A Silent Place With A Loud Message!

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah subhanho wa Taala repeatedly invites us in the Koran to reflect and introspect over the signs of nature around us. What can a human face somehow warranty? Well, oddly or more Runa Allah, there are so many signs around them they pass by daily well whom more or The Loon? Unfortunately man is heedless, oblivious and he ignores it. The villager in the time of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it very beautifully and aptly, in Alba, Allah do not bury the droppings of a cow indicate the passing of a cow or an animal. Well, in the authorial epidemic that they do look a little messy, the footprints of man indicate the passing of men. For some out

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with that in abroad, we'll all do that, if a judge will be hard with that, and watch. What about the oceans around you, the mountains around you and the sky above you, allow you to know that he can Island la prefill hobby, surely that also conveys a tale to us. But then the other day I was reading and I came across this idea and it stimulated my mind in a particular way. What is the sign that Allah invites us to look at? And then there are those signs that stare us in our eyes. So you don't have to go out to look or rotate your gaze or ponder, but it stays you in your eyes. And this Allah subhanho wa Taala, addressing the people of Makkah said to them in different places of the Quran,

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we're in our lobby severely mocking him, the ruins of the previous nations falls in the dead center of the road. So when you traveling from Makkah to Syria, on your business missions, you have to pass by In fact, in another verse, Allah says, we're in accumulator morona Allah He must be having a weapon Lael, you pass by in the morning and the night by the ruins of the previous nations, won't you ponder? And that left me thinking that many of us daily on the road that we travel, we pass by a cemetery? Do we ever pause for a moment? Or do we just ignore that cemetery tomorrow? Not really, he moves behind our bill Lael, and this is what I do, and let me share it with you. And you know, many

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people from lenasia will know as you get onto the motorway or the highway, you have to pass by the cemetery, I try my level best to have my radio, I end my call, I rotate my gaze, I go into deep reflection to the best of my ability. I pray some Koran and convey the reward of that to the disease the rest in in that cemetery, and I hope and wish and make sure that after I am lower in there one day, those passing by will make a similar prayer for me. After all, the graveyard is a silent place with a loud message.