speak to them. Now let me tell you who it was, or the year on the Allah and who before embracing Islam, as I said, it was the king of the tribe of die.

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He was Christian, so the Benita were Christians. So when Islam is coming, he thinks that he's gonna lose his kingship. And also he's a Christian. He said, I'm a man of religion anyway. And then this new religion of Islam came. And he said, I wasn't interested at all, what I'm going to lose by kingship and a second way. Second thing, also, I'm going to lose my religion. And I'm not like the Messiah key. I already believe in a religion. So he says, No man was more despised to me than Muhammad.

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So he says, When Islam began to spread, spread, spread further, I decided to leave and go to the Christian lands. He was an Arab.

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So he goes further into the Christian lands, but the lands that he's in, not Arabs. So he stays there for a while. And then somebody says to me, said, why don't you go and see what this man Mohammed is about?

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So that ID, the king decided to go to meet Mohammed they said, Okay, if he's a true prophet, that fine, and if he's not a true prophet, there's nothing for me to lose. I can always go back. So then Eddie Inhotim Radi Allahu Anhu goes through the prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah, He was alone in Medina and imagine this. He's walking with the prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah was in Medina, and this old slave woman, Abba Simeon stops the prophets, Allah, Allah and Eva, and she says, she's a messenger of Allah speak to my master, for he overburdens me makes me work too much.

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And the prophets, Allah, Allah alayhi salam said to her, I would speak to him and then the Messenger of Allah said, Take my hand to any street in Medina and asked me for help, I will assist you. So it is a king. And he says, I realized this man's not a kink.

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There is no way this man is a king, because you don't stop kings in the middle of the street. And then the Messenger of Allah goes further, and he meets a man who says a message of Allah. We don't have any food because Medina was kind of under siege.

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Or message of Allah, we don't have any food to feed my children. So the prophets, Allah, Allah and he sort of took him to the side and the message of Allah consoled at these watching all this.

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And then the Messenger of Allah goes further and he meets another person. And the other person is a messenger of Allah. We can't even leave Bettina. You know, we have so many enemies, we can't even leave Medina and the message of Allah consoled him, and then he goes to the house of the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, and the Messenger of Allah takes a pillow, and he gives it to A D. And he said, no message of Allah. He's not Muslim on time, you know, you take the pillow, and the message of Allah insist, is not even a Muslim. So as long as Allah sort of forces him to take the pillow, so Eddie is watching all this. And then the message of Allah gave him Dawa, towards Islam

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and he said, he said, Oh, Mohamed, I am already a man of religion. I believe in Christianity. You don't have to give me Dawa. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam began to speak to him about Christianity, and he marveled at the knowledge that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard about Christianity, and then the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah wa salam said, Oh, the

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mark my words.

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A day will come.

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Could you see Islam today? We don't have nothing to eat. People are scared. They can't leave Medina. He said already, a day will come. A woman will walk from healer in Iraq all the way to beit Allah and know what he will

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know what he will touch. Is it a day, a day will come that we the Muslims will have the crown and the jewels of the man who was the leader of the super power of the day the Persian king

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As he said, what? You tell him anything you tell me that you will have the jewels of purpose.

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You tell me you will have the use of Hermas the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said yes, or the day will come that we will have the treasures of Hormuz.

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And then he said already a day will come, that people will go out to give their sadaqa and Zakat

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and they will find nobody who can take this on the cut circuit. So the embraces Islam.

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And then it says, with my own eyes, I saw women traveling all the way from here to the house of Allah subhanaw taala. And nobody touched them.

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Not one person interfered with them is in I was in the army, which took the jewels of the aromas.

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And he says although this hasn't happened in my time, but I swear by Allah A time will come that people would go out and get this Sebata and there's a cut and there will be nobody to take this other cut as a god and Allah ma say that this happened in the time of Omar and others say in the time of Omar Abdulaziz Rahmatullah LA, when is his governor of North Africa couldn't find one person who was eligible for the cut. So give it to the non Muslims, not one non Muslim who was eligible to take the cut Subhanallah So, this is the they had, so they had him is the leader of the die.

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So he comes to Caliban believer of the Allah and and he says, Oh, how did give me three days to go and speak to my people, the Bernita A, that they should you know, leave the sight of Allah. So he said, Oh, Khalid isn't that better than sending them to the fire of Johanna

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so Hollywood the Alana reluctantly agrees why we'll call it because he was already upset. So now or the girl goes to his tribe and he gathers the leaders and he says to the leaders is a listen

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leave the side of Talia and come back to the real religion so they say to him, they said we are not gonna follow a boo for seed Abubaker now they're calling a boo for seed abou foreseen is a a camel a weak camel.

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So at the bare heart the Marathi Allah Allah says you're calling him Abu see for sale by Allah the man that you are calling a booth for seed is a good fun, I will follow me is the father of the stallion

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is that you may look at his weak body.

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Is it but there is no worry like him as there are, as well said is that when it came to fighting apostates, he said by Allah after the Messenger of Allah I found nobody with the same zeal as Abu Bakr Sufi karate.

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Nobody with the same zeal to fight the enemy, Abu Bakr syndicate of the ALLAH and he said he didn't beat the other Sahaba in his actions, he beat them fluids in man in Allah subhanaw taala.

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Workers Eman in Allah subhanho wa taala. And then he said to them, he said the you know, the man you're calling a booth for seed is above for hell.

