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A message for Lindsay Lohan and people who are also in a similar situation seeking to find Peace and Purpose in life and a famous Hollywood legend sharing his feelings about the Quran.

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keepin it real, real Sally key

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show, Lindsay Lohan and they crucified me for it in America. They made me seem like Satan, I was a bad person for holding that Koran famous model, Hollywood actress? Did she accept Islam? I don't know, trying to connect with the Quran, verbatim Word of God, we're going to go ahead and take it to this clip, diagnose the situation, and share some very interesting facts with you about the Quran that you probably didn't know about. And give some suggestions. Right back, and they crucified me for it. And America made me seem like Satan, I was a bad person for holding that grown. And not and I was so happy to leave, and go back to London after that. Because I felt so unsafe in my own

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country after this. I mean, people were, like, horrible to me.

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And just because this is my belief, if I will, if this is something I want to I want to learn. This is my personal, my Orwell. This is not for you to express. If you want to say it, keep it to yourself. I'm not looking at what you do every day. Maybe you're not doing enough because you're bored or hurting me. But I can't imagine how many people go through this all the time. And that made me feel like an outsider. So I understand why, you know, the Turkish people are upset because they live in a great, beautiful place. And I understand why women that wear headscarves are looked at differently, because I felt like that. So when the woman when I was in untap, she put that into our

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for me, I felt really honored because of that, because she went out of her own way to allow me to be part of her culture. And she didn't have to do that. You know, I was a stranger to her. And I merely said, I really liked the color of your headscarf, and she gave it to me. And maybe she only has two. And she gave me one. There's more to that story that occurs. And I said, You know what, because this woman took the time to give me this and a part of herself.

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Not even knowing me, I'm not taking it off. And my first thought and I and I said to my good friend, I said but it scares me because people are going to look at the headscarf and only talk about that.

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They're not going to ask the real questions about why. Because that's not interesting. It will become headlines suddenly, right? You know, and it should Wow, interesting.

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You know, a person

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could have done all of them some of the most scandalous things out there. So what we know,

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of the Hollywood lifestyle is that this is a lifestyle. That really, I mean, we've seen it over and over. It just drains the life, the spirit,

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out of a human being, the whole world opens up to you. So you get to experiment and taste and finding dining and all of the music and drugs and parties and you're with the the crowd, a star crowd and life is good, but not so good for a lot of people because after some time, like everything else, it just gets tiring, it gets played out.

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And that's what happened over and over. we seen with Lindsey and many people so we can first see the benefit of seeing other people hit a dead end. And then ask ourselves, do we want to also hit a dead end in life. And when she she she hasn't been on in and out of rehab. She had the money.

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She had the money she had the status still does. But when the heart You can be bankrupt. But if you're not bankrupt in the soul in the heart, you're still rich. But many Class A actors will tell you this.

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Try everything and anything. But at the end, if the heart is empty, your life is empty. And that's why we have today more people on painkillers than on nicotine because of the pain in the heart.

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And this is has me thinking of and we'll get into the Quran and some of the facts about it that you probably know, but it has me thinking about a verse in the Quran, verbatim Word of God where God Almighty is saying that the one who turns away from God will have a very difficult strange life, a depressed life. So on the outside the facade of the house, it looks very nice, but inside

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The human body there's a, there's the heart, and truly in the remembrance of the Creator, does that heart find rest. Now you can do whatever you want. But I'm just sharing the other side, because there's two sides, there's your side. And then there's this side, and then you reflect, you reflect on your way,

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the way you're doing things, and what it's accomplishing for you. Do you really have that true peace and happiness?

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Or you reflect and you think, Wow, maybe there's something to what this man is telling me what this Qur'an is telling me what is being communicated to me something to think about my friend. Listen now. That is what Lindsay, she experienced all these things. So why would someone want to crucify her for picking up a book, and reading, if she's looking to get enlightened, instead of just going from one party to the after party, to the coke to the dope to the man to the drama, trauma, and all of the other heartbreak that this woman has experienced?

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And many of you probably didn't know, I mean, for every hater out there, there is an optimist. There are good people who will not crucify someone for picking up the Word of God. And this is, this is something very interesting that it's just another proof of bomb proof that, you know, when you have the truth, there's going to be great opposition against you. And, you know, Wayne Dyer once said, this is a thinker, a person who had a very powerful quote, he said, the greatest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about. So it just compounded ignorance.

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On top of ignorance, because some people say no, no, no, we know about Islam, but you don't know.

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Because let me give you an example. If you us sitting at a table, and you're talking about jack, you never met jack.

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But everybody at the tables talking about jack.

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All this gossip and all these negative things they never ate with jack. They never sat with jack. They never got to know jack, what does that tell you? They don't know jack. Excuse my language.

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So you don't know Islam. You don't know the Qur'an.

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But this woman is trying to get to know the Quran. She's trying to get to know Islam, from the Muslims. Why do you have a problem? Is this just something inside of yourself, you got to think about that.

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Because you can't give something you don't have. So you don't have love how you're going to give love. But if you have hate, you can't give Benjamin's if you don't have them. So you're giving something else that you do have something that's projecting from inside of you outside of you to outside is that hate. So leave the woman alone. Lindsey, ignore the haters. They've hated when you were making movies, they're gonna continue to hate even more, when you're leaving them behind you leaving everybody else back in the nightclubs on painkillers, and you're like, I don't want to have that kind of lifestyle anymore. They're gonna hate I've been through that. I know, from my personal

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experiences when I wanted to enlighten myself to what in the world is this life about what's the purpose of life, there's got to be more than just the after party in the party, making money. And then partying on the weekend, it's got to be more.

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And I started to search and I start to ask, the one who created it just makes sense. If someone created something you would ask the owner of that something? How does things work? How does this thing work? And what's the purpose of it, but the human body, the one who created us, that's where you got to start. And I started to ask and then I started to investigate and to really use this gift that the Almighty has given us and research and look into the all the other religions and and I found that I mean, Subhanallah that this way of life that you're looking into Islam, it provided all the rational logical evidence is based on an authentic book, a believable message. And then I

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started to share it I used to go back and people look at you like you're an alien. Whoa.

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You're the one that's leaving this played out lifestyle behind you are more substance you want substance in your life.

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So don't give up

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You're going to have to make a change of friends, a change of atmosphere, and continue to persevere forward and know that you and others like you. You put up with all the side effects to the alcohol, nasty hangovers. And you kept going back to that. It was tough, right? I know how many pills you have to pop, to get over that ailment to that side effect to that from the drugs, and then people criticizing you, backbiting against you, dealing unfairly maybe, with your family, and all of the other things, the promiscuity, and jumping from this relationship to that one, all the trauma and

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disobeying your parents, disobeying God, living people living a lifestyle, a challenging, tough lifestyle that just goes heavy on the soul, and all the side effects of that.

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And people keep going back. And they keep putting up with it. But now, this is a test. There's no side effects.

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Because side effects is usually something negative, that comes as a result of you going towards something that's not good for you, then you have a side effect. Islam, there's no side of it. But you're going to be challenged, you're going to be tested of your sincerity

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to see if you're sincere in these decisions, and who you're going to love more the friends. So you stay with them all the way to the end, and you keep going back to them, or the one who created you who fashioned you Who gave you all these blessings in life. So not to

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make this too long. Again, this was something fortuitous. I just wanted to put this together very quickly because there's a lot of people out there who are searching for purpose. And then they get bantered and teased and ridiculed. Welcome to the party. That's what it is. That's how it happens. But there are good people. I mean, if you look at in the holly, just start from the Hollywood industry. Look at Francis Ford. Let's see what Francis Ford had to say about the Qur'an. But if you know the Quran, the first words of the Quran, the very first I believe, or something like in the Name of God, the gracious and the Merciful. praise be to God, Lord of the worlds to the Most

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Gracious, the Most Merciful, Master of the book of judgment, they're saying, graciousness, and mercy is what sat through a repeated it twice in the first page.

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It's You we worship. And you we asked, lead us to the straight path, the path of those who have blessed, not those against whom there is anger, or misguided. So anyone who knows this beautiful religion, this beautiful, that was the height of civilization in the 13th century,

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the Arab civilization that we had that gave us mathematics and science, everyone knows that at the root of that religion, the two most important words are that God is gracious, and God is merciful. And we trust that God to deliver us from this misunderstanding that is doing these terrible things that is hurting or hurting people. God does not want people to be hurt. God is gracious. God is merciful. And that's what I have to say. Wasn't that wonderful? And this is a another Hollywood superstar. Some consider him a legend. Look at the Harvard University honoring, honoring the Quran, by recognizing one of the chapters chapter four, one, verse one, chapter four, verse 135, as the

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greatest expression of justice, you're going to have this in America in the top university in America, the Quran, for those who want to bring up all of this nonsense, that Islam oppresses that is unjust. But the most prestigious university in America honors the Koran by establishing this verse as the greatest expression of justice.

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Wow, that's deep. So these are some things that you probably didn't probably didn't know. So continue to, to get to know the Quran and for all those people, again, who are seeking to know purpose, you will find it in this book. Did you know that the Quran is the only book on the face of the earth now that we have that's tamper, free, tamper proof, that is a living miracle. That's the only book that if you were to throw all of the other books out into the ocean, Burnham lock them up. The Quran is the only book that you can bring back because it's been memorized.

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by millions living today. It's an authentic book that has been preserved that has

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challenge in it, challenging you the reader, that if you feel that you if you say this is not from the Quran, do such and such and such, because it's making a statement, a bold statement, not only challenging you, but also making the claim that the one revealing this book, The Quran, is the Creator of the heavens and earth, there's no book like it, no book out there that explicitly states that it's from the creator of mankind. In Arabic, Allah in Aramaic, Allah ha, that's deep. That's profound. Not only

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Lindsey Lindsay Lohan

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through time, through establishing and other people who, who established this Qur'an in their lives, living by it,

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establishing all of the things I mean, there's there are about 6236 6236 verses in the Koran.