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And then he must have told them also, that at the head of this army is a man who is known as the sword of Allah subhanho wa taala. And he say that he will trample you, the army will champion you and they will take you into captivity. He shook them up. So they said, Look, give us some opportunity. We will take our men out. But we can't take our men out now because if Otto Leigh has seized them, he will kill them.

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So give us an opportunity. So then he goes back to how to be more lethal of the Alana. Is it a harlot? The example of the bunny day is like the body of a bird. The example of the bunny Jedi law is like the wings. A bird cannot fly without the wings. He said the bunny God law also I could convince them said give me a couple of days and I will bring you 1000 men, so he's already convinced 500 for the buddy tight so I will bring you another 1000 men. Isn't that better than throwing them into the fire of Jahannam Sahabi Molitor the Allah Allah gives them opportunity. So after a few days, he brings 500 men back not only do they renounce their religion, they are everyday apostasy.

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They believe in Taneja they denounced that but they also enjoyed that they joined the Muslim army

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and now the man so today how we spoke about the layup so today has right hand man is a really really interesting person. His name is again a bit his if you remember I spoke about a Yuna bit his earlier on

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At the beginning of the apostasy, the two men who came to Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu and said, I will book a weekend stop the people from rebelling. Just say that they don't have to pay the cart.

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So it was gonna be

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in haste and Acrovyn habits to people.

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So now he's also now he actually in the latter part of Islam, after roundabout, Fatima, aka period, he embraced Islam. He participated in the Battle of her name. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam get you with one of them Oliver to Kullu so probably some Allah alayhi salam to keep him close. So So prophets, Allah Salam gave him things, you know, maybe he might incline towards Islam, after the demise of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam he apostate did not only did he apostate he sided with Talia he was to lay his right hand man because he belonged to the tribe of bunny for Zara, and the bunny for Zara was a huge tribe. So he apostate it and all these tribe apostate. Now

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he he he was a Jeep person. He was a Bedouin, okay, so he had this really harsh kind of massage, half half kind of attitude. One day

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he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Aisha Radi Allahu Allah is sitting with the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, this is before the hijab

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or maybe even was called off the hijab, Allah knows best. And he said, to the Prophet, Allah, Allah, Allah said, Who's this woman? Messenger of Allah said, It's my wife, Aisha.

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He said, can't you do better than her? He said, I can get you a wife was better than the Aisha. So the word Salah Salem got angry, told him to get out. So this is what he was. He was like, I shut up the Allah Allah has it? Who is this guy? The Messenger of Allah said

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Al matar al Fatah. He is a fool who's followed by his tribe. Now how did he try follow him? How did he follow? How did he become the leader of a tribe when he was, you know, like this.

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When his father who was the leader of the bunny fissara was passing away. He was actually stabbed. So using deep pain, so he gathered all his children. He said, Look, I can't bear this pain. I want one of you to take a sword pierced my heart and make the sword come out the other way. So all the children said, it must be the eldest one. He's got to do it. We're not ready to do it. Let him do it.

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Let him do it.

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So the eldest one said, he said, Oh, my father, have you ever seen a child killed his father? So I can't do it?

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So they go one by one to every son every subject. No, no, no, no, until they reach Oh, yeah. Oh, Dana says, Oh, Dad, will this take you put you out of your misery said yes. He said, Okay, tell me how to do it, is it put a sword on my chest, stab me make it go through my heart and come out the other side.

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So he's about to do it. So as far as I said, before you do it, I am making you the Emile of the entire tribe. Because the one who obeyed me in life will have the honor of obeying me while I am dead, meaning you are now the leader of the entire tribe. This is how again, I became the leader of his tribe. Now in the time of Abu Bakr, Siddiq or the Allah on who later on, he embraced Islam, after becoming more steady became Muslim. Again, he came to Abu Bakr Siddiq of the Alana and he said Look Me, and that other person, hobbits, Accra, we have land, but the land we have is no good. It doesn't nothing grows on it. So he should give us a piece of land.

00:29:02--> 00:29:26

So he writes Abubakar writes a piece of land for them, and he said go and have it testify by Ahmad Lakota. So Omar knows the history of Omar. Omar. Yeah, so they go to Omoto Capalbo. The Allah Allah looks at the letter, he sees that a worker has given them a portion La Land and he wants him to certify it. Omar gets the paper spits in it.

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You take it back to herbal Bekah not signing any land for you too. So though go back to the Alana and they complain. Yeah, they said who is the he said? He said so yeah, they go to complain. So later on. Omar on the Alana comes and Omar says to Abu Bakr, he says whose land is it?

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Is it your personal life or is it the Muslim person Muslim that

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is it then why are you giving it to these two

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For if it's not your personal land so buckle up the Alana said I told you to take the elephant

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you were stronger for the heavy for me why did you take the elephant?

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So these two are standing there and they're saying and they're saying the tent of Wakanda they say the weed out know who the Khalifa is? Yeah Is it you the Khalifa al Khattab Khalifa? So these are Yanina was the right hand man of Palais ha and inshallah next lesson we will carry on with the battle with Talia and Carly been worried about the Allah Allah may Allah subhanaw taala elevate the status of Sahaba of the Allah Allah may Allah subhanaw taala keepers united in the dunya reunited agenda to for those Baraka Luffy constructable ahem Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Zakum Allah Hayden for watching and please do not forget to watch the next episode and inshallah with your walls, they

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will be plenty more history series coming very soon. BarakAllahu li Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.