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And only around 80 deal with the penal system. So most people, they get thrown off, they get misinformation. And this is another topic we talk about a lot of these things, the misinformation versus quoted out of context. But now, if someone walks away,

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having better character, becoming a better human being from this book, and that's the initial goal of Islam to make you rise to your full potential potential as a human being. So not only does it talk about morality, manners, cleanliness, charity,

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not only charity, but the eradication of of poverty, prayer, respective parents,

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women's being women being the twin halves of men.

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It talks about the future what's to come, the day of judgment, paradise Hellfire,

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like no other book, giving a detailed description of a, your Creator, be the purpose of life, see, the day of judgment, that wouldn't make sense. That would make sense that doesn't make sense that you would live life and all of the oppressors. All of the people who have got gotten away with horrific crime, just picture yourself watching a movie, and you had the most evil villain

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that you're just rooting for at the end that he's gonna be brought to justice. And at the end, he got away with murder, rape, and all sorts of atrocities. What kind of movie would this be? What about life? That's it. We just, you're just an accident that happened like some people claim is the accident, purposeless? No, the con, God teaches us that we're purposeful, we've been created for a purpose. And the Quran establishes what our purpose in life is, where you're going, that there's light at the end of the tunnel, that this life is a test.

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And while you're here, you recognize that there's only one God, that you worship Him alone, not his creation, and that you learn.

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You know, God, you love God. And you establish that in truth, by obedience to your Creator, all of these wonderful concepts are there in Islam.

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So, to continue on, in short

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time, Thomas Jefferson had

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so many intellectuals read this book, at the end, you are to yourself to at least read this book, there are going to be people who banter and tease. They're going to be people who hate

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but at the end of the day,

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the party will end you're going to be by yourself. When everybody when the lights are out.

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And there's no one else around. It just you.

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That's how it's going to be in the grave. It's just going to be you.

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And now what did you do to prepare for that meeting that you're going to have

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in the grave.

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That's what really motivated me to think,

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to ponder there's got to be more than me just turning to Dustin bones. There's got to be a purpose. And I often say if you ended up on the moon, you want to know why in the world you are on the moon. And then you can enjoy the other things that are on the moon. Just like the beautiful things that are on this earth.

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So the Quran calls us to good to wonderful things. There are things that people quote out of context, ignorant people who think they know jack, and as I gave you the example earlier, they talk about jack. They gossip about jack at the pulpit.

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poker table, but they never sat with jack. They never ate with jack. They don't know jack.

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So, you want to establish

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a connection

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with a Muslim? Before you talk, maybe visit, I'll give you some things to do. Visit a mosque.

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If you're someone like Lindsey, and you're curious to know, establish the connection before you go off.

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Following ignorant people who are out there bashing Islam, just like the mayor was giving example bashing jack who don't know jack.

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People bashing Islam don't know Islam. Get to know a Muslim kowtow to a mosque, ask your questions, and then make an informed decision. Very simple. Instead of wasting your energy and breath cursing, acting lewd, like a lunatic, expressing and personifying hate, making your heart hard, bitter,

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you just hurting yourself, because no matter how much you spit

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at the

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sun, is going to still shine.

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So and if you can't even do that,

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if you can't even do that, call us. One 800 if you're

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too busy to visit a mosque, to connect with a Muslim, a learned Muslim who can answer your questions, pick up the phone and call, call us one 800 662 Islam.

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Ask those tough questions.

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Let us put things in context, make the connection.

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And I'll leave you with that. So Lindsey, keep moving forward. Change the friends, the bad company, the atmosphere that you're in, continue to do something very simple, very simple. Ask, be sincere and within yourself. As the one who created creation, the reality guide me This is a place to start

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and start putting aside time to research to grow. And to realize that everything around us is going to pass. It's in the past tense. We're going to leave all of this, all of this behind. And I'll leave you the successful person who that person is. I'm going to share with you

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a verse from the verbatim Word of God the Quran, then we'll conclude How's that?

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kulu neffs in the equatorial mount, the Quran is preserved in Arabic. I'm not an Arab. But that's one of the miracles of it.

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It says every soul will taste death.

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And only on the day of judgment on the day of assembly, will you receive your full pay back? people been harmed, people have been oppressed, people have been doing good. Why are things upside down the way they are. But when you know look this far as gives you that confidence that on the Day of Judgment, the criminals will be punished and the doers of good will be rewarded.

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The one who was saved from the Hellfire from the fire and who is admitted into the garden into paradise will have achieved the ultimate reward, the ultimate purpose. That is success to be saved from the Hellfire and to be admitted in

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to the paradise rewarded on that day of judgment. The life of this world is nothing more than material gains, and illusions. Think about that. ponder about that. Reflect

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and ask because when you ask you shall receive. So ask the one who created you who's given you all of these blessings,

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to guide you to guide your heart to what the purpose of life is.

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And I gave you those recommendations, call us if you can visit us and make the connection for God's sake. It's not that difficult is not that hard. And it's much better than hating. That takes a lot more stress, a lot more anxiety. And it's a lot harder on your heart.

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Thank you and continue to tune in to the deen show every week. Thank you very much. Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you